Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Can I wait?? Hell NO!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Cripes I'm in a lotta pain!! DOMS DOMS DOMS. I used to love the feeling, but lately it's just a pain in the butt (scuse the pun)!! My chest is so sore to even place a finger on, and that's from Monday. I can feel every single individual muscle in my legs from Tuesdays training, and that's not fun! Every time I train one part or the other, I get such bad DOMS, so bad it hinders everything else!! I have to alter work - from the warm ups (boxing HURTS a sore chest!!), to loading up the machines, to stretching - what, you want me to squat down and assist you?!?
Then there's my own training, cardio hardly exists with my legs in this state. A 5min warm-up is a huge struggle, never mind interval training! :(
I lurve, and will always weight train, the DOMS factor is just really annoying!! Does anyone else get it reaaally unbearably bad every single session, or do I just need to toughen up princess?!?!? LOL ;P

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday!

It's my little brother's birthday today. He's a big 21 years old!! I remember when I used to pick him up and carry him around. These days he can pick me up and throw me across the room!! It's a big weekend in store - I have my work social function which is a farewell party for two of the staff, then Saturday nite is his 21st party, as well as my Road Runners presentation dinner, which looks like I will have to miss out on. Normally I'm lucky to have one event on in a weekend, let alone three this weekend! So of course I had to buy a new outfit for the occassion.... any excuse!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

More Shopping!!

OH and I went shopping on Sunday for me to look at laptops. I walked away with nothing, he left with a $9000 hole in his pocket!! The joys of getting all the fun bits into a brand new house!
Hopefully not long now till he can move in :) We need somewhere to store all the electrical goods!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Pressure creates diamonds..."
That's what a wise man once told me!!
I still have a small crisis on my hands but we can only do what we can do. I handle bad news alot better these days then a year ago. That's what experience does!
I'm totally buggered today, I've managed to fit in a big week of training so far and I'm not letting anything stop me!
Gotta bolt..............................

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don't stress over things you have no control over...

Sounds easy, harder to do. I just got some effin shitty news... Here comes another sleepless nite. Things have been going so smooth for me, knew it would be too good to be true.
ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! When when when will my life become balanced and not 90% work 10% me?!?!?!?
Be back... :)

Monday, October 08, 2007


It only took me a year to realise what was contributing to my persistent shoulder pain... my computer! DUH!! My desk is a little squishy and I had a box monitor from when the place opened (hey, dark ages I know, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it!). This meant typed on a slight angle with my left arm having to lean further than it should have... welll ta-daaaa. After a heuwge day at the puter I had the dull aches and finally realised this would be part of the prob. So I went shopping and got a brand new flat screen. As well as feeling like I'm part of the current century now, my posture is a lot better thanks :)

Everything has decided to kark it lately, so it was a great spree. My i-river copped a bit of water damage. Well I think that's what killed it. I went on a 15km run and of course the furtherest bit from home it started to rain. Ok, make that pour. Enough said. The same weekend my trusty old DVD-VCR decided to chew up my tape. Yes, a tape. And then die, keeping my tape in its final resting place. So I missed out on two weeks of my fave show. :(

The electrical goods salesman got a great deal out of me that day - hope he works on commission! A flat screen monitor, a DVD-VCR and a new MP3. This time I went with an i-pod shuffle. A bright pink one. It's so small! Now I just have to work out how to use i-tunes. :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ho Hum...

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! I didn't really even have a weekend, it was go go go, so I'm looking forward to this one!! I spent Friday nite at OH's farm, and a little foal was born in the early hours of the morning while we were there!!! He is soooooo cute! (and I'm not an animal lover). The little horses are so gangly and awkward when they're new-born. Very, very cute!After cooing and babying it, we came back into town in enough time to get a work-out in before the gym shut. How romantic, right! Sad thing is that during the week, that's usually the only time we see each if we plan it right!!

I had a 10km road-run on Sunday, and as it's magpie season, this year I was smart enough to run with a big stick, occassionally swinging it round my head in warning... unlike the last time we ran this course, I wasn't going to get caught this time!! The run ended up on the beach so it was a nice start to the morning. An article submitted to the newspaper said that I "had a welcome return to running after a few weeks of unorthodox training regimes". Sounds good huh, like I was doing something really elite, like high-altitude training or something... It was in fact referring to my partying and staying out all nite, therefore being absent for the weekly run... LOL!

I've been really focused this week, doing everything to plan, and NOT letting work get in the way. My back is hurting like hell from Monday, and I hit my leggies hard today, so tomorrow should be interesting!! I also hit PBs on 2 shoulder exercises!!! I chucked the big plates on and thought 'holy crap, that looks massive, I can't do that', when usually I have a heap of little ones which almost make up the same weight anyway... mind over matter, and mind won!! YEHAA!!!

Work is busy busy for me, being end of quarter, but I'm coping, and it really is because I'm giving myself time-out to ensure I get to the gym when I plan to, not just hope to get there at some stage. In the next 6 weeks, both of the long-term trainers are finishing up, but I've filled the positions early and just a matter of training them up ready to take over. It's such a relief to have good back-up staff :)

Waffle over, enjoy the rest of the week all!!