Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Beyond the Comps...

What's been happening?

Wellll I was looking forward to having heaps more free time after comp, but I seem to still never have enough hours in the day.

I've just replaced one lot of busy-ness with another... I seem to be at work heaps more just doing 'stuff' - but my goal is now to really put some extra time in to all things work related. So many ideas, never enough time!

I've had staff away on leave and infected with the evil flu so I've been pulling heaps of shifts to cover and I didn't realise how much I missed it! :)

After a rebellious stage where I wanted nothing to do with the gym, I'm back into the swing of it, not as regimented, just having FUN with it! I've been using my own studio to train (my goodness, who would have thought! LoL It's usually too busy for me to train when I want to, plus I need my headspace) AND making my trainers train me. I returned the favour to one of them today and pushed her through a run :)

I'm going to join in on a Beach Boxing session we run, and get my ass back to RPM. I'm looking forward to mixing it up and doing it coz I love it, not becuase I HAVE too... which is what tends to happen at the back-end of comp prep. :)

Food - well I love it and it loves me. Enough said.

Shannon came up for a day trip as I mentioned in a prior post, and we had a really nice time - coffee, casual lunch at the beach, wine, and coffee! No limitations, no special requirements. How relaxing. :))

Next on the agenda, as I always need a carrot dangling in front of me - MELBOURNE THIS WEEKEND!! WOOOOP! We're heading off for a girlie weekend of shopping and chilling and of course watching the All Females Comp! We both had a moment of absolutely craziness where we contemplated competing at it... as this one has special memories for us as we competed together last year... that thought soon disappeared once our sugar-induced haze wore off ;) No thank you was I extending my prep for another 6 weeks. 2 comps was enough for me this year :)

I don't regret that decision at all, it will be really nice to see it from the other side. I soooo can't wait to get away, I LOVE Melbourne!!

Also can't wait to catch up with everyone attending, and to cheer on those gals competing!!! So so so if anyone reads this - tell me if you're going!

YAY - 2 more sleeps!

(And thanks to whoever commented on my last post -sometimes it says 4 comments have been posted, other times 5 comments -but when I got in to read them, there's only 2! Is blogger sick?!?)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Chapter 5 - The Final Chapter!

So I was up to the Asia Pacs, which just in case you forgot - SHANNON WON! When she was announced overall winner, I cried. It was just soooo exciting. After our pizza expedition we went to bed about 2am...

The next day was pancakes with banana and real maple syrup, caramel sauce and ice-cream - so normal for breakfast! - with a non-black coffee. It was divine!

Then lunch with Leann and Yann and family members, and Kristin and Leisl at Hardrock Cafe. It was lovely to have the opportunity to have a decent chat to everyone.

I think Shannon and I then had an ice-cream, and a donut.... you know, those things you want at the time, but it's really not that good! ;)

We enjoyed an easy evening in the motel with a few picky things - we'd eaten enough already that day to plan a 'real' dinner. We had a really good chat about this and that and came up with some crazy ideas in our sugar-induced haze!! hee hee

Monday - final day of out little get-away, Shannon was asked by the promoters to do the photo shoot thang. She looked GREAT, of course. We weren't really prepared, but a quickie visit to LJ wasn't a problem at all! ;)

Obi Obadike the MC from the show was also there doing shoots with some of the gals, so we got to have a chat to him. And some pics.

Me and my future husband - like my subltle hand placement!? Yes they feel as good as they look ;)


Shannon and Loretta, her Overall trophy :)

We drove back to Brisbane, where Shan dropped me back at Lyndsay's where I stayed for an extra two nights before flying home! As soon as I was able to relax and have a 'real' holiday, it was over :(

Comp Season 2010 - DONE!

Thanks girls for all the support through-out. It was great to meet so many girls for the first time, and to catch up with others - I won't list in case I forget someone. ;) And big thanks for all the pics too! xxx