Saturday, December 30, 2006

Just flicking through some pics on the puter and found this one of my Sis and her hubby on the honeymoon in September!

How much does that make you want to go to Tahiti!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Monday, December 18, 2006

To all my wonderful blogger buddies I've met since January,
I wish you all the best for a happy, healthy and safe
Christmas, and a successful New Year!!
I hope Santa finds you, after all, we all have been good, haven't we!!
All the best, till next year....
Selina xoxoxo

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Lil Princess :)

Here's a few pics of my gorgeous little Jade-Lyn before her dancing concert as mentioned a few posts ago.
See why I'm in love with her!!! :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm not gonna be able to walk tomorrow...

And that's a bit bad coz first up tomorrow at 6am I have to take clients running... mmmmm, shall be interesting!!!!!!!!! Why are they sore?!?! Leg training today of course!! And I threw in a few exercises I haven't done in a while just to shake things up, well yea that's certainly what they were - shakey! I did a step class this morning as well, so cardio and weights done and dusted for the day :)
I'm getting a spray tan tonite coz I've got my cousin's wedding on the weekend and the dress i'm wearing will look a lil better with a brown person in it, not a white one. It's a very not-me crazy colour and an almost-revealing cut, so I'm looking forward to dolling up :) If any pics turn out good, I'll post em :)
I've been a good girl this week so I'd better see a drop on the scales on Saturday. I've been dragging my mother out for powerwalks, and that's an effort in itself. She's a tiny thing, but making her move isn't easy!! LOL Then when we are out there she complains the whole time.... but it's all fun! I tell her that a lot of people PAY for the privelege, so she should be grateful! hehehe
Enjoy the rest of the week!!
Update - Well I'm not all that sore after all. *sigh*

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I made a discovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weeeellll aren't I just a genius!! I discovered just now, that when I do my training in the morning, I am fine for the rest of the day food-wise; if I don't, I might as well just put a chair in the pantry or fridge and sit there all day!
Its the dreaded weekend - dreaded for discipline that is - and, I had a sleep-over with goddaughter last nite, so didn't make it to attack/step class this morning. That usually sets me up for the day, I'm pumped up and passionate and nothing can put me off eating right.
But, errm, that's not the case today.... I look in fridge, I swear at me, I walk away, only to repeat the cycle in a half hour!! I'm driving myself inSANE!!!!!!!!!!! And nothing in the fridge changes in a half hour, but I'm just draaaaaawnnn there by a mysterious force! LOL
So here I am, side-tracked, only to post about it, ARGH!!!! I've brought home a bucket-load of work to do, so thats next on the agenda to keep me busy :)

Turns out my chest soreness in my left side from my last training session two Fridays ago, is actually an injured musckle. How on earth I did it, or when it actually decided enough is enough, I'm not sure, but I am sure it freaking hurts when I do the wrong movement!! So unfortunately chest was neglected this week in training, but all the other lil body parts were hit :)

I had an 'emergency' with work yesterday morning, which resulted in me having to rush in there at 6am, therefore forfeiting my 10km run with other road runners. I was not a happy lil girl, as that's another session that 'sets me up' for a weekend of perfection. All got sorted, client was happy, it was a win-win for everyone :)

As previously mentioned I had a sleep-over last nite with my friend and goddaughter. She had her dancing concert last nite, and there is nothing cuter watching a 2 and a half year old dressed as a Flintstone, wiggling around on stage then blowing kisses. My heart just melted!! She looked like a living doll with all her make up on, and refused to speak a word after her lipstick was on, just in case in rubbed off!! I have the most gorgeous pics to post when I get them :) And she loved Aunty Eenie sleeping over, and scared the bejeezuz out of me when she woke me up!! I jumped so high, that I scared the daylights back out of her as well!! LOL

Enjoy the rest of the lovely day, and have a happy and successful week ahead!!!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I'm so freaking sore! All over my body. I trained legs on Sunday then did a BodyAttack class, and I must say the plyo track in there SUX after training legs!! lol
I'm still sore today, but it's all for the greater good, so I tell myself.

I trained chest on Friday nite, and my left side is still very tender as well, I'm thinking I may have pulled something, it's not just DOMS but a weird feeling as well?! The joys of keeping fit!!

But wait, there's more!!.... ;)

Unfortunately my right elbow is really painful atm. I've suspected for year now that I have slight tennis elbow; it cracked up this time last year. I feel it in everything, reading a book, typing too long, training, I can't escape it!! In January however I had a nice long three week holiday, and that really helped it. But it's 'that time of year again' where my body is just worn out; my back is always sore and tight, even with monthly chiro treatments, my shoulders are always tender from the strain, and I'm just breaking down! LoL I'm getting old!!! Unfortunately boxing with clients is the most painful on my elbow, so I'm having to go light on that at the moment, and of course that's everyone's favourite warm-up!

Well I had no intention of making a whingy whiney post, but thats what it sounds like doesn't it!! I just need to hang in there till Christmas, when I get a mini-break, then I'll be bouncing back full of life!!

On a sadder note (can I GET much sadder?!), I've had a big 'thing' happen in my life this week which has left me saddened and in 'no-mans land'. I'm dealing with this my own way, at this stage, I'm still quite numb and the changes haven't really quite hit home yet. I will mention more when my head has sorted itself out a litte more. I am Ok though, I will be fine.

Enjoy your Wednesdays, each day is one more closer to Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEHHAAAAA I LURVE christmas!!!


Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm back for a post!!!!!

My work computer has a very nasty bad virus :( I'm at home right now, when I SHOULD be at work!! I use MSN Messenger, and my friend in Canada messaged me with "Pic of U and Me" and a link.... Well she does that sort of stuff all the time anyway, so silly me not even thinking twice, clicked on it, and well, that was it. Obviously it wasn't really her, it was the evil virus - she was infected by someone else -, and while I was shutting the thing down, it then sent the same message to all in my contact list who was online. I really hope no one did it, or just like me, they're stuffed!! So just a warning guys, if anyone gets a message from anyone like that, DO NOT OPEN THE LINK!!! I do have virus protection, but it wasn't enough for this nasty one. :( On Wednesday I called a computer tech in to have a look, he played around for 2 hours before throwing his hands in the air "I don't know how to fix it". He took it away to the shop and I was promised to get it back Thursday morning..... then Friday morning..... it's now Friday afternoon! I'm scared most of all of how much it's costing me........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ive learnt very quickly how much we rely on our computers these days!! I was agitated all day just because I couldn't do 'stuff', I felt so lost. On the flip side, you should see how spotlessly clean the office is, and the miscellaneous filing that has been shoved to the side for a long time, actually got paid attention!! I'd done all I could, so I packed up and came home to catch up on emails and blogs, and well, coz I have a lil 'spare' time up my sleeve, thought I'd send yas all a warning.

What else, what else.... I'm still loving doing step classes. I also did a 30min 'taste-tester' RPM class on Sunday and loved every second of it!! It was my first, and I expected to be soooo sore, but disappointingly my legs and butt didn't feel a thing the next day! Buns of steel, baby ;) But, oh my crotch is bruised.... I still don't think I could comfortably sit on a bike yet!!! LOL

My best friend had a little bubby girl at 1am Thursday morning :) Little Breanna is beautiful. She looks sooo tiny!!!!!!!! My friends stories of childbirth have scared me off; as small as she is, she still looks so huge to have to squeeze out!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Well best be off, going to train soon, and have a nice relaxing evening in front of the TV before I'm up early for a nice 10km run :)))) I LURVE weekends!!!!

Hope you all have a good one!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Time Away :)

Hey guys,
I'm finding it hard to make time to update my blog, and then when I do, write anything of interest! So it doesn't appear that I've been 'napped or so no one 'worries' about my lack of posts, I'm simply going to go MIA for abit :)
A LOT of stuff is happening in my life at the moment, and some decisions have to be made very soon, so never a dull day :)
I'll still email and check on everyone's blogs....coz I'm addicted to that!! LoL
To leave on a fitness note - I've taken a leaf out of Hilary's book and I've started doing gym classes again. I'm still getting over my chest infection, so I was POOPED from body step yesterday. My lordy, I've forgotten how much fun those classes are. I just might get hooked again, it's been about 4 years!!! ;)
Anywho, I'll be back here and there, and still 'spying' on you all :)
Ta Taaaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm Back :)

Wow, what a whirly-wind of a week :)
Starting with the plane trip - all of 1hr 20mins, I then had to jump on the train to the Gold Coast, which was 1hr 30mins, so longer than flying from here to Brisbane! My aunty picked me up and straight to the shops we went. I ended up with 2 new dresses, 3 pairs running shorts, 2 of those fandangle "U" bras... ohh lala, 1 pair awesome togs with all the cut-outs and stuff (which will look lovely when a few kgs fall off!), and ummm that's prolly it. My bestie picked me up then we went to her house to get ready for her farewell party. Went out in Broadbeach, and I had a ball!! I don't go out much here as usually I am the oldest person in the club, so I certainly made up for lost time down there :) Pic is attached of the nite (me is second along... the only one with drink in hand *blush*).

The next day was a write-off. I stayed with my cousins for the next two nites on the Coast still.
I met up with the gorgeous Hilary on Sunday for lunch! She is beautiful!!! In looks and personality. We chatted away a few hours, it was great to spend time with her as it was like we'd already met.
I travelled back up to Brisbane on Monday and bummed for the day. Tuesday I went into the city and met Alicia for lunch. Another gorgeous gal I was very happy to meet. She was on her lunch break so we crammed in as much chatting as we could before she had to return to work, and me to the shops!!
On Wednesday we did a day trip to Moreton Island (as my friend is a travel agent, she got it for free, I got it for kid's prices!!!! lol). Got lovely uneven sunburn on my legs, but the rest of my body stayed un-cooked luckily. It was beautiful there, and such a nice hot day.
Thursday we made our way all the way back down to Byron Bay for another crazy nite out. It was great!!! We got home at 4.45am..... as it was getting lighter... I was like OMG, this is when I'm usually waking up!! In fact, the hubby of the friend we stayed with, WAS getting up for work. Back to Brisbane on Friday, then onto the plane to come home.
I did have a great week. Although I went down to 'clear my head', that didn't quite happen; all it meant was that I ran away from stuff, it's all still here now that I'm back!! LoL Damn that ;)
Now for the next trip.... although I've booked nothing I'm thinking about checking out the Fitness expo in a few weeks, and well, it's all a business deduction that one! Oh and then, I've been offered BACK my Robbie Williams ticket... decisions decisions!!!!
Anywho, got some real work to do :)
PS: My Road Runners club presentation dinner was on Saturday nite. I scored a nice lil plaque for coming first in female 18-29years category. I'm stoked!!! Wait till next year when I'm fully fit and NOT injured!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Very quick one

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo busy.
I'm flying out tomorrow to Brisbane for a whole long week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a last minute thing, but I can't wait for the break. I'll be spending most of the time with my best friend who's leaving the country to live overseas :) But of course, any holiday creates a heap of work before I go, but deep breaths Selina, when I'm on the plane tomorrow I can relaxxxxxx. I plan on doing lots of running (hope I'm not hungover too often) ;), and have packed a gym outfit... just in case! I've already been in trouble for that "You're on a holiday, you don't work out", my reply is "Your health and fitness doesn't need a holiday" :)
tataaaaaaaaaaaaaa for another week!!!!!
PS: Some more pics from the wedding coming through.
Here's one of my whole family
And bridesmaids on a mission

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Magpie Story Part 2

The week is flying by again!! First on all, on the training front, I'd give myself a 5/10. Ive done all my weight training, but cardio... well what's that? I've managed one session this week so far................... how can one expect the fat to fall off if the hard yards aren't done?!?!?! I had quite a fright when I saw me in the mirror at the gym, after being that disgusted I worked hard and fast to get out of there in case the other THREE people in the gym were thinking how gross I looked too.... (silly silly girl head, like they CARED!!). Soooo, my mission intensifies :)

On to part 2 of the magpie story... Of course there was a write-up of our run in the newspaper (with an absolutely gorgeous(?!?!?!) pic with me in it attached), which stated "(the first 3 runners names) were saved from the magpies by Selina" which of course brings to mind a picture of me with huge umbrella or other large long obstacle, guarding the tree waiting for it to swoop! errr... not quite! The amount of people who've asked me how I saved them from the magpie.... All I did was look mean enough to want to steal its baby birds so it picked on me as opposed to them. Aren't I a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Enjoy the rest of the week

Monday, October 02, 2006

BLOODY MAGPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess my title tells the story for today!! I was out running yesterday bright and early, there were three runners about 10metres in front of me, then another two about 20metres behind... but guess who the magpie decided to pick on.... MWA!!!!! I was cautious of the area... concentrating on any movements from trees, but as soon as I let my guard down (my short-attention span leaves much to be desired).... SWOOOOP. Luckily for IT, we didn't connect, but my scream would have been enough to wake the neighbourhood at that hour. And would have provided some early morning entertainment, if anyone saw it.
My heart rate never quite recovered after that, the surprise and the adrenalin kick, PLUS the mighty sprint to safety saw my heart rate up to 230bpm. That, or my HRM was in shock as well! I had to walk about 100m to settle, as it was quite uncomfortable. After all that, the run ended up 4kms along the beach and was really really relaxing, although it was getting HOT quite quickly. All in all a 50min run in total, 448 cals melted off :)

I then came into work for four hours to play catch-up, before heading back home to get some decent music onto my i-River. Now I'm all set for another few months :) I had to take a client out for a session yesterday, and I thought she deserved a hard one ;) so off to Killer Hill we went.... hmmm well, let's just say I hope I haven't lost a client! ;) LoL. She had fun (and no doubt will be taking her hubby on a 'surprise' walk), I burnt another 260 cals, so all was good!

My sis and her hubby got home from Tahiti last nite, but we haven't really had a chance to catch-up as they were exhausted! She's already hinted that she bought us pressies... ahhh don't ya just love family going on holidays ;) It's like your birthday allll over again!!! LOL

Have a great week guys!!


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Grocery Purchase!

Just had to say how happy I am that our new big spiffy Coles has FINALLY stocked some Sugar Free Maple Syrup!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was quite upset to find that some supermarkets down south stocked it, but we didn't get it here! I don't have to order online anymore :) :) :) It's the 'Queen' brand, hope it tastes as good as the one I already have!!

That's all, just had to share my excitement!!!
I'll leave with another pretty pic of my bewdiful sis and my new bro-in-law!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Had to add my hot-boy pic as well!! Any excuse to see him back on screen, oh and Kekky, the pic with the wonderful Jenny H!!

Kaddy, if you wanna know what Filex was all about, it's the Fitness convention for fitness professionals. Over three days we could attend our choice of inter-active sessions/lectures/seminars etc to update knowledge and accrue CEC points. The Fitness expo is held in conjunction with this, with lots of free goodies, protein shakes and bar samples... well worth it ;) There is one held in Sydney (the BIG one), Melbourne and Brisbane. I attended the Sydney one in April this year. Actually the link where I blogged about it is here... (hope this works)
I don't think I got that to work right....Well the post on the 26th April (second one down) in Archives is a quick run-down, much like I just said here actually! LoL

So Me - Great week, had an impeccable day on Monday with food. Spent freaking hours cleaning here at wor, so that's my cardio :P Tuesday was great as well, I did a 45min outside cardio class and burnt 280 cals according to Mr. HRM... WHOOO HOOO. Food was great as well! Today I went to the chiro for my monthly adjustment and he always recommends a walk to help it along.... I hope Killer Hill counts!! LoL I spent 45 hot minutes in the sun doing that!
Right, that's my check-in all over red rover.... I'llll be baaaack!!
Enjoy the rest of the week!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


The craziness hasn't yet stopped for me! After the wedding last week, the celebrations went on for a few days. I only worked for 2.5days as my best friend was up from down south, so we did girl stuff for a bit. Amongst other things, we went to the movies to see John Tucker Must Die. We knew what we were in for, and it didn't fail to live up to it!! Quite a teeny-bobby fun film.
But of course, a few days off work leads to triple the work when back... *sigh*
Today I spent up at Airlie Beach helping out as timekeeper for the "'Great Whitsunday Walk' Run"...
As I was one of the "promo" girls (LoL that sounds better than it is... I was simply photographed for the information leaflets for it... u can see on the link above), I was SUPPOSED to be in it, but due to lack of training with my few injuries this run season, couldn't, but did my part to help. It was quite exciting, the current Female World Long Distance Mountain Running champ, Emma Murray was a competitor, coming 4th overall, and 1st female.
The first male through today has previously raced the Empire State Building race in USA coming second!
The second male today was a good friend and fellow local road-runner. We're all soooo proud!!
I can actually give you times and all, as I was the timekeeper... LoL And, don't I sound every part of the star-struck spectator!!! hehe
Anywho, the trip up and back made for a long day, so I gotta bolt and get everything organised for the big week ahead!!!
Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Sneak Peek....

Just starting to get some pics emailed through. There's many more to come I'm sure!
Here's a preview... I'll be back at some stage to update!!
(Im in pink btw) :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'M EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

What a whirly-wind of a week! We've got ppl coming up, left, right and centre for the wedding. Of course all the good stuff has been tainted with a bit of bad news. Our rellies from Sydney - and the professional video people - the hubby has had to have surgery up here. Not a nice way for them to be spending their holidays!
I got my dress yesterday, OMG, I so cannot eat till the reception!! ;) Coz it's strapless, the bodice part is very very fitted to stop it falling down (no thanks to my non-existent girlie-bits!). I'm a bit scared to sit down as I may pop it... LOL!! But on the up-side, it does make me look slim!!!
I've been all waxed and MUST weigh 2kgs less with all the hair that's disappeared, and tonite it's SPRAY TAN!! YIPEEEEE!! I love getting them, I feel so much more healthy and look heaps more fit!
Speaking of fit, I'm a machine this week (that damn dress MUST be in my sub-conscious!). I did a 50min run this morning, including 3 laps of "killer hill", then although feeling like a truck had hit me, I dragged my sorry, tired, overwhelmed butt to the gym and trained back and biceps. I dunno what happened at the gym, but I had alll this unexpected energy! I had a RIPPER of a work-out!! So needless to say... NOW i'm pooped. Only 3 more clients then I'm done with work for the week :)
Anyway, gotta run prepare programs, this will def be my last post for the week...
Everyone have a great weekend, I'll be back next week with some pics of me looking almost beautiful!!! ;)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

FOR KEK!!!!!!!!!!

As you kindly reminded me, you never saw my pics from Sydney!
So better late than never, here's some Filex shots from April.

Me and Mr Body For Life millionaire, Aaron!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmm

Me and Mr Sportblitz Ironman Grand Champ, Jay B!!! Mmmmm (
Look at the size of his arm!!!!

Us being rebels and skipping one of our classes relaxing in the sun ;)

U and me after BOSU class (or was that a coordination test?!?!)
in our lovely matching LJ tops!!

Hope all the captions match the pics!! LoL, u can work it out :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

What's the fuss about Brussells Sprouts?!?!

I just had for the first time in my life, some brussells sprouts!!! I've just never ever come across them before, they weren't ever on the dinner table when I was a youngster. Doing my relaxing grocery shop yesterday I decided to get a few, they don't LOOK bad, surely they can't taste too bad I told myself! So tonite was the taste-tester... mind you I had to check with my mother just how you cook them LOL!!! (How sheltered do I sound hehe) Well come on, how is one to know how to COOK them when they've never eaten them!! They looked quite pretty on the plate with my beans and chicken, so I just munched into it, waiting for the YUK factor to hit me, I kept chewing and swallowing and it never happened!! I LIKED them!! Just like mini cabbages! They aren't all that horrible as you read about in books when you're a kid/hear about etc. Definitely do NOT deserve they're lable as a 'punishment food' LoL!! mmmm mmmm mmmmmmm, I shall be getting them a little more often me thinks!!

I've had a productive weekend all in all :) Grocery shop yesterday... got chicken breasts for $6.99/kg... what a bargain!! (Hope you found those on special too, Jodie!!) And I accidentally found myself in Lorna Jane, and they just happened to be having a few sales, so I walked out with some 3/4 casual comfortable pants, and a nice new blue running/gym top. A gal can NEVER have too many of those!! A big Saturday nite was had out to watch the Netball Premier League grand final (that's the comp my team played in). The undefeated favoured team won by 20 points, quite a hiding. I was home at the very grandma hour of 8pm and off to bed!

Went to work this morning to catch up a bit so I can actually relax and have the four FULL days off next weekend for............ MY SIS' WEDDING!!!!! I'm SOOOO EXCITED!! Came home and cooked up my food for the week, so I'm all prepared with no excuses.

Had a fantastic club road run this afternoon. It was 10kms, 2x a 5km HILLY course. All in all it was 12 hills of varying size. The big mother of a hill was the third one along, and last year I had to walk it, this year I was NOT going to let that happen! AND I DIDN'T. I thought I was going to throw up, but after a few minutes regained composure, only to be faced with another one!! LOL Anyway, I was absolutely flabbergasted at my time............... 52mins 54secs!!! Knowing the course in advance, my goal was under 55mins, secondary goal was under 57mins. MY LORDY I'M HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, I just realised that's by second best ever official recorded 10km time!! (That's JUST 10kms, not including 10km splits within a longer run) YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Better run to do a quick blog surf :) I may be scarce this coming week due to the wedding, but I shall be back, and hopefully with lotsa pics!!!!!

Everyone have a fantabulous week. Be good and be good at it!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Butt is Sore!!!!

Well, I've had a great week of exercise, I love having the routine back. I made that promise to myself when I was ill, and I feel great for it. I put it off for as long as I could, but Monday am I was in the gym training legs. It's Thursday and it's still ouchy. I just eased into it by doing 4 medium weight sets on the leg press (well what was once medium, needless to say was then heavy!), followed by lunges and plyometrics. Yep, I'm sure you can imagine, ouch ouch ouch. I took a panadol to get a peaceful sleep that nite, as leg DOMS always keeps me awake during the nite. I've had all the smart comments possible for hobbling around like a cripple! I had to play netball Tuesday nite - just a fun game - and it took a while to warm up, but the whole time my musckles reminded me how unimpressed they were!
Wednesday I did......... hmmmm ??? Oh nothing :P
And I just returned from a torturous warm run/walk. It WAS a run, until I found the hugest hill this city has and was reduced to a walk up it to be greeted by some lovely staircases which I ran up, then down the other side of the hill, turn around and repeat. I forgot to wear my HRM, but my heart rate would have been almost off the richter scale! It was lovely. I then ran a lap of the lake to get back to my car and came across a fellow road-runner (a GOOD one) and he ran back with me at my snail pace, I felt bad but he was content to stay with me, but all the same, I picked the pace up a bit. I'm back showered, and feeeeel great!!!!!!!! Ready to re-start the day with another block of clients :)
Hope everyone else is feeling, energetic, enthused and excited!!!!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weeks :)


Sunday, September 03, 2006


Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely day with their daddys and families today :) We're off to lunch soon, I'm hoping grilled fish is on the menu!
I had the mile run yesterday, all 1.609kms of it! Who would have thought such a small run would hurt so much. It was a new course, beside the beach on the grassed area - with lots of tree branches, alcorn looking seed things, and tree trunks to dodge - it was more like an obstacle course!! We had to do 2 laps of an 800m course marked with cones. It was soooo windy as well as being overcast and rainy, so great conditions!! I ran a miserable 7mins23... almost a minute slower than last year!! That's what lack of training does! Having said that, everyone ran slower in the conditions. I did get 3rd open female overall though, so scored myself a $25 dinner voucher from the sponsoring tavern. Then I was fortunate enough to win another $25 dinner voucher in the random drawer!! I missed out by one draw on winning an accupunture voucher, but I'm still happpy, I rarely am lucky like that!
Anywho gotta run get prepared for lunch :) xoxox

Friday, September 01, 2006

HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!

That's what I greeted all my clients with today!! I'm definitely a QLD gal, I like the warmer weather!!
I went to the gym this evening, and oh my lordy I'm gonna be so damn sore. My lats are still sore to touch from Monday, and although I love it, I'm over it!!! I did chest and tris a little lighter tonite, coz I really can't be sore in the upper bod for the sprint tomorrow. Regardless, I'm gonna hurt.......... that's what 4 weeks off will do!! *slap on wrist*
Oh i also did shoulders, but by then I was just wanting to feel the pain, and they are verrrry tired, typing here is fatiguing!!

I received a very powerful, sad, disturbing email about a drink-driving campaign. If every single person read this, I swear there would be no more drink-drivers EVER. Some of you may have read it... it anyone does want a squizz, let me know your addresses. It's playing on my mind; very strong visuals like that do that to me, and I feel so extrememly sorry for those involved. Drink-driving is a passionate issue of mine (as is most peoples), and reckless driving, as there have been so many instances in my family and friends circle that have affected us.
oooooooooooo Gotta run, the national league netball final is on now!!


Thursday, August 31, 2006

OK WE SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!

At netball that is. Was the sudden death semi-final, and we lost. Down by 7 at quarter time, 3 at half time, 7 again at 3/4 time and lost by 15. When the opposite team got on there roll, they really rolled! It didn't help as one of our strongest players went off in the third quarter with an injury :( But no excuses...full credit to them, they are a nice clean team. So that's it for me with netball this year! Frees up 2 evenings a week to............... RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEE!!!

I have to start doing speed sessions and more interval type training instead of always plodding along at my same slow pace. Hopefully I will improve on some of my current PBs :)
My next run is the "magic mile" this Saturday. I HATE this race with a passion!!! Although it's short.... it's a sprint and it really really kills me!! Id rather do a slow 20kms!!! My time from last year's event was 6mins30secs... It will be interesting to see what this year's is like as training has been hampered nearly all season with injuries! There will definitely be no four minute mile from me though!!!! ;)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well this is prolly the closest two posts have ever been, so I don't really have all that much to update!!
PAINTBALL - well I didn't actually get there. As fun as it sounded, my other half piked it, then I was feeling like not being pelted, and the whole bruises for the wedding drama made me think twice... so instead I spent 2 hours in the kitchen cooking up (which I'm now SOOOO grateful thinking required for meals!!), then I actually relaxed with a book for 30mins, then took off for a 6km club run. I did it in 31.11mins, which by 'normal' standards is slow for me, but for my current condition, I was quite happy! I pushed it, but it was bearable :) Then I headed off to netball training for an hour.
TRAINING - YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been putting it off, procrastinating "when will be a good time", as I have been very bad and done no weight training since my illness (not an excuse but I did take a long time to recover...serious!! finally I'm back to normal).... I did it yesterday, just back and biceps, but ouch, I feel like I've been bashed up. It was only 'weener' weights as well... how embarassing!! My back is the 'hardest' place to get sore, so if it's pulled through this time, I can only imagine what my chest and legs will be like *cringe*
NETBALL - Welllll tonite is the nite for us!! It's the knock-out semi final, so it's DO OR DIE!! I'm quite pumped, just had my little food/energy fix which should last me the distance! I had a few knots in my stomache all day, and have been quite excited, I feel like a kid again! :) I was always one of those kids at school who got so nervous before athletics carnivals that I made myself ill!! I'm feeling a little like that right now! LoL. The colours I've typed in are my teams
colours... GO TEAM GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
WEDDING - My sis' not mine :) 2 weeks this Saturday *gulp* I get to actually see my bridesmaid dress tomorrow, I was measured up in May, and that's all that's been done!! Hopefully tomorrow there will be something to put on. In the nice pretty pink I will be in... thank goodness for spray tans, or I would be looking like a pale pink blob :)

Kelly - to answer your question, my sis and I are VERY alike in looks. She is 2 years and 2 months younger than me, but for years we've been mistaken for twins. So much so that both her and I have been accused of cheating on boyfriends when others have seen us out... thinking that she was I and vice versa!!! LoL We have an agreement that is if anyone smiles or says hi to us around town, to always smile back and be polite... they're probably thinking of the wrong sister!! We've both been accused of being rude when giving blank looks, especially a lot of my clients... hehe, hence the agreement!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your weeks girlies, I'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!


Sunday, August 27, 2006

SUMMER'S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's SUCH a gorgeous warm day here today!!! It's perfect weather, I shouldn't be inside on the computer!!!!
I'm having problems getting out of bed in the mornings! Both Saturday and this morning I've set my alarm to get up for a run, but both times I just couldn't get out of bed. It's terrible, I get up between 4.30 and 5.30am on weekdays to go to work and train clients, but I can't do it for me!!! I know how much better I'll feel if I just do it, but I just couldn't!! What I'm finding is that on Monday - Wednesday I'm great, energetic and enthusiastic, but i crash big time on Thursdays and Fridays. I need my working weeks to be shorter!! LoL I need to pace myself a little more, I also had a bit of a restless sleep week, and there's no reason I can pin-point *puzzled expression*
I saw the second Pirates of the Caribbean last nite. Wasn't bad, but went a lot longer than I expected! I just washed my car before, and that always puts me in a good mood. How bizarre... must be coz I'm in the sun soaking up the vitamins!
Well, best be off, got some meal portioning to do, then I'm off to play Paintball this afternoon!!!! I'm hoping I don't get too bruised as I really don't want purple and yellow spots for my sis' wedding!!!
Enjoy your Sundays :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006



First pic is of MOI and one of my besties (she's preggers!!)

Second pic is of Haylea (bridesmaid) and Michelle (my sis and the bride).

I'm 'head' bridesmaid.

We are perfecting our Charlie's Angels try-hard poses here. LoL

See Michelle's gun... it's a water pistol, and was a bit of a hit up town ;) LoL

Twas a fantastic nite, we all had a blast in our combat gear. I can't believe it's only THREE weeks till her BIG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing my last efforts to be a BUFF Bridesmaid!! :)) It's gonna be SOOOO MUCCHHHHHH FUN!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Naughty Naughty!!!!!!!!

Look how long it's been since a blog!!!!!! One hen's nite and I'm out of whack for a week.
It was a great nite, my sis had heapsa fun which is all that matters :) Thanks for those who emailed the suggestions for games!! We were in combat theme, and everyone looked awesome and got involved with it :) We started with her bridal shower (the other bridesmaids live out of town so did it all in the one nite), she scored big time!! Then onto the "real" part. My legs were wobbly after one drink.... how sad!! I'm not a drinker but if I can't for her hen's nite, when can I be!! I gave her her "gifts" then we did the quiz/questionaire on Michelle and Greg - of which Greg's mum won! We played pass the parcel - the parcel being a clean shot glass to be dunked in our punch bowl of green sludge and "shot" (it was simply vodka/jelly shots that hadn't set!) Hilary - your game with the cork and water and candle was a cracker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(After a few drinkies tie a cork attached to a long piece of string around waist. Need a cup of water half way down the room, and a candle at the end. Must run and not using hands, dunk cork in water then run and put out candle). It was hilarious.... I came dead last, so much for my 'athletic' ability!! LoL We eventually got into town where my sis had her tasks to complete... she did good!! As for getting her first drinks at every bar free, she did better... got a jug for all of us as one stage!!! When we were out I realised how much I DON'T miss the partying life! Oh, plus the fact I felt soooo damn old!! LoL Anyway a great nite ended at 4am Sunday :) I will post some pics, they are great!
Soooo of course I was a write-off last Sunday. I wasn't sick or anything, just felt like crap, from drinking and lack of sleep! Then that dribbled over to Monday, to Tuesday.... So it was a self-inflicted crap week last week!
Alls good this week so far :) We have our netball final round game tonite. We have somehow gone from about 5th to third... if we win tonite and the 2nd placed team loses, we jump to equal second. Semi-finals are next week, and depending where we end up on the ladder, hopefully we can get to the final!!! First place is waaaaay in front, they flog everyone, but 2nd-5th place is so tight, we have beat them all, but have also been beaten by them all! The team we play to nite has in the past month recruited a former national league player for the Firebirds. Obviously in our comp she is a stand-out, but its exciting to be on court with someone of her standard! Small things......... :)
Gotta run, will do my blog cruise this week and see what everyone's been up to!!!!
Have a fantabulous week :)


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back at work...

Can you believe I'm still not better!! It's been 10 days since I first got this damn flu and it's still hanging on. Today is the first day I've been back at work, and it's been full-on of course. Turns out one of the other trainers is now ill, so I've taken the majority of her clients as well as my own. I'm absolutely exhausted and ready to fall in a heap! Only one more day...

It's my lil sister's hen's nite on the weekend. I'm supposed to have had it all organised by now, but not so. We've got a crazy busy day on Saturday with the other 2 bridesmaids in town, so we'll have to finish it off in there somewhere between dress-makers and hair appointments... Unfortunately at this stage I'm not in a partying kinda state, so I may just have to be the sensible big sister!! Speaking of parties................... has anyone got any suggestions for games that we can easily play/do?? We're having the party at home, before terrorizing the town.

Email me at pretty please with anything that's easy to whip together at last minute!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Kidnapped......... by the flu monster

I'm still alive however it feels like only just. It's been so long since I posted. I had another flat out week last week, then this week from Monday evening I felt "off". Had night sweats but was freezing... yep I've got the flu. Never in my professional career have I had a sick day (I feel like I'm letting all my clients down!), but OMG I've had this whole week off!! It's totally NOT been fun! I'm not eating well, would you believe that the thought of cottage cheese makes me want to throw up (and I usually have a tub a day!!!!!!) LoL As my mum commented "You MUST be sick". I just feel like poo. I guess everything has finally caught up with me, and whoa, what a great job it's done in knocking me out for a whole week!!

Oh I nearly forgot.... A DECISION IS MADE about the half marathon. I'm NOT going. In my current state of health it would be stoopid too, but I made the decision last weekend before I became ill. I did my normal saturday morning run, and struggled to get through 10kms comfortably. I was extremely frustrated as to why shorter runs are becoming harder so made the decision not to bust my arse in a half marathon till I was 100% ready. I'm guessing the reason I struggled so much was simply beacuse my body was trying to fight the beginnings of this flu. I can't wait to get better again now, being so damn sick makes me realise how much I take for granted.

I had an antioxidant test yesterday......... my levels are quite poor! Here's me thinking I eat lotsa fruit/veg/salad, take vitamin supplements etc and told the naturopath I think I'll come out well.... hmmm of 5 levels I was on the second worst!! I was shocked actually. It's quite an interesting test, it's a laser thing that measures your corotonoids (sp?) through your hand, can't remember what it's called, but quite a fan-dangled little machine.

I've made a few deals with myself... Now my ITB and tendon sprains in my legs/feet are all better, I'm going to get back into full training. I haven't trained my lower body for about 2 months when I first got injured as I didn't want to make anything worse. Because of those same injuries the frequency of cardio wasn't ideal, and those two things combined have really taken away my leg strength and power when i run, so I can't wait to get back to feeling like I'm running on air again. I'm excited!!!!!!!!!

I gotta go, my eyes are starting to weep from focusing so long. It's day 4 and my eyes are still sensitive to the light. I hope to catch up on everyone's blogs sometime soon. HOpe everyone is doing well :)


Sunday, July 23, 2006

16km Club Championship Run - 1hr 29.55mins

That's what I've just finished doing. SOOOOO happy with that time, coz to be honest I felt like absolute shit the whole way. I nearly pulled the plug at every water stop. I actually did walk a few metres or so twice during it - and I NEVER do that in actual races. Just sooo tired in the legs, feet still strained and aching, just felt like poo. At the 14km mark, breakfast made its way up as far as my throat, but returned. (Sorry for the visual!) Nothing was feeling good today. I can really feel the lack of training the past 2 months with various injuries holding me back, oh plus the 4kgs or so extra I have to haul around at the moment!! :( I have till the end of this week to decide if I'm going up north for the half marathon in two weeks... HMMMM decisions decisions. It killed me so much today I don't know whether I should put myself through an extra 5kms on top of that!!! But anyway, Im still alive, and thrilled to think of what time I could do if it was a "good" day.

Long time no post. I'm so extremely busy its unbelievable. Have just put on another staff member, part time. So that's me and 4 employees now :) It's good to have help, but the busier we are, the more work it generates for me. But I'm not complaining - I am doing various exercises on how to cope and function efficiently coz things have gotten out of hand lately which has effected my health and I've been told I'll be in hospital in a few months if I don't take control of the situation. One step at a time :)

Had a bit of a drama yesterday. I stayed at my boyfriends parents farm on Friday nite and we planned on horse riding yesterday (i haven't ridden a horse in my life). I was supposed to go first, but he was determined to have first ride, wellllll not a good idea. He was thrown off the horse. I was with his dad on the 4 wheeler about a km away and we looked back and the horse was doing the thing that bulls do (what's that annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he was no longer in the saddle. We shat ourselves and that 4 wheeler caned it back where he was lying still in the paddock.... oh my god, I can't explain that feeling i felt. Anyway he got up pissing himself laughing (thank god) but he ain't laughing today! lol His back is scratched raw from being dragged along in the cane trash and he pretty muchly can't walk, a lot like whip lash. So he's very lucky its nothing worse and that he was wearing a helmet or it might be a different story. Needless to say, I have still never ridden a horse!!

I do apologise to everyone who may read this, if I haven't said hello on your blogs. I do catch up on them every second day or so, but don't always have time to leave a little message :) I'm not being rude! I will catch up soon. I'm actually at work right now (yes on a Sunday, how sad) to play a bit of catch-up, so I can't dilly-dally on here for long.
To all who I owe an email.... SOON!!! *pinky promise*
All the same, thanks for stopping by and hope you're all doing great!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Proud Aunty Eenie! :)

This is my lil girl, who is my best friends daughter. I've had many pics of her splashed over this blog :) So I'm not quite her blood aunty, but love her to bits anyway!!! I'm her godmother. My shortened name to those close to me is Seen, or Seenie... well to Jade-lyn is Eenie!!!!! It's so beautiful :) So other than the fact that she's my lil princess I'm so proud to say that her most favouritest snack in the world is now..............
COTTAGE CHEESE ON RICE CAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe *evil laugh* I've taught her so well already ;) She proceeds to lick the cottage cheese off, leaving most of it on her face, then later decides whether the rice cake is worth eating!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

IT's the weekend!!!!!!!!!

I've started well today - did a nice 16kms this morning. It's been drizzly here so it was perfect running weather :) 1hr 30.44mins (lol - being exact!) later we were done. Of course I had aches and pains - story of my life at the moment! My blistery-looking-thing survived, covered in a nice thick medicinal patch :) My knee has pulled up great, looks like I'm outta the woods with that one! My feet however, very very ouchy. Hurts to walk again, it kinda feels like both feet are fully stone-bruised underneath - but its not actually bruised its all the "stuff" inside that hurts to place pressure on. I'm thinking a massage might be the way to go :)
Had a blinder of a back/bis workout last nite!! I was the only gal in the gym - it was weird!! Not that I cared, I just got on with the job. One guy commented "Selina, you aren't bulking up are you?" I take that as a good thing I guess :) As long as he didn't mean FAT bulk. lol
Off to do some groceries now, and back to the couch I think! It's still rainy here so perfect weather for doing nothing!! Might just stay that way until tomorrow afternoon, our club road run is only 5kms, so my feet should hold up for that one!

Hope everyone is having a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic weekend!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Yes it's an ouchy day today :) Two reasons (always complex my life is)
1. I did chest and tris last nite - been baaaaaad, my first in two weeks, so therefore I'm a lil sore to touch. But my body liked the rest, coz I lifted heavier and it felt so good. I was in the "boy" section of the gym too... hehehe Makes me feel even stronger... lol
2. After all my leg/feet dramas of the weekend, my strains and sprains are better, and I played netball on Tuesday nite but my shoes were a little uncomfortable. Well woke up yesterday with one hell of a blister, actually it's not even a blister. It's one huge, sore, skinless piece of foot!!!
I hopped everywhere yesterday, it was soo swollen and red, the pressure was immense, I felt like my foot just wanted to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Anyway it's all bandaged up today and I'm still limping................... I tell ya, I just can't win!!!!!!!!!!
I had a blood test yesterday as well, i hate needles. It was my first ever blood test and I didn't faint!!!!!!! I lied down and strangled the living daylights outta the stuffed purple dinosaur by grasping it so tight - meant to occupy kids while having their shots of course ;P

Nearly the weekend :) I am so jealous of everyone in Melbourne this weekend.
To all you awesome competitors - BEST OF LUCK!! Will be thinking of you on Saturday. Ensure you post results ASAP as someone will be waiting in anticipation!!
To all the cheer squads - do some extra cheering for meeeeeeeee!!!!!! And take lots of pics, so we can all see!!!

Well gotta run, stomache is calling me to eat.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Monday, July 10, 2006


My silly ITB was still giving me hell last week. I rested ALLL week again, only running 7kms the previous Sunday. We went out for the usual bright and early Saturday morning run, and the others I run with were ready to do the whole 1/2 marathon course that has been used in races here before. I didn't plan to do the whole thing as my prep has not at all been on target. At each stop I planned to pull out, or run back to one of the many stops (our cars/friends houses/work) that I could stop at. I got to nearly the end and decided to pull the plug at 18kms as I was dying off fast, plus didn't want to pay the price for pushing my injury. Got to the 18km marker and went "dammit, I'm doing it all". So I did, the last 3kms was the slowest of my life, my feet were burning/hurting, but I just had to lift them up. Was soooo happy to run that far (its the furthest I've even run!), that mental battle is won! If I behave now on, I will get to go up to Townsville and hopefully survive it! That's my main goal hehe. We did have about 4 stops - water and to stretch our injuries...we're all getting them now :( We stopped our clocks when we stopped, but my actual running time was 1hr 51mins. Quite happy with that!!! In the real run, we wouldn't stop that much and for that long, so I'm hoping for a sub 2hr run, but again, just to finish it will be my biggest accomplishment!! I needed a nana nap that afternoon, then I still slept like a baby that nite.

Yesterday (sunday) was our 10km club championship run. I was secretly hoping for a PB, but knew not to expect much considering the efforts of the day before. I had a bad bad start, I left my runners at home!!!!!!!!! HOW?!?! I was in such a hurry to get there early coz we had massage ladies there to rub us up before the run and I so wanted my knee to hold out the 10kms. I home left in my thongs.... well coz I didn't have my runners on.... ya know the rest.
Luckily I had my netball court shoes in the car so I ran in them. BAD MISTAKE. Absolutely no support, my feet ached the whole way, felt like I was running on boards. So that and fatigue were not the right ingredients for a PB. I don't know what happened though.... I smashed my PB!!!! LoL I've run many 10kms before - either within a longer run when I'm not sure of my splits - but not "official" clocked races so this was officially my fastest.
50mins 07 secs. We bolted the last bit to make it under 50, but damn that home straight went foreeeeeeeeeeeever! I have all faith I can run a sub 50min, in the right circumstances ;)

So today - ITB good (it was the post-race massage that really really helped again), but feet, OMG. I've strained all the tendons in both, right foot a little bit worse. I just did too much, wrong shoes. I can hardly walk, I look like such a drama queen... always have a new injury! But stubborn Selina won, so now I'm paying for it! A few days rest, and I'll be good to go again :)
That's my weekend wrap-up. Been busy at work, hence lack of posts, but still checking up on everyone!

Have a grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat week!!!!!!


Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Blast from the Past!!

That's me, way back in April at the big photo shoot. Ahhh memories :)

Been a crazy week. I was ill as I've already whinged about, but came ok. Till yesterday when the headaches started again. Knocked myself out with a nurofen last nite and was almost comatose! Only just heard my alarm at 5am to get out and run.
Yes, I ran. 12kms. Almost pain free. Had a few incidences where I got a sharp jolt of pain and jumped 5m into the air. Stopped and stretched and continued. Had to be very wary of my feet... Don' Careful.on.traffic.islands. I tell you, I'm exhausted after it! All that thinking. Felt it the whole run, but it was better than last week. I have a little pain now but i guess that's to be expected. I have to be better soon! Rest is driving me insane.

Had a very unmotivating week, but I get those a bit. Probably coz I was sick and injured, it just makes me feel blah. But I'm over it again now. I'm house-sitting at the moment, so it's good to have a little variety in my routine. It's closer to work, so I can sleep in for an extra....5 mins!! YIPEE!!! hehe I'm living a lazy life, having chicken/meat and vege soup for tea every nite. Got another litre or so to get through, lucky I like it!! Nothing else planned this weekend, I like to do nothing :)
Will attempt our 7km club run tomorrow afternoon. *Fingers crossed* that my knee gets no worse than what it is at the moment, I should be right then.
Ciao for now!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006



For lack of a better title, YEEE HAAA is it for today!!
Just finished chest and tris and if it's anything like last week, I'm gonna be sore for days again! YIPEE!! Did some new PBs on incline bench and d/b bench, so bring the pain I say! LoL
Still havent ran and just had a mini-myocardial infarction seeing as it's only 12 days until my 10km Club Championship run! ARGH!!! We earn points on all CC runs over various distances, to decide Club Champion of the year. I'm trying to defend my "crown" of Club champ for females 18-39years, and i can't let an injury get in the way of my pride!!! HA! My netball coach tells me "Don't be a hero" LoL! I should really take his advice more often. Well I just did a 100m run down the hallway and my knee was ok...!!! Must be better. LoL!!! ;)
Jodie, Amy, Mandy, Janelle, Alicia, Hilary - thanks for all your well wishes on THE injury and flu. I'm back on top of the flu now, *fingers crossed* nothing else nasty comes my way this winter!
Beki - a whole month?!?! GEEEEZ!! It's not the end of the world, but I do have hope from reading your blog and knowing that i WILL be back up there. I have been doing the heat thing, everything actually!! Ice initially made it more painful, but it's handling it a bit better now :) I don't have skins, simply because it's not cold enough here to run in them!! I have looked into it though, especially as you mentioned, can also be used to speed up recovery. I ran in my good old trusty nikes on the weekend, and unfortunately it still flared up. Thanks for your advice all the same!!!
Jaime-Lee - yes muscle growing days they are now!! And yes, keeping active by punishing the upper body!!
Lauren - ta chick! Lol on the pull-ups. It was my goal by end 2005 to be able to do 10 unassisted pull-ups. I got there on the 29th December or something!!!! hee hee Not sure howd I'd go now though!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Well girls, the news is not good on my silly injury. I'm so frustrated... I do everything I'm told and it still gives me hassles, what else CAN I do!!
I rested - as in NOOOOO running - for a whole week (very very agitated lil girwl i was!)
Iced when possible, anti-inflammatories - gel, and tablets when painful, did my stretches, remedial massages, and I even did the massaging on myself when possible.
So I got up all excited early Saturday morning, there were 5 of us this time which the more the merrier. We had a new route planned as well, about 18kms. Well I warmed up, gelled it, stretched it etc. About 22mins (yes I checked my watch), I felt something. Not pain, but I ignored it all the same. Stretched again when we had water breaks, but about 30mins into it, crossing the big busy bridge here in town, it just went OUCH. I had to stop (very very demoralising have to STOP in the middle of a run, especially on a main embarassing ;) lol). Hobbled along to see all my training partners stretching further and further ahead. I had 2 options.... turn around and have to run all the way back, or persevere and see how it goes. I kept going.. but the sensible selina kicked in and thought "if you push it, you may have even longer time off" so I kept going till I reached my nan's house and decided to pull the pin :( That was all of 45mins worth. I waved the other two off with tears in my eyes :*(
So the 1/2 marathon is 6 weeks off... I've lost over 2 weeks of training now... my chances of travelling north to compete are looking slimmer... I'm just really upset, it's been my goal all year, and the closer it gets, the further out of reach it is :( I iced it right away and have been into the anti-inflams and stuff and I do have a glimmer of hope as it is heaps better at this stage than what it was at the same stage after last run... ie i can walk today.
Ohhh and to throw another spanner in the works, I've got the flu!!!! So needless to say, today I have to miss ANOTHER club run, but I might try a small run tomorrow to see how it pulls up. I don't like being injured :(
On a happier note - I got my new weights program and it's very exciting!! I've got PULL-UPS in there!!! WHOO HOOOO. I'ts been a looong time since I've tried them... I was a tad embarassed last time, as, although they tried to be subtle (men?? if!), some of the boys at the gym were looking a little dumbfounded to see me doing them by myself. hee hee ;)
Well I had all intentions of posting a pic today, but I left the CD at home...DOH! Was having a big clean-up, and OMG, the dust... mix that with the flu, I've sneezed a hell of alot today!!! How many calories do you burn sneezing?!?!? LoL
Ooopsy gotta run... well not literally. I"m going to go and tease myself by going down to watch all the runners take off...and just to see everyone, it's been so bloody long!
Have a fantabulous week all!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Taken from Rae's blog... (but my answers of course!!!) LoL

Four Things about me
Things you may not have known about me.....

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Novelty Shop Junior
2. Pizza Hut "Phoney" - taking all phone orders
3. Legal Accounting Assistant
4. Personal Trainer

B) Four movies I would watch over and over
1. Dirty Dancing
2. Titanic
3. Pearl Harbour (love the epics!)
4. Bring It On!! ;)

C) Four places I have lived
1. Mackay, QLD
2. Vancouver, Canada
3. Out of my backpack!
4. That's it!

D) Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. The OC
2. Desperate Housewives
3. That's all I get the opportunity to tape and watch :)

E) Four places I have been on vacation:
1. England
2. Europe
3. Egypt
4. Bali
5. USA
6. Canada............. OK so its a few more than 4, but I couldn't leave any out!!!

F) Websites visited daily:
1. Hotmail - personal
2. Email - work
3. Blogs (almost daily)

G) Four of my favourite foods:
1. Chico babies and Snakes Alive - I love sugar!!!!!!!!! ;)
2. Cottage cheese on flavoured rice cakes
3. Oats and cottage cheese
4. Sushi

H) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. In bed
2. Back in Canada in my old house in front of my fireplace *ahhh*
3. In bed
4. On holiday!

I) Four people I think will respond
1. Hmmm I'm not sure... surprise me!

Now, here's what you're supposed to do... copy the above, enter your answers and either post it on your blog or email it to your friends!!



Hmmm Blogger is being naughty tonite. I twice uploaded another pic, and twice it's not here!!
Ahh well :) I'm still cranky about my leg. I was supposed to go running last nite, but I just knew it wasn't up to it. Although it kills me to stay still, I know if I rush it it will never get better. I've got my usual netball game tonite, so I'm hoping all pulls up well after that. It's been fine, until now... must have ESP, I just pushed my rolly-chair back using that leg (DUH!) and it pinched big time. bugger bugger bugger *sighs*

Anyway, I spent this morning at the Show today with my goddaughter. She was the gorgeous pic I was going to share. She was sooo cute and had sooo much fun. The weather was far from desirable, drizzling all day, but we looked on the bright side - at least not many people were there to be crushed in!

I had my chest and triceps training session yesterday and OMG, I can't even straighten out my arms my tris are so sore! My chest alllllways gets sore and surely enough it's not letting me down today either! Planning a full-on week of it this week, nothing is going to stop me. Oh except for the leg of course...

Hold on, let me try the pic again... OH OH IT WORKED IT WORKED!!!


Sunday, June 18, 2006


Yes Yes we doooo get one!!!!! Here is a pic of me and my friend last nite at her BBQ outside, YES it really was that cold!!! (no that is not a wine
bottle in front of us) ;P

Hehe, we laughed at how silly we must have looked, in our beanies and ski jackets. Brought back memories of our Christmas in Canada in 2003. It was the last time any of that stuff had been brought out!! It was a fun nite though, I must admit my other half looked a site in my other pink and purple tea-cosy looking beanie, and my friend's pink playboy slippers. At least IIIIII was prepared!!! ;)

Golly gosh its been a week since my last decent post! I've been busy, and stressing, and having a rough time with one thing or another. Of course my latest drama is nothing major, but at the moment it's taking over my thoughts!!!!!!!

I HAVE self-diagnosed and have had verification that I have ITB friction syndrome.

Starting at the beginning, last Saturday morning I did a nice long 16kmish run. All good. To walk down stairs that nite was painful in my right knee, very bizaare. I pulled out half way through my Sunday arvo run jsut coz it was a little twingy. Ran 10kms Monday nite with no pain, played netball Tuesday nite with nothing to whinge about. The week was exercise-free after that due to this and that, so I was hyped up for a long 17kmish Sat morning run. 5kms into it, something just went OUCH and my knee was soooo damn painful. I limped back and stretched but as soon as I stopped I could hardly walk again. I remembered Beki and her knee issues and her symptoms and put 2 n 2 together. I went for a massage which made me almost cry and we together worked out thats what it was :( I still CANNOT put any downward pressure on my knee, I couldn't even walk on it last nite. Sitting for a while then getting up was agony, especially in the cold last nite! My legs are bruised today from the massage yesterday, it feels a little better, but I'm gonna have to rest. I'm SOOO CRANKY!!!!!!! When things are going good, I always seem to get injured, my body keeps breaking :( I had to sit out our club 10km race today, I was hoping to do a PB over the 10 today, and I was well on target with my current training times. Half marathon is only 6 weeks off and I haven't put in enough long runs coz something keeps happening. I also remember something that Beki mentioned - different shoes. I have just swapped and they are soooo comfy, but I'm going to try running Monday nite and will wear my old Nikes and see if I get the same pain.!!!! Not a happy camper.

Umm what else.... My stubborn nan is home from the hospital one week after hip replacement surgery. Her kids - ie, my mum etc - are sooo mad. She's only had occupational therapy for a few days, had one practise at the small things - like getting in and out of bed - so told the doctor she was OK, and PUSHED to be let out, so they checked her out. She is so not ready to be at home, there's no magic button to push when she needs help in the middle of the nite. She was recommended to have another week in there, but noooo she cracked the poops and wouldn't eat and stuff, she was being jsut like a little kid, until she got her own way!! What I'm saying may sound nasty, but we're all concerned thats all. She lives alone in a unit and is barely walking, and we're all worried she's just going to go back down on it, and hurt the same hip, or do the other one!! The modifications to the house whilst the hip is rehabbing, is astronomical. The small things you wouldn't even think of. From stairs to chairs to toilet seats and simply putting stockings and socks on! She'll most probably come through with flying colours and shut everyone up though!! I love her... obviously the stubborn streak in me comes right back from her!!!

I'm on the second six weeks of my current 12 week plan, and I've been terrible. I didn't get to do any weights last week, so I can't wait to thrash the musckles tomorrow.
My goals are
1. ENSURE I drink 3+litres H2O each and every day. It's been harder in this weather!
2. NO FREE MEALS, no pickys, no nothing that I shouldnt have!!
3. Write down what I'm eating, I havent done this lately and do miss it.
4. Never miss a weight training session again. EVER! lol
5. Revise my goal book with more inspiring pics and motivational quotes etc.
That's just my start.

Whoa, its late, gotta bolt (I'm at work, on a Sunday nite). Feed time!!
PS - still working on that ticker thing ;)

Saturday, June 17, 2006


My trials continue....
look at that, half up there, half in la-la land!
If I insert it in the template just one space along, it then disappears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHHHHHHHHH frustrating. Anyway I'm gonna leave it there till I know what I'm doing, coz I don't want to have to create the ticker allll over again!!
Wish I knew what I was doing.
Rae?!?! If you read this, Kaddy says you have a document you can email which might assist?!
I better leave before this puter ends up out the window ;P (Im not bad tempered, really!!)


Can anyone out there give an computer-illiterate bubble brain step-by-step instructions on how do work this damn blogger thing?
I thought that I could use a ticker thingy, just coz I like counting down! So i set it all up pretty and ready to go and pasted the link into the template....
But where does it go???
I had it at one stage only half visible RIGHT up the top of the page. So then I moved it down further within all the mumbo jumbo in the template and it just disappeared. I played with it for an hour and found the spot where it's too high up, and put it one space over, and it was invisible!?!?!? It made me a cranky-pants let me say.
Can anyone help?!?!

Ill be back later to post my latest issues, never a dull day in a drama-queen's life!!! Hee hee ;)


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Good News, Bad News

Starting with the bad...
I got home from work on Thursday evening to the news that my beloved nana had had a bad fall
:( She's 82, all of 37kgs, so very tiny, and as always happens when older people fall, it was something so silly - tripped over her footstool as she jumped up to grab water when knitting :(
My poor nan was writhing in pain on the cold floor yelling out hoping someone walking past would hear. Anyway she got to the phone eventually to call my mum and it went from there...
As at this moment she's still in hospital waiting for surgery for a total hip replacement.
I love her attitude though "So I'll be up walking my dog again in 4 days?" So cute :) She's a trooper, every day has an hour walk with her dog, and that's what will keep get her up and going again. With her brand new titanium hip, she really will be an ironwoman :)

Now to the good...
Originally I missed out on Robbie Williams tickets, ticketek site was jammed for last Friday's pre-sale for ticketek members, by the time my friend got on, there were only single seats left. For the public sale we had no chance... BUT... my friend's sister-in-law, like JODIE is a Robbie club member and was smart enough to buy extra... SO I GOT ONE!!! YEEEEEEEEEEHAAA
So I'mmmm going to roooooobbbbiiieeee :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I've already decided that I'm going to be the lucky chick like at his Knebworth concert to be the one picked out to go on stage and feel his butt and get a big kiss!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Lucky I'm going to the Brisbane concert Jodi, coz my claws will come out ;) LoL

Anywhooo had a whopping nice 16km run in the rain this morning :) I'm feeling a lil tired now but still have a few more hours of work (Yes selina, WORK not BLOGGING!!) to tackle before I can even think of leaving!

Hope ya'll have a fantabulous weekend, YIPEE for long ones!!!!!!!!!
Be good, or be good at it :)


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Injured :(

Well sort of... I went to the chiro yesterday for my monthly maintenance and all was good. Then of course coz I was all adjusted, yesterday afternoon when training legs/shoulders, my back started to hurt... don't like that. I got out of bed like a cripple this morning but once I was warmed up it was and still is better. So I've made an executive decision that I won't be doing any training today, which isn't a great drama as I'm all up to date with my sessions.
It was raining last nite so I couldn't run :( I did a big one Tuesday morning though which I don't usually do, so at least I've done SOMETHING :)

Thank you to all you sweet girlies who left comments, I have returned a comment within the comment section... say what?!?! LoL did we all understand that?!

I'm a naughty girl, I made a pact with myself when I saw the state of the floor here at 6am this morning, that I wouldn't touch the computer or do any emailing/blogging/commenting until the place was SPOTLESS... Well I'm here and it's still a mess... I *pinky promise* I will after this!

I really have nothing exciting to post! So I'll leave on this note...

"Today is yesterday's tomorrow,
Tomorrow is today,
So DO IT and then it's done!!!"

Monday, June 05, 2006

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN - 6.4kms - 46mins 26secs

And my butt isn't even sore today!!!!! Yesterday consisted of travelling of where I was staying to the top of the mountain to pick up my friend...that was prolly a really bad idea, travelling up the mountain before i had to run it, it reminded me too well of what i was in for! I started with a good warm up to find somewhere hidden enough to 'empty my bladder'!! Miles down the road I found someone's cane paddock... hehehehe Anyway we had to run about 2.5-3kms before the ascent even started and from there on it was a walk-run-walk-run. I was playing leap frog with 3 or so men, our walk-run cycles were opposite, it was quite funny overtaking the same person about 8 times only to see them go past you again. It was SOOOO hard, like SOOO Hard. My heart rate was off the richter scale, my beathing was like I was dying, and at times I got hot/cold flushes and felt I was gonna pass out! BUT I DIDN'T!!!! Anyway to cut a long story short, I ended up being 5th female in which I was SOOOO happy about :) I also beat my time last year by just over 4 mins so was stoked!!! Won $25 for fifth place, so I made a profit ;) Oh plus won a T-Shirt from a sponsor in the random drawer prizes...ya know that ones that are way tooooo huge that will end up being a pyjama top... anyway i def came out on top!! It was lotsa fun. I have made a promise to me that I will do some serious hill training before next years... lol thats what i said last year!

I had a great run Saturday AM with my training partners. It was bloody freezing, but of course I don't have anything warmish to wear... who needs warm clothes up here!! I musta looked a sight at still dark in 10degree weather in my singlet. Never takes long to warm up though :)

Just finished a good weight work-out and this week is gonna be a good one in terms of training/food etc. I'm gonna make sure it is!

Gotta run, lots to dooooooooooooooooo
tootalooooooooooooooooooooooo :)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Bout time for a post...?

Thanks Jodie... yes it was well overdue, so I've decided to get off my lazy a$$ and write something. Been 'missing' as I've felt I've had nothing positive to post, so it's better to post nothing. The last 2 weeks have been low low low, but there's only one person that can change that, and that's ME. It goes a bit deeper than that, but that's all I need to share. I know I'm not the only one that has hassles and obstacles to overcome, and most peoples probs are alot bigger than mine, so I need to GET OVER IT!! :)
Anywho... ummmm.... Well I did my first run on Wednesday nite in 10 days (yes, that's bad, but that's what happens when crap hits the fan with me, everything 'normal' is pushed to the side).
I can't complain though, I did my fastest time for 5kms in over 15 months! I did a huge leg work-out the day before so my musckles were sore, but it so worked for me! I'm proud to say my PB for this season is now...
5kms.... 24mins 06secs :) :) :)
It's still a far cry from my best ever of 22min 56secs, but considering the circumstances, I was OVER THE MOOOOOOOOOON!!! So needless to say, since Wednesday nite, I have been a bit more focused. I HATE HATE HATE that I am sooo sporadically emotional, I'm depressed for 10 days, then within 25mins it all changes? Then the issues that consumed me for those 10 days seem so silly. This happens all the time to me, but lately more often than not, and the lows last longer. GRRRR Anyway... OHHH plus I had my new Asics Kayanos, so I reckon that must have given me the edge ;)
Have a KILLER of a run on the weekend, it's King of the Mountain, so you guessed it, a long run almost vertical. It's only 6.4kms, but last year I walked it in at 50mins. I felt better to see alot more experienced runners reduced to a walk as well, it's sooo tough. Can't wait for it to be over!! hehe Love the challenge though.
Not much planned for this weekend, going out for a few drinks (of water in my case) tonite as it's my OHs 'farewell' drinks for his current job now that he's starting at the mines in 2 weeks. Early one for me as I'm up before the sun for half marathon training. That's prolly the highlight of my weekend, aren't I so sad :)
Better run, my fingers are FROZEN. My work is the coldest building EVER! Air-con isn't even on - I even have my hoody on at the moment!!!
Have been reading everyones blogs still, THANK YOU ALL for being so inspiring, wonderful women :) You are all my strengths in times that i need...

Sunday, May 21, 2006


11km run - 55min 39secs

But first...What a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!! Woke up bright and early yesterday morning and met my two training partners for a nice long run. We did 1hr 05mins in light drizzly rain, and felt great. Bummed around all day doing things like shopping, bitz and pieces of work, then I had to go back in the afternoon to take some clients out running hills. I did another 35mins yesterday afternoon. Was thinking about the lovely Rae all day and how her comp was going.

Went out for dinner last nite with OH, and enjoyed one drink :) Early nite as I had to get up again and cheer on my teams in the Duathlon comp this morning. They all did great, as they always do :) I had to come back home and nap, lil bit tired and my hammies are quite tight from all the running lately. Woke up and psyched myself up for the 11km club run this afternoon. My goal (after last week's 10km time) was to get in under an hour, as there were 2 steady long incline hills to conquer. For some reason, my handicap is 11min 33sec... that's like WAYYY to good for me!! My run partner who I bust my butt to keep up with is handicapped at 6min 33secs... somethings gone wrong in the system there!! So I was out running by myself, not sure if that is a good or bad thing!! The hills KILLED, but I had no intention of ever stopping - by the time I got to the top, my heart was jumping out of my chest, and I was sure I would be emptying the contents of my stomache... ewww, but next minute it was down hill again, and all the pains were gone! Flew it home to make that time, which I'm SOOO happy with. That's just over 5min kms, yay all my training is paying off.

Flew home to hop on here to see that Rae won her comp!! YEEEEHAAA!!! HUGE CONGRATS TO RAE!! I've followed her journey for a long time now, and am so excited for her!!

Well that's my weekend gone by, all too fast again :) Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hump day!!

Love Wednesdays, it's my "admin" day so I don't usually book in any clients, which means it's the only day of the week I DON'T have to start at 5.30am. It is nice to have that break in the middle :) Lots to do today, staff training :) I now have another female trainer, which takes the pressure off me a lil bit :)
Yesterday I trained back and bis, then did 25mins interval training on the tready. Didn't absolutely bust myself as I had a netball game last nite. We won! Eats were perfect as well!
Tonite is run nite!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, speaking of running, I haven't received "THE" call to say my new shoes are in :( Nevermind, I have another 4 pairs (yes I'm serious) to keep me going!!
My OH went for a new job yesterday, and he was hired on the spot. He'll now be doing field service, meaning out at the mines for days at a time. GRRR. Not that we see each other that much as it is due to our totally different commitments, but that makes the available time even less. Ah well, I said to him, at least it's less time to argue!! ;) hee hee
That's it for now, just a quickie. Will catch up on everyone else's lives later in the week.
Enjoy the rest of it!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday again!!!

10km run - 53min 29secs

Was quite happy with that, it hurt, and I actually thought of possibly only doing the 5km course, but thought "you sook, you'll feel better once it's done". In the last km, thought I was on track for a PB, then realised I wasn't quite sure what my PB was... Nevermind, I missed it anyway! It felt good all the same. I haven't done alot of "official" 10km runs, I usually just run based on time (ie a one hour run) rather than distance, so it's good to gauge where I'm at.
A few of us going in the half marathon in August have officially planned our training early Saturday mornings. It's going to kill me, but better to do it now than on race day! I'm slowly building up my distances, which can only be done on weekends due to work, but my goal is to survive the half, I'm not planning on a record time or anything!
Oh, I ordered some new shoes on saturday!!! I just can't stop spending money *blush*. No shoe stores stock my size however, 7 is the smallest (how prejudiced!!!), so I've ordered in a 6 to try. Some Asics Kayanos, got them for a bargain :) Quite excited about that!!

I'm feeling great today, not at all tired which is strange for a Monday morning! Had a few issues getting to sleep last nite (as usual) but probably managed 6 hours before I started getting unsettled....checked the time it was 4.11am. Damn that. Drifted in and out before the alarm went off at 5.05am. I've been fluffing around on the computer here, when I'm sposed to be at gym now... NAUGHTY!!! Monday is usually a big day at work so I use it as my rest day, but due to a few cancellations, I might get there this afternoon anyway :)

I'm feeling highly elevated and motivated at the moment!! That's what running does to me, I feel great having a goal (can't forget the new purchase either hehe), and just loving it at the moment. Reading about other people's runs etc also gets me excited to plod on!!

OHHH good news!! I have someone coming in for a "chat" today for employment!!! I'm soooo excited. Advertising is useless as I have previously discovered, I've briefly met this girl and she's just completed her Cert IV at AIF, same as all us trainers here, and she called me last nite!! That's even better as I know she's keen, I didn't have to call her! *Fingers crossed* all goes well, I can really need the help on the shifts I can't cover/the other two boys can't do. We're quite busy!! (Says me as I'm blogging....)

Well best be off, drag myself away from this computer, it's one of those days where there's so much to do, but where to start!
Have a great week!!!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ahhh Sunday :)

Oh my lordy, I just spent a very long time trying to upload a pic of my mummy, said it was done...BUT WHERE IS IT HUH!?!?!?!? grrr I really really hate these things *spits dummy*
A big HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to my wonderful mum and all the other mother's out there!! She’s out with my dad at the moment for a special luncheon that his work has put on for them today. Tonight we’ll be doing dinner altogether :)
It’s been a long time between posts for me, I've been reading everyone else's regularly, coz i just can't stay away!!!!! I got back into weight training this week, being the first one in three weeks coz of my holiday and sheer laziness, since completing my first 12 week prog with Sue. Well I don’t know what on earth Sue has against my bum, but she’s made it really really really OUCH!!!! Hee hee. OH and my chest... well lucky I only got a small amount of groceries, coz it really hurt to push the trolley... I was totally expecting the soreness all over my body, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was soooo naughty and stayed in bed yesterday (Saturday) morning and missed my run training – of which I planned about an hour run - but it was raining, and my legs were heaps sore – excuses I know. I planned to meet some clients yesterday afternoon for hill training, so as my ‘punishment’, I did double the course and the hardest hills, and 1hour and 5 mins later I was cactus! Quite happy though, as I still got in my longer run, it was just a harder than planned! But I really do love hills!!
I’ve actually had NOTHING on today , it’s one of those tracky daks and ugg boot days. I’ve read some of my book, and for the last few hours have been working on client files and all the behind-the-scenes stuff. My OH is working all weekend, yet another one where we get to spend a total of about 5 hours all weekend together. I have a 10km comp run on this arvo then straight to netball training for an hour and a half, what a great way to spend Sunday! Ha!
Beki – thanks for stopping by!! Will send you an email :)
Wish I had something more exciting to write, but that's my boring, simple life!!!
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, well what's left of it!
Will be back during week :)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

That's me and Jenny H!!
The first thing I noticed was how tiny she is!! (Yes I know, I'm a short-a$$ too!)
Yet another highlight of FILEX!!

I'm pretty buggered today. Had a girlie nite last nite, all the other halves were left at home and the three of us went for dinner. One of them has only recently announced that she's pregnant so that's our exciting news at the moment!! :) I'm really starting to feel 'out of it'. My only two friends left here are married with bubbys or expecting, even my younger sis is jumping on the wagon! EEEEK! It's just not what I want for now though :) Especially when comparing their hubbys' latest wrong-doings, and comparing pregnancy stories!!
Anyway that was an 11pm finish and I had to get to sleep fast for my big club run this morning. Set my alarm for 5.30am, but went back to sleep... i NEVER do that!! Thank goodness my lift called me at 5.45am to ensure I was going to be ready... so I had a quick wake-me-up shower, shovelled some porridge down, and I was pretty much outta there. We had to travel a good 30mins to get to where it started, but made it in great time.
It was a 28km club championship, but my running friend and her hubby (yet another one) and I did a team event. I did the first 12kms (1hr, 2mins 10secs), then Tanya took off for 8kms, then her hubby in his first ever run did a good 8kms as well :) The winner came in in something stoopid like 1hr 40mins!! Another friend holds the course record of 1hr 21mins... Like is that seriously possible to run that fast!! LoL Some people hog all the talent :P
so needless to say after a late nite, then running 12kms on a sunday morning, i went home for a kip. Just hanging out now till netball training this evening at 5.30pm - 7.00pm, it's really the last thing I feel like doing!
Well that's it, gotta get prepared for work before my mammoth 14hour day tomorrow. It's soooo busy, I only have one spare appointment left in the WHOLE day!! (take away my two hours to do ME training, plus a half hour elsewhere to eat).
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!