Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm not gonna be able to walk tomorrow...

And that's a bit bad coz first up tomorrow at 6am I have to take clients running... mmmmm, shall be interesting!!!!!!!!! Why are they sore?!?! Leg training today of course!! And I threw in a few exercises I haven't done in a while just to shake things up, well yea that's certainly what they were - shakey! I did a step class this morning as well, so cardio and weights done and dusted for the day :)
I'm getting a spray tan tonite coz I've got my cousin's wedding on the weekend and the dress i'm wearing will look a lil better with a brown person in it, not a white one. It's a very not-me crazy colour and an almost-revealing cut, so I'm looking forward to dolling up :) If any pics turn out good, I'll post em :)
I've been a good girl this week so I'd better see a drop on the scales on Saturday. I've been dragging my mother out for powerwalks, and that's an effort in itself. She's a tiny thing, but making her move isn't easy!! LOL Then when we are out there she complains the whole time.... but it's all fun! I tell her that a lot of people PAY for the privelege, so she should be grateful! hehehe
Enjoy the rest of the week!!
Update - Well I'm not all that sore after all. *sigh*


Kek said...

Aah...aren't you a good daughter? I have the same problem with my eldest son - I used to take hime walking, but he whinged constantly, the entire way and I gave up in the end. :(

Hope the soreness has worn off a bit.

Rebecca said...

Hope you are not still sore, poor thing. You are doing great as you sound so incredibly busy. You fit so much into your day!

Have a great time at the wedding this weekend. Can't wait to see some pics :)


Alicia said...

hey sweetie - just sent you an email :D xo

Selina said...

MOST of the time Kek, yes I AM a good daughter... cept when she hides the lollies from me (at my request) but then I just HAVE to have them... nuff said!
Hey Rebecca... sometimes I amaze me at how much I fit into my day too... but i just have too, there's no way around it. My business owns me and my time, I have to fit 'luxuries' into it somehow :) Yes i forgot about the pics from the wedding...
Alicia - as always, ta babe :)