Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it a week already??

Man time flies - I can't believe it's the 31st of January already!! This date last month I was getting ready to go out for cocktails... ;)

Life is just great at the moment!! I had a great long weekend spent watching DVDs, swimming, BBQing, and a few cocktails slipped in there too. I have a problem with cocktails at the moment.... it's not good!!! ;) The main thing was just chilling with my boy and my family - the special people in my life.

I've been hitting the pool for my lappys a few times each week. Now, I am the furtherest(?) thing from a swimmer. The last time I swam a 'proper' lap was in 8th grade on the first PE lesson of the year. Thought I'd better, and just maybe over the holidays I may have improved. Nope! Actually I don't think I ever made a whole 50m lap, ever. No kidding! After that first PE lesson, I had a year-long period (male teacher never questioned it!! HA!) PLUS a permanent ear-ache. Didn't I have it tough ;) About 2 years ago I did go through a phase, but only ever swam with aids in the form of flippers and kickboard. Till now. I have to be tough.

I've been swimming 22 laps - 1.1kms - why 22 I don't know... I just can't settle with 20. Just like I can never set my alarm clock ending with a :_0 or a :_5. But that's another story. So the first time I did 25m without flippers. I only stopped coz I was gagging for air. The next time I did 4x 50m laps flipper-less, then 6x laps now I'm up to 8x laps! Does it matter that I have to have a 10second-1min rest at each end?!?! The rest are done with the saviours called flippers. I AM FACING MY FEARS AND WINNING!! Next... to perfect the not-having-a-rest-between-laps then god forbid... a tumble turn!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


This is my 200th post. It surely took a long time coming... 2 years in fact!

I'm back at work this week after 4 weeks off over Christmas. It was very tough getting up at 4.30am Monday morning. My body doesn't know what's going on! The first 2 weeks the ol' clock ticked in and I was up early. Not so productive the second 2 weeks!! I didn't think it was possible to stay in till 7.30am!! Anyway, won't take long to get back into normal routine.

My year so far has been great. I've sorted out alot of personal issues and I've never been happier for it. Work is going well. I'm not tooo busy this week, which I was stressing over, but within the next 2 weeks things will go bananas again, and I hope to be back up to 90% booked out :) At least I can ease in gently for now ;P

I'm looking forward to the long weekend (you'd think I never did any work!). The painter is finally coming to finish off the studios on Sunday (poor bugger - his suggestion, not mine though!), so then I can put up all my new posters and pretty the place up! I've still got to assemble a Smith Machine which is in a kazillion little pieces - just seeing all the different screws and thingys was enough to scare me off doing it. That will be Monday's job, along with re-arranging everything to make it all pwetty :)

I'm off to Brisbane in 3 weeks for a course that I'm really really looking forward to doing. I finish the course on a Sunday, the 'graduation' is on the Tuesday nite. My OH is coming down so we can spend 2 days together. I cannot wait. We're living it up, as I always seem to do with him! - staying at the Hilton on Queen Street Mall. I just LOVE it there. Although the idea of funding those Hilton sisters doesn't make it as appealing... ;)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hi Guys...

It's been awhile since my last post. I've got a bit going on at the moment, and I'm still on holidays so I'm not on the computer daily. It's been good having a break from it.
I have typed up many entries that I just posted today with the relevant dates. I'll be back again soon :)

Saturday 5th January 2008

2008 GOALS

To take the studios to a new level.
To cut back my hours – realistically I cannot work 14hour days forever.
To take more time out.
To implement some different training sessions I’ve been working on.

-See all those run times to the right, they’re all gonna get smashed!!! ;) I’m working with a trainer who is KILLING me in training. My times aren’t breaking any records at the moment, but consistency and the WANT will get me there. Realistically – the longer distance times can improve, but the shorter ones may just hold their place on the blog board for a little longer!
- To do my first triathlon!! It’s coming, in March!
- To get my shoulder sorted out for good. Currently in progress!
- To respect my body, feed it nutritious fuel, and it will perform better and stronger
- To be a more giving, loving and understanding partner, daughter, sister, friend and trainer.

- To not sweat the small stuff and count my blessings, every day :)

Friday 4th January 2008

2007 Wrap-up

Wowsers, it really was a massive year for me. I learnt a lot about myself and what makes me happy/stressed/depressed.


After a very trying 2006, I became HAPPY again!! Everything just fell into place after 9 months of wondering when I was going to love life again and get out of the big dark depressive hole I was in for most of 2006. (Due to work)

My best friend had her second little girl :)

I made the annual trek to Sydney in April for the FILEX convention and had my annual catch-up with Kek and Jay. We met Lindy Olsen and got pics with lots of muscle bound, half naked men. And can’t forget all the free samples. What a dream holiday!

I got back together with my boyf after a 6month split, due to my issues in 2006. We’ve been together 3 years now (well, less the 6 months).

I had a fly-by trip to Brisbane with my sister in May to see P!NK! She ROCKS!!

I did my first ½ marathon in June!! Came in under my goal time which was an extra bonus!

Also in June, did the annual King of the Mountain Run and came second female overall – my best ever result!

I had a fly-by trip to Melbourne in July to see my first ever bodybuilding comp, the All Females. Got to meet lots of people in person! Kek put me up when I was there and I became her 4th child – the girl she always wanted, hey Kek!! ;) – and managed to stir The Baby just a tad more than he stirred me ;)

Late 2007, I was FINALLY able to renovate my studios, and upgrade some of my equipment. Finishing touches still in progress.

And gained two new staff members, who are excellent trainers.

The lowlights:

That it took me too long to realise that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

I went through a winter depression… a reeeeaaalllly bad one where I needed to just hibernate for the winter. No enthusiasm for life, no motivation for exercise, and gained 3kgs.

I lost two long-serving staff members to follow their dreams :)

All in all, not a bad year :)

What I learnt:

That I don’t HAVE to do everything and the world won’t end if it doesn’t go as planned. If a staff member was ill, I used to have major anxiety attacks thinking how am I going to train all those clients as well as mine. Guess what? They weren’t cranky that their session had to be re-scheduled (in fact, most probably loved putting it off!!), getting ill sometimes is a part of life. Or on the other hand, if I’m sick or injured, I don’t HAVE to be training people when on my deathbed. My body is telling me something, maybe I should listen! Why make them sick too?

That I can handle stress if I just calm down and think rationally. The worst things that could happen rarely do… take each moment as it happens.

That it’s not a crime to take time out. I have always felt guilty if there’s work to be done and I’m not doing it. There always will be work to do, I need to work on looking after my mental state as well.

To love my legs!! I’ve always HATED my legs. I’ve always had muscular legs without doing a skerrick of gym work. Confession: I only started adding leg training to my regime when my trainer at the time made me. That was 2 years ago. I’ve always called them my fat legs. BUT, they help me run up hills!! (I do a lot better in hilly/trail run courses, than flat ones). They help me run fast. They are strong!

To accept my body. I’m 51kgs. I am NOT fat. I would still love to drop some body fat but then I’ll change the goalposts again. I have never been happy with my body, however, I accept it. I am fit, healthy, well, I have nothing to complain about! I will strive towards my goals, but not hating myself along the way.

To not “Sweat the Small Stuff and Just count your Blessings!!”

Phew what a year!!!

Friday 28th December 2007

Christmas 2007 all Over

After my big countdown it was over in a flash!! I got up at 5am and went with dad for a bikeride. It was very quiet. All the kiddies were supposed to be out with their new toys! These days, I guess it’s all indoor gadgets – playstations and other gizmos.
I probably looked like the excited kid out on her new bike :P I did get very spoilt though!!
My whole immediate family was together this year – which is nice – seeing as we all have partners with families who we have to share time with.
If was pouring down all day, nice heavy rain. It was a welcome change from the steaming Christmases we usually have. We drank cocktails – some very interesting concoctions came out. We played volleyball in the pool in the rain. It was just a great day, and my nan especially had a wonderful time just watching us in playing in the pool. Can’t beat Christmas with family :)

Friday 28th December 2007

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and Just Count Your Blessings

Just before Christmas, the death of my mum’s friend from cancer really shook us around a bit. To be so young, so healthy, and to be told you wouldn’t see Christmas when Christmas was only 5 months away… how can anyone accept that? How can a family accept that? There was not one dry eye at the church for the funeral. The minister told her whole life story as written by her husband and three children. We laughed, we were shocked and we cried. Her children – 21, 19 & 16 and her husband slept in the lounge room by her side when they knew it was coming to the end… they said their good-byes, put on her favourite music and held her hands and feet…
The last time I saw Helen was her daughter’s 21st birthday in November. She was good that day. It was also the last day she was able to eat. The tumors which had spread to her stomache didn’t allow her to even eat a mouthful of food without being sick after it. She passed away weighing 29kgs.
Why am I writing all these sad details??
Because she's taught me something. Although her illness was terminal, she never gave up. She researched and did everything she could to give herself the best chance. She used the quote “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and Just Count Your Blessings” all the time. Any crises that I thought was the end of the world was nothing compared to what her and her family were going through. Helen couldn’t even eat, and here I am whinging about losing some fat, or complaining how gross this or that food was, or on the other hand, complaining about eating too much.
In memory of Helen, at the funeral service we were all given bookmarks with her picture and her quote. I use it and see it every time I open up my book and it makes me grateful! I hope many others at the funeral took something positive away as well.
“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and Just Count Your Blessings”.