Thursday, January 24, 2008


This is my 200th post. It surely took a long time coming... 2 years in fact!

I'm back at work this week after 4 weeks off over Christmas. It was very tough getting up at 4.30am Monday morning. My body doesn't know what's going on! The first 2 weeks the ol' clock ticked in and I was up early. Not so productive the second 2 weeks!! I didn't think it was possible to stay in till 7.30am!! Anyway, won't take long to get back into normal routine.

My year so far has been great. I've sorted out alot of personal issues and I've never been happier for it. Work is going well. I'm not tooo busy this week, which I was stressing over, but within the next 2 weeks things will go bananas again, and I hope to be back up to 90% booked out :) At least I can ease in gently for now ;P

I'm looking forward to the long weekend (you'd think I never did any work!). The painter is finally coming to finish off the studios on Sunday (poor bugger - his suggestion, not mine though!), so then I can put up all my new posters and pretty the place up! I've still got to assemble a Smith Machine which is in a kazillion little pieces - just seeing all the different screws and thingys was enough to scare me off doing it. That will be Monday's job, along with re-arranging everything to make it all pwetty :)

I'm off to Brisbane in 3 weeks for a course that I'm really really looking forward to doing. I finish the course on a Sunday, the 'graduation' is on the Tuesday nite. My OH is coming down so we can spend 2 days together. I cannot wait. We're living it up, as I always seem to do with him! - staying at the Hilton on Queen Street Mall. I just LOVE it there. Although the idea of funding those Hilton sisters doesn't make it as appealing... ;)


Kek said...

Sounds like a good start to the working year. I'm sure your studio will look fab - better than where I work out. Less cockroaches, anyway.


little rene said...

I'm hearing you on NOT wnating to support those two self indulgent and spoilt little brats!

Don't think about them though. It is all about you!

Didn't thierGrandfather cut Paris out of the will anyway? LOL!

little rene said...

"wanting" NOT "wnating" Rene!

Amy said...

hey selina!
Sounds like you had a nice break over christmas and new year. Your studio sounds great. Enjoy the high life with your OH while you egt the opportunity.

Rebecca said...

Hi Selina,

Just thought I would pop by and say hi. Sounds as though you have had a lovely holiday :) Pity we have to go back to work eventually. Darn it.

That weekend you have planned will be awesome. Count the sleeps!

Well have a great night