Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finally It's Here!!

A Wine Glass that makes sense!!

(received via email) :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meet Mad Max!

This is the new car in my life - pic taken on the day I picked him up! It was rainy so I drove even slower than normal... ;) I hardly drove it for 5 days as the red one was easier to access.

Max and I are bestest friends now. He's hot hey!! ;)

Bye Bye Red Rocket

A final hug.

She's all ready to go. :( Last October I got hit up the backside by a big mean Falcon - and you'd never think - it totally came off second best! Although my damage was really minor, the soonest I could the insurance fix-up - not at my expense! - was just this week. So now she's all straight and painted up pretty it's time to go.
She still looks good (I think!) for ten and a half years together! Driving like a Grandma does pay off!! ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here She Is!

Little Miss was an angel yesterday! She didn't even flinch as the water was poured on her head three times :) Dad, Mum, Godmother & Godfather.
It was a SUCH nice day - everyone went back to mum and dad's house for a BBQ. We all took our swimmers to jump in the pool (perfect day for it!) but got busy chatting and the day was gone before we knew it :)
Thought I'd add in a pic of my other goddaughter - she's now five. How gorgeous is her costume for her Prep Halloween Disco!!!!!!!!!!!! And apparently she was a hit with the boys - her mum was worried when picking her up from school, one of the little boys yelled out "see you tonite at the disco!"

Mojo or not, made my lard ass go to the pool yesterday. Ignored my alarm for a run, then it was waaaay to hot, so when the pool opened at 8am a 1km swim it was!!
Today I was up and out at 5.30am for a 40 min run.
Slowly but surely I'll crawl back up :) I already feel soooo much better for it :)
Sometimes people say things that you already know, or should know, but to see or hear it again just makes everything click. Thanks Linda for this one about the ol' mojo:
"well no one says you have to be fired up all the time you just have to "do it!"

Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm going to be a mother

Tomorrow. A godmother. :)

It's Miss Isabella's Christening and my sister asked me, quite casually, if I'd like to be godmother. My response was "well I'd be offended if I wasn't!" hee hee

My brother came in with "I thought godmother's were supposed to be positive role models..."

No comment.


Other stuff - struggling on all fronts to get my head in the game, and I don't like it. I've never been so unmotivated and uninspired in my whole entire life. I always train, it's like cleaning my teeth... I need to get my sh!t sorted - if anyone has some not-required mojo, please telepathically transfer it my way.

Struggling at work as well, usually beginning of the year I'm on fire. I do have some different stuff happening though - Monday is the start of a Community Health Challenge that I'm the trainer for - a group of high profile locals, including the mayor and the deputy-mayor are starting a six week challenge. Radio & newspaper are covering it, so fingers crossed I can help them get great results.

I had a new client today who has Spina Bifida. He's an elite athlete - plays wheelchair basketball for Australia in Juniors, such an inspiring kid.

Makes me realise I have nothing to complain about. His attitude is just amazing. I was really drawn to him.


My bestie from the GC was here last weekend. Maybe that's why I'm feeling like poo this week, whenever she leaves me I feel so down.

I picked up my new beast too!! Must get some pics this weekend. Max is his name and he's HOT! I sadly have to part with my loyal, other best friend of 10 years - my lil red car. I feel like such a traitor - it's never done any wrong by me :( I hope the person who's bought it loves it aand looks after it as much as me :)

Is it sad to be so attached to a car???

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I'll Struggle to Get To Seven!

So here's my go at the seven random facts: Thanks Jeh for the tag ;)

1. I've worn coke-bottle glasses since I was 10, I got contacts at 15 and have worn them ever since. My sight is so poor, I've been told laser surgery may not help. Unfortunately those evil green eyes everyone comments on, are fake. My eyes are a grey/blue.

2. I wrote my first car off a year after buying it. Not cool as my lil bro was in the car with me. I bought a brand newie which I've had until now but - as I just 'remembered' as below - I bought a new car last week!

3. I told everyone I would be a nun when I grew up!! WTF????

4. I've only had 2 serious boyfriends - both were a long-term WASTE! Both ended with them cheating on me. Maybe fact 3 was a better option... :P

5. I used to work in legal accounting before becoming a PT.

6. Although some people think I'm confident and outgoing, deep-down I'm petrified of not fitting in and that people won't like me. Wish I was one of those people that didn't give a damn what others think! (ain't that one a bit deep :P )

7. I'm about to turn the big 3-0 and I still don't know what I really want from my life!!!!!!!!

And that's all I've got. Aren't I boring! :) If there's anyone left who hasn't done it and wants to - I tag YOU!

Oh and How Could I Forget??

On 30th December I bought myself a new brooom broooom!!!!!!!

Ok that looks like a broom, I mean a car... although many would disagree, a broom is not my preferred method of transport!

What a way to end an insane year!!

Will post pics as soon as the beast is in my hot little hands :)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Continued..... ;)


Went through major crap at work - ready to sell up. A trainer who had me in tears, a lot, quit the day I flew to Melbourne for the All Females... just what I needed.

11th July - All Females in Melbourne!! Was well looked after by Kerryn - can never thank her enough for her hospitality, and hot water bottles (hey, I was FREEZING!!). Met for the first time Katie, Rae, Jeh, Jadey, Linda, Kate and hope I didn't forget anyone.... Had a ball on stage with Shannon and was very fortunate to come home with 3rd place in Intermediate. One of the few bloggity blogs on it is here.

22nd July - flew to Brisvegas for surgery. Kept this one a big (pun intended) secret!

Couldn't work as a PT anymore - 'retired' from my position.


Couldn't work, couldn't train, only thing I could do was eat. 5 kgs in 3 weeks ain't too bad hey? Although I knew 50-51kgs ain't FAT, try telling my image in the mirror that at the time.

Struggled with not working and no longer having set hours.

Got extremely lonely living by myself and with my mental state at the time went on a downward spiral of depression..........

Started partying heaps. Coz alcohol solves all your worries of course....

Bestie from GC came and visited for my 'house-warming' party!


Went on an overnighter with my mummy again to Brisvegas. :)

Finally clawed myself out of my crappiness. I met someone very very special who doesn't know but got me back on track. My bestie from here, just last week said her and my other friend were really worried... they felt like they didn't know me anymore; who was this new person. She said once I met him I was ME again. Wowsers. I didn't realise they thought/saw those things...

After recovery from surgery, got back into training and was ME again in that regard too!!

Some of my pics from my photo shoot with Dallas Olsen were used in Ultra Fit mag!


Hosted the most fun party for my clients at a swish bar/restaurant. Over 100 came through! WOOP! Was soooo much fun :)

Got my wisdom teeth taken out. Another few days off work. What a sucky operation... considering I'd never been under until this year, I'm an old hand now. :P

Went off to Melbourne for five nights. Had the best.time.ever. EVER!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!

Thought I better do about a week of work before taking off again... to Brisvegas to do din-dins and drinkies with Lyndsay, Shannon, Shelley, Jadey, Fern and Jeh. Then I went up to Noosa for 2 days before back to Brisbane and flying home.

BIG EXPENSIVE MONTH!! Surgery hits the pocket hard :P


Just as I was flying home from Brisbane, my bro-in-law called to say my sis was in early labour. Our little princess finally joined us on the 5th November!!

Got back into hardcore, make-me-spew run training. LOVE IT!!!

Bit more personal and work crap made me go MIA for a bit. Love my friends.xx

Went to Brisbane and GC for a night each for a friend's wedding!


Having missed training clients, went hardcore at work with new ideas. Oops... got a bit too excited...

Lots of Christmas catch-ups - I LOVE IT!!!

Fell more and more in love with my little girl :)

Got back in my good, happy, place!!!!!! Again. Can't keep me down :P

Had the bestest Christmas and New Year ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Acutally didn't fly anywhere in December. Wow).

So that's my big 2009 in a nutshell. Holy crap. It was huge. Well... I always stick to what I say I'll do, and that was to live life to the fullest.

Amount of money saved in 2009 - ZERO!

Memories and experiences from 2009 - PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not regret ONE thing!

Here's to 2010, I won't say bigger and better coz crap, I can't afford myself anymore!!!


Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 - The HUGEST Year Of My LIFE!

Take me back one year today - 2nd January, 2009, and if you told me that I'd be where I am right now, doing what I'm doing right now, I would have peed myself laughing.

My goal for 2009 (as I just saw I blogged in December 2008) was to simply live each day like it's your last. This came after my friend Laura was killed in training ride one Saturday morning - you just never know when your last run/ride/drive could be your last.

I think I did that in 2009!


5th January I went back to work like any other day. Until I got a phone call. Rushed home to my bf of the time's house... only to walk out single. THE break-up - anyone who followed me back then knows alllll about it - every single detail was blogged, this was my diary. My boyf of 4 years had been doing the dirty on me for almost a year and I had no idea. Men can be damn good liars. It was the end of my life as I knew it...

Took off to my bestie on the Gold Coast for 10 days.

Back to work for a week.

Back to the GC for four days over the Australia Day weekend. (I'm very lucky my business doesn't need me to be there to function!)


Sick of moping, I MADE myself snap out of it - I lost so much weight. I had to set some goals - some HUGE goals. Contacted Liz who was coaching me already and asked she if she thought I could still step on stage (she planted the seed the year before and I said a big fat NO). Plan set in place.

Went to Bali for 11 nights with three awesome gals. Created new happy memories with special people - felt mentally fine about THE break-up, all of 6 weeks later :)

Was quite ill after Bali and on anti-biotics for a bit.


Threw myself into training and everything revolved around comp in May.

Had my 20th birthday - 2 of the gals I went to Bali with flew up and partied with me. (Ok, maybe I mean my 29th birthday) Cyclone came, so most people desserted my party, lost power at the place we were at, but had an awesome night all the same!

Got my 8th piercing - on the last day of being 28, which was 8 weeks after THE break-up.

Had an quick two nighter trip to Brisvegas to visit specialists.

Got a recurring kidney infection - NOT from drinking! LOL! (well I don't think anyway ;) ) Two rounds of anti-biotics and I was normal again.

Became reacquainted with a Primary School friend after years of lost contact. Spent a lot of time together last year :)


Totally busy with all things comp and work. Lost a staff-member, gained another.

Filex in Sydney - met Shannon, Casey, Fern and Vicki :) Caught up with Liz again and my-partner-in-wagging-crime - Kerryn.

The week after flew to Brisvegas with my mummy for some time with Jo Rogers. Bless her!


Long weekend - went on a road-trip to Townsville for a music festival. My 2 friends from the GC flew up to me here then we drove. So much fun going away 2 weeks out from comp. I didn't eat one thing I shouldn't have - cold chook and beans (limited facilities) was delicious as I watched them eat their nachos at a mexican restuarant.

My sister and bro-in-law announced their FINALLY pregnant! After 3 years of trying and fertility drugs, it happened!

17th May - INBA Brisbane Natural Physique Titles - 4th place novice division. I blogged about it here and here any many more times after... ;)

Photo shoot with Dallas Olsen the day after. I'm sure you've all seen enough of those pics!! ;)

Decided against competing at the ANB comp two weeks later, instead deciding to go to Melbourne in July for the All Females.

MOVED INTO MY UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Went to Brisbane for a weekend to see PINK!

Pushed on with comp prep for July....

And I'm over blogging my year for now. That's the first six months, I'll be back, with the following six months - it only got bigger! ;)