Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's ON!

I got the keys to my unit during the week! WHOO HOO!!!

I started moving my stuff in there yesterday - how fun is packing up stuff to move? NOT!

The poor little place is so bare and empty. Until today...

The only necessity I needed before being able to actually live there was a fridge - I can get away without a washing machine (frequent visits to mum's!!! hee hee) and a bed (a matress will do for now!).

So I went shopping, with the intent of just buying a fridge.

I came out with
* a fridge
* a washing machine
* a microwave
* a vaccuum cleaner (there goes that excuse)
* a wok
* a kettle
* a toaster (why, I don't even eat bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
* a slender blender
* electric salt & pepper mills

It was the sales-lady's 4th day at work. I'm sure she can retire now!!

That was that shop.

Then my mum and sis and I went for a 'look' at homeware stuff.

I got a whole trolley-load of more stuff.

Tomorrow we are looking at a sofa, coffee table, dining table, all that sort of stuff, so I've at least got something to sit on!

Oh how I love shopping for things for to make my house, mine.

I'm sure I'll change my mind when the credit card bill comes through.............. :)

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And again you look fantastic.