Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Sorry Shelley, I've stolen your blog titles, but hey, we're going the same place. ;)


Since my well-documented break-up in January, I've been living back with my parents waiting for the unit I've wanted to move into, to become vacant. Updates from the real estate had us all thinking it would be about August which was fine by me, all the more time to save.

Through-out all this comp prep I've always said things would be so much easier if I wasn't living at home - it's too easy to be temped! But 5 sleeps left, and I've survived. I've also planned to do the ANB on the 30th May - got a sh!t-hot routine from Jo a few weeks back, and Lynsday has been an angel with cutting my music and constructively criticising everything for me. Love ya girl ;)

I haven't registered for the ANB yet however - it's all so expensive with the rego fees then the comp fees plus having to fly down there all the time. I have booked my flights, but I decided a few weeks back to make up mind whether I will go ahead with the ANB, after the INBA.

So what happens last night - we get the call from the Real Esate. I can move in!


On the 23rd May. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! The weekend between the comps of all the weekends....

Like I need to be thinking of moving as well now! I'm so excited though, but after living with my gorgeous family for so long, I'll be so lonely by myself! :( I thought, YAY, my brother won't call me for early morning night-club pick-ups... then I realised even worse, he'll crash at my place as it's closer to town! LOL!

SOOOOOO.... I feel almost as if my decision has been made for me regarding the ANB.

I now have to buy a bed, fridge, washing machine and all that crap. Plus my poor broken car still needs not-urgent-just-yet $500+ repairs done to it...

Not forgetting that the rent I'll be paying is more than 5x what I pay in board at home (love my parents!!!!!!!!).

So.... doesn't seem like much of a decision does it! It does mean I won't get to use my routine, but there's always next year :)

I won't make a definite decision till next week, but man oh man, everything seems to happen at once in my life! Never a dull moment :)


I got up early-ish (this is my week 'off' training clients), to go for a run/walk. Dressed, out the door and it started raining. Usually I'd suck it up, but it was cold and I didn't want to risk getting ill at this stage. So instead I jumped in the car and went to the gym for higher-rep leg training and posing practice.

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I took my shirt off at the gym. Me. Standing there in a crop top. My gut instinct was to hug my arms around my waist to cover my gut like I always do. I faked it till I maked it ;) I 'pretended' I was comfortable wearing skimpy gear but the old brain was still in it's old mode - fretting and shaking with nerves!

I got a few giggles (from about 40 school kids who happened to come into the gym for a PE class as I was striking my poses), a few odd looks, but the funniest was a HUGE double-take from a younger guy. Don't blame him, it's not often you see a chick rip her shirt off and prance around in stripper heels in a footy gym.

I have to get used to it - it's gonna be a hell of a lot worse on Sunday!!!

I practiced again today after legs, and will do more again later after cardio. Each time I do get more confident and comfortable though so that's only a good thing!

5 SLEEPS TO GO - that's if I can sleep. I had another shocker last night, turned the lights off at 9.30pm, still wide-awake with nerves and anxiety at midnight... it's going to be a loooong week ;)


Shar said...

How exciting Sel!!!

Getting so close, stay calm, you will be great and I cannot wait to see your pictures!!!

Shar x

Jehanne said...

Sooooooo much excitement in your life eh? Sounds as though you are travelling well, cant wait to see your pics from comp!! xo

KatieP said...

I don't think any of us 'Sunday' girls are sleeping at the moment.
I think it is a combination of nerves, excitement, worry and hunger!
Not long now - can't wait to see you!

Ronnie said...

Oh Can't wait to see the photo's selina. Good luck on sunday chicky babe.