Monday, May 18, 2009


Thanks Carolyn!! It's official - I got 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Results are on the Bodizone website!

Here's a pic of the line-up, cool pic huh, thanks to Lana :) Absolutely STUNNING girls - I was so proud to be a part of it!

Thanks Shell for this pic!!
And this one - my back view.

Number 85 in blue won, 87 beside her in black (half chopped off) was second. Both gorgeous.

And here's me and third-place winner in one of our pose-downs!

Back to reality!! I'm home now, and still pumped up, and sooo exhausted :)
I had a kazillion missed calls and texts this morning while I was being 'too sexy for my shirt' doing the photoshoot with Liz and Dallas. Search for a Supermodel, here we come! ;)

A few work issues sure bring you back to reality - one of my staff said she "had to talk to me" which is always not good - she was crapping herself, but it was only because she put a hole in the wall with a plate-weight! HA!!! I laughed, it's all good :)

So anyway, had a ball with Liz - she's got a hot-shot pic on her blog! Dallas knew just what to do with us, and by the end we were working it baby!!
Here's a candid shot Lizzie took of me with my camera:
Tonight I was on the same flight home as another competitor that who at the same gym as me - I had NO idea he was competing and vice versa. So pissed off - coz he WON the open and overall mens!!! I missed it all :( I always thought he had a good bod - well you can't miss it at the gym ;) - but I had no idea he was competing - but how exciting that a local boy WON OVERALL!! I almost asked him if I could help him carry one of his two trophies just coz they looked a little too heavy for him. Tee hee.

Gotta get to beddy-byes, back to a 4.30am wake-up tomorrow! YUK!! The glamorous life is over! ;)


Amy said...

CONGRATULATIONS SELINA!!You looked amazing yesterday. I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was jump on my blog to see if anyone posted pictures!! You are an inspiration girl!! Well done on your all hard work

Kristy said...

Wow they are great photos Selina and 4th overall is a great result out of all those lovely ladies.

Well done Selina :D

little rene said...

Congratulations Selina! You look absolutely stunning and so happy!
Your legs are gorgeous! Do you like them now? Please say yes as it might give me hope that one day I might be able to like mine! LOL!
Well done spunky chick :)

ss2306 said...

I'd love to take the credit for taking the pic but it was actually katieP who's the master behind the camera.

Great to catch up with you. Can't wait to see your photoshoot pics.

Stephanie Davis said...

Hi Selina, I was at your comp on the weekend sitting with Lindy and the girls- sorry I didn't introduce myself! But I wanted to say a big congratulations to you, we all thought you looked amazing and really stood out on stage, especially in your lovely green! Im kicking myself for not having found your blog earlier (i have some catching up to do!) competing myself for first time this september so reading about how excited and nervous you were beforehand etc is really cool, youve documented your journey well!
As for the ANB on 30th, i really hope you can make it!

Anonymous said...

Your green costume certainly stands out in the line up, good choice. Welcome to the other side of competing Selina.

You should definitely do the ANB. What have you got to lose?

Lia xxx

Andrea said...

Hi Selina,
you look AMAZING! Congrats chicky baby. Just to think this time last year you were telling me at the very same comp that you coouldn't see yourself ever doing it! I'm glad you did because you looked fabbo!

Pip said...


You and all the figure girls look amazing! Great photos and WELL DONE!

Pip :-)

witchazel said...

Woohooooo!!! Congrs on yur 4th!!!!
wasn't it a fabuous day, I do hope you come up for the ANB aybe then we can finally meet in person LOL