Sunday, May 10, 2009


To all the mummy's out there. Special thoughts are with those who don't have their mum's by their side anymore. xx

Happy Mother's Day especially to my mum who is the bestestest in the whole entire world.

She assists me in my business with the administration, doing about 8 hours each week, which is a whole DAYS worth - and doesn't want or expect any payment - although I do anyway :)

She has been my support and crutch through comp prep - being my progress picture photographer, my videographer and side-kick on my trips to Jo, my mood-handler, my personal grocery assistant, my chicken weigher and at times, my personal chef. I'm banned from any further comps whilst still living under her roof :)

And that's only two of the most minor things. Let's not forget for loving me unconditionally and being the best friend a girl can have!

I LOVE YOU MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *MWAH!*


And in exciting news, my little sister has announced she's finally pregnant!!!!!!! After two years of trying, and thousands of dollars in fertitily drugs, it's finally happened! I guess you never know what life is going to hand you - as a healthy 25 year old her and hubby started trying... her bits weren't working quite right. But all our prayers have been answered and on 6th November I'll be an aunty!!! We're all so excited - mum and I think it's a girl, dad thinks it's a boy! LOL :) They're very proud grandparents already.

So it's a Happy Nearly Mother's day to her too!! :)


linda said...

excellent news for you sister- really special!
thanks also for thoughts for those who don't have their mums- it's always hard and especially at this time- I miss her
good luck with all your preparations- can't wait to see the pics!!

Kek said...

You'll be SUCH a great auntie!!

Mums rock! ;o)