Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Thanks Steph, that prod hurt ;)

Bout time for an update I guess :) My life is a constant cyclone!!

The week before comp, I officially 'retired' from my position as a personal trainer - for a few months at least then to re-evaluate. My role is manager and everything else of the studio, that's a full time job in itself. It was all going smooth... which we all know is a sign that it ain't gonna last for long.

One of my trainers (who's only been on since April) quit. With one hour notice. The day before I flew to Melbourne for the All Females. Leaving behind five full shifts of clients who needed to be trained. I could have cried, but what was I to do? I was leaving the state, and didn't want to get in a tizz before comp. So I forgot about it for a few days, and the wines helped with that ;)

Home from Melbourne Monday, 4.30am start on Tuesday - I covered as many shifts as I could in the past two weeks, to help out my other guys. 'Retirement' wasn't going as planned ;)

Last Tuesday I went away with my mummy. This was something we'd planned all year, and I'd planned work around it of course. But I'd booked this trip as a little break for us both - mum is my angel, and no staff dramas were going to stop it. She works in my business 3 days per week, and expects no payment, although of course I do reimburse her anyway. She deserved the break.

We had three nights in Brisbane city, and she went shopping crazy!! I seriously need to get her out more ;) I met up with my bestie and Miss Shannon on Thursday for coffee and a catch-up. It was great to de-brief after comp, and my bestie loves to hear about it. Although it's something she will never do, being my tanner and cheerleader at my first comp, she knows the ins and outs of it all.

Today is my first day back at work after this mini vacation. I've got heaps and heaps to do, so of course I procrastinate by blogging :) My day started well with an interview - this girl was a sweetie! Got a few more to do before our decision is made.

Things are going well!!!! I'm a happy little girlie and can't wait to see what else is in store for me... challenges, dramas, and happy things - Bring It On!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Back...

in the Sunshine State where it's 10 degrees warmer :)

What a whirly-wind weekend :) Kerryn has done a great post on the behind the scenes stuff from the weekend. Check it out - it's a good read!!! And yes, I was the bubble brain who dropped my last ration of chook on the floor, and then later on my honey covered rice-cake...

I was well looked after all weekend :) I could have had anything I wanted for breakfast, and I was served the most divine Paleo Pancake... so good it can't be 'diet' food! We dirtied it up with yoghurt and real maple syrup.

We went into the city yesterday to catch up with Shannon and her hubby and sister, and Liz for a late lunch before they flew home. It was great to de-brief (again!) and we were fully satisfied after our shared Sticky Date cake and few vinos :)

Back to reality now, work tomorrow and back on track with the food. Next goal - not sure yet! For the first time all year, I don't have a strict goal date, and it feels... weird?

Backstage pic of me, Shannon and Linda taken with Kerryn's camera phone. (edit: errrm, I mean phone camera. Can't blame lack of carbs for that one...!)

The Intermediate top 3.

Shannon and I enjoying our wine after the comp.

Looking less orange the morning after with my trophy and flowers before heading off for lunch!

All pics thanks to Kerryn :) The best host, chauffeur, personal cook, tanner, slapper, eyelash-applier, rice-cake and jelly snake feeder, tissue-supplier and photographer.... EVER!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a Day!!!!

I'll jump straight to the stuff I know everyone will be waiting for - the pics :)

The All Females was a blast!!!!!!!!!!! It was GREAT meeting so many girls and catching up with others :)

My final week was a struggle and I just wanted it to be O.V.E.R. Meeting Shannon at the hairdresser's got the adrenalin and excitement happening! We got all prettied up, the straight to registration where we met Rae, Jeh and Jadey - all looking very glamorous!

The day went SO quick - the divisions seemed to run ahead of time and we were called out well before we were ready - so Shannon and I were down doing push-ups under boss's order being almost-yelled at "don't stop, but eat this" as a lolly was shoved in our mouth!

There were 7 girls in our Intermediate divison. Shannon was AMAZING - although she doesn't quite believe it ;) A few people asked us if we were sisters - must have been the same skin colour... haha :P We were onstage beside each other which was heaps of fun, but also a disadvantage as she is just PHENOMENAL (girl you are, and you have the proof of that now sista!) We were both there for ourselves and to have fun, and we sure did!

Pre-judging was over before we knew it, and we got to go have a normal lunch. And we told the boss that we were having a glass of wine... we didn't ask, we just told. hee hee. Casey and Linda (mightee mouse) and their helpers came along with us for lunch and it was nice to chill before heading back.

More lollies, pumping up and ROUTINE time! Yay, I got through mine with no fumbles and I hope I gave Jo's routine justice. The DVD will tell... :) Bit more of a pose-down and places were announced...
Miss Shannon WON! Again I say - that girl is just AMAZING, and did an awesome routine - put together late Friday night! She was simply incredible and has great stage presence. She owned it baby!

I GOT THIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEHA!!! I was SO SO SOOOOO excited after coming 4th in May in Novice, I was STOKED to come in third in intermediate!!!
The INBA QLD promotors who were back-stage were so proud of us, and I was jumping round like a kiddie at Christmas with my trophy!

Shannon was in the Overalls of course and made it to the final three - a process of elimination was done. It had to have been close - but all three were sensational, definitely something to aspire to.

Then we went to eat, another vino, a coffee and some Koko Black. Kerryn and I were home by 2am, and not sure about her, but I got no sleep being so high on sugar ;)

Huge thanks to Lizzie and Kerryn for being awesome slappers, and to all the girls - it was an amazing day!!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

2 Sleeps to Go...

Although I'm not doing a lot of that. Excitement? Nerves? Not sure but I had lots on my mind last night that I had to get up and write it on a list so I could get some peace and sleep!

The lists have started... I am a control freak. Or anal cow as I like to call myself. Lists everywhere. So I had to laugh when I read Kerryn's post this morning. Perfect. Just the way I like my hosts. ;)

I was up late last night cooking and portioning for the next few days. My meals are set out in my fridge in chronological order. The clip-seal bags marked with m1, m2, m3 etc. Lucky no one else needs to share my fridge. No thought required. Grab and eat.

I like to make everything as easy and thoughtless as possible in the last few days. Tonight's job will be to chop up my potassium supplements into the correct portions, chuck in a clip-seal bag and mark with the time to take them.

Then pack. Check lists, and no doubt, re-pack. Control freak. Hell yes.

The hard yards are done now. No more training. Just organisation. First coat on contest colour starts tonight. Ahhh the sweet kahlua-smelling smell. ;)

Can't wait to meet some people I haven't yet, and catch up with others. It's going to be great fun! And I'm fortunate to have the hostess with the mostest. She's getting more than she bargained for though - my personal shopper, chauffeur, tanner, and slapper. I will never be invited to stay again. ;)

Can wait for the Melbourne weather... I saw the news last night. 3 degrees? What the?

So this is it until next week!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Four sleeps to go!

I'm on the countdown - just like last time. :)

I'm starting to get excited now!!

My nose is running like crazy, but nothing like a bit of cardio to get the juices flowing and clean out the old nozzle system!

Should start packing today, and organising what comp specific stuff I need to take. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute! Luckily Kerryn has told me I don't need any dark towels or sheets as she has them all, then from the plane we're going to the supermarket for all my food supplies to cook up, SO thank goodness I don't need to take all that either - the stuff that takes up heaps of room. It's SUCH a relief staying with someone else who competes!!! Makes things heaps easier :)

I have only half a tub of Tan Master left - what do others prefer - the Tan Master or Dream Tan as I'll have to arrange for more of one or the other. Dream Tan was banned at the Brisbane comp, so I've only ever used Tan Master... should I stick with what I know? Or go the Dream Tan that most people seem to use?

Monday, July 06, 2009


It’s never too late to be what you might have been.
- George Elliot
The time is always right to do what is right.
- Martin Luther King Jr.

How did it get there so quick?

There's only 5 sleeps to go! four in my bed and one at Kekky babys!!! :)) It's so freaking cold here, I'm scared to think what Melbourne will be like. Lucky I have the expert who's advised me on what to pack. :)

So I've been ill. :( Went home last Thursday after I'd taken all my clients and had a sloth day. Worked Friday but then it came on real bad. Razor blade throat, watery eyes and runny nozzle. I know exactly whose fault it is too - my early Thursday client was ill, and I was a bit cranky he came in saying "I'll be OK to train" (yea buddy, but will I be OK?). I said to him "if you make me ill, I'll be really peed off, I don't get sick and I can't so close to comp". Famous last words...

Anyway a bit of forced quality time with the couch was in order all weekend. And lots of drugs.

This week I'm taking off - as in not seeing clients. Still have to do admin and payroll etc. I needed a decent sleep so turned my phone off last night to get one.... after a lovely sleep-in this morning I had no less than 4 text messages - my staff are sick too. ARGH!

So guess who's in at work sorting it all out - rescheduling clients etc :( Nevermind, I'll survive!

Few more training to go.... haven't had the ideal prep, but I'll still get up there and have some FUN!!! Bring it on :)

Friday, July 03, 2009

I'm Going to the Circus!

I got tix for myself and one of my best friends - the other 2 weren't interested for some reason?! Back in the day we said if Britney ever toured Australia we were going - 10 years on, I have tickets :) She just has to find a way to trust her hubby to look after their three kids under 5 for a few days... So excited!!! :) (But please don't tell anyone!!!).