Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a Day!!!!

I'll jump straight to the stuff I know everyone will be waiting for - the pics :)

The All Females was a blast!!!!!!!!!!! It was GREAT meeting so many girls and catching up with others :)

My final week was a struggle and I just wanted it to be O.V.E.R. Meeting Shannon at the hairdresser's got the adrenalin and excitement happening! We got all prettied up, the straight to registration where we met Rae, Jeh and Jadey - all looking very glamorous!

The day went SO quick - the divisions seemed to run ahead of time and we were called out well before we were ready - so Shannon and I were down doing push-ups under boss's order being almost-yelled at "don't stop, but eat this" as a lolly was shoved in our mouth!

There were 7 girls in our Intermediate divison. Shannon was AMAZING - although she doesn't quite believe it ;) A few people asked us if we were sisters - must have been the same skin colour... haha :P We were onstage beside each other which was heaps of fun, but also a disadvantage as she is just PHENOMENAL (girl you are, and you have the proof of that now sista!) We were both there for ourselves and to have fun, and we sure did!

Pre-judging was over before we knew it, and we got to go have a normal lunch. And we told the boss that we were having a glass of wine... we didn't ask, we just told. hee hee. Casey and Linda (mightee mouse) and their helpers came along with us for lunch and it was nice to chill before heading back.

More lollies, pumping up and ROUTINE time! Yay, I got through mine with no fumbles and I hope I gave Jo's routine justice. The DVD will tell... :) Bit more of a pose-down and places were announced...
Miss Shannon WON! Again I say - that girl is just AMAZING, and did an awesome routine - put together late Friday night! She was simply incredible and has great stage presence. She owned it baby!

I GOT THIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEHA!!! I was SO SO SOOOOO excited after coming 4th in May in Novice, I was STOKED to come in third in intermediate!!!
The INBA QLD promotors who were back-stage were so proud of us, and I was jumping round like a kiddie at Christmas with my trophy!

Shannon was in the Overalls of course and made it to the final three - a process of elimination was done. It had to have been close - but all three were sensational, definitely something to aspire to.

Then we went to eat, another vino, a coffee and some Koko Black. Kerryn and I were home by 2am, and not sure about her, but I got no sleep being so high on sugar ;)

Huge thanks to Lizzie and Kerryn for being awesome slappers, and to all the girls - it was an amazing day!!


Kristy said...

Great photos Selina and well done on third place. What a fantastic result

Amy said...

yay!!!Congratulations love. That is awesome!! You look hot hot hot!

Cherub said...

Well done Selina - great result and well deserved.

Valley Girl said...

A huge congratulations to you Selina~ woot hoo!!!

You looked awesome & like a old proffessional at it...

Very inspiring!

Stephanie Davis said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you and Shannon, I was thinking you looked like sisters in the pics too lol.
Sounds like an amazing comp to have been a part of, well done for hanging in there and a fantastic result!

linda said...

fantastic selina- well done!! I would have loved to have been there and would have except I didn't want to cough all the way through it and give my bugs to everyone else!!

KRISTIN said...

Congrats Selina! You look amazing and it's great to hear you did so well :)

Kerry W said...

Congratulations Selina on 3rd Place! you look great, and nice to hear you had alot of fun (which is what it should be all about).

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Woot Woot! HOt Hot Hot! and Queensland rocks. Way to go Selina, you are looking too hot to touch!