Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Back...

in the Sunshine State where it's 10 degrees warmer :)

What a whirly-wind weekend :) Kerryn has done a great post on the behind the scenes stuff from the weekend. Check it out - it's a good read!!! And yes, I was the bubble brain who dropped my last ration of chook on the floor, and then later on my honey covered rice-cake...

I was well looked after all weekend :) I could have had anything I wanted for breakfast, and I was served the most divine Paleo Pancake... so good it can't be 'diet' food! We dirtied it up with yoghurt and real maple syrup.

We went into the city yesterday to catch up with Shannon and her hubby and sister, and Liz for a late lunch before they flew home. It was great to de-brief (again!) and we were fully satisfied after our shared Sticky Date cake and few vinos :)

Back to reality now, work tomorrow and back on track with the food. Next goal - not sure yet! For the first time all year, I don't have a strict goal date, and it feels... weird?

Backstage pic of me, Shannon and Linda taken with Kerryn's camera phone. (edit: errrm, I mean phone camera. Can't blame lack of carbs for that one...!)

The Intermediate top 3.

Shannon and I enjoying our wine after the comp.

Looking less orange the morning after with my trophy and flowers before heading off for lunch!

All pics thanks to Kerryn :) The best host, chauffeur, personal cook, tanner, slapper, eyelash-applier, rice-cake and jelly snake feeder, tissue-supplier and photographer.... EVER!!!!


Kek said...

God, my phone takes crap photos! You girls still look gorgeous, though.

Glad you had fun - I did too, but MAN, I needed that nap today!

ss2306 said...

Congrats Selina. You should be very proud of your achievements.

NOW, can we have that drink?

Bet you're toasty warm rather than freezing fricking cold now.

Doing Olympia?

Gillian said...

Well done Selina!! A fantastic result for only your second comp. It really seems to agree with you (comp prep)because you are positively glowing:)

All the best,

Gillian xx

linda said...

it all looks like such fun! You look great- well done

Splice said...

Welcome home Selina!!
I love the pictures and the trophy.
Congratulations you have done so well in your first year of competing, it's all so very exciting!!!

Lots of hugs,

Ronnie said...

Great job Selina. Have you had a write up in the Mercury yet?

Just letting you know that I have started a blog for my weightloss and would love you stop by occasionally.


Hilary said...

Congratulations gorgeous girl, you look fantastic and it looks like you had an absolute blast in Melbourne!!

Enjoy the warmer weather now that you're home!

Hilary xx

Shan said...

Hey Sis, hmmmm sticky date pudding and vino. It was all about the food hey! lol Love the pics... Such a awesome weekend I will always remember - great to share it with you!! Congrats to us!! You should be soooo proud of yourself - you looked awesome up there and deserved that trophy. Have a good week xx

Stephanie Davis said...

placing in intermediates is so great, you should be soo proud! (cool trophy!) that sticky date pudding would def be something i'd get into post comp hehe. can't wait to hear about your next goal xx

Rebecca said...

Selina congratulations on your 3rd placing. Wow!!!! I am so proud of you. You looked amazing and I know how much hard work you put into it. Good on you. You are amazing.

xox Rebecca

Stephanie Davis said...

*prod prod* where are you Selina? :)