Friday, October 30, 2009


Again!!!!!!!!! WOOP!!

Cannot WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm flying off tomorrow and Miss Lyndsay will be picking me up and we'll have a huge catch-up before getting ready for dinner and drinkies with the girls! Can't wait to have a proper chat to everyone, not backstage at a comp! I will behave (to the best of my ability) as we're hitting Movie World on Sunday, I'd rather not be seedy for that! ;)

On Monday I'm heading up to Noosa to spend Monday and Tuesday with a friend - so cannot wait for that as I've never been to the Sunny Coast! Bit slack for a QLD'er - it's closer than the Goldie, but I'm always down there!

Wednesday I have a full day in Brisbane before I take the last flight home. I have no plans so far, so I'm happy to wing it, or catch up with anyone if you're free!! Apart from a shopping list with 2 items, my credit card must stay away from the shops!! Did way to much of that in Melbourne.

I'm SO SO SO SO excited about this trip - I seriously LOVE MY LIFE right now! I haven't been doing a lot of blogging or inter-netting, because, finally, I'm LIVING again! I used to sit at home and just waste time on the puter - we all know how much time flies doing that - now I'm having!! I'm never home. :)))

Take me back a year and I thought I was happy - HELL NO! Unfortunately I was happy to settle with where I was... thinking that was the best I could have. NEVER EVER EVER settle!! Ok, and so as to not get preachy, I might sign off now. :P

See some of you tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!! With your party shoes on!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BOO again!

I'm doing a lot of MIA-ing lately!!!! Life is so hectic, I can't keep up with myself!

I just got home on Monday from a whirly-wind 5 days in Melbourne - total last minute trip planned quite quickly - flew out last Wednesday lunch and had the most fun, crazy, insane time! Oh how I love life!

Lots of food, lots of drink, lots of shopping and lots of laughs. Couldn't have had a better trip!

How effing cold was it though?!?! Jumped on the plane from 30degrees to having to go straight out and buy boots (strappys won't do it in that weather), two jackets (which I wore BOTH of, every day), and an extra pair of jeans. I was wearing five layers each day, along with my scarf. I'm such a cold-frog, but it's OCTOBER Melbourne.... catch up huh! ;) Looked a great sight flying back home to 30degrees wearing all of the above.............

My suitcase was lucky to only come home 2kgs heavier - I did SO much shopping. If I ever complain again of having nothing to wear, I'm allowed to be smacked. Damn shame there's not alot of a life here for me to dress up for.................

(So next Saturday I'm off to Brisbane for 5 days, but that's another blog. I'm SO naughty!)

Unfortunately I also came home 2kgs heavier... yup! That's just how much fun I had!!

So not alot of work (or training) has been happening in my world - between having my teeth stolen then jetsetting off, I'm living the life baby.

Now I just need to earn some dosh to keep up with my extravagant lifestlye.......... I can't afford myself! :P LoL.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Yup, It's ME!

I was flicking back through some old comments and a month ago Linda asked the question:

Hey Selina- is that your pic in the latest Ultra magazine?? I've checked out your earlier pics and it does look like you!

So I'm not the quickest at responding, but yes, it is me! A few shots from the photoshoot I did with Dallas Olsen in May are used for an article on pages 62 and 64.

My mum and sister were so excited and told EVERYONE - they are so cute :) And to think it's not even an article on me, it's just my pics to supplement an article!!!


And a huge congratulations and well done to the gorgeous Miss Jadey for your starring role in the latest Oxygen mag! You look HOT HOT HOT- and well deserved girl!

And also to the other hot chickies who're inside, how cool is it hey!!! I'll be demanding some autographs when I see you all next!! ;)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

How Good do Babies Have it?!!?!?

This baby food stuff is gooooood. I quickly got over the sweeter stuff - yoghurt, jelly, custard, even ice-cream etc, but after trying one lot of baby vegetable stuff, I sent mummy to buy me more!!

That's what I've tried so far... they are GOOD!!!
Could be something I keep in the old handbag as emergency food on the go!!! tee hee hee ;)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Party Wrap-Up!

The Big She-Bang on Friday night was SO MUCH FUN! My hair appointment ran late so I was stressing big time (as you do), but I managed to get there 30 mins before 'official' start time. I was soooo nervous I needed a vino straight up. Just one. I've never hosted such a huge event before, and it was all on me. I was worried about all the silly little stuff - "does this person have anyone to talk to", "is this person having fun", "what if blah-blah doesn't know anyone else" etc etc etc.

I was busy doing intros and making sure everyone was comfortable. Then I had to get the 'formalities' out the way - if you can call it that. Had to say a few words as it's expected plus then people that are keen to leave can go without feeling rude. Waffled a bit, drew the prize winners then carried on chatting.

Food was great (apparently), I was too busy doing the mingle thingle to see a platter. The most fun part was seeing clients out of sweaty gym gear and they were more impressed with us glamming it up!! Was great fun. So many clients knew each other anyway - they just didn't know that the other trained at our studio.

After the party for people who wanted to keep going, I arranged free entry at our swanky new club/lounge bar (if you do bother to click on link, its the second paragraph under the stars). We all saved $20 each, so not a bad effort! Then we decided that we'll see what else we can get from them - spoke to the manager and asked oh-so-nicely for the VIP room. Thank-ya very much! All complete with our own security guard to let us in and out. How cool did we feel. A friend (and successful businessman) and I just said to each other "all right, we just gave them heaps of business, let's see what they can do for us". I roll with the right people ;) (and ensure I'm taking notes!! hehe)

100 people came and went throughout the night, so it was a HUGE success! So much so that I've had lovely emails thanking me for a great night and the big question - When's the next one?!

Me and my business kinda coaches who helped organise the night.

Me and my bestest friend underneath the cool balloon display!

Me and my very pregnant sister. Although you wouldn't know it, from the back she's tiny! 8 months down.

Me and my brother and dad.
WHOO HOO!! I love entertaining!!!!!!!!!!

Four Times Less Wise

I'm alive and I survived.

The day surgery was running FOUR hours late - booked in at 3.30pm, didn't get knocked out till just before 7.30pm. You can imagine how freaking STARVING I was. Oh and thirsty as I had to follow the rules for fasting for the earlier surgery.

Four teeth gone - not happy Jan. I've never had a problem with my wisdom teeth, like, ever. No issues, no growth pains, NOTHING.

The top 2 have been there, and through perfectly, for 10 years - I had teeth extracted when I was 12 for braces, so there was heaps of room.

The bottom 2 were just hanging round under the surface, one of them decided to grow a bit crooked. Silly bugger. So my local dentist said to just get the bottom 2 out. Great.

Paperwork comes back and oral surgeon wants them all gone. WHY!?! They are perfectly FINE. Of course, them being the experts 'win'. So they stole all 4.

Now was that an interesting story? Does make you wonder if they're feathering each other's and their own pockets sometimes though.

The anaesthetist's assistant nurse came to collect me and it just happened to be a previous client. A really great, friendly guy. Haven't seen him all year as he's been serving in Afghanistan, but as I learnt he's back on a casual basis.

Straight away I said "NOOOOOOO. No revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So he threatened tattoos, piercings, and missing eyebrows.

Have to admit, he was just great and asked me many questions to make me waffle crap, coz by then I was pooping my pants.

Went all light and fuzzy (like after a few glasses of vino ;) hee hee hee), then I woke up with an ice-pack, and zero feeling in my face!

When I come out of it, I feel like I'm pissed. I waffle absolute crap (which I'm quite talented at straight) and looking back now I can't really remember what we spoke about. Must be good entertainment for them.

My major concern was "am I drooling".

Got home after 10pm - I stayed at my mummy's house as I'm supposed to have a carer for 24hours. 12 was enough.

So after enjoying a breakfast of heinz baby chocolate custard I'm just fluffing around. Feeling absolutely fine! No pain AT ALL so far, however it does get worse before it gets better.

So there's my gory story - can't talk all that well, but certainly doesn't stop me typing crap!!


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

Great time for a quick blog, what else do you do whilst waiting to go to the hospital to get your Wisdom Teeth taken out?!

I'm not scared of freaking out (yet). Thank goodness I've been under once before which was only 2 months ago - so I know what I'm in for.

'Cept this one certainly ain't going to be as fun after.

It's SUCH an inconvenience more than anything, and it hurts the bank balance. I think they should be paying ME to take my teeth out - I'm happy to keep them.

Haven't eaten since 10am, and I'm no longer allowed to drink. It's going to be a looong afternoon... just knock me out and get it done with already!! :P

That's what scares me most - not being able to eat properly for about a week. ;)

I'll be back when I'm a little less wise :)

Friday, October 02, 2009


I'm SOOO pumped! I've been organising a massive event for this evening! My studio is having a PARTY at a funky function place on the river and it's going to be AWESOME!

All five of us trainers are doing the Little Black Dress thang - our clients won't recognise us as we're always wearing long pants, no/minimal make-up and pony-tailed hair. We can't wait to glam it up!

I've got the coolest balloon display coming, the nibbly food will be divine - no deep-fried crap - some of the stuff I can't even pronounce!!

I've just come back from the final meeting with the owners which is why I'm so excited - I can't concentrate! *bounce bounce bounce*

We're expecting 150 people so I can't wait to be Miss Social Butterfly.

I've had some GREAT prizes given to me- LJ Voucher, a Massage Voucher, $150 Hair & Beauty Package, and I was given an awesome discount for a weekend accommodation package at a 4.5star resort at Airlie Beach. I'm getting good at sweet talking!! hee hee

And so then of course as I have pimp these places, they've looked after me by doing my spray tan and I'll be getting my hair funkied up this arvo all for FREE :)))

SOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo hope everyone else has a great weekend! If you're up this way feel free to pop on in! I'll post some pics up :))

I'm thinking that Functions & Events Co-Ordinator should be my next job - I love it!