Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another week down!!!!!!!!

My Lordy time is flying. I'm up to week 6 on my program...gulp.
I'm so scared, I'm so far off where I want to be, I'm afraid time will go too quick, and I won't get there. I really really need to tighten up my diet this last 6 weeks, I've been good, but I really want this, so have to be EXTRA cautious, other than my biffy on Monday NO FREE MEALS. NO ALCOHOL (only had 3 on sat nite, first all year). I go so well on training, then fall off with food.

I am really happy with how my musckles are growing! Whether its in my head or not, I can feel them heaps more. ONly six weeks and they've appeared again. Amazing what being consistent with strength training can do!!! I havent missed ONE session, as much as I have to DDDRRRAAAGGG myself there sometimes, I always feel great to finish!!! I have been tired alot lately. Work is crazily busy. I think screening "The Biggest Loser" has been the best advertisement for my business!! WHo needs to pay out money on marketing, TV is doing it all for me. I am the only trainer who can work AM shifts, so I'm starting early every morning (like 5.30am, which means I have to get up in the...FOURS ewww). Its' hard to eat food at that time, but I don't get a break till 10am, and by then I would be keeled over in a shaking mess on the floor!!! I have a few earlier evenings now, BUT the only reason is because I have something else on! There's not one nite that I have ME time, if I'm not at work, I'm either at netball/training/run club. I'm such a piker on weekends, it's into bed early on Friday and Saturday nites for me!!! I've even been going into work on Saturdays, although I try not too (that's the boys' day to work), coz i have SOOOO much to catch up on. I never seem to get ahead. I'm being SELFISH, its ALL ABOUT ME for this 12 weeks. Whereas before I would have seen the mess and TO DO list on my desk, it now gets ignored till after training! I am looking for staff, but every time I've advertised, there is a real lack of qualified trainers in Mackay. (like... "do I need to have qualifications to be a personal trainer"... like yea you must be serious if you haven't even researched it...)hehe I know one will come along, and that it will be a good one. Patience!!

I know I do need to rest more, try to have nana naps, but so far this isn't happening. Too much going on in my head. Even at nite time, ahhh it's so frustrating, I NEED to sleep, but can't get there. I have to admit to having a panadol on a few occassions, then I'm dead till the alarm at 4.30am. :) Better than counting sheep!!! hehehe

My back has been a lil 'weak' and sore today. Had to only do 3 instead of my 4 sets on stiff leg deadlift coz it was pulling too much. Off to my guardian angel chiropractor tomorrow for my 3-weekly maintenance, so all should be good again.

Hmmm this is a bit of a whingey-whiney post tonite. I'm just a little overwhelmed and stressed...which is where food tends to slacken a bit. NO NO NO NOT ANYMORE. I AM GOING TO ACHIEVE MY GOALS, I WILL GET BELOW 49kgs THIS WEIGH-IN, I WILL BE A MONTHLY WINNER, and another one.... I WILL BE A FINALIST IN IBO NEW YOU COMP. Phew, there's some stiff opposition there, all the more reason to aim for the moon!!

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY ON MONDAY!!! I've tried to reschedule myself so I'm not at work for all 14 hours for just one MOnday. Trying to change clients to book in with someone else for just ONE session is a nightmare. They all want me!! Which is of course, great, but not so when I'm away/off... Anywayz managed to get the day off - planning on spending time with Rob and training together, then going back for 6 clients, then the evening is mine to have some family and ME time :)

Sheesh, this ain't a post, this is a novel. Dear diary.... well I did need to let a bit out, always feels better in my head anyway, to express how I'm feeling and my anxiety!!!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Big Week!!

But I survived it all the same!!

Have heaps of new clients coming through, I am flat out, but that's a good thing!

Hit a major wall this week with my energy levels. The week always starts OK, but I now have to be up at 4.30am three times per week, and don't get home to bed until late still, so about 3 nites each week I'm only getting 6-7 hours sleep. With all my training and cardio I definitely need more.

Thursday I went for a run at 10.3am which was crazier than at 9.30am last week. However I've been in "Trouble" for not planning properly, and that was my only opportunity, so I seized it. My god, I thought I was gonna die!! But I didn't. Showered at work then had a client then raced off to the gym to do legs and then again back to work for the evening. Needless to say I slept well, but was up again early Friday morning, then took clients on a 3km time trial. I was the "bunny" to chase down, so I had to motor along. That sapped me. I managed to have a 30min nana nap, before more heading to the gym for back and biceps. My grip was heaps better this time, and although I was soooo not mentally with it from fatigue, I managed a good session and am sore to touch today. Always a good sign! Was up again early today (damn body clock) so went for a 50min power walk (not allowed to do too much running), before work. Again had a 2and half hour nap this arvo. I won't be sleeping till late tonite!!

Sue - you found me!! lol. Yes that game was with my boy playing!! He was kind enough to be there for 8 runs, so I didn't get much 'perve' time :(

Anywho...other half is sick of me spending saturday nite on here. I gotta bolt!! Up again early tomorrow to cheer my teams on in a local triathlon!! Always the motivator and supporter :)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Had to try this! So if there's a pic of me at the cricket from January, it's worked!! Only taken an hour...
Anywayz been busy, got heaps of new clients, and hours are constantly changing, but change is good! Training has been up to scratch, except for my unfortunate incident with my poor old forearms which then made me not be able to grip anything yesterday. I was in the filthiest mood because of it, I hate anything preventing my training from being a max effort... so was quite upset that it was my forearms that let me down.
Nevermind, might have a bit of a sprint sess this afternoon, love that burn!!!
Right, at work, got lots to do....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Selina's Stuff

Just a quickie!!!

Big day today, started at 6am and will be finished at 6.30pm. Had a total of 13 clients today!!
Managed to go for a run outside here at our Gooseponds - approx 2.2kms around once. I did it twice round starting at 9.30 this morning!! What a crazy fool, I didn't expect to run it all, the heat here usually kills me!! However, I've found my focus again, found the WHY!! So nothing was going to stop me! The power of the mind huh!

Had to do that stripper song, and superheroine thing! Funny thing is... when living in Canada, Slave 4 U was actually a song that i did catch a hot guy's attention with!! LOL how coincidental!! And as for superheroine...I could only be the buffster!! I was a HUGE fan, watched every episode every week, and still have the last season on tape (yea, I know, need to update to the TV box set!!)

Better run, got my next 5 clients in a row, then bolting outta here to meet my other half at the gym :) Have to tidy up now so not rushing later!!!

Selina's Stuff

You Are Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"We saved the world. I say we have to party."

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Selina's Stuff

Your Stripper Song Is

I'm a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears

"I'm a slave for you. I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.
I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it; I'm not trying to hide it."

You may seem shy, but you can let your wild side out when you want to!


Well, I survived my first week back at work.

Thursday was my last post, so what's my updates...err oh yes, I did legs. Bit disappointed, I HAD to drop my hammy weights back a bit, simply because I'm sure I wasn't 100% recovered from last weeks workout! They went OK though, just have to stretch, stretch, stretch. My lunges felt not good, a little bit of 'discomfort' in my right glute. Anyway, next day didn't have to limp, so work-wise that was good, otherwise not. I like to be sore, very very sore. Will go harder next time. Went for a 30 min run/walk that afternoon, and that hurt in the heat! It all just hurts lately!!

Friday morning was another run/walk. I set my HRM and made sure I walked to bring the HR back down when it beeped at me. Being a runner, it was hard to stop, but I don't wanna eat away that hard-earned muscle!!

Had a free nite last nite...gee I really wish I didn't. Went to a mexi restaurant, and I had 3 cocktails - was at least good by having "clear" as opposed to creamy icky ones. Dinner was a texas burger, wasn't at all good. I didn't even eat the bun, just ate the rib fillet and salad on it. Left the chips as well! I wasn't even planning on trying to be good, it just so happened, that I listened to my stomache for once instead of devouring everything without taking note!! We then went off to the movies to see "The Fog" - can't say I was real impressed. Oh, being free nite and all, had a small serve-yourself bag of lollies. YUMMM So that was good there, till I went home to bed and felt a little "off" in the stomache. Then I got the guilts and wish I hadn't eaten that kinda stuff.

Nevermind, got minimal hours sleep and was in for my workout - back, bis and calves - by 6.45am. I worked hard, but just how hard, I will know this evening/tomorrow. I know my poor lil weak biceps will be in a state of shock again....the whole time I was chanting "I love arms", "I love arms"!! THEN I did a 20 min circuit. We had a competition running at work, every time a client attended a circuit during December (traditionally slower month), they got an entry into a competition to win the chance for revenge....ie design a circuit that us three trainers had to do! It was actually quite fun! Def not as bad as I thought it would be after doing weight training....lotsa burpees (ouch), sprinting amongst other stuff. Got the HR up anyway, and we all had fun!

I stayed at work working on client's files till midday, then had the quick run to the Supermarket to stock up on cottage cheese. Lo and behold there was none of the 'normal' stuff left! I had to get the creamed stuff, hope it's as good, or I will be a cranky lil gal at breakfast!!

Enjoying passing my time here on the puter...have been fighting with my head a bit today. After that free meal, a voice keeps telling me "well just one of those won't hurt" to whatever it bloody sees!! I'm staying well away from the fridge/pantry... NO MORE FREE MEALS till I can control myself properly. I actually thought that that could be an issue, but as i was SOOO consistent with all my food, I thought I'd easily slip back. Wellll maybe not so easily, but I am still successfully winning this battle!

I have rellies from down south here this evening for a BBQ, so that will be hard...BUT I WILL WIN! If i knew earlier, I would have made tonite a free nite. Nevermind, i've done it before at a BBQ, I can do it again. Am going to read my goal and inspiration book, I WANT MY ABS BACK, I WILL SUCCEED!!!!!!!!!

Anywayz gonna go plod around elsewhere on this cyber thing!! Am going to try and make my page look at least half decent!! :)

Friday, February 03, 2006

I nearly died last nite!!! Well not THAT close :)

Well, what a great day I did end up having yesterday! I got to work about 1.30pm, made heaps of calls, sorted out a few things then had to leave by 5.30pm. I have my usual road runners 5km social run on Wednesday nites, but planned to get there earlier to do 10 mins worth as I have to play with my new heart rate monitor to set my OWNZONES! Gee it's one confusing small piece of machinery!! So that was all fine, i THINK I know what's going on.

Came 6pm for the start of the run, and I knew it would be hard. I haven't run since before Christmas, a few power walks over my holiday, but nothing too much. I was prepared to HURT, but my lordy, I had no idea! I thought I was gonna die. The fact that its soooo hot at that time didn't help. My usual running buddies (that I end up beating) absolutely flogged me, and I was busting my gut! The 12 year old girls that I always fly past (they start quick - I come home better), beat me. It was very demoralising actually! And to think that I got the award last year for 1st female 18-39yo! I know Im just outta training, but sheesh, I didn't realise things could go so bad so fast. My time was 28mins 12 secs.....a LONG way off from my PB of 22mins53secs. My ave HR was 177, reaching 189 at one stage. The competitive season starts 19th Feb, with a Club Championship run 2 weeks later, I better get training! BUT can't do toooo much cardio as Sue wants me to cut back. Catch 22 huh!

Anyway I enjoyed watching the swimming trials last nite :) After seeing how absolutely stuffed they are after a swim, and knowing how I felt last nite, makes me wonder WHY they keep putting themselves through that pain!! That's why I admire athletes so much. :)

Well I'm due to do some leg training today (program is still outta whack in terms of what days to do what, because of my holiday), but totally dreading it. My hammys are still not recovered from last Friday's killer session, and I really felt them last nite, but sports rubs and stretching are hopefully helping them. Plan to go lighter on legs this week, because of that reason, plus with work I really can't afford to be bed-ridden again for two days. I will have to work up to it lightly again!

Anyway, time to stop putting it off, just go do it!! Then I get to eat again! YIPEEEE

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Well, still "ouch" actually! For a whole week one part or other has been very sore on my bod.
Just worked chest and triceps, and really struggled today. I slept in till 9am (don't have any particular time that i HAVE to be in at work by today), and ate breakfast then picked up the other half for our gym session.
Felt quite flat, lethargic. Probably because I slept in so late, my poor bod is used to 5am wake-up calls!
Must say I am struggling to get back into my routine. This is my first week back at work after three weeks off (my first holiday in over a year!)!!

Anyway as this is my first post, just testing to make sure I know what's going on. I'll have to work on making it look "pretty". Nearly next meal time....WHOO HOO!!!