Sunday, December 27, 2009

All Gone :(

Can't believe my fave day of the year is all over - and it went so fast!

This year was the first one ever for me that I woke up to an empty house with absolutely no one else. It felt a bit... weird?! I started at 5.15am with my traditional Christmas Day run - I know I say it every single year, but I always love to start Chrissy Day with a run - or, for a few years there, dad and I cycled. It sets me up well for the day, and what's to not love about being out in the sunshine at that time!

After fluffing around at home, I got to my mummy and daddys at 8am for breakfast and the present opening! I scored just what I asked for:
A George Foreman Steamer!! YAY!!
Some other house-y stuff
$$$$ from my parents;

$$ & Twilight DVD from my bro;

A framed picture of my little girl and $$ from my sis!
(do you reckon my family thinks I'm a bit broke!) ;)
And other bits and pieces - as you do.

By 9am, we were all done, and my bro and I were like "so what do we do?" Soooo down to the air-conditioned media room we went and watched Love Actually (love watching that movie at Christmas time as it's based around Christmas!!). How romantic - my bro and I... HA! At 9.30am we celebrated the day with our first drink...

Once my sis and bro-in-law came with the princess, the day revolved Miss Isabella's feed and sleep cycle, so we were in the pool before lunch, had a scrumptious seafood lunch, back in the pool with our drinkies for the arvo - just how I love spending Christmas Day!
My gift to her was the most gorgeous Little Miss Lorna Jane jumpsuit saying "Born 2 Win" on the front. I'm getting in early! ;)
I had a great day - hope you all had a special one with your families!

This is what I was doing all day!

My bro-in-law, my sis, my bro and me just chilling :)

On Boxing day having a rest with my lil girl - it's so hard being a bubby!

How cute is her Christmas Outfit!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's HERE!!!

I have to admit with so much going on, I haven't been the usual little Christmas Spirit I am every other year. No big count-down... it's kind of snuck up on me without even realising. I've almost felt like a bit of a grinch compared to my normal self, but it's just been busy!.

This week I'm wearing my antlers, reindeer badge and jingle bell earrings so I'm feeling a little more festive. Yesterday I popped into the business upstairs from mine to drop a card off... one hour and a little bit of bubbly later I returned to work quite 'cheery'! HAHA!! That's what I do love about this time of year - all the festivities!

On that note - I thank each and every one of you for joining me in my 2009 journey, which has been one hell of a ride! And I thank you for letting me share in yours.

All the best to you and your loved ones for a very happy, safe and healthy Christmas. I cannot wait to chill in the pool all day with my drinkies... ;) Cherish every single moment - I will be!!! xxxxx

Monday, December 21, 2009

What's Doing?

I haven't fallen off the planet, just been keeping my mouth shut for once :P
So in the past almost five (really? that long??) weeks here's a snap-shot:

1. Thanks to a very influential and smart person in my life, I got all motivated and inspired to try different stuff with work, which led me to biting off waaaaay more than I could chew! After having three months off training clients, I missed it sooooo now I'm taking group training sessions in the park, as well as corporate training sessions on their premises and taking clients for one-on-one running sessions (this one I decided as I was running one morning - I thought 'how cool would it be to be paid for this?'... voila!) AND last but not least, doing a Kid's Fitness session twice a week in the park for the duration of the school holidays. Phew! Yes I was exhausted for a bit there, but balancing everything better now :)

2. Went through some very stressful personal 'crap' which led to lots of tears, lack of sleep, lack of eating (I don't eat when stressed/upset, naughty I know) therefore little loss of weight ;P. Thanks to a very, special friend Miss Lyndsay, I have come out the other side a way better, stronger person.

3. For at least three of the last five weeks I've been on anti-biotics for a recurring staph infection... I thought it was stress related (as per above). I finished my third course yesterday... if it comes back, it tests for me. Yuk.

4. Went to Brisbane/Gold Coast for a weekend. Yes, away again, know - my 13th or 14th? I've lost track! - and final trip for the year. I spent a night with Lyndsay and her gorgeous family, (what would I do without her!!) then had a friend's beach wedding on the Gold Coast and spent that night with my bestie down there. She'd just broken up with her boyf of a year, so it was good timing for me to be down there.

5. Although I've been training hard myself, I resumed PT sessions with my trainer at the gym up here. Ouch is all I can say. I'm focusing on getting on stage again next year...

6. Been SMASHING the running training - cannot believe the times I'm pulling out! Found out I really am a sprinter... thanks leggies!!! When the fast boys say "Sh!t, you can sprint" - I know I must be OK. :) Good for the ego, if nothing else! LOL. Soooo, no more half marathons in my immediate future :P

7. I'm in love with my neice. I just want to eat her up she's so gorgeous. Six weeks old already - how that's flown!

8. Looking forward to spending Christmas with my family. If nothing this year I've learnt family is the most important thing :) Here's to 2010 - although I don't think anything will top this year for me! Ever!