Thursday, September 28, 2006

Grocery Purchase!

Just had to say how happy I am that our new big spiffy Coles has FINALLY stocked some Sugar Free Maple Syrup!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was quite upset to find that some supermarkets down south stocked it, but we didn't get it here! I don't have to order online anymore :) :) :) It's the 'Queen' brand, hope it tastes as good as the one I already have!!

That's all, just had to share my excitement!!!
I'll leave with another pretty pic of my bewdiful sis and my new bro-in-law!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Had to add my hot-boy pic as well!! Any excuse to see him back on screen, oh and Kekky, the pic with the wonderful Jenny H!!

Kaddy, if you wanna know what Filex was all about, it's the Fitness convention for fitness professionals. Over three days we could attend our choice of inter-active sessions/lectures/seminars etc to update knowledge and accrue CEC points. The Fitness expo is held in conjunction with this, with lots of free goodies, protein shakes and bar samples... well worth it ;) There is one held in Sydney (the BIG one), Melbourne and Brisbane. I attended the Sydney one in April this year. Actually the link where I blogged about it is here... (hope this works)
I don't think I got that to work right....Well the post on the 26th April (second one down) in Archives is a quick run-down, much like I just said here actually! LoL

So Me - Great week, had an impeccable day on Monday with food. Spent freaking hours cleaning here at wor, so that's my cardio :P Tuesday was great as well, I did a 45min outside cardio class and burnt 280 cals according to Mr. HRM... WHOOO HOOO. Food was great as well! Today I went to the chiro for my monthly adjustment and he always recommends a walk to help it along.... I hope Killer Hill counts!! LoL I spent 45 hot minutes in the sun doing that!
Right, that's my check-in all over red rover.... I'llll be baaaack!!
Enjoy the rest of the week!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


The craziness hasn't yet stopped for me! After the wedding last week, the celebrations went on for a few days. I only worked for 2.5days as my best friend was up from down south, so we did girl stuff for a bit. Amongst other things, we went to the movies to see John Tucker Must Die. We knew what we were in for, and it didn't fail to live up to it!! Quite a teeny-bobby fun film.
But of course, a few days off work leads to triple the work when back... *sigh*
Today I spent up at Airlie Beach helping out as timekeeper for the "'Great Whitsunday Walk' Run"...
As I was one of the "promo" girls (LoL that sounds better than it is... I was simply photographed for the information leaflets for it... u can see on the link above), I was SUPPOSED to be in it, but due to lack of training with my few injuries this run season, couldn't, but did my part to help. It was quite exciting, the current Female World Long Distance Mountain Running champ, Emma Murray was a competitor, coming 4th overall, and 1st female.
The first male through today has previously raced the Empire State Building race in USA coming second!
The second male today was a good friend and fellow local road-runner. We're all soooo proud!!
I can actually give you times and all, as I was the timekeeper... LoL And, don't I sound every part of the star-struck spectator!!! hehe
Anywho, the trip up and back made for a long day, so I gotta bolt and get everything organised for the big week ahead!!!
Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Sneak Peek....

Just starting to get some pics emailed through. There's many more to come I'm sure!
Here's a preview... I'll be back at some stage to update!!
(Im in pink btw) :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'M EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

What a whirly-wind of a week! We've got ppl coming up, left, right and centre for the wedding. Of course all the good stuff has been tainted with a bit of bad news. Our rellies from Sydney - and the professional video people - the hubby has had to have surgery up here. Not a nice way for them to be spending their holidays!
I got my dress yesterday, OMG, I so cannot eat till the reception!! ;) Coz it's strapless, the bodice part is very very fitted to stop it falling down (no thanks to my non-existent girlie-bits!). I'm a bit scared to sit down as I may pop it... LOL!! But on the up-side, it does make me look slim!!!
I've been all waxed and MUST weigh 2kgs less with all the hair that's disappeared, and tonite it's SPRAY TAN!! YIPEEEEE!! I love getting them, I feel so much more healthy and look heaps more fit!
Speaking of fit, I'm a machine this week (that damn dress MUST be in my sub-conscious!). I did a 50min run this morning, including 3 laps of "killer hill", then although feeling like a truck had hit me, I dragged my sorry, tired, overwhelmed butt to the gym and trained back and biceps. I dunno what happened at the gym, but I had alll this unexpected energy! I had a RIPPER of a work-out!! So needless to say... NOW i'm pooped. Only 3 more clients then I'm done with work for the week :)
Anyway, gotta run prepare programs, this will def be my last post for the week...
Everyone have a great weekend, I'll be back next week with some pics of me looking almost beautiful!!! ;)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

FOR KEK!!!!!!!!!!

As you kindly reminded me, you never saw my pics from Sydney!
So better late than never, here's some Filex shots from April.

Me and Mr Body For Life millionaire, Aaron!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmm

Me and Mr Sportblitz Ironman Grand Champ, Jay B!!! Mmmmm (
Look at the size of his arm!!!!

Us being rebels and skipping one of our classes relaxing in the sun ;)

U and me after BOSU class (or was that a coordination test?!?!)
in our lovely matching LJ tops!!

Hope all the captions match the pics!! LoL, u can work it out :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

What's the fuss about Brussells Sprouts?!?!

I just had for the first time in my life, some brussells sprouts!!! I've just never ever come across them before, they weren't ever on the dinner table when I was a youngster. Doing my relaxing grocery shop yesterday I decided to get a few, they don't LOOK bad, surely they can't taste too bad I told myself! So tonite was the taste-tester... mind you I had to check with my mother just how you cook them LOL!!! (How sheltered do I sound hehe) Well come on, how is one to know how to COOK them when they've never eaten them!! They looked quite pretty on the plate with my beans and chicken, so I just munched into it, waiting for the YUK factor to hit me, I kept chewing and swallowing and it never happened!! I LIKED them!! Just like mini cabbages! They aren't all that horrible as you read about in books when you're a kid/hear about etc. Definitely do NOT deserve they're lable as a 'punishment food' LoL!! mmmm mmmm mmmmmmm, I shall be getting them a little more often me thinks!!

I've had a productive weekend all in all :) Grocery shop yesterday... got chicken breasts for $6.99/kg... what a bargain!! (Hope you found those on special too, Jodie!!) And I accidentally found myself in Lorna Jane, and they just happened to be having a few sales, so I walked out with some 3/4 casual comfortable pants, and a nice new blue running/gym top. A gal can NEVER have too many of those!! A big Saturday nite was had out to watch the Netball Premier League grand final (that's the comp my team played in). The undefeated favoured team won by 20 points, quite a hiding. I was home at the very grandma hour of 8pm and off to bed!

Went to work this morning to catch up a bit so I can actually relax and have the four FULL days off next weekend for............ MY SIS' WEDDING!!!!! I'm SOOOO EXCITED!! Came home and cooked up my food for the week, so I'm all prepared with no excuses.

Had a fantastic club road run this afternoon. It was 10kms, 2x a 5km HILLY course. All in all it was 12 hills of varying size. The big mother of a hill was the third one along, and last year I had to walk it, this year I was NOT going to let that happen! AND I DIDN'T. I thought I was going to throw up, but after a few minutes regained composure, only to be faced with another one!! LOL Anyway, I was absolutely flabbergasted at my time............... 52mins 54secs!!! Knowing the course in advance, my goal was under 55mins, secondary goal was under 57mins. MY LORDY I'M HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, I just realised that's by second best ever official recorded 10km time!! (That's JUST 10kms, not including 10km splits within a longer run) YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Better run to do a quick blog surf :) I may be scarce this coming week due to the wedding, but I shall be back, and hopefully with lotsa pics!!!!!

Everyone have a fantabulous week. Be good and be good at it!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Butt is Sore!!!!

Well, I've had a great week of exercise, I love having the routine back. I made that promise to myself when I was ill, and I feel great for it. I put it off for as long as I could, but Monday am I was in the gym training legs. It's Thursday and it's still ouchy. I just eased into it by doing 4 medium weight sets on the leg press (well what was once medium, needless to say was then heavy!), followed by lunges and plyometrics. Yep, I'm sure you can imagine, ouch ouch ouch. I took a panadol to get a peaceful sleep that nite, as leg DOMS always keeps me awake during the nite. I've had all the smart comments possible for hobbling around like a cripple! I had to play netball Tuesday nite - just a fun game - and it took a while to warm up, but the whole time my musckles reminded me how unimpressed they were!
Wednesday I did......... hmmmm ??? Oh nothing :P
And I just returned from a torturous warm run/walk. It WAS a run, until I found the hugest hill this city has and was reduced to a walk up it to be greeted by some lovely staircases which I ran up, then down the other side of the hill, turn around and repeat. I forgot to wear my HRM, but my heart rate would have been almost off the richter scale! It was lovely. I then ran a lap of the lake to get back to my car and came across a fellow road-runner (a GOOD one) and he ran back with me at my snail pace, I felt bad but he was content to stay with me, but all the same, I picked the pace up a bit. I'm back showered, and feeeeel great!!!!!!!! Ready to re-start the day with another block of clients :)
Hope everyone else is feeling, energetic, enthused and excited!!!!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weeks :)


Sunday, September 03, 2006


Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely day with their daddys and families today :) We're off to lunch soon, I'm hoping grilled fish is on the menu!
I had the mile run yesterday, all 1.609kms of it! Who would have thought such a small run would hurt so much. It was a new course, beside the beach on the grassed area - with lots of tree branches, alcorn looking seed things, and tree trunks to dodge - it was more like an obstacle course!! We had to do 2 laps of an 800m course marked with cones. It was soooo windy as well as being overcast and rainy, so great conditions!! I ran a miserable 7mins23... almost a minute slower than last year!! That's what lack of training does! Having said that, everyone ran slower in the conditions. I did get 3rd open female overall though, so scored myself a $25 dinner voucher from the sponsoring tavern. Then I was fortunate enough to win another $25 dinner voucher in the random drawer!! I missed out by one draw on winning an accupunture voucher, but I'm still happpy, I rarely am lucky like that!
Anywho gotta run get prepared for lunch :) xoxox

Friday, September 01, 2006

HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!

That's what I greeted all my clients with today!! I'm definitely a QLD gal, I like the warmer weather!!
I went to the gym this evening, and oh my lordy I'm gonna be so damn sore. My lats are still sore to touch from Monday, and although I love it, I'm over it!!! I did chest and tris a little lighter tonite, coz I really can't be sore in the upper bod for the sprint tomorrow. Regardless, I'm gonna hurt.......... that's what 4 weeks off will do!! *slap on wrist*
Oh i also did shoulders, but by then I was just wanting to feel the pain, and they are verrrry tired, typing here is fatiguing!!

I received a very powerful, sad, disturbing email about a drink-driving campaign. If every single person read this, I swear there would be no more drink-drivers EVER. Some of you may have read it... it anyone does want a squizz, let me know your addresses. It's playing on my mind; very strong visuals like that do that to me, and I feel so extrememly sorry for those involved. Drink-driving is a passionate issue of mine (as is most peoples), and reckless driving, as there have been so many instances in my family and friends circle that have affected us.
oooooooooooo Gotta run, the national league netball final is on now!!