Sunday, September 10, 2006

What's the fuss about Brussells Sprouts?!?!

I just had for the first time in my life, some brussells sprouts!!! I've just never ever come across them before, they weren't ever on the dinner table when I was a youngster. Doing my relaxing grocery shop yesterday I decided to get a few, they don't LOOK bad, surely they can't taste too bad I told myself! So tonite was the taste-tester... mind you I had to check with my mother just how you cook them LOL!!! (How sheltered do I sound hehe) Well come on, how is one to know how to COOK them when they've never eaten them!! They looked quite pretty on the plate with my beans and chicken, so I just munched into it, waiting for the YUK factor to hit me, I kept chewing and swallowing and it never happened!! I LIKED them!! Just like mini cabbages! They aren't all that horrible as you read about in books when you're a kid/hear about etc. Definitely do NOT deserve they're lable as a 'punishment food' LoL!! mmmm mmmm mmmmmmm, I shall be getting them a little more often me thinks!!

I've had a productive weekend all in all :) Grocery shop yesterday... got chicken breasts for $6.99/kg... what a bargain!! (Hope you found those on special too, Jodie!!) And I accidentally found myself in Lorna Jane, and they just happened to be having a few sales, so I walked out with some 3/4 casual comfortable pants, and a nice new blue running/gym top. A gal can NEVER have too many of those!! A big Saturday nite was had out to watch the Netball Premier League grand final (that's the comp my team played in). The undefeated favoured team won by 20 points, quite a hiding. I was home at the very grandma hour of 8pm and off to bed!

Went to work this morning to catch up a bit so I can actually relax and have the four FULL days off next weekend for............ MY SIS' WEDDING!!!!! I'm SOOOO EXCITED!! Came home and cooked up my food for the week, so I'm all prepared with no excuses.

Had a fantastic club road run this afternoon. It was 10kms, 2x a 5km HILLY course. All in all it was 12 hills of varying size. The big mother of a hill was the third one along, and last year I had to walk it, this year I was NOT going to let that happen! AND I DIDN'T. I thought I was going to throw up, but after a few minutes regained composure, only to be faced with another one!! LOL Anyway, I was absolutely flabbergasted at my time............... 52mins 54secs!!! Knowing the course in advance, my goal was under 55mins, secondary goal was under 57mins. MY LORDY I'M HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, I just realised that's by second best ever official recorded 10km time!! (That's JUST 10kms, not including 10km splits within a longer run) YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Better run to do a quick blog surf :) I may be scarce this coming week due to the wedding, but I shall be back, and hopefully with lotsa pics!!!!!

Everyone have a fantabulous week. Be good and be good at it!


Kek said...

Whatever you're on, Darls, I want some of it! Your energy is jumping out of the screen....positively scary.

Hope the wedding is fab - bet you look gorgeous (oh, and the bride too, of course - try not to outshine her). Lots of photos, please!

Speaking of which - where are those Filex photos? Don't recall seeing them.....

Kek said...

Oh, forgot why I was commenting....

Brussells Sprouts? Are you INSANE?

linda said...

Brussel sprouts are seriously undervalued and misrepresented by the majority. I love them !!!!
I really enjoy reading your blog- as kerryn says- you almost jump out and land on our laps! Good luck with the wedding

Sekhmet said...

I love brussel sprouts! I had some last night with my dinner - we had a roast and they are yummy covered in thick gravy....mmmmmmmmm

Shar said...

Hey Selina

Thanks for keping a check on my blog and leaving me comments!! GO YOUR E MAIL, DAMN good idea!!



Shar x

Hilary said...

I cant believe you've never had brussells sprouts before! But I'm with you... I dont know what all the fuss is about either, I think they're nice!

Great job on the time you ran! Hope you have fun at your sis' wedding!

Hilary xx

Selina said...

LoL Kerryn!!! hehehe Im just high on life baby ;) HA!!
Wedding shall be great... if I don't eat for 3 days before it so my gut stays flat in the dress hehehe
Filex photos now up!
And, yes quite possibly I am insane!!! ;)

Hey Linda - hehe the ol' brussel sprous fans are all coming out of hiding!!! Thanks for your msg, and yes I need all the luck for being the good sister bridesmaid!!

Mmmm Beki, I shall have to try that, covered in gravy...

Shar - glad u got the mail, I haven't 'started' anything as such, but will be in touch.

hey Hils, yea I lead a sheltered life dont I!! Fun will be an understatement for the wedding!!