Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'M EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

What a whirly-wind of a week! We've got ppl coming up, left, right and centre for the wedding. Of course all the good stuff has been tainted with a bit of bad news. Our rellies from Sydney - and the professional video people - the hubby has had to have surgery up here. Not a nice way for them to be spending their holidays!
I got my dress yesterday, OMG, I so cannot eat till the reception!! ;) Coz it's strapless, the bodice part is very very fitted to stop it falling down (no thanks to my non-existent girlie-bits!). I'm a bit scared to sit down as I may pop it... LOL!! But on the up-side, it does make me look slim!!!
I've been all waxed and MUST weigh 2kgs less with all the hair that's disappeared, and tonite it's SPRAY TAN!! YIPEEEEE!! I love getting them, I feel so much more healthy and look heaps more fit!
Speaking of fit, I'm a machine this week (that damn dress MUST be in my sub-conscious!). I did a 50min run this morning, including 3 laps of "killer hill", then although feeling like a truck had hit me, I dragged my sorry, tired, overwhelmed butt to the gym and trained back and biceps. I dunno what happened at the gym, but I had alll this unexpected energy! I had a RIPPER of a work-out!! So needless to say... NOW i'm pooped. Only 3 more clients then I'm done with work for the week :)
Anyway, gotta run prepare programs, this will def be my last post for the week...
Everyone have a great weekend, I'll be back next week with some pics of me looking almost beautiful!!! ;)


Hilary said...

Woohoo you sound like you are on fire girl! LOL about popping out of your dress, you always feel like that's going to happen, but it usually (!!) doesn't! Just dont throw your arms up in the air!

Cant wait to see the pics!

Hilary xx

Kek said...

You'll look gorgeous. And yes, you will be fine in the dress - just don't breathe. Kidding. ;-)

Rebecca said...

You sound as though you are going so strong!! Keep that energy happening (and send some to me please).

I hope that you have a fabulous time at the wedding. I am sure that the dress will look stunning on you. At my wedding my bridesmaids had tight dresses and the dress maker said 'they are supposed to be tight, you aren't supposed to eat'. Shocker.

Well have a fabulous weekend and can't wait to see the pictures!!


RaeC said...

Have a lovely time at the wedding hon!! And keep up that fantastic training and nutrition... you go girl!! xxx

jodie said...

Have a great time at the wedding - can't wait to see pics!! :)

Selina said...

Hey gals :)
Hils - I WAS on fire last week, still coming down from everything! NEed a few more days to get over it! Dress survived the nite ;)
Kek - LOL, All was OK. Mine actually fitted the best after all my stress. As I was the only local bridesmaid, I could have as many fittings as I wanted!!
Thanks Bec :) LoL, no wonder brides stess so much if the MAIDS aren't even allowed to eat!! ;)
Rae - thanks babe :)
Jodie - there will be many of them let me tell yoU!!