Monday, December 24, 2007

I hope you all have a healthy, happy and safe day and spend lots of valuable time with your loved ones.

It's been 5 years...

Since my white Christmas in Canada. I was fortunate to spend it with my two bestest friends in the whole wide world. One I was travelling with, the other was on her honeymoon and we met up in Whistler in BC to spend Christmas together. This is us on Christmas Eve wondering through Whistler Village. It was magical!

This is the view from our room when we woke on Christmas morning. The Christmas trees were covered in newly fallen snow!

This is our snowman "Rudolph". He was alot harder to build then we thought!!

Memories, memories. I would love to experience another one, but only if my whole family comes next time. :)


I'm loving being on holidays :) Alot of my clients said "you must be looking forward to sleeping in and just relaxing and doing nothing", my response was quite the opposite "no way, I can't wait to get out and train and train and train as much as I'd like to every day!!" They look at me like I'm sick.

I went for a cycle with dad yesterday morning for 70mins, then tried a transition change and went straight into a 40minute run. Gawd, that's a lot harder than the pros make it look! ;) My legs were wobbly for the first 20mins, I probably looked a little tipsy!! Today it's off to the gym to smash the legs and do shoulder rehab.


Tonite is Christmas mass and then our traditional party at my nan's house. It's such a special part of Christmas for us, and it means alot to her as well. One more sleep!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

In the Spirit...


I've been doing the countdown for about 10 weeks now, and now there's only THREE sleeps to go!! We had our Christmas Cardio Circuit at work today (yes I know I'm supposed to be on holidays, but I had to come in today!!), and everyone just had a great time. We advertised that there was going to be a special guest, so the trainer who took the circuit dressed up as Santa! I was dressed in red and had my reindeer antlers on, and some of the clients had Christmas accessories on as well. To my disappointment, they drew the line at having Christmas music on to do the circuit to! It was a fun, festive environment! We finished off with a little party and drew random prizes for the attendees. :)

Now I'm entertaining myself as I'm banned from the shopping centre as my OH is there buying my Christmas gift!!!! I've been bugging him for weeks "what are you getting me, what are you getting me", "have you got my present yet, have you got my present yet". I'm a big kid when there's gifts around... if there's something with my name on it under the tree, I have to look, touch, feel and try to peek to see what it is... I have no patience... only three sleeps!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Last weekend was great to get away from everything all and just relax. Saturday afternoon was spent in the pool drinking cocktails. We enjoyed a lovely seafood dinner on Saturday evening.

This was the view standing from the doorway in our room :) Pic taken at 5am on Sunday - body clock ticked in as normal :)

This pic I took while lying in the hammock outside our room. I spent an hour in there just enjoying the scenery after waking up at 5am. Plus, breakfast wasn't ready till later!!


I've got to attend a funeral today. My friend's mother past away last weekend from pancreatic cancer. She was only 48. She was only diagnosed in September with cancer. It's just so so sad. The youngest child is only 16. Their father this year has lost his mother, his father and his wife. I've got a lot to be thankful for.


Today is my last day of work for F.O.U.R weeks!! This time of year is slow so it's my only opportunity to take real holidays. It's been 2 years since I've had time off that isn't a rushed weekend, or something to do with work, so as you can imagine, I'm hanging out big time!! Lots to do today to get everything organised at work while I'm MIA :)


I saw a sports medicine doctor yesterday for my shoulder. He pointed out that although the ultrasound showed nothing, it's only covering some bits, not getting it all. I've got to go back to rehab again - so no upper training for another 6-8 weeks except for strengthening exercises. I'll be a good patient and see what I can do. The sooner it's all working properly again, the better.



Sunday, December 16, 2007

What I cut my island weekend short for...

Came home early NOT hungover ;) to get into work to assemble the following...

There are bits and pieces pieces of what are going to be, 3 nice big sturdy machines. Right now, the boys are hard at work. I'm not required coz I have no idea how to do what they're doing :) I'm just site supervisor :P

Friday, December 14, 2007

Best Piece of Advice I've Ever Received

NOT! Let me start at the beginning... grab a pillow this is gonna be a long ride ;)
After having frequent pain in my left shoulder for about 12 months - I have mentioned (maybe I should say, whined) about it many times in this blog, I got a referral for an ultrasound. I've had fortnightly massages, had my chiro play around, done zero boxing with clients - much to their disappointment, had various months off upper body training, only to go to baby weights and it flares again, changed my computer to help my posture... etc etc etc. So after having the last 5 weeks off any upper body training, lefty was going great! So well, I thought it was better. Soooo I train upper, and helloooo here we go again. Usually only chest exercises irritated it, now it's all upper training. CRAP. So I'd had jack of it, tried everything else recommended, so made the doc's appt, and paid a fortune for a lil slip of paper to say I need an ultrasound.

So off I went today. Got naked almost and let them rub a cold thingy-me-jiggy over my arm whilst I performed various movements. It was quite interesting to see it all on screen, reality TV at it's best. ;) Anyway, mr radiologist #1 got mr radiologist #2 to come in and ask me further questions. I explained what hurt etc. He said "Well the ultrasound shows up nothing there". My face falls - I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP! I tell him what movements I can't perform (ie I can't undo my bra clip with my left arm, I can't do tricep dips let alone real dips as it 'catches' in that position) and he comes out with "Just avoid anything that aggravates it". Like what... anything to do with my upper body?? I almost laughed, and then smacked him. Then I almost cried.

What do I do now?!?


Santa came early today. Santa in the form of a Qld Rail employee.... with... *wait for it*................. ALL MY NEW EQUIPMENT!!!!!!!!!
So there's 3 new machines in a kazillion pieces on the studio floor at the moment, with............... NO instructions. So I call the supplier who says "That's because there are no instructions. It's all self-explanatory". HELLO?!?!? Self explanatory for who?? You who puts them together all day, or me, who has zero patience, and can hardly do a puzzle, let alone BIG 3D ones?!?!


On a better note, I'm getting away for the weekend. Going to an island for my OH's Christmas party. Best part, is it's all paid for. I don't even have to take my wallet. Except I probably should for ID purposes incase I'm found passed out in a garden from drinking too much free alcohol.
I'm kidding about that part :P Serious :) I've got to come into work on Sunday to assemble the self explanatory machines...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Meet my new best friend...

We spent 1hr and 50mins of quality time together this morning. I just love this time of year, there's so much sun, and thanks to my reliable body clock I start becoming conscious about 5am and spring out of bed not long after. :))

My ankle is doing good, ice, compression, small doses of elevation and anti-inflammatories did the trick. Still sore to move, but can walk normal. Should be right to run in the next few days :)

I joined the club today!!! I fell off my bike!! LoL *(see previous bike posts if that makes no sense)* The fact that I don't even wear the 'proper' shoes and clippy thingy yets makes it not quite legitimate though!!
Imagine: Girl feeling like an elite athlete on new bike, flying round corners, on the same bikepath as ankle incident yesterday (I think I need to get off that path!), debris still everywhere, mis-negotiates a turn on the path, ends up with tyre wedged between path and soft dirt, runs into tree and headbutts a branch (incident #2 where I owe my life to my helmet!), screams and falls into the dirt, taking the tree branch with her. Couldn't get up as was cracking up laughing!! Little Miss Klutz is at it again! Worst injury was to the bike with the chain coming off, but easy fixed.
No better way to start Sunday!?!

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Tuna, Cottage Cheese and Pineapple Lettuce Wraps

The tuna has cucumber and red capsicum mixed through it and placed on top of a pineapple slice (which you can't see). Topped with cottage cheese and tomato. YUM!!
Eating it isn't all that graceful but worth it all the same!
I like have lots of time to prepare yummy lunches!!


We had a whopper of a storm last nite here, it was an open-air disco, all nite. We lost power at 12.00am, it didn't come back on till 5am. Not fun trying to sleep with no air-con or fan, and having to close all windows from the strong, horizontal rain! Of course at 5am when I just got comfy again my alarm went off for a run.

...which was very eventful. I came across street signs that had been knocked down in the storm, there was debris over the road everywhere including lots of dead toads...

The birds were out, so this time I armed myself with a stick. Luckily (for them!) today I didn't need it. Should of held onto it thought - a rather large dog scared the bejeezus out of me - decided it would be funny to come charging at me from it's hiding spot down a secluded pathway (don't know where it came from, but wasn't impressed with the owners not keeping it in the yard). I screamed, and probably woke a few people up. I'm terrified of big dogs. I just don't like them. It liked me though and I couldn't get rid of it. Until I had to out-smart it by running round a shop - when it got excited and took off, I quickly did a U-turn and got outta there and down the next street. Nothing like a little bit of sprint training :P

At exactly 59mins and 45secs into the run disaster struck. The path I was on was covered in pine needles and pine cones, all blown off in the storm. The path was hardly visible. Of course, Miss Klutz had to step right on top of a pine cone, rolling her ankle. Man it hurt. I limped back home which took 20 mins. Lucky it was on the way back through at the end of the run and not the beginning. It's big and fat and sore, but I'm tough.

Tomorrow will be a bike ride and maybe even a swim :) I love weekends!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I can waffle better than I thought!!

I got a phone call yesterday from a local coffee table type publication asking me to write an article for an upcoming edition. Yep, no worries, I've done it before, I thought. Great, she says, I'll need it by 1.00pm Thursday. EXCUSE ME?!?!?! Like I have nothing else to do at the moment!!! So I've been putting it off and honestly I didn't know where to start!! Just an article - no topic to go by, just a 400-500 word article. Last nite I could have done it, nah, put it onWednesday's To Do List. I've procrastinated all day, done every other little insignificant job (like cleaning out a drawer!!) then that was the only one left. This will be a late night, I thought at 3.00pm when I started it. You know, just like when school assignments were due 8.30am Monday morning , and you were up till midnight getting them done?!?! Well I'm pleased to announce that by 3.30pm I had finished!! So now later on I'll be off for a run and then you guessed it - a bike ride!!! ;) Must remember to never under-estimate my powers of waffling!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Could I be addicted??

I love my bike, I love my bike, I love my bike!! Sore bits or not I was on it again on the weekend. Saturday morning was an early 1hr 10min run, then straight onto the bike. I had to do it in that order, coz if I started with bike, I wouldn't have gotten off it :P All done and dusted before 7.30am :) There were 3 separate near misses with attacking birds, thank goodness for helmets, I hope the sucker has a dent in his beak :P

Friday, November 23, 2007

Just like Riding a Bike huh?

That's what I thought well, riding a bike might be like... my mistake!! I finally got out on my new lil demon the other nite, I hope the neighbours were entertained! I haven't ridden a bike since about 2001 as my goregeous lil brother decided he'd ride big sis' bike to school and not lock it up therefore leaving a temptation too good to refuse to the theives of the world, but that's another story...
Back then it was a mountain bike. Not a light skinny road bike that even I can pick up with one hand.
I was wobbly, I was freaking out, I was very tentative turning corners!!
Now I'm bruised in that part, but I can't wait to do it again!
The best part - I still belong in the group of people who are about to fall off their bike!!! :P

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can she do it, can she do it... YES SHE CAN!!!

Each day is one step at a time. 5 weeks to go, breathe... hang in there 5 weeks till Christmas girl!! I've been sooo flamin' unbelievably busy!!!!!!!! I haven't had a chance to grab some air for weeks. The two trainers previously mentioned have both finished up now :( was sad, but a new era begins!! The two newies are doing really well, which I'm stoked about. At this stage they don't know the fiddly admin bits, so that's put heaps more pressure on me, but we'll get there. I was so used to having staff who knew how to run the business, I forgot how much extra work it is!! Must remember to not take that for granted.
I'm pretty weary from lack of sleep, surviving on 5-6 hours sleep and doing up to 14 hour days (but whatelse is new!!). I just need to keep my head above water till Christmas then I can relax. The renovations aren't quite finished, but the rest of the equipment should be in next weekend, then I'll spend the whole weekend trying to put it together. Help anyone?! ;) Putting together big puzzles is certainly not my strong point!!

I've been managing to squeeze in my planned running sessions all outdoors, I'm having sooo much fun with this program. Last weeks goal session was 4 x 1km efforts, with 1min 30sec standing recovery in betweet. Goal time was to be under 4mins 20secs. Pleased to say my fastest was 4min 11secs, slowest was 4mins 23 secs :) Not bad considering I'm struggling to hold together 5min kms during a 5km run!! Nothing like a challenge to get me moving.

I've also got a new road bike!!! I bought if off my trainer who left to travel, it's a DiamondBack Racer... I don't know alot about bikes yet, but it's sposed to be a good one :) Unfortunately I haven't even ridden it yet!!!! ARGH!!! I won't be touching the little thingies that lock your feet in just yet, that's just an accident waiting to happen!! I've been told there's 2 types of cyclists, those who have fallen off, and those who are about to!!! HA!

Last weekend I did a Punchfit Punch Pad course - so now I have a pretty little certificate saying I'm qualified. My body was so sore!! I was hurting in places I've never hurt before!! It was heaps of fun!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another thing I'm keeping busy with at work...

Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

From October 29th – December 5th, 2007, I have taken up the challenge of entering a local ‘Pink Ribbon Hero Quest’. This quest is an important mission to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Why I have decided to do this

We all know someone who has been touched by some form of cancer. I have decided to help fundraise for Breast Cancer Foundation as my sister has a good friend who has been through it all. At 26 years of age, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and started chemotherapy and radiation therapy at 27. She was in remission for 2 years until earlier this year at age 29, she found another lump which had spread. My sister was with her while she had one of her second lots of chemotherapy, and the processes she explained to me brought tears to my eyes. The friend, only 2 weeks ago had her first mastectomy – in 6 months time will have the second after completing radiation therapy. At the young age of 30, she has been through breast cancer twice, which is why this cause touches a chord with me.

My Goal

My goal is to raise a minimum of $1,000. My competitive streak is coming out, as there is a bit of a contest as to who can be the highest fundraiser. It is my personal goal to be the winner for this cause.

How You Can Help

Donations - To donate to the ‘Pink Ribbon Hero Quest’, you can simply make a donation – every cent goes towards making a huge difference. Donations over $2 will be issued a receipt and are fully tax deductible. Direct credit into our bank account can be accepted, as well as a credit card deduction (+ 1.5% credit card charge fee).
And for our training clients and locals...

Sweet jar – Guess the number of sweets in the jar. $1 per guess – winner takes it all (great to give away as a Christmas gift!!)

Men – wear a pink shirt to your training session and we’ll donate $2 per session! Tip – the brighter the better!!! (And we have to take a picture for our board of fame!)

Water & Towels - All proceeds from water sold for cardio sessions and towels hired between now and December 5th, will be donated to the foundation.

I thank you in advance for supporting this worthy cause. I am fortunate as no one in my immediate family has been affected by breast cancer. Every cent - large or small goes towards making a difference to those who have been.

“You can move mountains by
removing one rock at a time”

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ohh Eee Yee--ouch

One of the other trainers here and I trained each other today... holy crap I'm not gonna be able to walk tomorrow. We all train ourselves, but I forgot how much harder you can be pushed by a trainer. It felt great, and I was a painful client as I complained!! Hee hee, BUT I did it anyway ;) I was smart and went first though, *evil giggle* coz then it was my turn to dish it back!! She said the only other time she felt so close to death was after her first Olympic distance triathlon. I'm taking that as a compliment. She a tough little cookie, we had some huge weights and her form is impeccable. Strongest female I've ever had the pleasure of putting through a session. It's something we're all going to do more often, it's just so hard to find a time when one of us can train when the other isn't working! Having said that, I hope we're both capable of working tomorrow...!!! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's All Happening!!

I feel like I haven't had a chance to breathe for weeks! As well as getting all in order for the new staff, after waiting since April, yes that long, to get approval to do renovations to my studios, it finally happened last week!!! Everything at once, so I've been busy busy busy!! But it's sooo exciting; I can finally get all the new equipment I ordered and paid for way back in June, up here!! I can't wait to see the finished product, and nor can the clients. The builder has done his job, the plasterer has now finished, it's just the painter to make it look alll pretty and me to put all my flash new motivational posters and prints on the wall and rearranging the furniture and YEEHAAAA we're done!! I love new things, best of all a new playground!!
Will post some pics in the next few weeks when it's done!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Well it's now seven weeks today till Christmas!! Which means it's been two weeks since I contributed anything to my blog...(thanks for the push Hils!)

I've been so busy and had many stressful moments over the past month, but at the end of the day, I'm still alive and kicking!! Kicking hard at that :P

One of my two main trainers finished up last Tuesday so that was sad to say buh-bye. He's off venturing around the world, and I don't blame him one bit!! His replacement is going well as she has been working with us all year, she's just picked up more shifts.

My other trainer, who is also a really good friend, finishes next week. That will be said to see her go, she too is fulfulling her travelling dreams. To save stress I started recruiting for staff 2 months ago... I had a fantastic replacement, she was so keen to start, the current trainer was happy to finish up next week (instead of holding out till the end of the year as originally planned). About 4 weeks ago the new girl pulled the pin before she even started, so that left us up the creek without a... trainer! The current one already has flights booked or she told me she definitely would have stayed there was someone else. Another trainer came along and she told me the job was hers (ie - very keen too!!!), but last week also pulled the pin without even starting... I'm starting to get a complex here - come on, I'm not that hard to work for!!! Although these two things have brought on mini stress attacks - hence the few senseless stress posts previously, I'm coping 100% better to what I was a year ago, when I had a mini breakdown! I've come to realise that we can only do what we can do, and the world isn't going to end if things don't go quite to plan :)

It'll be sad to have no one to share training stories with - the only person in my current world who understands what if feels like to train with passion!! To run so hard you nearly throw up, to have DOMS so unbelievely bad that walking into work is a chore, and to sacrifice nites out just to get up early and train. See why I love my blogging buddies so much!!! :)

I'm buying her road racing bike off her, which is a damn good one at that which I'm SOOOO excited about!! My christmas has come early!! I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!

In other training news - I've got an awesome running program I'm smashing myself with, I'm hoping to get a little speed in the off season, to come back faster and stronger next year!! Todays efforts were just that - a huge effort, with the serious leg DOMS I'm carrying. All I was thinking was "if you can do it with sore legs, it's gonna be 10x easier with fresh legs, so JUST DO IT!!" By the end I was a poster girl for the Nike 'run ugly' campaign!!

Hope everyone had a win today!! In all honesty, I didn't even hear the race on the radio... so who won?!?! ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Can I wait?? Hell NO!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Cripes I'm in a lotta pain!! DOMS DOMS DOMS. I used to love the feeling, but lately it's just a pain in the butt (scuse the pun)!! My chest is so sore to even place a finger on, and that's from Monday. I can feel every single individual muscle in my legs from Tuesdays training, and that's not fun! Every time I train one part or the other, I get such bad DOMS, so bad it hinders everything else!! I have to alter work - from the warm ups (boxing HURTS a sore chest!!), to loading up the machines, to stretching - what, you want me to squat down and assist you?!?
Then there's my own training, cardio hardly exists with my legs in this state. A 5min warm-up is a huge struggle, never mind interval training! :(
I lurve, and will always weight train, the DOMS factor is just really annoying!! Does anyone else get it reaaally unbearably bad every single session, or do I just need to toughen up princess?!?!? LOL ;P

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday!

It's my little brother's birthday today. He's a big 21 years old!! I remember when I used to pick him up and carry him around. These days he can pick me up and throw me across the room!! It's a big weekend in store - I have my work social function which is a farewell party for two of the staff, then Saturday nite is his 21st party, as well as my Road Runners presentation dinner, which looks like I will have to miss out on. Normally I'm lucky to have one event on in a weekend, let alone three this weekend! So of course I had to buy a new outfit for the occassion.... any excuse!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

More Shopping!!

OH and I went shopping on Sunday for me to look at laptops. I walked away with nothing, he left with a $9000 hole in his pocket!! The joys of getting all the fun bits into a brand new house!
Hopefully not long now till he can move in :) We need somewhere to store all the electrical goods!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Pressure creates diamonds..."
That's what a wise man once told me!!
I still have a small crisis on my hands but we can only do what we can do. I handle bad news alot better these days then a year ago. That's what experience does!
I'm totally buggered today, I've managed to fit in a big week of training so far and I'm not letting anything stop me!
Gotta bolt..............................

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don't stress over things you have no control over...

Sounds easy, harder to do. I just got some effin shitty news... Here comes another sleepless nite. Things have been going so smooth for me, knew it would be too good to be true.
ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! When when when will my life become balanced and not 90% work 10% me?!?!?!?
Be back... :)

Monday, October 08, 2007


It only took me a year to realise what was contributing to my persistent shoulder pain... my computer! DUH!! My desk is a little squishy and I had a box monitor from when the place opened (hey, dark ages I know, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it!). This meant typed on a slight angle with my left arm having to lean further than it should have... welll ta-daaaa. After a heuwge day at the puter I had the dull aches and finally realised this would be part of the prob. So I went shopping and got a brand new flat screen. As well as feeling like I'm part of the current century now, my posture is a lot better thanks :)

Everything has decided to kark it lately, so it was a great spree. My i-river copped a bit of water damage. Well I think that's what killed it. I went on a 15km run and of course the furtherest bit from home it started to rain. Ok, make that pour. Enough said. The same weekend my trusty old DVD-VCR decided to chew up my tape. Yes, a tape. And then die, keeping my tape in its final resting place. So I missed out on two weeks of my fave show. :(

The electrical goods salesman got a great deal out of me that day - hope he works on commission! A flat screen monitor, a DVD-VCR and a new MP3. This time I went with an i-pod shuffle. A bright pink one. It's so small! Now I just have to work out how to use i-tunes. :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ho Hum...

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! I didn't really even have a weekend, it was go go go, so I'm looking forward to this one!! I spent Friday nite at OH's farm, and a little foal was born in the early hours of the morning while we were there!!! He is soooooo cute! (and I'm not an animal lover). The little horses are so gangly and awkward when they're new-born. Very, very cute!After cooing and babying it, we came back into town in enough time to get a work-out in before the gym shut. How romantic, right! Sad thing is that during the week, that's usually the only time we see each if we plan it right!!

I had a 10km road-run on Sunday, and as it's magpie season, this year I was smart enough to run with a big stick, occassionally swinging it round my head in warning... unlike the last time we ran this course, I wasn't going to get caught this time!! The run ended up on the beach so it was a nice start to the morning. An article submitted to the newspaper said that I "had a welcome return to running after a few weeks of unorthodox training regimes". Sounds good huh, like I was doing something really elite, like high-altitude training or something... It was in fact referring to my partying and staying out all nite, therefore being absent for the weekly run... LOL!

I've been really focused this week, doing everything to plan, and NOT letting work get in the way. My back is hurting like hell from Monday, and I hit my leggies hard today, so tomorrow should be interesting!! I also hit PBs on 2 shoulder exercises!!! I chucked the big plates on and thought 'holy crap, that looks massive, I can't do that', when usually I have a heap of little ones which almost make up the same weight anyway... mind over matter, and mind won!! YEHAA!!!

Work is busy busy for me, being end of quarter, but I'm coping, and it really is because I'm giving myself time-out to ensure I get to the gym when I plan to, not just hope to get there at some stage. In the next 6 weeks, both of the long-term trainers are finishing up, but I've filled the positions early and just a matter of training them up ready to take over. It's such a relief to have good back-up staff :)

Waffle over, enjoy the rest of the week all!!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Pic is of me and my bewdiful sis on her wedding last year. We're still getting pics sent through a year later, this one comes courtesy of our Aunty which we received just today :)
I've been so slack on the blogging front!! But when there's nothing much to say... there's nothing much to say!! I was a lil ill last week, but got over it pretty quick. I've been pretty focused lately, trying to shed a few winter kilos, and everything is heading in the right direction so far!
It's only about 3 weeks till my boyf's house finishes getting built, and I CAN'T WAIT!! I get to have a boyf who lives in town!!! We'll actually get to see each other more than just on the weekends :) YEEHA!! Plus I get a brand spanking new house!!!!!!!! ;)
One of the trainers who I work with, went to the doctor for a check-up last week. She's 20 years old, 160cm, 60kgs of muscle and training for an ironman triathlon. She's a tiny thing but so strong - she can bench press 70kgs! To say she's fit and looks fit is an understatement. However the doctor would not let her leave the surgery without a blood test - for steroids! No kidding... She was shocked. She's been training for 5 years, and has great genetics, but the doctor replied "I've done a lot of training and there's no way anyone can get that muscley naturally". (I told her she should have said 'come have a session with me then'... but that would be cheeky!! lol) Sure enough she left there with a needle stab wound. The doctor will be flabbergasted to see it come up clean!! Maybe then she'll come in for a session!!! ;)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just stuff...

Lots of stuff happening in my little world. None of it very interesting though!!
I've got 6 weeks till one of my staff members - he's been with me nearly 2 years - takes off to backpack the world so just making sure everything's in order for the new trainer to take over. Thankfully I've got that one organised. Then my other girl who's been with me for 18mths is probably doing the same thing at the end of the year, so I'm sure that will cause me great stress!!
I got my hair cut yesterday so it looked nice for a day! I tried a new hairdresser and I'm pleased to say he passed the test!! We got a complimentary glass of bubbles when we arrived, so I'll definitely be going back there! ;) hee hee. My best friend is still in town, and we had another nite out last nite. It was like a school reunion, we saw sooo many ppl from school that I haven't seen in years!! It's been 10 years this year.... crap I'm getting old! This time we got home at 5am... the nite just flew!! I've told her I can't wait for her to go home to Brisbane so I can stop all this partying!! ;) It's such a chore ya know :P
It's been one whole year today since my sister's wedding. The year has gone sooo fast! Which reminds me... must be time to update my profile pic on here.
My OH just called me with bad news. His brother's girlfriend (pic in a previous post of me and her as cowgirls) and her family have only just found out that her mother has only 6 months to live. She has just been diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer, and nothing can be done. It's just so shocking, she's only in her 40's. We're all so devastated, I can't even imagine what the family is going through. :(
So that's an update from my part of the world. Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hope everyone had a good weekend?!
My best friend got home from Canada last Thursday nite and is staying in town for 3 weeks, so needless to say, we've been busy causing mischief!
Had a friends birthday dinner on Friday nite, then a hen's nite on Saturday nite, and you know what happens on those!! It was a pub crawl, and right at the end of the nite as we were being driven back into town, the bus broke down.... so we had to push it!!!!!!!!!! It would have been the funniest sight for the other cars, all these chicks in bright pink feather boas pushing a school bus...!! My friend and I were the last to end the nite - we got home at 4am... I didn't think I was capable of staying out that late anymore!! LoL
Sunday we spent at the beach, where our friend got to meet all our other friends babies that had been born in the past year while she was away. It was fun, although I'm a little bit sunburnt. Summer is definitely here :)
Have a good week, I'll be back at some stage or other......

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Off to war....

Here's a pic from Paintball on Saturday. That's me and one of the other trainers from work behind me. I was told I looked 'cute' in my gear... not quite the look I was after when going to 'war'!! ;)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Short and Sweet...

Time flies... it's been over a week! Not alot to say anyway! Things have been crazy busy at work... spring coming, so the phones are ringing. :) It's a struggle to squeeze time in to look after me, but I'm managing OK :)
We had a social event for work on the weekend - paintball. One word... OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
I've got some awesome war wounds to show for my efforts, we're all struggling a little today with bruises in uncomfortable places!
The weather is just great at the moment! Won't be long till it's toooo hot during the day, so I plan on making the most of it while it's gorgeous like today.
Have a nice week :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The simple things in life...

I spent last nite at OHs parents farm. He lives up to 50mins away, depending how fast you drive. For us, that's a fair distance away, so I only get to go out there on weekends. Yesterday I helped him and his brother and father plant cane. It was fun! I was all dressed up appropriately... thongs and shorts, while the men had their steelcaps, jeans and long-sleeve shirts. LoL. I only have minimal cane cuts :) After that I was like a little kiddy in a candy shop; I got the 'honour' of digging through the vege garden for cherry tomatoes. I ended up with a 4litre ice-cream container full, as well as lettuce and spring onions. YUM :) The best salad ingredients are fresh from the garden, 100% organic with absolutely nothing sprayed on them but water. It's so peaceful out there, it's great to get 'away'.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Just like Christmas :) was on Wednesday. After collecting a parcel from the freight carrier depot, I came home to find another one at the door, and also my Ultra Fit mag which I subscribe to, in my mail box. And for once there were no bills!! So I got books, a new schmiko set of scales, and a new mag to play with, all in the same day :) I love ordering online :)

I had a rough start to the week, which ended up in my having Monday off work (shock, horror). Lucky the staff are wonderful and can keep everything in line without the big bad boss hanging around. I had an awesome week of weight training, my back is still hurting from Monday!! I had some of my OHs magic potions he takes before training, and whether is was psychological or not, crap I've never been that sore I don't think. It takes a lot for my back to get serious DOMS! Legs are still sore from Wednesday, and I can feel a sore chest coming on.

My shoulder is finally improving, although it's a bit painful after today's workout. My chiro must know what he's talking about when he advised to change the ways I do this and that at work. I'm very hopeful, it has after all been hanging around since December last year :(

My running goals have had a spanner thrown in. Although I'm keen for the 28km run end of September, I'm going to have to pull out. I just won't be ready in time. I'm doing 2 hour runs with hills included, but by the end I'm rat-poop, and I really should be running about 3 hours worth at this stage. I'm about 6-8 weeks too late with training, and the trouble I'm having with my feet isn't helping (although, besides some mammoth blisters, the arches are behaving *touch wood*). I don't want to kill myself doing it, there's always next year. Plus, my bestest friend in the whole wide world is going to be back from overseas at that time visiting before she moves home to Brisbane! I haven't seen her in a whole year, so we've got LOTS to catch up on :)

Have a great weekend all. I had a late nite with a painful toe keeping me awake (yes another foot 'issue'), then a 3am call from staff member calling in sick... I didn't get back to sleep after that, so I've gotta hit the hey!


PS: Pic of me and my friend before at her going away drinks before she left last year for Canada. Many a drink was consumed :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Here's a pic from a few weekends ago at a 21st - western theme. Couldn't resist the opportunity to be a pretty in pink rhinestone cowgirl. Was a good nite, I thought I'd be a bit of a granny, but I fit in OK. ;)

So I've been MIA again... my mojo went missing again... I had my long training run on Saturday morning, and my after about 7kms I had to turn back and ended up hobbling all the way home. My poor feet played up again. It happens every time I get into a proper routine. Ice and rest was in order the rest of the weekend. I'm thinking I may need to pay a podiatrist a visit, as it's quite a regular thing lately. Anyway that shattered my confidence in thinking I'd be prepared for a 28km run in 8 weeks, but with enforced rest this week, they're feeling OK :)

I had a nothing weekend for the rest of it, and it was the magic pill. I got decent rest, didn't place any pressure on myself to complete this task or that task, did nothing work related, and actually slept in on Sunday - I got a decent amount of sleep. I bopped out of bed Monday morning for work, full of beans and sooo refreshed. It's carried through all this week, my mojo is back, food choices have been heaps better, I feel GOOD... All because of a decent sleep. Who would've thought. Goes to show how much the little amout I do get messes with my head, then affects all daily tasks... I sound like a sooky la-la, but whatever....

Trained upper body yesterday for first time in 3 weeks, and am happy to say that my shoulder is feeling OK :))) My legs are still caning from Tuesday, but that's normal ;) I had a great session, when I felt a bit whingey, I said to me "C'mon, you need strong legs for your trail run", then nothing seemed impossible ;) Mind over matter...

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing" - Abraham Lincoln

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What have I done???

After a shocking last few weeks in terms of mood and motivation - I was speaking to Kerryn and diagnosed myself as having the SADS that she mentioned on her blog - just feeling down in the dumps, wanting to crawl into a hole and sleep till winter is over. My shoulder was playing up big time as well, still, so that was pissing me off too, and was still recovering from the flu. In my little world - everything.just.sucked.

Although it isn't feeling the best, I have been given the all-clear to start building up to my 'normal' weights again with upper body stuff. (Whatever normal is now...). My muscles are testing fine, so we'll see what happens after training again. *Fingers crossed*

Yesterday I got a bit of spark back, I jumped in without thinking toooo much about it, and once I had done it, I got the butterflies and the excited feeling in my stomache... yep looks like it's just what the doctor ordered... a NEW GOAL!!! Luckily I've already been doing the base training for it, it's just now I'm doing the training for a reason :) 28kms of hilly trail running... what have I put myself in for???

Yay, shades of the excited ME is returning!!!!!!!!! Watch out! ;P

Monday, July 23, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Nice butt Shar!!!

I love this pic... Shar and other girl congratulating each other, but check out the look on the first-place getters face. She was shellshocked and had that look on her face for a good 5 mins at winning!! Too funny :)

Back to Real Life :)

I had a great time in Melbourne! Went into the city on Friday - unfortunately the weather wasn't the nicest. Saturday was comp day. I went to the IBO coffee catch-up before heading to it. Got to finally meet Sue, Jodie, Hilde, Kelly, Kerry, Ali and Natalee. The comp was great - being my first one I was a bit awe-struck! I briefly caught up with Alicia again, had a chat to Lia, and finally met Shar!! She was awesome on stage. She's a little pocket-rocket! And congrats Shar on your Best Routine award!! All the girls on stage looked great - and that's an understatement.

Sunday I flew home, but not before going on a bit of a field trip into Kinglake National Park with Kerryn. Was cold, was veeeerrryy cold - the kind of weather I was expecting all weekend! Pic is here.

Very tired when got home, and although I fought off my cold/flu the whole time I was there, it's hit a bit harder now, but at least I was healthy enough down there.
Boofhead me left my camera down there, so can't post pics I took, however Kerryn sent me home with a heap on disc.

I had heaps of fun, Kek fed me well ;), saw lots of wonderful ppl, couldn't ask for more!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Finally... got in yesterday at 1.30pm after flying/sitting around all morning. (Decided against the DFO trip in Brisbane)!!!

Just about to go into the city for shopping shopping and more shopping!!!!

Trained this morning so feeling on top of that, and been eating delish meals :)

Gotta run, will post when home, with pics!!

Can't wait to meet so many girls tomorrow and last bt not least...
GO SHAR GO SHAR GO SHAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It's here, it's here, it's here!!! This time tomorrow I'm in MELBOURNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooo soooooooo excited. It's better than Christmas right now!!
After my drama-filled post yesterday, I did have an early nite and I did drug up, but I'm still feeling crap, but am fighting the battle of the bugs, and WINNING!!!! No cold gonna hold me down ;) My poor sick trainer is at work today, we look a perfect picture of health and fitness at the moment.... Of course our clients love throwing it back at us "You's are not supposed to get sick, you're fit and healthy"... extra ammo to cop a flogging ;)
ANYWAY, I got to smash my legs this morning - didn't take much when I'm feeling a bit crappy anyway. I intend to do some cardio this arvo, might sweat some germs out. Then I gotta pack. At the moment, everything is thrown on the bed in no particular order. Whatever's there I'll have to halve. And halve again. Too much crap.
I've got a 3hour wait in Brisbane tomorrow morning, so I'm thinking of jumping in a cab (I believe it's too far to walk in time...?) to DFO. Retail therapy...

SEE YOU WHEN I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


What doesn't kill you will only make you....

Sicker????? It's been a poo of a week. When everything you really DON'T need to happen, happens! I had a late nite on Sunday as I didn't have to start work till 8am on Monday instead of the usual 5.30-6am. So I got stuck into a book and really had trouble putting it down... I eventually closed it, LATE, right in the juicy part, but at least I had a lil 'sleep-in' on Monday. Not to be. Was called at 5am by my full-time trainer - sick as a dog with this horrible flu - obviously not able to make it in. I rushed and crammed to fly into work by 6am, looking a very sorry site!! Not to worry; I survived managing to do my shift, and hers and got home by 8pm Monday nite. Today was the same, did a double shift and oh look, it's 5.30pm - I've already been here 12 hours today. Dammit, another day without the sun :( Anyway, I hate to say it, I haven't done my own training for yet another day... tomorrow *fingers crossed* she'll be feeling better. The poor girl, it's not her fault and it's better she rests so she can get better, but unfortunately it's just bad timing, with me leaving on Thursday! If not, I've got a 6am - 8pm shift again tomorrow, plus making sure everything that has to be done before I leave, is done. Oh, and I guess I have to pack somewhere in there.........
You know when you just have to cry coz you're so stressed/worried, well that's how I felt.....................
Unfortunately all the bugs are attacking me when I'm down... I've been double-dosing the glutamine and vitamin C, but my head is now pounding, and my throat is hurting. All day I've been saying how I CANNOT get ill before I go away, but.... think positive girl, you are FEELING GOOD AND HEALTHY!!! Hopefully an early nite will do it tonite.... and lots of drugs... mmmm bring em onnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Playing Godmother

And then there were four............

More sleeps to go till Melbourne :) I've been just soooo busy at work - choosing the wrong time to go away with all the normal month end stuff to do nevermind financial year end, plus I'm super busy with training - in fact last week I was pretty booked up bar a few slots. I'm very happy with that :) Unfortunately I missed a lot of my planned cardio sessions though, sometimes work just has to be a priority. (Why so much to do...?? I'm the receptionist, administrator, accountant/payroll and data processor, marketing guru, head trainer, cleaner, and 'boss') ;)

I was notified on Wednesday that I had to answer a questionnaire - it was judging criteria for the "Best in Business Awards". Apparently my business has been 'heavily nominated' for the health and fitness award, and so the next step is to do the 'essay'. They said to allow a few hours... and it was to be in on Friday. So as shocked but proud that I was to be nominated, it was just another task on the to-do list! Trying to find those 'just a few hours' was impossible, hence missing cardio, and some hours sleep!!! Will keep you posted as I find out what's going on with this.

The weekend has consisted of: hair appointment, shopping with sis all day yesterday for bitz and pieces including fiddly bitz to take away, doing a little bit of work, sorting out suitcase, had somewhere to go last nite, then had to cram in special time with OH. Today was up early to play Godmother. I had to take Jade-Lyn to Little Athletics. Can you just imagine how cute it is to see a 3 year old do a 60m 'sprint', worm jump (long jump) and vortex throws (Javelin) and bean bag throws (discus). I was having a ball. She'd do a big throw and turn to me with a big proud smile to make sure I'd seen it. It was just the cutest thing I've ever seen!! We had so much fun :) I'm hoping she got some PBs today - will have to compare her score card with previous weeks... Not that I have competitive parent problems or anything... well I tried not to ;) Anyhow after dropping her back to mum, I had to go to lunch, right now I'm supposed to be at a Body Shop party, but hours ran out, instead checking email and this. I'm off to running soon (8km run) then netball training, then home to pack for tomorrow's early wake-up. Looks like I won't be breathing till I'm on the plane :)

I'll be baaaaaaaack! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

PS: Here's a pic from today. This is the vortex throw. You may be able to make out the vortex just leaving her hand.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Sore butt, sore butt, sore butt! Legs are very ouchy today. Did heavy leg press yesterday - surely am paying for it.

Had massage from hell, I jumped high a few times. She always manages to find the spot amongst the messed up back muscles! Coz naughty shoulder isn't getting better too quick, she has recommended a scan as I may have something a little more sinister.........

Enjoy Thursday!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I Can't Count!!!

It's even closer than I thought!!! EIGHT more sleeps till I fly out... one week tomorrow morning :))
Feel like I've got a tad more breathing room - completed the group certificates for all the staff, just gotta do the BAS and ensure all's organised for the two days off work :) And of course, do my best to squeeze in all workouts on time... :)

Later on...

Just got back from trashing my legs - they're gonna be so sore!! - and I kindly asked the owner there to do me up a new program. It'll be good to get some more variety, he's done lots in his career - competed and stuff - and was only happy and said "I'll throw in some different principles and stuff". Eeek how scaryily exciting!!!

Today is also my great nanas 6 year anniversay of her passing away. She died 2 short months off her 109th birthday - yes that is correct, 109. I'm going to be around for a veeeerrry long time :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Till Melbourne!!! I sooo can't wait to get there, but I'm scared of all the stuff I have to finish before I'm allowed on that plane. I'm getting really really scared of how cold it's gonna be though... more the point that I have no 'nice' or trendy warm clothes!!

Anyway, I can wait to meet so many people I've known for ages, and that I've always wanted to.
Starting with the Sensational Sue, my previous butt-kicker Shar, Jodie, Hilde, Kelly (I think!), and a few others from IBO. (Sorry if I've missed anyone!!). I also hopefully get to see Alicia again, and of course, spend some time with Kek - it's only the third time this year we've seen each other!!

I'm very excited, but stressed, but excited, but thinkingabouttoomuchatonetimethatican'tthinkclearly!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIGHTO, work to do, not to think about :P

Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's a Lovely Day Today.........

After about 10 days straight of overcast, rainy days, the sun has finally reappeared!!! Apparently June has had record rain-fall for the month - add to that the coldest temps ever recorded - as you can imagine us sun lovers here in QLD are having a hard time adapting!!! I was starting to feel down in the dumps a bit, and it's all to do with not seeing the sun. Hilds mentioned something similar on her blog too. BUT it's all good today :)) There's not one cloud in the sky!! You can see for miles... planes, birds etc. It's very cool :)) I'm hoping to go for a run at lunchtime, coz it's been so long!!!!!!!!

Not alot to report, busy at work... getting everything in order for financial year end, next week will be the big rush to get the BAS done, and group certificates and all else that goes along with it, all before I fly down to Melbourne :) Now, that I CAN'T wait for!!! :))))

Been going hard on the cardio machines at the gym, they don't know what's hit them!! And I don't know what's hit me either.... lol. But as mentioned before, I can finally get outdoors again :) Weights are going well, I just went up in weights today in one of my exercises... it felt a little light, so I referred to the book, nope, that's the correct weight, welll let's put more on... so I did, and voila, 3 sets squeezed out! I'm going to update my programs on the weekend, the old bod knows what's going on (didn't take long!!), so time to shock it again!! Not including chest exercises of course as my shoulder still isn't co-operating, if anything has gotten a little worse :( Back for punishment massage next week, and I really don't know what else to do.... Unfortunately with work, I just can't totally rest it, I'm always lifting or carrying plate weights or dumbbells or boxing or something. Nevermind, patience my dear watson.

Gotta run, work to be done! Have a super duper sunny (hopefully!!) Thursday!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Super Saturday!!

I particularly love weekends, but then again who doesn't! It's still cold and rainy... but I'm over that... think I've used up all my "free whinge" tickets this week. LoL
I did things all backwards this morning. First of all, I actually slept in, - jumped outta bed at 7.30am then, without eating breakfast first (second 'backwards' thing, I need food for energy before I train) rushed off to the gym for opening at 8am. If you don't get there before 8am, and bolt inside like it's boxing day sales when the doors open, you're damned if you're going to get a cardio machine!! I ended up with the cross trainer... not my first preference... but at least I got something :P 35mins of hills on that, then still no treadys free so decided I'd try to conquer the ancient cardio climber, ya know the stepper looking thing with the arms that move as well... cripes, that's a hard little piece of machinery isn't it!!! 10 mins was enough, then ended with 15 mins on the bike - interval style :) (third 'backwards' thing - I'm NOT an indoor cardio person, can't stand it, but didn't do my normal run this morning due to rain). Sweat was pouring, legs were burning, it was a great start! And you know what, it felt FANTASTIC to do something different. I didn't feel flat and lethargic going in on an empty stomache, whether mental or not, I had a job to do in there today, and that was to burn some big fat calories, and I did! :))

Right, off to go ten-pin bowling now. It's our first work social-club kinda event. Should be fun, who doesn't like throwing heavy objects around!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Record Breaker...

See, told you it was cold here yesterday!!! ;)

Coldest June day in half a century - Daily Mercury 22.06.2007

IF you thought yesterday was one of our coldest days, you might just be on the money.
We will find out at 9am whether the "shocker" broke the record for the lowest June maximum recorded and unless the sun comes out in force this morning, we could shatter the 15-degree record which has stood since June 1961 by more than two degrees.
"You can tell your grandkids you lived in Mackay the day temperatures were less than Melbourne," Bureau of Meteorology technical officer Craig Hall joked.
"It was nasty."
In Mackay, the highest temperature was 11.6 degrees at 3pm. Mackay's average maximum for June is 22 degrees.

At 5am, the temperature was just 8.9 degrees and the Apparent Temperature (with the rain and wind chill factored in) was a frosty 5.6 degrees.
For people in the Pioneer Valley it was even cooler. The temperature hovered below nine degrees all day and there were reports of a minimum of one degree at Crediton, Eungella, early yesterday.
Finch Hatton Gorge resident Warren "Wazza" Swadling, who runs the Platypus Bush Camp, couldn't help but laugh at the expense of a few brave backpackers (English and Canadian) who took a swim in the icy waters yesterday morning.
"I saw the expressions on their faces - even they though it was cold," he said, huddled in front of his heater and wishing he had a "platypus' coat" to protect him.
Thick cloud is to blame for the cold day with the sun unable to let through a chink of light or warmth. A massive upper trough in central Australia has caused the rain but skies might clear later this afternoon.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


BRRRRRRRRRRRRR... Winter is certainly here. It's show day holiday here today, and it's a terrible day. It hasn't stopped raining, allllll day. Poor little kiddies won't be going to the show today! Me the big kid, went last nite - the only day of the three that it hasn't rained. It was very cold though... I can't remember the last time we got so cold up here. Don't ask me the temp though, it's just cold :P And we aren't graced with central heaters... dress up like an eskimo and hope for the best!!! LoL

So I ask the question - how the hell am I gonna survive 4 days in Melbourne next month!?!?!?!? I'm so looking forward to it... well I WAS until I saw Kek's blog and her new jacket she can go walking in... what? you mean you have to wear warm stuff walking down there?!?! ;) Oh gosh, I'll be in a state won't I!! I simply wear a T-shirt as opposed to a singlet... go hard for 5 minutes till nice and warm, then have to roll the sleeves up.... It's gonna be a culture shock for me!!! I am SO taking my snow jacket I wore every single day in Canada, I knew I'd have use for it again!! I wonder if I'll get weird stares......

Due to the weather, I haven't run this week :( I planned to do 15kms this afternoon but not with this rain. I'll catch my death! Went to the gym this morning for training, but as it's only open for 2 hours on pub hols, and coz I accidentally slept in, I didn't have time for anymore than 15mins cardio to finish off my sess. Looks like I'll be dragging out the exercise tapes for a TV workout later on!!!

I had a mini spend-up at Lorna Jane on Tuesday :) A long-sleeved shirt and and two sports crops tops. I cannot do without those padded crops now!!! I feel so much better (and bigger lol)in them :)) Got great discounts too, as being in the Fitness Industry, I get 20% discount... that's a mammoth saving!! If any of you PT/Gym Instructors didn't know that, make sure you say something!! The % discount may vary, but you still save!!!

HOLY CRAPOLA!! Just saw the time... time flies when fluffing bout on the puter. I have hardly started my day and it's nearly 2pm. The plan - update playlists on my i-river, create some new CDs for work and exericse tape!!!!!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

"I'm the King of the Castle, and You're a Dirty Rascal"


First pic is of the hill I had to conquer Saturday... photo was taken at the start line, the finish was the chalet at the top which you can sort of see... if you squint really hard... where the trees aren't as thick. The person in the pic is no one of interest, he was just lucky ;)

Yes, the annual King of The Mountain run was on this weekend- 6.4kms from start to finish up a hill that never goes down!!! They really should run it down the mountain one year...

48mins and 22secs later I was at the top. As my heart rate was breaking records, my breathing was like a dying dog, when I had to talk out loud to myself C'MON GIRL, I swore yet again that this was the last year, I was never, ever doing it again. I made that same promise to me last year, and the year before and you know what, in another year I will be doing the same thing again! Sucker BIG TIME!

The second pic is the view from the top, looking back down the mountain. It's the best feeling to get to the top and know you've made it all the way up... alive.

So all in all, I'm STOKED that I survived it for another year. A little disappointed that I ran 2mins slower than last year (2mins up those hills is a LOT of actual distance), but still a happy chappy as I did do less hill training, concentrating more on the 1/2 which was only 2 weeks ago.

However, I'm even more stoked that I came SECOND OVERALL FEMALE!!!!!!!! (Won't mention that the last year's reigning queen is out of town, and that the local triathlete girls rode it instead of running) but as they say, you can only race who shows up on the day!!!!!!!!!!! Took home $75 cash for my efforts, so made a little profit!!! Plus I won a random door prize so was a lucky day for me!!

Best news of all - my butt and legs aren't even sore!!!!! What the?!?!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

In the Newspaper....

Teen Dies from Muscle Cream Use

A New York medical examiner blamed a 17-year-old track star’s death on the use of too much anti-inflammatory muscle cream, the kind used to soothe aching legs after exercise.
Arielle Newman, a cross-country runner, died after her body absorbed high levels of methyl salicylate, an anti-inflammatory found in sports creams such as Dencorub and Deep Heat.

My leg muscles are very sore today; still suffering from DOMS a tad from Thursday I think. My 5.45am hill run on Saturday morning was bloody freezing (7degrees for the record… see it does get cold ;P ). I discovered it’s quite hard to run up steep hills when you’re hammys and glutes won’t work (coz they’re too sore, AND frozen solid!)… I guess this has delayed the healing process with all those hills!! Yesterday afternoon I did a hilly sand dune track thru a reserve, this time it’s my quaddys turn to hurt. Not enough to put sports gel on them now though….

After a previous post about suffering from LOTS of ulcers, I took everyone’s suggestions on board, and just last week I was waffling about I hadn’t had any since that mother of a one back those few months ago. Well didn’t I just jinx me! I’ve been hit with three… yes THREE at once :( No changes in diet or stress levels, I’ve been blaming everything else on the weather lately so… it must be the weather!!! Lol! I do swear by religious taking of glutamine though, I really believed this has helped with them, and my whole immune system as everyone around me especially at work is getting sick, but so far I’ve stayed good :) Now, hope I haven’t just jinxed me….

Love Love Love Public Holidays!!!!!!!!!!! Went for a walk/run this morning when I crawled out of bed at, ah-hem, 8am, then to the gym, which was p-a-c-k-e-d. Got a little too ambitious on chest weights; my shoulder has been behaving and I’ve been going up 1kg each hand each week (dumbbells I’m talking here), but today it’s a little twingy and complaining. So I thought the best medicine would be to do nothing but lie in front of the TV, catching up on all my taped shows. You know, really shouldn’t do any work if there’s a sore bit ;) Shoulder feels great now thanks!

Oh and next week we get a pub hol here again! It’s our show day on Thursday :) :) :) Then that’s it for the year :( :( :(

Right-o, time to pack all the food and clothing for the 4.30am wake-up! YEEHA!

Friday, June 08, 2007



Nice little cold snap has just hit here! We've all been wondering when winter was going to 'officially' come as it's been really warm lately... until this morning. We've also had heaps of rain this week which has been sooo nice, I lurve the rain, and well, who doesn't need it at the moment! I'm sitting here in my brand-spanking new purple Oscar the Grouch flannalette PJs + singlet underneath (dag!) + uggies and wrapped in a blanket. You'd think it was snowing, god knows how I survived a winter in Canada.

I really struggle in winter. It's hard to get out and go running, but once you're out there its so much better :) So, to throw myself in the deep end, I'm up as usual tomorrow morning for a 5.45am run start... it's supposed to be about 9 degrees... Oh dear, I'll have the mental argument with the 2 Selinas... motivated Selina and any-excuse-will-do Selina!! The problem is that I have no winter running gear.... I'll be out in my singlet and shorts, might even have to wear at T-shirt (OMG!). And we wonder why people stare at us!! LoL Anyway it's hills tomorrow so won't be long till the sweat is pouring.

I had a pretty big week, so can't wait for bed :) Had to write an article for an insert magazine for our newspaper, and of course I was I just on deadline, I'd hate to be a journo! I 'accidentally' forgot the profile pic of myself, but of course they hit me up for it... yay, can't wait to see it :P Had an appt with financial planner, good thing is this financial year the business has more than doubled from last financial year in terms of growth!! YEEEHA! Hard work DOES pay off, even though it doesn't seem it ever will. Hope to double again this next year :) Now just trying as much as I can to minimise the mammoth tax bill I'll be receiving at the end of this month. Yipee. Yesterday I did my First Aid update course, so that was a different day. I felt like I had a normal (whatever that means though) routine again. I was able to go to the gym before the course, attended it from 9-5, then cardioed after it. Just like the olden days in my previous job.

Had to back it up today with seven clients in a row, a half hour break then another 5. Then had to clean the studios, and all the other crap that goes along with it.

OMG, I'm waffling... best be off to my warm bed. Early to bed, Early to rise!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Looking GLAMOUROUS!!!!!!!!!! Thank god it was over... :)
At the harbour, 400m from home, against the wind.

It's only caught up with me the last few days, I must have been on a high on Sunday, yesterday I'd felt like I'd been hit by a bus, and I'm very tired still :)
Can't wait for the next one...................... August 5th in Townsville!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I DID IT! I DID IT!! I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

1/2 marathon - 21.1kms -
1 hr, 57mins and 15secs

I'm just over the mooon!!! It was overcast so conditions were perfect. At 7kms my feet went numb (oh crap), and 10kms they just 'released' and felt good again. I had my 2x caffeine strength GU gel at 10kms and I really felt I needed it and whether it was psychological or not, I felt like I lifted. (Go the GU, especially the expo freebies, ha!) About this time though I realised that, taking fatigue into account, I prolly wouldn't make it under 2 hours. At 14kms I realised I had 40mins to do 7kms and that it must have been my oxygen-starved brain calculating wrong at the 10km mark. At 16kms I was still on track, at 18kms I had 19 minutes to do 3kms... I was getting excited! From 19-20kms I pushed it a bit more as the wind was going with me; we were running along a road at the beach and it was windy so I knew at the 20km mark when we turned to go back home I was going to be against it... so allowing for that... I turned with 1km to do in 10 minutes, I knew unless I stacked it that I had it! :)))))
ANYHOW, I'm absolutely knackered, not even going to mention the state of my feet... Back to the me-shaped dent in the couch and continue watching Buffy series... (yes I'm a huge closet fan of that show... but don't tell anyone). I'm up to series 1 episode 5. Only got many many more to go ;)
Thanks girls for the well-wishes, I really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Skippity do da, skippity yay, my oh my what a wonderful day"

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Waffle waffle, mumble mumble


Yes it's finally here. Tomorrow morning I will crawl out of bed at 5am to shower, eat, go through my ritual, psyche myself up, drive to the race, then run 21.1kms... just for the fun of it. The remainder of the day will be spent as a vegetable, sleeping and resting my tired legs, then wondering why on earth I put myself through it... but will I do it again? Of course!!! Provided all goes well (ie, injury free), I'll be doing the next one in 8 weeks in August at the Townsville Running Festival. Just don't ask me if I still am anytime tomorrow though!!!

Now the way I've carried on and hyped everything up in my last posts, you'd think I'm a good athlete or something!! Far from it... In fact, I am realistic about the fact that I will be one of the last runners back, but I have no issues with that!! I just love running and how I feel after it!! I can't WAIT to get in and do my first ever half marathon, and see what time I can come up with! I'm competing against the clock, then next time I run, I will compete against that time. I do my best to lead by example and encourage clients to enter a fun run and have a go, you DON'T have to be the best!!! Achieving a goal is the most rewarding accomplishment! Last year a few of my male clients beat me in a 5 km run, I was SOOO proud of them, and they were stoked (and haven't let me forget it either!! LOL!). However, most disappointing is when people refuse to enter, only because they know they aren't going to win or even place. I mention that simply because I've seen it happen alot within the club I'm in. That's not what sport is all about!

My DOMS is all better, my only concern are my feet... they're quite sore at the moment, feeling a little strained like last year *gulp*. I'm talking positively to them though, if I don't think about it, they won't hurt :) I've been soaking them in my foot spa. Ahhhh :)

It's been overcast and raining all day today! I'm PRAYING that it's still like this in the morning. The best conditions are when it's raining, it's so refreshing and the sun doesn't drain your energy.

Right, I'm waffling now, must be a few nerves... I tend to do that, get nervous when I have a semi-important event on!! I bet I won't sleep too well tonite... OMG, it's REALLY NOT that big of a deal!!!! LOL

Goal time: under 2 hours... 1 hr 50something minutes and however many seconds.

WISH ME LUCK!!!!! :)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Waiting, waiting...

Only four more sleeps till the half marathon. I'm so over it now, I just want it to be here. I've trained for so many months, and about 3 weeks ago felt great! I've tapered off a bit, but my body is just tired and sore and not recovering as quickly at the moment. My hammies are soooo tight - still from last weeks leg training I think!! Then at netball on Tuesday nite, I took my first tumble for the year. Was tripped and smack-bang HARD into the floor, straight onto my right knee and left wrist. Those first few seconds when the pain registers was BAD, first thought was "NOOOOO I've got the 1/2 on Sunday, I'm NOT missing out again this year" followed by "Crap my knee hurts" followed by wiggling the hand and leg and finding that THANK GOD, it all moves, there's no "bad" pain, it just bloody hurts. A little bruised and tender today but *fingers crossed* everything holds out just a few more days for me!!!

I did get and still have DOMS from the weener weights chest exercises on Tuesday. CRAP my pecs are sore... and that was with only 2 exercises, 4 sets 12 each. OMG!! It feels like my first ever session again :P

Right, that's enough waffling for today.... lets see if I have something exciting like a pic to post! There we go, mwa and the gorgeous Lindy Olsen :)