Sunday, July 08, 2007

Playing Godmother

And then there were four............

More sleeps to go till Melbourne :) I've been just soooo busy at work - choosing the wrong time to go away with all the normal month end stuff to do nevermind financial year end, plus I'm super busy with training - in fact last week I was pretty booked up bar a few slots. I'm very happy with that :) Unfortunately I missed a lot of my planned cardio sessions though, sometimes work just has to be a priority. (Why so much to do...?? I'm the receptionist, administrator, accountant/payroll and data processor, marketing guru, head trainer, cleaner, and 'boss') ;)

I was notified on Wednesday that I had to answer a questionnaire - it was judging criteria for the "Best in Business Awards". Apparently my business has been 'heavily nominated' for the health and fitness award, and so the next step is to do the 'essay'. They said to allow a few hours... and it was to be in on Friday. So as shocked but proud that I was to be nominated, it was just another task on the to-do list! Trying to find those 'just a few hours' was impossible, hence missing cardio, and some hours sleep!!! Will keep you posted as I find out what's going on with this.

The weekend has consisted of: hair appointment, shopping with sis all day yesterday for bitz and pieces including fiddly bitz to take away, doing a little bit of work, sorting out suitcase, had somewhere to go last nite, then had to cram in special time with OH. Today was up early to play Godmother. I had to take Jade-Lyn to Little Athletics. Can you just imagine how cute it is to see a 3 year old do a 60m 'sprint', worm jump (long jump) and vortex throws (Javelin) and bean bag throws (discus). I was having a ball. She'd do a big throw and turn to me with a big proud smile to make sure I'd seen it. It was just the cutest thing I've ever seen!! We had so much fun :) I'm hoping she got some PBs today - will have to compare her score card with previous weeks... Not that I have competitive parent problems or anything... well I tried not to ;) Anyhow after dropping her back to mum, I had to go to lunch, right now I'm supposed to be at a Body Shop party, but hours ran out, instead checking email and this. I'm off to running soon (8km run) then netball training, then home to pack for tomorrow's early wake-up. Looks like I won't be breathing till I'm on the plane :)

I'll be baaaaaaaack! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

PS: Here's a pic from today. This is the vortex throw. You may be able to make out the vortex just leaving her hand.


Kek said...

Got your email, been flat out tho. Thanks for taking care of my little errand for me - you're a doll! :)

See you at the airport Thursday!

Hilary said...

Cute pic!

Congratulations on your award nomination!!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!

Have a fantastic time in Melbourne, take lots of pics!!

Hilary xx