Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It's here, it's here, it's here!!! This time tomorrow I'm in MELBOURNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooo soooooooo excited. It's better than Christmas right now!!
After my drama-filled post yesterday, I did have an early nite and I did drug up, but I'm still feeling crap, but am fighting the battle of the bugs, and WINNING!!!! No cold gonna hold me down ;) My poor sick trainer is at work today, we look a perfect picture of health and fitness at the moment.... Of course our clients love throwing it back at us "You's are not supposed to get sick, you're fit and healthy"... extra ammo to cop a flogging ;)
ANYWAY, I got to smash my legs this morning - didn't take much when I'm feeling a bit crappy anyway. I intend to do some cardio this arvo, might sweat some germs out. Then I gotta pack. At the moment, everything is thrown on the bed in no particular order. Whatever's there I'll have to halve. And halve again. Too much crap.
I've got a 3hour wait in Brisbane tomorrow morning, so I'm thinking of jumping in a cab (I believe it's too far to walk in time...?) to DFO. Retail therapy...

SEE YOU WHEN I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kaddy said...

WOOHOO have fun! cant wait to hear how u go!

RaeC said...

Have a wonderful time in Melbourne hon... wish I was going too... WAAAAAAAAAAA!! xxx

Shar said...

Hey Selina, we fly into melbourne on Thursday too!!!!

Getting excited now, but a litle worried about the show! :(

See you soon!! Can't wait.

Shar x

Hilary said...

Have a fabulous time Selina, and enjoy your shopping at DFO!!!! Maybe you'll have to buy another suitcase to carry everything home again! (or stash it in a locker in Brissie airport! LOL!)

Cant wait to see pics!

Hilary xx