Thursday, May 31, 2007

Waiting, waiting...

Only four more sleeps till the half marathon. I'm so over it now, I just want it to be here. I've trained for so many months, and about 3 weeks ago felt great! I've tapered off a bit, but my body is just tired and sore and not recovering as quickly at the moment. My hammies are soooo tight - still from last weeks leg training I think!! Then at netball on Tuesday nite, I took my first tumble for the year. Was tripped and smack-bang HARD into the floor, straight onto my right knee and left wrist. Those first few seconds when the pain registers was BAD, first thought was "NOOOOO I've got the 1/2 on Sunday, I'm NOT missing out again this year" followed by "Crap my knee hurts" followed by wiggling the hand and leg and finding that THANK GOD, it all moves, there's no "bad" pain, it just bloody hurts. A little bruised and tender today but *fingers crossed* everything holds out just a few more days for me!!!

I did get and still have DOMS from the weener weights chest exercises on Tuesday. CRAP my pecs are sore... and that was with only 2 exercises, 4 sets 12 each. OMG!! It feels like my first ever session again :P

Right, that's enough waffling for today.... lets see if I have something exciting like a pic to post! There we go, mwa and the gorgeous Lindy Olsen :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I've been sooo hungry all day today!! I just keep telling myself that it's my super-duper metabolism doing it's job ;) I trained my chest for the first time today in 3 and a bit weeks, at baby weights due to shoulder. It was very ego-busting to pick up the 'weener weights' and do sets, but the sad thing is, I know I'm still gonna be sore tomorrow!! LoL, can't wait for that :)

My legs are STILL sore from Thursday, that new program is a whopper! I've made the executive decision that I most certainly will not be training legs this week as I can't have DOMS for the half marathon on Sunday. I haven't run since my poor effort last Saturday morning in the DOMmied state... it was just too much for my legs, which I'm sure is why they're still sore. Netball game tonite should sort that out ;)

Right Miss Kristy tagged me... so here goes....

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I'm actually a very boring person, I like being a home-body, so this is going to be quite a challenge!!

2. I've travelled round the world a bit - Europe in 2001, then a round-the-world trip spanning a year in 2002/2003. I lived and worked in Vancouver in Canada for a fair chunk of this time and had my first and only (so far) White Christmas there.

3. I've owned my business since I was 24 and currently employ 3 staff :)

4. Due to the previous 2 points, I still live at home with my parents.... how sad!!!!!!!!! $$$$$!!!!

5. I've only ever had 2 serious boyfriends.

6. I was a straight A student (in grade 6) LOL. Was 'destined' to get a great OP score, but that thing called being lazy and partying too much effected me in year 12....

7. I played the piano when I was younger. I won first place in the Eisteddford- after years of seconds and thirds - then retired :P I've also played netball since grade 3, and still play to this day :)

I'm not tagging anyone, coz I'm sure everyone's been hit!!


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Discoveries I’ve made today…

- I can’t sweet-talk my sore muscles into pretending they're not, then expect them to run 16kms in the dark of the morning when I'm hardly awake, let alone my body. Into major headwinds. And up hills. I nearly cried. DOMS attacks everyone with no consideration that it will interfere with their running plans.

- The most disgusting feeling ever, is having to put your hands in the blender to dig out all the raw mushed-up chicken breast that’s stuck in there. It’s worse than having to put your hands into a box and guess what you’re feeling… you know the game. They should put blended up chook breast in there… dead, smashed up meat… that’ll scare em off.

- Every time I play with raw chicken, I get itchy hands then little welts. I must have a reaction… Lucky I eat it cooked! ;)

That’s enough learning curves for today I think. Although who knows just what I might discover tonite as I'm actually being allowed out of my cage to socialise!!! :)

Friday, May 25, 2007


Oh my Lordy my legs are hurty today!! New program, new pains :P As well as Sprintervals again yesterday at the oval... no need for further explanation. I'm supposed to be doing hills this afternoon. HA! Feels like I'm walking on jelly, fat chance I'll get up a hill! Also had another shoulder massage... YEEEOUCH!! At least my lil rotator cuff is improving. With all the training, massage and moving heavy objects, I should be getting super duper strong ;P
Tomorrow morning is a 16km run (if I can walk first), then food cook-up, then going out for cocktails and dinner for my lil sis' b'day. (hence the 'possible' hang-over). However at this rate, one drink and I'll be nodding off at the table. Prolly not a bad thing as Sunday is putting the studio back together, then a 10km beach run and finishing it all off nicely with netball training!
YEEEEEEEEEEHAAA!!! I LOVE the weekends!!!!!!!!

*Later on edit* Just doing the blog rounds, checked email, done everything I can to stall... putting off the pile of work I brought home for a Friday nite, sooo what better to do than play with my template!! All the blogs I read are in reverse alphabetical order now :P LoL Being an "S", I know I'm always at the bottom, so I'm trying to start a new trend!!! HA!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

PHEW!! Glad that's done!

This week has been a tiring one.... We're bout to renovate here at work, so Monday after hours (at 8pm) was spent moving alllll of the equipment out of one studio, and cramming it in the other. One 20kg plate weight at a time... no I wasn't smart enough to get a trolley in advance. I never knew how long the hallway was till I had to do that with every single piece of equipment - dumbbells, plates, bars, bikes, balls, you name it, I carried it. Lucky for my daddy, he helped me move the BIG stuff :P Didn't get home till late and was up at 4.30am for a 5.30am start... tired and a little sore from all the lifting!
Brand spanking new carpet went down yesterday, so guess what I had to do in the afternoon. Yup, all the equipment had to move from the studio it was crammed into, and back into the new room. Lucky I had a trolley this time! I tell you, those things are soooo under-rated :P
So weary and tired again, but at least it's done!!!!!!!!
On Sunday carpet cleaners are coming in to do studio #1, so guess what Saturday will be for me?!? You got it! Moving all the stuff OUT of this room to get it looking schmicko again!!!
Sunday, with a possible hang-over (that's a different story!!), moving it allll back in..........
MAN I LOVE RENOVATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Welcome Reminder...

I was at the gym training upper body after two weeks break, due to my lovely shoulder injury. I was getting a bit frustrated at having to drop the weights back, and still feeling the twinges, but at the same time not feeling like I was getting anything out of the work-out. Now, I'm an all or nothing person, if I can't give everything I feel as though I might as well be doing nothing... I kept going, getting cranky at the shoulder, when I saw a young guy about my age who couldn't walk... he shuffled along the floor slowly with assistance from his dad, and his dad helped him on the machines and was by his side the whole time. He must have been in either a pretty bad accident or had a stroke or something, as his speech was also affected. But all the same, he was smiling and laughing with his dad through-out the session.
I gave them a big smile and kept on with it; it sure made me realise I have absolutely nothing to complain and be upset about. :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

I Love the weekends!!!

Except that they end too quickly :P The highlight was getting in a few runs, aren't I just a barrel of fun! Friday afternoon I did 55mins of hills (some 'cramming' as King of the Mountain is on in 4 weeks...eeeek). Saturday morning did a steady hour, and Sunday afternoon did the club handicapped 11km run - including 2 noice big hills in 57mins and 05secs. I came fourth overall and 1st female. It was nice overtaking 5 people, but didn't feel so nice when 2 overtook me in the last 200m!!! lol Anyhow, I'm pretty happy with how my preps going for the 1/2 marathon in less than 2 weeks :)

So now I'll try typing something exciting............mmmmmmmmmm........... *blank*
LOL It is pretty sad having a weekend revolving around running!! It was my lil sis' 25th b'day on Saturday so went to her house for morning tea, and this weekend we're going out for dinner and cocktails.

Anyway, nothing exciting to say. My 6.30am client has decided not to show *GRRRR* so thought I'd jump on and type away. Will be back when something exciting happens ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good you could eat it up!


That's just what I've just finished doing. What better way than to spend my first break of the day - running round the oval in circles in the hot sun, heavy stumpy legs trying to run faster than they can, almost making myself sick.........!!!! I'm feeling good now, 10 x 400m sprints done and dusted for the week :) Now just waiting for all my training to kick in, and make me run faster... so when will that happen, like....tomorrow?!?! ;) lol

Kelly - I guess it's kinda a new 'do. I got foils through it before I went away so it's a bit lighter, and just a few layers cut through it. That's about it though. May look a bit diff as I didn't straighten it that day... that's me au natural!
Kek - I'm thinking we didn't get introduced to him, that why we don't know his name. That's my excuse anyway :P
Hils - Yea I was kinda fond of that top too... good old LJ comes through again!!
Andj - yes there are perks on 'business' trips :P
Kaddy - With great difficulty........

And here's another one.........

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Some pics from FILEX finally!!

Me and Kek with David Rylah - this months (prolly last months now?!) Ironman mag model.
Mr WORLD, Nick Jones (thanks JL!!) and Mwa.
Warren Clampitt and some other muscle man. I was a happy little girlie that day :))

Monday, May 14, 2007


But I'm a happy little camper today!!! I managed yesterday morning, in the perfect rainy runing conditions, to survive 20kms! :) And I'm only 60% dead today!! Our road runners club had a 28kms Club Champ run. There was no way in hell I was going to do the whole thing, but with the 1/2 marathon only 3 weeks away, I was hoping to get a longer run in. But with inconsistent prep lately... too many trips away... I was happy to get to 15kms and then see how I felt. Well I felt super duper!!! Had a GU gel, and that got my energy levels up for oh... say, another one km. By 16kms I was dead. My feet were hurting, I was dripping wet in the rain... only four kms to go selina, only 4 kms to go... then I look up to see a mother of a hill. Oh crap, just do it without dying Selina, remember to breathe, survive this hill please. I have never been so happy in my life to see the 19km marker on the road. This lifted me, and suddenly I had all the energy in the world... or maybe the GU gel had a delayed response! ;) Got to the 20kms and was ecstatic :) Stopped the clock at 1hr 54mins 10secs.
My half marathon debut is 3 weeks... EEK! It's a year later than expected as last year when I was over-enthusiastically training I got quite injured... ITB friction syndrom (3 months out) and stress injuries in feet. Needless to say I've been very careful with over-training this year... I've planned to make the distance in one injury-free piece, not place too much pressure on me to do a good time...

But after yesterday, should I dare to set the goal of a sub 2hr debut 1/2 marathon?!?! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, May 07, 2007

P!NK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

The concert was fan-fabulous!!! She is such an entertainer and performer. We had the top tix in the front standing area. The front area was the size of a half basketball court, and it wasn't overfull at all, so they must have sold only limited tickets. It was another time in my life I wished was just a little taller, but we were only about 10 people deep so still had great views. She was so close to us, it was awesome!!!!! Unfortunately we didn't take our cameras in as we were told they wouldn't be allowed, but it was only the super-duper semi professional ones that were banned. We only had our lame camera phones.
Oh, and she has such a hot bod!!!!!!! OMG!!! She did one song in a bikini, and I whacked my sis and said "get a pic of her abs, get a pic of her abs" LoL. One track mind as usual. And so strong!! A few times she and the back-up dancers were twirling around on a piece of rope from the ceiling. It was amazing... and she still managed to sing at the same time!!
It was AWESOME!!! We were on a high for days after it.

Did a lil bit of shopping in the city but did my best to restrain myself after the bank-account draining from Sydney. I did get some black skinny-leg jeans. They're called skinny legs but as I'm such a shortass I have to take them up half a metre which takes away the skinny part.... LOL They were the only pair that I could actually get up my legs... I did have that issue.... fat legs (ok, muscley as my friend said to make me feel better as I was chucking a tanty that nothing was fitting) can't fit into skinny leg jeans!!!!! LOL

Back home last nite to a public holiday here in QLD today. I need it to recover. It's been a few hectic weeks with Sydney and Brisbane within 2 weeks of each other. I've got no more trips away planned for the year at this stage! Which means nothing to look forward to, but also means I can save some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Here's a few pics I've found on some websites...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Invisible Woman is BACK

P!ssed off at bloggity blog yet agaaaaain. I'll make this pretty quick in case it dies on me. I'm having SO much trouble with blogger, I can never log in, I can't always read comments or add a comment, it freezes, some go thru, others don't. At the sign-in page, the screen just freezes and jams, the log-in section doesn't even come up, it's like when you go to a busy site and there's too much traffic - the little hourglass just sits there and sits there...

Anyway nuff rubbish. I'm off to Brisbane tonite for three days. I'm seeing P!NK in concert Friday nite and it's gonna be great!! Going with my sis and 2 of her friends :)

I still haven't posted my pics from FILEX but not pushing my luck with it today! Kek posted a few up on her blog :)

I just got back from the most painful massage ever, and I've needed a LOT of massages in my time ;). I've had on-and-off shoulder pain for nearly 6 months now, its there, it goes away, a few weeks later may return. Lately it's been consistent though. My chiro fixes it as much as he can but lately that hasn't been holding either. I'ts just all screwed up in my left side, pec right round to subscapularis and infraspinatus so much that I can't get my arm behind my back to scratch it or undo a bra strap. I've been told to back off all chest exercises for at least 2 months, only able to do "girlie" weights (GOD NO!) :~( My poor ego!! LOL ;)

Thanks for your comments girls!!! I have checked out your blogs, just usually get stuck and can't comment on there... JL - Great to see you back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta run, pack my bags and fly off. See ya when I'm back from P!NK!!!