Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sore body......

I was going to type a nice long 'diary entry' but my butt is sick of this chair, and my whole body is just sooo sore from weights that I don't think I'll be able to concentrate enough!!! LOL

So instead, here's a pic :)
This is my best friend's new baby girl and me, born 8th March, 2 days after my birthday :) So she's my goddaughter Jade-Lyn's new little sister. Its soooo cute seeing her play big sister, she's very possessive and protective of "my baby sister". I was lucky to get a hold at all!!! She had just gotten to sleep in this pic and we weren't allowed to disturb her, so I just stuck my head in for a pic :)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

On the Road Again!!

No, unfortunately not travelling! I've been out running more consistently lately and man I feel good for it!!!! I was only doing one run per week and it always hurt, so the silly selina wants to just throw in the towel coz it's allll toooo hard (as you do), then sensible selina realises that it hurts BECAUSE I'm only doing one per week, get back into routine, and I'll be flying again!!

My gym membership where I did the group exercises classes has expired and I'm not renewing it. I became a little too addicted to the classes, and therefore neglected everything else (ie running!)

Sooooooooooo my hungover 5km club championship run two Sundays ago (THE run to get points towards end of year trophy) I was embarassed in doing 27mins 12 secs. Last nite I did a 5km in 25mins 53 secs, so I've already improved... or maybe it was only coz I wasn't hungover ;P Anyway I just feel good doing it more regularly :)

I don't have a lot else to mention, its just same ol' same ol' for me! I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'll be in bed early as usual on Friday nite, up at 5am for an hour or so run, then at some stage seeing my goddaughter as it's her third birthday :) Can't wait!! I'm giving her Bindi's Kid Fitness DVD, so I'm already 'planting the seeds'. LOL I'll be up again early on Sunday morning to drive up about an hour to one of our National Parks for a 9km Club Championship run and a BBQ after it. It gorgeous weather here at the moment, it's just gotten a slight bit cooler - sure beats the heat!!



Sunday, March 25, 2007

Good Morning!!

This is a very strange occurance, I'm up and alive and NOT hung-over for the first Sunday morning in months!! I've had lots of events on lately, hen's nites, birthdays and weddings, and late nights mixed with a few drinks really do take it out of me! It's such a gorgeous day here today that I'm thinking of going to the beach at lunch time. It's so still, peaceful and not too hot. Ahhhh, I love this time of year :)
I'm also hoping to get to my friend's house to see my goddaughter and her new little 2 week old baby sister :) I just love Sundays like this when I can catch up with everyone and not be stuck to a schedule!
Ok, let me try posting some pics again...
Amazing how a computer will work if you don't swear at it :P
First one is me in my new dress that I waffled about a few posts ago. I think that was taken the night of my birthday dinner and drinks. Please excuse my fake, forced smile :P
Second one is of a SNAKE that was in our back yard!! EWWW! Turns out it was a Eastern Brown snake (no not the colour, the deadly sort), which is scary as I read in the paper not long after that that a little girl was killed somewhere in Australia after being bitten by one of them :(
Third one is the pwetty flowers I got for my birthday!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Fed Up.........

with Blogger!!
I'm having issues with it on both of my computers!!! One's old dial-up so that explains a few things, but not on my super duper work one, there's no excuses. I can't log in the new way, so I go the old way which then tells me next time I must log in with my google account, but at least it still lets me in.... I can't post pics or anything else fancy AT ALL!!!

I've spent too many wasted attempts this week.... If I'm MIA occassionally, that's why! BLOGGER SUX!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Silly blogger...

Is anyone else having problems with Blogger lately?
Since it made me swap to the new version, I have heaps of touble logging in, screen freezing, and for the third separate time I haven't been able to post pictures, it just freezes and does nothing.
The pics will be old news by the time I get them up!! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where did my last post go??

I wrote a whole heap of 'stuff' on Saturday nite but it seems to be lost in space!!

So thanks again for my birthday wishes. I got a digi camera (yes, I was still in the dark ages), gorgeous flowers and a teddy delivered, new PJs, a few books, 3 vouchers and bits and bobs like that. I went out on Saturday nite for cocktails and dinner so it was nice to get out. I wore my new dress for the first time, and I actually felt like a girl!! Didn't have a big one so I was capable of doing stuff on Sunday :)

I'm just so over-tired already and it's Tuesday morning!! I'm really struggling with the 4.30am wake-ups, and 14-15 hour days. I'm just getting really really worn out, but unfortunately I don't have any other option! I did do a step class yesterday, first one in 5 weeks so it was good to get back into it :) My tris are still sore from training on Saturday. It was quite funny - on Sunday afternoon we had netball training (in 38degree heat!!!) and I struggled to throw the ball as my arms were soooo heavy! It's out first game tonite so I'm hoping I can co-ordinate myself enough to have a good game! :)

I'm starting to count down my trip to Sydney for FILEX at the end of April. And it's a business trip so I don't have to feel guilty about leaving work!! lol Only 6 weeks to go..........

That's about it, hope ya'll have a great week!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

In case my last post confuzzled anyone!!

Monday, March 05, 2007


Coz it's my birthday (tomorrow), it's my birthday (tomorrow), did I say that it's my birthday (tomorrow)!!!!!!!!!!!
So I post today coz I have made the executive decision to have tomorrow off work so I can relax and be spoilt!!! So tomorrow (my birthday!!) I will have no access to puter... and I couldn't let the opportunity to tell everyone that IT'S MY BIRTHDAY slip, coz you know, I really hate attention and all that :P

My mojo came back on Saturday! I was up at 5am for a run which absolutely bloody killed me, then showered, recovered, ate and was at the gym for some weights that I was so focused for. I killed myself nearly, my BIL commented that "yea you were hitting it hard", as he noticed I had my leg twitch going. Does anyone else get that??? On Lat Pull-down especially, although my legs are locked under the knee pad, when I'm really straining on the last few reps my left leg shakes like crazy and I have no control over it! It's quite embarassing actually! I did follow him home to my sis' and his house after my session and had to sit, like a log for a bit as I thought I was going to faint. I had the hot and cold flushes and the colour drained from my face a few times, after a half hour of staring into space, I was fine :)

NEWSFLASH: Alcohol is bad for you, very bad!!
It was my friends hens nite pub crawl so lots of alcohol was consumed. Lots of fun games, lots of girls being girls. It was great until I got home at 4am then had to be up at 8am. I just wasted another Sunday away by being just sooo over-tired. I had to then back up for netball training last nite when they announced the teams. I was selected in Premier League again this year, so was quite chuffed!

Gotta run, work is still draining me with hassles and I need to address some of them today, then maybe I'll be able to sleep tonite! *fingers crossed*

Chat to ya when I'm a whole year older ;P

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Yea unfortunately my "I-just-don't-give-a-damn" mood hasn't quite left. I've got work problems that are causing sleepless nites, and the tunnel doesn't quite seem to have a light at the end of it yet. If I don't sleep well, I don't make the best food choices - sugar is my friend. Then I get upset that I let my resolve down!!!!!!!!!!!

To add salt to the wound, my fitness is sucking at the moment. I went to my run club run last nite for the first time in aaaaages and holy crap didn't I feel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my favourite course involving lots of hills, which I used to do for fun, man I must have been insane. I really really struggled to do the 5kms, which is a piddly amount for what I'm used to! Goes to show that unfortunately if you don't run, you don't stay run-fit. Apart from the last few weeks, I've been a step/attack class nerd the last few months. Time to focus back on running though, I have big goals this year!

Can't wait till the weekend........... I've got a friend's hen's nite on Saturday nite. A Pub Crawl. Lots of Girls. On A Bus. Enough said....

Bit of a downer post, boring, but that's me!! I know I'll turn a corner soon and be back to normal, I just hate the lulls I get caught up in..............

I hope to get round to everyone's blogs this weekend! I do check in when I can, but don't always leave a message :)