Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 INBA Brisbane Titles

Just a really quick post - been soooo flat busy this week! I'm away from home, staying in Brisbane for the week with Lyndsay and her family. :)

We've been heaps busy all week just doing stuff - gymming, coffee, walking, routine-ing, groceries, cooking etc - I haven't had a chance to blog!

I've got 5 mins now before Shannon picks me up and we head down to the Gold Coast to do it allll over again!

I had a great weekend last weekend, met lots of bloggers, and spent time with the special people in my life at dinner after the comp :)

I didn't place, however I bettered my condition from last year - came in leaner (as Steph commented on too - thanks chick!!) and I've improved on my upper body size - which were my goals :)

Quick few random pics:

Gotta fly - Gold Coast and more tanning is calling me! ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010


For soooo long my goal date has been 22nd May. And tomorrow it arrives!

I'm all packed and ready to fly to Brisvegas! Gotta register when I get there, then it's time to chilllll baby, chillll!

Lyndsay and Shannon are coming to visit me tonite and assist with tanning - so can't wait to see them, I won't be able to sleep tonite I'll be so excited and nervous!!

Soooooooooooooo until the flip-side, that's it from me!

So can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!!!

It's HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Last sleepy in my bed tonite!!

I had the bestest sleep-in this morning, ten hours of blissful sleep. I so needed it, I was trashed!

Busy all day doing 'stuff' - washing, food prep for next few days to take away with me, packing, painting toes, shaving, make-up trial etc. It's sooooo glamourous looking like a five year old who got into mummy's make-up case!!

I had my skin folds done for the last time, and in the past 9 days they've come down again, by 'heaps' in some places. As much as 'heaps' can be when you're already lean :)

Soooo bed for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be seeing some of you real soon! xxx

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Three sleeps left, two in my own bed before I fly out :)

I got my costume today and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!!! It is just gorgeous. I left the decorating up to Jo and surprise me she did! Can't wait to show it off on Saturday.

Time for me to hit the sack, I'm exhauuuuuuuuuuuuusted today.

See you when there's TWO sleeps left!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Time is a-flying!

Early-ish wake up to head down to the beach to organise a new boxing session we've got happening down there. Once the trainer got the session started, I took off on my powerwalk. It started to rain, but what can you do!

Considering I'm sorta-kinda off work this week, I only popped into do a few odd jobs. THREE hours later I left! ARGH! Then gym, food, dentist, drop LJ gear back at the shopping centre, few groceries, to my sis' house for payroll training, to massage, eat, home to pose and eat to here right now! Day off ended up being busy!

The dentist said my teeth are great, however I got in trouble for brushing them toooo much. I have been told by anyone that witnesses me cleaning that I must have OCD when it comes that... yes only soft toothbrushes now for me, as I've worn away the enamel and my gums may recede... or something... still - ewww! Poor toosy-pegs!

Better be GONE! Bed beckons. Dream land, here I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

And then there were Six!

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Time is FLYING

Each day is one closer to the stage... EEK! I should be getting my 'kini hopefully Tuesday, (Jo emailed to say she posted it Friday) so I can't wait for that to practice in it! I chose my colour but told her to "surprise me" with the decorating, so that will be exciting!

Loving the weekend so far; had a quiet night at home by myself on Friday, and got started on something - sorting through some crapola - then wish I'd never started it, coz I had to finish it! Had a late night by hitting the sack at 10pm and had a SLEEP-IN yesterday morning. Felt lazy though (of course) when I did get out, but had my hair blow-dried Friday so couldn't get it all messed up ;) coz I did a studio photo shoot yesterday morning! Had heaps of fun, I was there for three hours and it FLEW by!! It's always fun playing supermodel for a few hours.

Early night last night then up early for the most glorious beach walk. I was at a different beach to the one I go to daily near my house. My grandparents have a beach house, OK, maybe that's sensationalising it - an overgrown chook shed - it's over 80 years old and has survived every cyclone that's threatened. Anyway, it's on the beachfront and as kids we were there all the time with our cousins. Loved collecting shells, swimming in the enclosure and chasing moonlighters. Over the years it was interesting to see the beach change shape, and one thing I noticed was that the shells disappeared. There were just never any!

So this morning I drove out to walk on this beach and was really excited to see heaps of shells again. And funky ones. Do I sound like a dork? It's the small things :) So I came home with a bag full to put, well, somewhere. I felt 10 years old again, and it was a goooood feeling. I can't wait to take my lil niece to do fun, simple stuff like that.

My cousin is a freelance journalist, and has written the most beautiful blog post "My Easter in and Over-Grown Chook House", which had us all feeling a little sentimental. She's a very gifted writer :) (And I just added that part in if anyone has spare time and wishes to read a feel-good piece of writing.)

Anywho, I got carried away there. It was just a realllllly nice way to start the day, and a distraction from the one-way track thinking of comp comp comp comp comp comp.......

Waffle over - Time for some food for my tum-tums!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Countdown reaches Single Digits...

It's gone soooooooo fast, although at times it felt like a lifetime away!! The best thing has been my countdown calendar on my pantry - each day has how many sleeps left. My pics from last year's comp accompany the "May" page... that's my motivation, to beat my own condition from last year. That's all I can ask of myself!

So with 9 days to go, I'm pretty muchly ready to roll! I've gone onto auto-pilot, cardio happens first thing early automatically, gym never gets missed, I'm going through the motions.

I'm having next week mostly off work to concentrate on being 'ready-ready'. Packing and checking - I'm so forgetful when I'm trying to do too much (or is that now because I'm getting old?), - posing practice, eating at the right time, and possibly having a little bit of rest! I'm planning to do those little odd jobs around the house that never get done to keep myself occupied and feeling useful as well ;)

I'm getting sooo excited, can't wait to have some time off down there after it - there's a lot to look forward too!

I couldn't have come this far without everyone's support - especially Lyndsay and Shannon who I speak to what feels about five times each week!!! - I'd be lost without them. Love you

Until next time, as Lyndsay says: "Keep swimming Dori, keep swimming"!

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Cold Has Come!!!

ICK! The last few mornings, rising early to get my cardio on, have been CHILLY!!!!!!! It's certainly made me move my buttocks anyway :)

Loving my sessions in the morning, if I DON'T get out at 5am (which is like... maybe once a week) it's only coz I need to recover. Then I feel guilty for being a sloth and staying in bed! ;) I'm at the stage of comp prep where my legs are sore 24/7 from constantly using them. My good old Skins and 2XU compression tights do help though.

I'm on auto-pilot now... yes sometimes it all just sux, yes I'm tired, yes I'm sore, yes I'm hungry... but so is every other competitor!



Thursday, May 06, 2010

16 Days to Go....

Finish Strong

When the challenges become more difficult,that's your opportunity to become more determined. When the end of the race is near, the winner is the person who picks up the pace. Its easy and common to start out strong.

Real achievement comes to those who can also finish strong. The doubts and challenges along the way can either drain your enthusiasm and commitment,or they can prompt you to grow stronger.

When you choose to grow stronger, not only do you reach the goal,you also become more confident and effective in the process. When you've gone this far, it pays to make the most of what you've already been through.

Get maximum value from your efforts by finishing strong. When the endeavor is nearing completion is when you canadd the most discernible and enduring value. Finish strong and make it something you can always look back upon with satisfaction.

Your efforts so far have created a powerful momenturm,so continue to make the most of it. Finish strong and you'll be fully prepared for whatever is next!

- Ralph Marston