Monday, February 26, 2007

"Gee That's Huuuge!"

That was a comment I received in the gym on the weekend. And no, it wasn't about the size of my backside!!! LoL I was doing Smith Machine chest presses and one of the men said "gee you're going alright", then the gym instructor walked past and said that... I got a little worried then!! It's been awhile since I'd done that exercise and was fretting that maybe I did put too much on the bar... yes, it was nice and heavy, but still do-able, I got out 3 sets of 8 and was pleased as punch! That set the tempo for a very good session, so I was a happy little girwl.

My woeful, whingey, whiney week ended eventually. I can finally walk again and am due to do legs again today, but I am too scared!!! LoL My ulcer situation got worse, I only had 4-5 hours of sleep Wednesday and Thursday nites due to the pain, I was up 4 times one nite trying anything and everything for it to go away! I had to start work at 5am or 5.30am each morning, so by the end of the week I was exhausted, just so over-tired I could have burst into tears.

Does anyone have any suggestions for helping with ulcers, whether it's an old wives tale or tried and tested theory? I've done Kenalog, difflam gel, bonjella, mouth washes, salt water, even resorted to vegemite which did wake a few ppl up in the wee hours in the morning... YEOUCH!!! I was back at the chemist on Saturday and she told me... DOCTOR!! My face was swollen, couldn't talk/eat without pain - sure kept me outta the fridge! ;) LoL I was given SM33 gel, man that works a treat by numbing it... until it wears off 30mins later!! It's finally getting better now so I'm not going to the doc :)

I had a mini shopping spree on Saturday! I bought a new dress... yes a dress!! I FINALLY found one that doesn't make me look like a peach ball, or a toilet roll doll :) I shall have to take a pic and post it when I'm feeling brave :) It's my biffy next Tuesday so I'm saving it for the weekend after when I'm having a mini-celebration. It'll be good to feel all girly for once!!!

Righto, best be off. In the middle of working out what sessions to do at Filex, it's oh-so-hard! Just got off phone to kek, we want the best of both worlds, the business-growing sessions, the interactive ones where we can work out, and the ones with the hot boys as the presenter... And of course they all clash!! ;)

Have a wonderful week!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


You Are Cookie Monster

Misunderstood as a primal monster, you're a true hedonist with a huge sweet tooth.

You are usually feeling: Hungry. Cookies are preferred, but you'll eat anything if cookies aren't around.

You are famous for: Your slightly crazy eyes and usual way of speaking

How you life your life: In the moment. "Me want COOKIE!"

I actually was expecting to be Oscar the Grouch! That's my mother's pet name for me at times. My sister however has always been, and will always be to my mother "My Little Ray of Sunshine". At least we balance each other out :P

On another note, my week has improved from the mood I was in. I know why too - my leg pain made me so grumpy coz I couldn't - and still can't - do anything. I haven't been able to do cardio since Monday, I still cannot walk properly. I had to walk a few blocks to the bank yesterday and my legs just collapsed, I can't explain it...they just gave out. I saved myself from falling to the ground (would have been a sight to see!), lucky it wasn't when I was crossing the road! LoL It also happened last nite as well at home... it's bizarre. :( Kek, you did remind me that I DID miss a session last week although I did get one in the week I flew out to play tourist. That would be the reason they're so bad, but this is just worse than the first time I ever ever trained legs
I've also got a heeeuuwwwge ulcer in my mouth, the 2nd consecutive one since I've been back from holidays, and it's in such a bad spot and so painful that no mouth ulcer gel is helping. It hurts to talk and to eat, so i just mumble and slurp away. LoL. I've had to take painkillers as I can't sleep, then when they wear off I'm up again. It's also giving me headaches. So THAT'S my 'excuse' for my mood earlier this week. Oh woe is me isn't it!! *brings out violin*

I had a chat yesterday with a business mentor (I guess that's what I'd call him) and showed him a few proposals I'm working on, and he was quite impressed. So I'm happy :) I've found previously that being my own boss and having no one to be held accountable to, I can get a little 'relaxed' at times in my approach to building the business - especially when I'm in my comfort zone and things are ticking along OK. This guy has taken me under his wing and will be great to keep me plodding along with my ideas, and to make sure they get done

Better run, I mean crawl, work to do. Am going to the gym to train upper body, and plan to jump on the bike and do what I can. Should be right once my legs are all warmed up! I better have built some muscle from Monday's session...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Yep, my legs are making me walk like that again. It's really really bad today, and I haven't changed my program, so why oh why I am I getting SOOOO sore?! Like not just a little bit of soreness which is what we all like, it's -waking-up-in-middle-of-nite-coz-of-the-pain and panadol worthy soreness. I'm actually worried - maybe my body is breaking!! I can hardly work, all my clients have asked in a very concerned voice what is wrong. I hope it eases up tomorrow, maybe. Until then I shall suffer in silence. Or maybe complain just a little ;)

The week so far has been up and down, I've had a grumpy employee which in turn makes me quite grumpy when the mood is so low. The energy is just so negative. So right now I'm in a foul one and I hate it - those I don't give a crap about anything kinda moods... yea, them, well thats me at the moment.

Had a bad weekend in terms of partying ... Drank lots - diet coke with the something potent - not that that makes it any better, didn't exercise enough, and slept the day away on Sunday coz I was so stuffed. I've felt like I've been doing a Britney lately, the downward spiral... be careful I just may shave my head ;P lol

Had a perfect day yesterday, trained hard - hence the sore legs, ate to perfection, felt good. Hope the rest of the week goes that way too :)

Hope everyone is having a nice one.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Home Sweet Home!!!

Yes I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I eventually made it home. To cut a long story short, there were many dramas with planes being delayed... our first flight from Melbourne to Sydney was delayed 2 hours which means we missed our connecting flight from Sydney direct to Mackay... so we were squeezed into a Sydney - Brisbane, then Brisbane to Mackay flight, but then the Sydney-Brisbane one was delayed... ARGH!! (And that was my long story cut short... lol) There were some very cranky people. Rob and I were sick to death of each other by then, so all we could do was laugh. I eventually got home after twelve long hours of waiting and travelling. I cancelled or rescheduled all my clients for Tuesday early, coz as one stage we didn't think we'd be home at all on Monday!
I'm still 'jet-lagged' from it!! LoL Lots of sleep to catch up on.
So what did I do.... hmmm shopped, LOTS, went to the one-day cricket final at the MCG (it was AWESOME!!), shopped, visited casino, went for a nite out, shopped and sight-saw. My feet are still wrecked from all the walking, so many blisters and chunks of skin missing! LoL
IT WAS BLOODY COLD!!!!!!!!! HEllo?!?! It's SUMMER!!! I had to wear a jacket every day except for the Friday - day of the cricket, it was nice and warm :) The weather just blew me away!
On my final full day there, I caught up with Kek. We had a great time, and fit lots of walking, shopping and eating in. She has photgraphic evidence on her blog..... I was busted in the act at Koko Black! I bought a block of chocolate for my mummy, and some of the white stuff for Rob, and got 4 single pieces just to try :) That was a very restrained effort I thought!
Rob won $1200 at the casino while I was with Kerryn, so we went out for a very flash dinner. Seafood platter for two and a few wines at one of the exxy restuarants at Southbank. I felt rich for a nite!!
All in all, it was great, we had heapsa fun! Let me try to attach some pics... Ok hold that thought, Blogger doesn't want to today :(

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ummm.... OUCHYYY!!!!
Geez I've had a big week of it! My last post mentioned a little tenderness in my lats... well that quickly developed into A LOT of soreness!! I can't remember the last time I was this sore in my back. I trained chest yesterday, and my god that now hurts too! I'm just one big lump of soreness ;P I have no idea why my DOMS is so bad this week!

I had a nite 'in' which ended up later being 'out' with my sis. Her hubby went out at the last minute with a mate, so I went round there and we watched a girlie movie and had a cocktail each - left-overs from her NYE party! After much deliberating we decided to head out too, she was eventually going to pick her hubby up later in the nite anyway, so no better way to pass the hours :)

Well I felt old, unfashionable and totally past my expiry date!!! But it was my first time out in 6 months so I was happy to see what it was like... I haven't missed much... drinks being spilt by other people on me, almost sliding over on the alcohol soaked floors, being leered at by drunks...!!!!!!! On the flip-side I did catch up with a few people I haven't seen in a long time! It was fun to go with my sis as we don't get to do all that much together anymore.

It's still raining here. Its eased off heaps, nothing like Friday's downpour - which I did see made the national news!! WHOO HOO, we ARE on the map up here ;P - but still haven't seen the sun for almost a week!

I hope the weather is nice in Melbourne! Only three days to go now!! I'm so excited... have I mentioned that before?!?!? LOL

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, whatever you're doing!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

And the Heavens opened...............
and opened and opened, and stayed open a bit longer.
MY LORDY we've had some rain, and I don't just mean rain, I mean RAIN!!!!!!!!
It has PELTED down for 3 days now, and there's no sign of it stopping yet. Alot of our major connecting roads are closed, one of the bridges is closed, it's just chaos on the roads - they're all flooded!! Where my studio is situated is the last block before the River, and high tide was at 11am - it was to be 5.8m, but with all the flooding over 7m was expected! I don't know quite what it was, but a few businesses closer to the river (only 3 down from me!) were told to evacuate, and the police were sandbanking the river, coz it was gonna burst its banks!! One of my trainers is stuck in her house, about 75% of my clients today cancelled, and school's called off for most kiddies... the problem is, if you leave your house you may not get back in if a road you use is flooded! I went to do the banking only one block down - they were closed, and I counted numerous other businesses who were closed due to bad weather.
So it's all fun and games here :) I'm lucky, I have no bridges to cross, or no low roads to get home, so who's the sucker still at work. ;P As much as I love the rain, and before today we really did need it, but most people I've talked to are!!! I feel like an animal that's been chained up for days... I just want to get out and run around!!!

On other notes, not alot happening in my world. It's been another busy busy week, I'm getting everything in order so I can take a deep breath on Wednesday when I hop on the plane and not have to think about work.... much :)

I trained legs on Tuesday, I don't know what I did so different, but I've been walking around like Tinman from Wizard of Oz... not fun!! It was back and bis yesterday and there's a bit of tenderness there too! Yeeeeehaa!!

Have a nice wet weekend!!! I'll be doing the sloth-thing!!!!!!!