Thursday, February 15, 2007

Home Sweet Home!!!

Yes I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I eventually made it home. To cut a long story short, there were many dramas with planes being delayed... our first flight from Melbourne to Sydney was delayed 2 hours which means we missed our connecting flight from Sydney direct to Mackay... so we were squeezed into a Sydney - Brisbane, then Brisbane to Mackay flight, but then the Sydney-Brisbane one was delayed... ARGH!! (And that was my long story cut short... lol) There were some very cranky people. Rob and I were sick to death of each other by then, so all we could do was laugh. I eventually got home after twelve long hours of waiting and travelling. I cancelled or rescheduled all my clients for Tuesday early, coz as one stage we didn't think we'd be home at all on Monday!
I'm still 'jet-lagged' from it!! LoL Lots of sleep to catch up on.
So what did I do.... hmmm shopped, LOTS, went to the one-day cricket final at the MCG (it was AWESOME!!), shopped, visited casino, went for a nite out, shopped and sight-saw. My feet are still wrecked from all the walking, so many blisters and chunks of skin missing! LoL
IT WAS BLOODY COLD!!!!!!!!! HEllo?!?! It's SUMMER!!! I had to wear a jacket every day except for the Friday - day of the cricket, it was nice and warm :) The weather just blew me away!
On my final full day there, I caught up with Kek. We had a great time, and fit lots of walking, shopping and eating in. She has photgraphic evidence on her blog..... I was busted in the act at Koko Black! I bought a block of chocolate for my mummy, and some of the white stuff for Rob, and got 4 single pieces just to try :) That was a very restrained effort I thought!
Rob won $1200 at the casino while I was with Kerryn, so we went out for a very flash dinner. Seafood platter for two and a few wines at one of the exxy restuarants at Southbank. I felt rich for a nite!!
All in all, it was great, we had heapsa fun! Let me try to attach some pics... Ok hold that thought, Blogger doesn't want to today :(


Kek said...

Hey! Enough slagging off of the weather! Sunday was for the gale-force winds. It certainly wasn't COLD to anyone but a wussy Queenslander. ;-)

Dinner sounds fab, lucky you!

Selina said...

I'm NOT a wuss!!!!!!!! ;)
Melbourne just thinks it doesn't have to do what the rest of Australia does... lol
mmm and dinner was yum, except I felt all the sea creatures swimming around in my tum for a few hours after it!

Di Broeren said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time away! I love going away, but I love coming home to my own bed even better!

Nice bonus on the win!

jodie said...

Your trip to Melbourne sounded great, well deserved. It's nice to come home too though, rest up!

Chontelle said...

Ahhh a good trip to Melbourne with all the essentials! Shopping, sport, shopping, eating, shopping!!!

Sounds great!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love Koko Black. I've replied to your email Selina. :o) xx

Hilary said...

Ah I keep hearing about this Koko black... sounds divine!

Lots of dramas coming home, but at least you finally made it. Sounds like you had a great time too!

Hilary xx