Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Yep, my legs are making me walk like that again. It's really really bad today, and I haven't changed my program, so why oh why I am I getting SOOOO sore?! Like not just a little bit of soreness which is what we all like, it's -waking-up-in-middle-of-nite-coz-of-the-pain and panadol worthy soreness. I'm actually worried - maybe my body is breaking!! I can hardly work, all my clients have asked in a very concerned voice what is wrong. I hope it eases up tomorrow, maybe. Until then I shall suffer in silence. Or maybe complain just a little ;)

The week so far has been up and down, I've had a grumpy employee which in turn makes me quite grumpy when the mood is so low. The energy is just so negative. So right now I'm in a foul one and I hate it - those I don't give a crap about anything kinda moods... yea, them, well thats me at the moment.

Had a bad weekend in terms of partying ... Drank lots - diet coke with the something potent - not that that makes it any better, didn't exercise enough, and slept the day away on Sunday coz I was so stuffed. I've felt like I've been doing a Britney lately, the downward spiral... be careful I just may shave my head ;P lol

Had a perfect day yesterday, trained hard - hence the sore legs, ate to perfection, felt good. Hope the rest of the week goes that way too :)

Hope everyone is having a nice one.


jodie said...

Oh no, not Britters... You are definitely not Britney!! She is one lost soul isn't she?! And what is with her shaving her head? She has some problems.

Seriously though, hope your mood picks up, cause you are usually a bright spark in the blog world. And also hope the legs feel better soon, OUCH!

Kek said...

Tinman legs? That'd be funny, if I didn't know how painful it is. :-(

It's probably just because you took a week off from training while you were playing tourist. You know how a break from training always pays you back!

I prescribe Epsom salt baths, some pain-relieving gel - and try ice if they're really that bad.

Hope they improve fast.

Andj said...

LOL doing a britney - That could become a saying. Sometimes when you feel like that it is your body trying to tell you to have a rest.
Hope you are feeling better soon,