Saturday, May 31, 2008


First - not so nice news :( Today I saw my lil bro and his GF shopping, she was trying on dresses for the races next weekend. My bro was talking to my OH while I goo-gaaed her looking gorgeous. Chatted for a bit and left. My OH said "You know he just told me they broke up. He's just with her today as friends shopping". I nearly burst into tears in the shopping centre. My voice went shaky and tears welled up... They've been together about two and half years. She's such a sweet girl, and he's nuts about her. I have that 'problem' where I take on everyone else's issues and feelings and it cuts me so deep. I don't know whether I was crying for him and the pain as my little brother he would be feeling, or if it was for the fact I won't see her anymore as she's become part of the furniture, or just because it's a sad thing to happen to anyone. My bro did come to me later today and we had a good chat... I gave him the big sister 'been there done that' kind of advice, and I think he's actually listening :) It was nice, as I'm 7 years older than him, we've never really been 'close' in a close way if you get me, but I'm glad he knows he can talk to me about that stuff when he needs to. And luckily I don't have that bad feeling in my chest and stomache anymore, that deep, horrible sensation.

Because, after all.......... I HAVE THE HALF MARATHON TOMORROW! (You see, it's always about me :P)

It's forecast to be very windy which is not good as the last 3kms of the run is done along the beach (on a road though), so is veeerrryyyy blowy. I swear when it's really bad no one can run in a straight line. Then add in the legs which have just run 18kms. Today has been overcast, raining and cold. So if it stays like that, hold the rain and the wind ;), conditions should be perfect!

EEEKK! I've picked up my race kit (GO NUMBER #59!!!) ;), got the clothes ready on the bed. I've just gotten an attack of nerves though... my training partner and I have just been finalising our race plan. We're goaling for a.... wait for it... sub 1hr 50m run... eeek. I didn't want to say it out loud as we may not go under it... but anyway, there. I've said it :) My inital goal was to better last year and go under 1hour 55mins. Then everyone at RR pushed me... You'll go under 1hr50m. Gee, no pressure guys :P Coach said I have a 'very strong chance'. Just got to PACE MYSELF, you know, that thing I have a problem with... so I don't burn out too early, need to come home strong!
OK so there's a bit of *wafle waffle* yes I must be nervous...

So the plan is:

4.45am - wake up. Chances are, I will be awake anyway as I can never get a decent sleep the night before a big run. Of course. Just when I need the sleep!

4.50am - straight into warm shower. Put eyes in and race gear on + dressing gown & ugg boots for the kitchen.

5.00am - breakfast, will have the usual. 1/3c oats + 1/2 cottage cheese. I've recently read you shouldn't have too much protein before a run as it can play up in your stomache, but I have that every single day, including all previous runs, so I'll try to ignore that 'research', and go with what I always do!

5.10am - strap foot. I usually do this the night before and sleep in it, but last time it drove me insane and got so hot and itchy that in my sleep I tore it all off.

5.25am - shoes on, check strapping and insoles are all in right position. Fix if have to. Use biro to mark on hand 5km split times I need to be under to reach goal!

5.30am - Check everything needed is in backpack including spare clothes, towel and a COMB! (I never seem to have a comb in my bag after I've washed my hair!). Grab water, gatorade, food after double check GUs are in pocket of race shirt.

5.40am - at the latest. In the car, straight to the start. Shouldn't be too much traffic on road that early on a Sunday morning.

6.00am - Should be there. Dump my bag, learn the course, chat to everyone, psyche myself up.

6.10am - last toilet run.

6.13am - warm up for 2-3 minutes before taking jacket off. Don't want to warm up too long, I've gotta survive 21.1kms, there's a lot of warming up to do in there!!

6.30am - race begins!

8.30am - my fate is determined :P

There's also a 5km fun run that starts at 8.30am. I've got seven excited clients I've talked into giving it a go. I most probably won't see them before the start as I'll still be running, or just coming in. They're determined to see me... which won't be a pretty site coming over the finish line!! I'll be there with my camera as they finish though, I can't wait to see how they go!! I'll convert everyone to running just yet.... *evil giggle*

10am is random prize drawers including $1000 worth of stuff from our local sports store. One being a pair of the latest, not-even-on-the-shelves-yet Asics Kayanos. THEY ARE SOOOO MINE!!! I'd even sacrifice my goal time for them.
Maybe not.
Who am I kidding... NO WAY!! ;)

PS: I did buy the LJ top today!! YAY!! Will be part of my post-race outfit :P

Friday, May 30, 2008

Good enough reason for me!

Another LJ purchase is on tomorrow's agenda! Got an email today advertising this:

(OK so it's a little small, but 50% of proceeds on these $29.99 tops will be donated to the Heart Foundation)

It does have my favourite word on it so how can I say no!?


ONLY 1 MORE SLEEP TILL MINI PIZZAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

3 More Sleeps to go!!!!!!

Quite a non-eventful day. I had a great sleep last nite, out to it by about 9pm and slept all the way through till 5.30am - yipee for later starts! Still didn't stop the yawns all day though.

I had my sports massage this afternoon, so I'm all limbered up for the half. She used a 'tens' machine on me... not sure if I like it or not, especially the accupuncture setting. It really felt like a sewing machine was running rank on my back! Then the cups came out, I will have my bewdiful alien-like bruises up my spine again! I did have a thorough working over, which I needed as it has been about a month :)

Did a small little run this afternoon as per my program. Warm up then 10 x 30secs on, 30sec off intervals, then cool-down. My legs are a bit tired from yesterday so didn't want to over-do it :)
My feedback from yesterday's effort was "What an amazing run!". Gotta be happy with that!!

So 3 more sleeps to go... I've already ordered my Saturday nite carb-up meal. OH is going to make our favourite splurge meal of our healthy mini-pizzas. Topped with chicken and lotsa veges and fruit (ok that sounds weird, but pineapple IS a fruit!!). MMMmm bring on Saturday nite!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cripes, where'd I pull that from!?!?!?

Today's training plan was a 3km Time Trial. Actually it was yesterday's plan, but, well... let's not go there. This morning I did RPM and caned it, but still had to do the time trial... that's what I love about having someone to check in to! I couldn't wuss out of it!

As I mentioned before, I've had a very disrupted 4 weeks with training and have conveniently opted out of the speed sessions in favour of the slower ones, when I've needed rest, so my speed hasn't been put to the test too much lately.

Based on that, coach said a strong run would be either side of 14mins. Last time trial earlier in the year I did in 14.06. His other instructions: DO NOT run the first km any faster than 4:40.


Seems I have a wee problem pacing myself.

I was against the wind and it hurt from the word go. My legs were so heavy (RPM certainly would have contributed to that!), I was so sure the first km would be at least 5mins .
I looked at my watch... 4:14. WTF?!?!? How'd that happen??

Righto, keep it strong, no need to go faster, just hold the pace or back off slightly as to not throw up. Passed the 2km mark in 8:52, so as expected, slowed down a bit.

In the back of my mind my 2005 PB of 13.46 was sitting there, wanting to rear it's ugly head, but odds were against me doing a newie today...

Last km was a lap of the park. A loop that seems to never end. Unfortunately there were a few people around, I'm sure they would have heard my breathing and talking to myself from 100m away. "COME ON".

I nearly passed out as I went over the finish line at the 3km mark... HOLY CRAPOLA, 13.20. After I crippled over, I had to double, and triple check the clock. Yep, I did it. I couldn't breathe, but I had done it! AND I wasn't in a real race, where there were people to catch-up to!

I was in quite a lot of pain and wondered why the HELL do I do this. And considered 'retiring' from all forms of running right there and then. But after about 2mins rest, the pain was gone and I jogged, very slowly, for another 25mins.

Runs like that prove that the PLEASURE of doing a PB and running strong, way outweigh the PAIN of the race -a few hours later that is :P


Now, better let coach know... Hope I'm not in tooo much trouble for being bad and going against his wishes by going out way too fast ;P

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Bottomless Pit

That is my stomache! I'm so hungry, and it's just annoying!!!!!! I seem to never stop eating. Super duper metabolism, or something like that ;)

Must reign it in though, I've been a little carefree the past week, and it's showing on the evil scales, but more so in just how I'm feeling. Time to tighten it up, or that's what my pants are going to be doing. I'm feeling sluggish too, tired, all the time.

Or maybe that's just from all the running I was a little unprepared for on the weekend.

Only 5 more sleeps till the half marathon! ;)

Oh and on my last post - just wanted to clarify that OH's dad was in no way referring to me being 'over' weight in any way. Mackay gal, Olympian Benita Johnson had been featured in the newspaper in preparation for the marathon, and she appears really skinny - which is the only way to describe the pic - than when running the 10,000m. He was referring to the fact that I will never have that lean, middle-distance runners body, coz i'm just not that build :P

One Comment You Should NEVER Say... someone like me.

"You'll never run a marathon, you're just not the right build"
That's what my OHs father said to me at the dinner table. My wonderful boy retorted with
"She will be able to run a marathon, just not fast".
Did he just make the situation worse? I'm not sure, my brain hadn't processed past the first comment yet.
Quite a few different thoughts swirled in my head in those few microseconds...
"Gee thanks for your support"
"What's he trying to say, I'm pudgy"
"I never said I was going to run a marathon"
"BUT DID YOU KNOW I JUST RAN 28kms A FEW WEEKS AGO... on a HILLY course... which is likened to the same difficulty as a marathon..."
"You bastard"
Unfortunately for him, I have a very very good memory and a few years back in the first few months of meeting him, he said a similar thing. Not that he'd remember it, but there's no way I've ever forgotten it...
"You just don't have the build for running. Runners are like this" *sticks little finger up*
(I almost stuck my middle finger up).
1. I've always been the first person to say I'm not a 'natural' runner. Built for comfort, not speed ;) I have muscles and I like my muscles. In fact Sue said to me in Brisbane "You have very muscley legs for a runner", (that stroked the ego!!! ;) ), and I always have and I'm proud of them. It's taken me a while to accept, but they are STRONG!
2. I've never going to be a fast runner, or break any speed records! But I don't do it for that reason... I DO IT COZ I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
We get along great, and he's not trying to be rude or upset me.... it's just how he is. He's very lucky I'm in a lot more stable frame of mind than a few years back and can brush it off...
So now... First goal for 2009.... MARATHON!!! *EVIL GIGGLE*
(For some stupid reason blogger is being a sh!t and not allowing spaces between paragraphs...GRR)

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Countdown Begins...

6 more sleeps until my half marathon!!

The local one here that is :) My goal is to beat my time from last year. I should, based on previous runs, but who knows on the day! This will be only my second one - although I have covered this distance many times in training, but I love the adrenalin in the 'races'. My training has been quite errr... crappy lately. I won't even mention the foot - which WAS good until I wore little heels last weekend - but being away threw me out of routine and along with that goes the mojo...
The 18kms on Saturday morning killed me, I had a nana nap about lunch time. Backed it up with 10.9kms Sunday afternoon (and yes, the .9kms is very important!). I wasn't sure of the course we were to run, but my new shoes were all dry and ready to be run in, so I threw them on, only to get there and find we were running 5kms of it on the bloody beach. So again, they were soaked and filled with sand. Repeated cleaning process last night. I was buggered during the run, I came in second last - not that I care. My legs wouldn't co-operate and I didn't want to push it and be fatigued all this week.

I finally registered and paid for the Gold Coast half! Yay - 5 weeks and 6 days to go as coach kindly told me today!!

I'm looking forward to having a break from the longer training after the GC half, although it's been a part of my training since November last year. I think my body will like the break, and it gives my foot a chance to properly heal, along with all my other niggles that I'm need even bothering mentioning as they change weekly! I won't know myself though without a BIG goal. The fun (ie bloody tough) runs are later in the calendar... 3kms and 1.6kms, which as much as they kill me are more my 'thing'. Hoping to smash some more PBs :)

I'm tired of talking about running, so best do some real work!! ;)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How To Christen Brand New Running Shoes...

Prepare to do about an hour run.
Put NEW shoes on while still half asleep and without seeing the outside conditions.
Start running in the dark.
Oops it's raining lightly, but should pass.
Onto beach - OK, this wasn't in the plan for the Breaking in of New Shoes
And what better way to test their stability than to do some rock climbing, on wet slippery rocks.
Realise this is going to be a looong run, forget the one hour.
Now it's really pouring down, shoes are holding water and feeling 2kgs each.
Now we can't even see, shoes are squeaking and slooshing about - won't even mention that our clothes have become wetsuits... (now there is a reason I don't do triathlons)
On the home straight, the pathway has become a fast-flowing river ankle deep. No point salvaging the shoes now.
Finally arrive back at shelter 18kms later, take shoes off, pour out excess water.
Stuff with newspaper and put in warm spot. Except there's still no sun.
Admire the newly acquired blisters on feet.

At least I did learn today that you shouldn't dry running shoes infront of a heater... apparently the stuffing with newspaper is the trick. Let's hope the shoes don't get out of shape or lose their bounce they started with before becoming waterlogged...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And more pics!

Me & Lindy Olsen at Southbank
At dinner on Sunday night
Sue & I at dinner
The figure novice tall line-up

Whirlwind Weekend!

Lyndsay back stage.
Show us your abs!
Shelley & Lyndsay
Mwa, Sue and Carolyn. Love the distance, couldn't get any of that yukky brown stuff on us ;)

It started nice and early on Friday morning when Lyndsay and Steve collected me from the airport. It was great to see Lyndsday in person again - it's been about 2 and a half years!! I got to meet their Little Boy, he is just adorable!! He couldn't stop staring at the strange girl beside him in the car who was trying to make conversation with him :) Very cute! Lyndsay & Steve had to register for the comp, and Shelley was there so I got to meet her and have a chat :)

They dropped me at Intraining Run Centre where I got my new shoes! Yay! I'm now an Adidas girl - will see if my feet agree :) Went back to the city and did some browsing then went back to the hotel and met Carolyn and Heidi for the first time, and caught up with Sue. We sat round chatting for a bit - and making Carolyn practise her poses, before Sue and I went for a bite to eat.

Went for an hour run on Saturday morning along the path at Southbank. It was a gorgeous day, and soooo many runners and cyclists out. Perfect start to the day.

The comp - walked in and straight away saw heaps of people I knew. Although it did take me longer than it should have to register Hils and Alicia... and I've met them both in 'real life' before! I think I was just excited to be there and my brain couldn't register quick enough ;) Andj come along and by now the brain was working. Liz hobbled over next and it was really great to speak to everyone in person :) I went backstage to see how Lyndsday was doing - and she was just fine! No nerves, nice and calm, she was keen to get on there and let the 'inner goddess shine!' I felt quite important having the backstage pass around my neck most of the day ;) Comp was great - all the girls looked fab :) We celebrated with dinner on Saturday nite and it was good to chat to everyone a bit more.

Sunday we had an IBO photo shoot at Southbank. Nice windy and cool weather. Dallas & his 'helper' Lindy took some great shots. Was nice to see Lindy again and hear of her experiences. Next was a late lunch, some more shopping, and out to dinner at an Asian restaurant for Carolyn, Heidi, Zita, Sue and myself. Food was great, wine was better!! I certainly learnt a lot, and I know what I like now!! ;)

Monday I had a half day before I had to fly home. Met Carolyn & Heidi for breakfast, then said buh-bye to Sue & Zita and did more shopping before going home. Had a killer of a headace develop mid-morning, definitely wine-induced me thinks, but it was worth-it!!!

Thanks Kristy!

Kristy just left me a message to say she spotted me in the June-July edition of Run 4 Your Life Magazine. I didn't even know about it, so of course ran to buy it ;) It's only a race report, but hey, I'm still in a magazine! And the pics are in colour of course, unlike the newspaper, so you can see just how red I am - matches my shirt! Page 79, I will do autographs ;) Hee hee.
But, YAY!! Now my clients will think I'm reeeaaalllly good ;)

Monday, May 19, 2008

I had SOOOO much fun!

Just a quickie... I'm back. I'm exhausted but I had the bestestest time :)

On comp day, I met sooo many people, learnt heaps of stuff about competing, saw lotsa hot bodies, saw some boys bums backstage, learnt about dream tan, didn't even recognise Lyndsay she was so black. The girls - Carolyn, Shelley, Michelle and Lyndsay - and the one boy I knew, Mr Lyndsay, all looked fantastic. Again a huge congratulations to you all!!

I was also taught by the experts all about wine - they know who they are ;) - ate lots of yummy food, woke up with what must have been a wine headache today, so solved that by spending more money at LJ - more because I'd already spent up there yesterday...

I've got a kazillion photos to sort through, an overloaded suitcase to unpack, and a big day at work tomorrow to prepare for - playing catch-up, so I'll be back at a later date with pics and details!! ;)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Outtie...

I managed to fit in a whole heap of stuff in this busy short week (for me).
*3 x weight sessions
*2 x 50min runs
*1 x RPM
*1 x 30min-ish interrupted walk (don't ya hate it when you see ppl you know and you really have to stop and chat).

I've been to 2 seminars, got to schoomze with Justin Herald yesterday, bought a new suitcase today and made an impulse purchase on a new handbag. ...And I haven't even hit the Brisvegas stores yet.

I've packed, been waxed, spray tanned, printed itineraries and directions to here there and everywhere (bet I still get lost at least once though!!).

And I've also worked!!! :)

Now to spend some last minutes with "what am I gonna do all weekend" OH!

So looking forward to seeing my gal Lyndsay, and Carolyn on stage!! They are gonna ROCK!!! Can't wait to meet lotsa ppl and catch up with others again :)

So see some of you soon, and everyone else enjoy your weekend!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just What the Doctor Ordered

I'm feeling a little bit cheerier now. At last. I had more annoyances occur at work - I think the Law of Attraction is working in this case, so I need to turn it into POSITIVE things to attract! ;)

I did get my run in. A nice easy 50mins. After what I've been doing lately, I felt lazy stopping at that! ;) It was just great when 20mins in, it started raining. Ahhhh two of my favourite things. Running and Rain. At the time, the song "Running" by Evermore was playing on my i-pod... I'm sure I had a goofy peaceful smil on my face, it was just like a scene from a really bad movie...

Little Miss Cranky Pants

I'm in a mood today. I hate the feeling of being so overwhelmed by everything, I nearly cried today when a client asked me how I was. I don't know why I've got that horrible feeling, I just want it to go away. I dealt with all that crap years ago. I do have a major big week, not so with appointments, just with stuff. A seminar today, another half-a-day one tomorrow - I think that's what's thrown me out of whack. I'm also still annoyed at the no-shows - GAH!! Get over it already!!!!!!!

With my schedule this week it's going to be a struggle to fit runs and weights around everything. When I'm free, the studio's not. Even if I'm running at midnight, I will fit it in.

I'm not going to be feeling like a fumpy toad on the weekend thank you.

Or maybe it's not that bad afterall - it's just because it's that time................

Monday, May 12, 2008


Man I'm tired, and its just hit me now, bad. I only got about 6 interrupted hours on Saturday nite, I always toss and turn when I have to be up early for a big run. Not the ideal prep. Last night I thought I'd crash but had trouble dropping off. Last time I looked at the clock was about 10.15pm, and then suddenly it was 4.08am... then I was up not long later.

I've had a crappy day at work with no shows and cancellations. Where's the committment peeps!?! It's been raining today so I'm sure people thinks that means they can't train. ;) That and the change in the weather has been knocking people down with bugs. Yet another one now so what better way to make the most of the time than blog. My brain's not capable of much else I'm afraid! I'm won't get home till after 8pm tonite then will be back here for a 5.30am start again tomorrow. No chance of playing sleep catch-up tonite :( Rest of the week will be the same, but gotta suck it up and hang tough till Friday and I'm on that plane. I'll get on there and just crash. (to sleep, not the plane...)!

Sweet dreams all............. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I've Survived to Tell the Tale

First of all Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there :) I'm certainly not one, but did enjoy having lunch and spoiling my wonderful mother.

I was up at 4.45am for my 28km race. Conditions were overcast which was perfect as I was going to be on the road for a loooong time. Start time was supposed to be 6.30am but we didn't actually get away till about 6.50am... which means there was more sun.

Me and the two ladies I run with took it niiiice and slooow. Our goal was just to finish it as 2 of us had never run that far before. Felt great through the 5km, 10km, 15km waterstops, and I actually got a second wind on the way to the 20kms. Had my GU gels at 10kms & 20kms and psychological or not, they worked a charm ;)

Pushed it to 25kms which surprisingly came sooner that I expected then I put on the accelerator for the last 3kms, overtaking someone (which at that stage of the race, I did feel a bit bad for... but my legs couldn't stop! ;) ), and came in in the grand time of 2hours, 38mins and 27 seconds.

I was goalling for under 3hours, so I'm more than happy with that time! The other two made it in just under the 2:40 goal as well. Yipee for the girls! I felt awesome after it, and I still do. Like I still have a bit more in the tank? But not stoopid enough to test that theory ;)

Running is very psychological for me... having never run past 23kms, I had to set my mind that I could do it, and that I would do it comfortably. Last year I only planned to do 20kms of it, and I was a mess at 20kms, and you wouldn't have gotten another metre out of me.

I've been psyching myself up for weeks for this, and all the way kept going with my mantra "I'm feeling good, I'm feeling good". It worked :) Never once did we contemplate walking 'just for a little bit'.

I'm stoked. The experienced runners say if you can do this run, you could do a marathon. The course is very hilly, I lost track of how many hills we actually had to conquer. So that stirs the brain into thinking a little bit... OH did say to me "You can do the marathon on the GC now". (this though, coming from a NON-runner...). Next year I think will be my goal for the big one!

I'm off, the wonderful OH has prepared lunch, and I'm STAAAARVING!! And so he should, he slept in till all hours!! ;)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What's Been Happening??

Had to fit a 5 day working week into 4 days! That's always fun :) I was back in the training groove on Monday, after the indulgences of the weekend. Did legs as hard as I could, which unfortuntately (and for ONCE!), didn't produce much DOMS. Did an RPM session somewhere in there along with 2 runs, a walk and a step DVD from Liz. Today was a noice sleep-in, and after stirring about 4.15am - normal time - I somehow managed to snooze till 8am! It's overcast, yay! It's a rest day because......

Tomorrow is going to be the run of death. I'm attempting 28kms. Just the thought makes me shudder... It can be done relay-style, individuals, or just-run-as-far-as-you-want. Last year I pulled out at 20kms as that was my longest training run prior to my first half marathon. Now that 2 hour runs are a bit more common, I'm sure I could force another 8kms out of my legs... surely! Foot has been going OK (thanks Amy!), and I'll strap it good tonite and cross my fingers. If it hurts, I'm done. And walking is definitely not beneath me! I'm not planning on aggravating any injuries with my stubborn-ness because.........

It's official, I've booked my flights to the GC. I'm gonna do the half down there!! YAY!!!

But before I get too far ahead, I'm looking forward to this weekend coming in Brisbane! Sooo looking forward to getting away and catching up with heaps of people. I'm going into Intraining - which Andj suggested so I can be properly assessed for shoes which are best for my foot. They do a very comprehensive analysis which I'm quite impressed with, so I don't mind spending lots of money in there!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Here she is...

Don't mess with me

So that was me on Saturday nite. I quite like my homemade job of a costume! Now, I just need another party that I can wear it too! LoL I love dress-up parties!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thank God for Public Holidays

I had an awesome nite last nite. We all did. Along with Wonderwoman, Bat Girl, Super Girl, Buffy, Dracula and Jack Sparrow were some of the big names that attended. I've been good for nothing all day, and still in recovery mode now. I forgot how terrible I feel the next day after a big nite. Sad thing is, I think I only had 6 drinks. My tolerance levels are heaps lower, but that's definitely a good thing.

I'll post pics tomorrow when I have my camera on me. We're about to go to the movies, the late session... just because tomorrow's a pub hol! I'm soo needing another day to bounce back ;)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Trip to the Hairdresser

As much as I hate wasting precious hours sitting in the chair, it was long overdue. December last year, she tells me today. I didn't realise it was that long. I went darker and got a few blonde foils randomly throughout, unobvious ones so that regrowth is hidden. I love these guys they know my lifestyle and know I'm a low maintenance chick - tie it back at off I go to work. I certainly don't want to be fluffing around with hair at 4.30-4.45am each morning, only to wash it every time I sweat, which is usually daily! Call me lazy, but I'd prefer the sleep-in time ;) So here's the before and afters...

Ok.. so you can tell its darker but can't quite see the foils. We've also puffed it up a bit, made the most of my minimal wave - its actually quite curly but the photo doesn't show it too well. Coz Wonderwoman has big hair!!!

Speaking of which, I think I'm due to save the world....

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I've bin bizeeeee

Crazy week! All good though, I'm still alive.

Training has consisted of
Monday: legs
Tuesday: RPM
Wednesday: RPM
Thursday: RPM and upper body weights

Why have I become an RPM nerd? - I am really resting my foot from running. I have get it better properly or it's never gonna happen.

I've got a 21st this weekend - my friend and trainer who used to work for me has come back to town to party. Superheroes theme - it's going to be heaps of fun. I've got a costume I made a few years ago for a 30th with the same theme. I've been hanging to wear it again, and finally now I can! LoL Watch out world - Wonderwoman is hitting the town :) So I've got a few bits and bobs to finish off with the costume tonite and tomorrow nite, luckily it still fits me good.

Enjoy the rest of the week!