Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just What the Doctor Ordered

I'm feeling a little bit cheerier now. At last. I had more annoyances occur at work - I think the Law of Attraction is working in this case, so I need to turn it into POSITIVE things to attract! ;)

I did get my run in. A nice easy 50mins. After what I've been doing lately, I felt lazy stopping at that! ;) It was just great when 20mins in, it started raining. Ahhhh two of my favourite things. Running and Rain. At the time, the song "Running" by Evermore was playing on my i-pod... I'm sure I had a goofy peaceful smil on my face, it was just like a scene from a really bad movie...


Kristy said...

Nice sounds like a really nice run...Rain and running is good. I hada great run tonight too :D

No rain for me though :)

Lyndsay said...

Yep, running in the rain is the bestest.

I'll be seeing you not tomorrow, but the day after!!!!!