Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One Comment You Should NEVER Say...

...to someone like me.

"You'll never run a marathon, you're just not the right build"
That's what my OHs father said to me at the dinner table. My wonderful boy retorted with
"She will be able to run a marathon, just not fast".
Did he just make the situation worse? I'm not sure, my brain hadn't processed past the first comment yet.
Quite a few different thoughts swirled in my head in those few microseconds...
"Gee thanks for your support"
"What's he trying to say, I'm pudgy"
"I never said I was going to run a marathon"
"BUT DID YOU KNOW I JUST RAN 28kms A FEW WEEKS AGO... on a HILLY course... which is likened to the same difficulty as a marathon..."
"You bastard"
Unfortunately for him, I have a very very good memory and a few years back in the first few months of meeting him, he said a similar thing. Not that he'd remember it, but there's no way I've ever forgotten it...
"You just don't have the build for running. Runners are like this" *sticks little finger up*
(I almost stuck my middle finger up).
1. I've always been the first person to say I'm not a 'natural' runner. Built for comfort, not speed ;) I have muscles and I like my muscles. In fact Sue said to me in Brisbane "You have very muscley legs for a runner", (that stroked the ego!!! ;) ), and I always have and I'm proud of them. It's taken me a while to accept, but they are STRONG!
2. I've never going to be a fast runner, or break any speed records! But I don't do it for that reason... I DO IT COZ I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
We get along great, and he's not trying to be rude or upset me.... it's just how he is. He's very lucky I'm in a lot more stable frame of mind than a few years back and can brush it off...
So now... First goal for 2009.... MARATHON!!! *EVIL GIGGLE*
(For some stupid reason blogger is being a sh!t and not allowing spaces between paragraphs...GRR)


Kek said...

There's nothing like being told you can't do something to give you the extra grunt you need to actually DO it.

You show him!

Hilds said...

Bugger them!!!!!!!!! I think you could run a marathon! Geez its not like your even slightly overweight and even if you were you could still run a marathon, you show them Selina! How's those new sneakers going, sounds like you well and truly broke them in!


Dianna Broeren said...

Hmmmnph to him! I hope that gives you strength when you start to tire during your race!!!

I say I run......but I really am just plodding along to the real runners..........but it still feels great!!!