Sunday, August 30, 2009

She's Gone Home :(

Back to being by myself. It was a short, but fun weekend. We had people over on Friday night, it was a great nite, we had to kick them out at 2am so we could go to bed!! I guess that's better than everyone leaving early coz it was boring!!!!!!

It was the most glorious day yesterday - we went for a drive to the beach before the restaurant we chose to go to opened for lunch. We never got there... sat at the Marina, had a few wines and four hours later went home! I can't believe it's still officially winter, the weather is amazing :) Love it love it love it!

We had a BBQ to go to last night at another friend's house, then did breakfast this morning before taking them to the airport. I've been moping with a case of the sads all day :(

Early nite tonite then the new week begins................. hope you all had a nice weekend.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Sorting through the boxes of utter crap that followed me when I left home, I came across some old birthday cards. Lucky I bothered to read them, as I found some money in one!! Score!! How I mangaged to leave it in the card and not spend it straight up in the first place is beyond me! 6 months on, I'm $20 richer ;)

My bestie from the GC is here this weekend with her boyf. They get to be my first visitors, aren't they special. Although they were quite horrified to open my fridge - other than spices and a few veges, it's totally empty! Ha!

Have a nice weekend :) I've been looking forward to this one for a loooong time! It's always good to spend time with her and have someoe I can do stuff with, or just do nothing at all and still have fun!! :)))

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Anniversary...

I had my big one two weeks ago. Today's anniversay is even better.

Four weeks ago today when I was in Brisbane with my mummy, these girls came into my life.

Born at 12.30pm on 22/7/09, weighing 250g each.

Happy birthday to my girls - can't imagine life without you!!!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yep, it was Him!

In case my previous post wasn't obvious, after all my lusting over the TV during last week, I had heart palpitations when I read in the newspaper that my new boyfriend was going to be the special guest at the opening of the new nightclub.
I could meet him!!!!!!!!!!

And meet him I did :))))) He's quite small in 'real life' - just perfect for me ;) He was TOTALLY HOT, he had great dress sense, and............ I just wanted to jump on him. But I behaved like a lady :P

I felt like a total groupie getting a photo with him - but I wasn't the only one! So first I sat on the couch kinda below him and got a pic, then the other people moved (why thankyou very much!) and I got to sit up beside him and he introduced himself and we started the small talk stuff. (Which was what he was being paid to do, but I felt sooooo cool all the same). Our arms were touching we had to sit so close... my face was THAT close to his - you know how it is in a club with music! WOW! No one else was really hanging round by this point so I should have stayed and chatted................. but I was so scared I'd make a royal dick of myself by saying something dumb that I made a stupid excuse that I had to go! DANG! L-O-S-E-R. There really weren't that many people hanging around - either they weren't aware he was there, or they just didn't know much about him, or care! Anyway, I had the chance to speak to him so I felt special for just a little bit.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be getting the pictures. It was a random guy that offered to take them for me, and he did take a few. Get to the part where I give him my email address (which is my name and the last 2 digits of my birthyear) and he looks at me like I'm some pre-historic creature and says "is that when you were born???". Just kick me where it hurts. I thought he was about my age.... obviously not. At least I wouldn't have been too old for my Benji ;) Google says he's 38 ;) (And the best part............SINGLE!)

So to this day, I still haven't got the pics emailed through. :( I should have just said it was my favourite number.
So back down from my cloud and to reality...
Work is...............weird. I no longer have to get out of bed at stoopid o'clock, but without having a set appointment to get in there for, I'm a bit lost and don't yet have much structure. I'm so so busy still, I don't know how I fit it all in before. Why is it no matter how much we cut back to un-busy ourselves the days are still soooo damn full!
I've got 2 business mentors that are keeping me on track with all the things I've been wanting to do for a loooong time, along with growing the business. It's good to have them - not just to be accountable to, but to give fresh and new ideas from an outsiders perspective. It's very exciting!
My lil bro went to NZ for a ski trip and got home a few days ago. Five days before he was due to return, he was glassed in a bar in Christchurch. He was very very lucky, had the d!ckhead that did it hit just a few centimetres in towards his nozzle, he could have lost his eye. He came home bruised and with stitches - so so so lucky. An off-duty ambulance officer witnessed it, so he was well looked after. My bro was taken to the police station and had to make a statement. There was a write-up in the NZ paper and all and the d!ckhead who did it is going to court soon.
My brother was an innocent by-stander, this has been backed up by all witnesses. IF this guy doesn't plead guilty (but as the police said - he'd be stupid not too, there were too many people that saw it), my bro will have to go back to NZ for the court case.
He's downplayed it all - he didn't even call to tell my parents as he knew they'd just panic. Which they would.
It's so scary though, you just don't know what losers are going to do with a few drinks in them. I'm all for the banning of glasses in pub and clubs - bring on the styrofoam!
Well I might go and re-watch some of the Underbelly episodes. Back to my dream-land. It's more fun there :)
(and for some STOOPID reason, blogger will not let me put spaces between my paragraphs although I've edited it FIVE times to do so. This control freak doesn't like it looking so damn cluttered. Time to turn puter off before it ends up broken...)


To those who know Lyndsay, she had a little girl yesterday at 10.53am weighing 3540g.
Both of them are healthy and very happy :)
If she's anything like her mother, she'll be a stunner!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


(no, not with a SpeedDate applicant... and thanks to Kelly for your comment - there we go, it was never something I signed up for after all!!! :P )

Although I finally have internet access at my house (YEEHA!) I've been MIA from the internet world - not because I wanted my sexy(?) 70s pic to stay at the top of my blog - but because I had a hot date every night last week.

I developed a huge crush, and I think it's now love.

My hot dates involved a lot of time on the couch with the television and the first Underbelly series.

Meet my new boyfriend:

What on earth will my mother say!

I had no idea who he was - sorry never watched Blue Heelers - so I let google do the background work for me and last week all I wanted was my TV. Coz that's how I could see him daily. Of course!

There's something I love about a tattooed bad boy on TV - that hot bad ass on The OC, and now my 'Benji' -but I reckon if I saw them in the streets I'd run and hide!!!

And to put your mind at ease, I'm in love with the actor, not the character he played... Just in case you thought it was my life goal to be a gansta's gal! ;)


Last Thursday I read in our newspaper that a new club was opening on Friday. It looked GREAT and I really wanted to check it out but I knew I had no one that would go out with me. (Remember I have no friends that don't have a tribe of young kids!!!!!).

Friday morning I HAD to go... then I got over it by lunchtime and resigned myself to a Friday night alone with more television. But my boy Benji had been killed off Underbelly by this stage so it wasn't as appealing. I really really wanted to go out again. I went through all my phone contacts and tried whoever I thought may be keen. I was rejected. I nearly cried. "EFF THIS, I'm selling my business and moving to a city where I can have FRIENDS!".

I had one last person to contact who I knew is a social butterfly and BINGO, she was going to the opening. Just happens to be one of my newly aquired business mentors. ;)

This place was AWESOME! Oh and as the Thursday paper mentioned, which was part of my NEEDING to go, there just happened to be a special guest star for the Opening....

JUST GUESS WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C'mon, c'mon... and guess who I got to see, meet, and touch as we sat side-by-side on the couch for a photo and a chat....


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reason #467 Why You Shouldn't Drink...

Because you just might hop on the computer when you get home in the wee hours of the morning, and sign up for a Facebook application like, say... Speed Date.

Obviously a good idea at the time...

I had no recollection until checking my inbox just now and there's eighteen new speed date messages.

Oh crap. What have I done, and how do I 'unsign' up....

(In my defence it was my first night out in six months, waaaay before comp and the banning of alcohol. I'm going to have to ban it again).

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Shagadelic Baby, Yeah!

Party was fun, everyone made an effort to dress up and there were some fantastic costumes. Apparently I was the only one with a genuine 70s outfit though. What was my mother thinking back then... :)

Friday, August 07, 2009


Three posts in a week, that's getting a bit much isn't it! ;)

Thanks guys for all your comments on my last entry - it certainly has been one hell of a year and I don't want the ride to stop! I hope if anyone else has gone through stuff like that, that you realise there is a happily ever after, after all. :)

After whinging that I get lonely at home, I have only been home once in the past eight nights! But I wan't alone - my sister came over for tea - her hubby is in New Zealand so she's a bit lost as well. On Wednesday night we were given premiere tickets to "The Ugly Truth" - it's a good movie! If you want a laugh, do it - my ribs were hurting and she nearly had her baby. It's a bit rude, but if you don't get offended by that, you'll like it.

I met the gorgeous Miss Hilde for tea this morning. I can't say coffee as we both had tea! For so long we've said we'll do it, but life just gets busy :) It was nice to catch up with her and chat about all our similar stuff - although she can run that marathon alone! She's running for a great cause, so I was more than happy to sponsor her. Rather you than me Hilde! Go girl. ;)

Condolences to Kerryn, Bike Boy and their three boys - thinking of you Kekky. {{HUGS}}

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend - I've got a crazy 70s party to go to - it's going to be hilarious - I'm wearing my mum's Engagement Dinner outfit from 1978. Why she still has it I have no idea - but in this case I'm happy she's a hoarder - I get a genuine outfit ;) Depending on how silly I look, I will post pics :)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!!

Today marks the 7th month anniversary of my freedom from a LOSER!!! To my blog readers from way back - can you believe my infamous break-up was seven months ago today!! YAY!!! Although it didn't seem like it at the time (it never does, god bless hindsight), it was the best thing that could EVER have happened to me, and I've NEVER been happier!!!

I was reading back through my old posts on the weekend - man, wasn't I a mess! But some of the things I said have all happened:

6th January: "I know I'll come out the other side, in 6 months or so this will seem silly. I can't wait to get there."

So 7 months later here we are and let me say I got there way quicker than 6 months, try 6 weeks!! Never has a girl's trip to Bali been timed better :) New 'happy memories' were created with people who will be in my life FOREVER!

15th January: My goal is to make myself SO HOT. He is going to regret ever letting a HOT, AWESOME chick like me go. I'm going to pretend I'm the happiest girl in the world. Revenge is sweet, and I think that will be the best revenge.

Hows that for a goal!! tee hee. And to pretend I'm the happiest girl - hell no!! I AM the happiest girl!!!

22nd January: "I have plans this year, I have BIG plans this year. Something to keep me focused, to keep me busy and occupied, and to make me LIVE, not just go through the motions like I have been. And although ultimately it's for ME, to rub it in his deceiptful, slimy, pathetic face."

My mum always said I was stubborn - my whole life if I've said I'm going to do something, I've done it. After all the crap, I did set some BIG goals and planned some BIG stuff, and I've done them all!!! Although even I didn't realise at the time, just HOW big!

To compete - twice!!! Even more exciting was bringing home some bling in the second comp! Does that count as making myself HOT? ;) Can't get much hotter than comp condition, right?!

For many years I've said I'm going to take a step back from the training side of my business and focus on the managerial side and marketing - to take it to the next level really. This is official now but still taking shape! Done! My job is to look after my four fantastic trainers :)

I've got my own place!!

Although I wanted these things so bad as 'revenge', I have absolutely ZERO care-factor for him, he doesn't even enter my realm of thinking and I don't give two hoots if he knows any of the above or not!

I've done every single bit of this for me :) No one else :) He was holding me back and I just didn't realise!

(Although I will admit it felt quite good when I saw his mum and sister in the shopping centre - both who I on really good terms with - and all of those things came up in the conversation! And that mum and I had just came back from a few nights in Brisbane, having a break. Just because we can. tee hee)

GO ME!!!!!!!!!!

What's next, what's next, what's next?

Oh and NO, I don't have any men on the scene. That seems to be my most commonly asked question at the moment!

Don't have one, don't want one, don't have any time for one ;)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Boring Old Chook

That's what I am :) Got a bit of blogger's block happening...

Not alot going on in my world at all. Just work. And a bit of play. I had a networking event on Friday night. A few wines go a lot further than they used to.... oops. I'll say no more.

I've also become a groupie for our local team in the Queensland Basketball League - I love love love going down to watch. I never understood the girlies that would follow footy teams around and support every game, I hated footy. Hate the fights. Hate the culture. But the atmosphere at the basketball is amazing. Plus the fact my bro-in-law and sis are corporate sponsors (as he used to play for them) so we get box seats plus drinkies and food. ;) Our team have made the finals for the first time in ten years, so that's very exciting! haha - how sad do I sound!

I love living by myself, but find I've been getting so lonely! I need a pet rock or something :) I go home to mum and dad's all the time - like now- just for company! (Plus they have the internet teee hee hee - I still can't get it at home dammit). I watch heaps more TV now, I was never a TV person. Although I must have ADHD with sticking to one thing- I'm currently in the middle of the Harry Potter DVDs (although that's a weekend thing, they're long movies) ;), Sex & The City series, Gossip Girl series and Underbelly Series.

And I'm in the middle of no less than four books at the moment. Is that strange?!

Well... eat time, so over and out. Here's a few more pics from my first comp, just coz they're on this computer... ;)