Monday, September 28, 2009

Who Wants to Go to the Circus in Brisbane?!

After puchasing these tix earlier this year, my bestie and I can't go now :(

Concert Date: Tuesday 24th November in Brisbane
3rd Row Seats - Lower Circle, Diamond Reserved

Concert is sold out

We're selling the tickets for the purchase price of $200 each

Anyone interested?? Could everyone please put the word out to anyone who may be interested?!?

Any takers, any takers, any takers!?!?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!!!!!!!!!

I'm all pumped up for a SMASHING week this one! I've got a new weight training program all ready to go, and I'm looking forward to feeling getting my running back upto 'top speed' ;).

Heaps on at work - so so soooo busy, but I find I'm way more productive when I'm flat out as opposed to just floating along.

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Here's to a SENSATIONAL week!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are SOOOO freaking cool!

I've got a really cool friend, previously from primary school, in my life at the moment, we caught up earlier this year after so many years with no contact and I'm so so so glad we 'found' each other again.

Our friendship has been rekindled and we spend a lot of time together because unfortunately she came out of a long term relationship about five weeks ago. I took her under my wing, as I said to her "Babe, you can tell me anything. Trust me, I know how you're feeling. I'll look after you" She's in the same 'category' as me - young-ish, single and wondering what happened to those childhood dreams of the Knight in Shining Armour!!!

I must have done an OK job as she said to me "You should be a counsellor". Real life experience is all it was though. I know how helpless and lost and lonely and sucky she felt, all I wanted to do was give an ear, and I hope in some small way I made things just a little bit better for her, and will keep doing.

So now I finally have a new best friend so similar to me, we've been inseparable! hee hee. She's my partner in crime, and it's great to have someone to do stuff with again :)

Dinner, movies, lunch, just hanging, it's really really fun! :) So today we decided to do a late lunch at the marina and hang around after it at the sports bar where everyone apparently goes on Sundays. No drinkies for us, on the hard water!

When we left in my little red rocket, some guys in a hotted up car drove beside us. I slowed so they'd get ahead... so they slowed. I went up to the speed limit, you guessed it, so did they, all the while giving us the thumbs up and signalling they wanted our numbers. They looked sooo young. We were pissing ourselves laughing wishing they'd get the hell away and do the freaking speed limit at least.

As they finally did we see the personalised number plate:


Which, judging by their egos, we think is meant to read ' so large'. Oh my god - to make matters worse there was a P Plate hanging off the back of the car! BAHAHAHA!! It was hilarious!!!

Least we know we can still pull a teenager if desperate!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sheeeee's BACK!

I'm finally feeling like ME again!!!!!!! I've pretty much had two months of hell. I've never felt so so so crap in my life. I seriously wanted to jump off a bridge. (Be careful what you wish for though - I was invited last week to take part in a charity fundraiser - dressing up crazy and... jumping off our CBD bridge...!)

From being shit-hot (in my head at least!) at comp with all the focus and hardcore training and dieting, to having surgery and not being able to train, and of course eating whatever the hell I felt like because I can, I went off the rails. I looked in the mirror a few weeks post comp and op and I was FAT. I cried and cried and cried, it seemed to happen overnight. I gained 6kgs - I weighed in at 45kgs at the All Fems. For crying out loud, 51kgs IS NOT FAT but it was so hard to accept and I loathed how I felt. I hated the flabby, wobbly, soft body I was living in, having been lean, hard and muscular all year. I'm still 'dealing' with it, but it will take time. I also knew it was my own fault, but I felt so helpless to fix it.

I couldn't do, or chose not to do any impact cardio or weight training until I had the all clear from my surgeon. I'm looking after these babies, I'm not going to do anything to affect the healing. I attempted power walks, which bored the everythings outta me. Couple of spin classes, but there was no structure. Food was my focus and now that I wasn't on a strict comp diet, I could have a few drinkies again. I LOVE to socialise, I love to meet people and have FUN.

My bestie from the Gold Coast came up for a weekend, I was in my element - I had a friend!! Had the bestest weekend........... then she left. I went through a major depressive patch. I was so so so sooooooooooooooo lonely again. It made me realise just how much I need my friends in my life.

I did hit rock-bottom, I really really found a dark place that I never knew existed. I hated the unmotivated, depressed, sad, unpassionate person I'd become, but I had no idea how to get out. I knew I was in trouble when my family and friends started to worry. And my staff members - I thought I carried myself well but they can see straight through me. I simply had to claw myself back out, there was no other option.

So it was good timing that I had a quick overnighter in Brisbane last week with my mummy, we have SO much fun together -she is my bestest friend!! I shouted her as she's done absolutely everything for me this year :) I was there to have my post-op consult with my surgeon, but really it was a great excuse to do some shopping.

After getting the all clear, I snuck back to the gym, trying to avoid everyone. Yea right. Everyone had noticed I'd been away.

After 7 weeks of no heavy training I've been in a world of pain. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it though, I've missed that feeling. I had my first PT smashing on Thursday and I was so smashed I walked out in a daze and forgot to pay. How embarassing!!

And who would have thought doing chest presses with FIVE kg dumbbells could hurt so much. Oh.My.God - I've never been so sore! My ego copped a hiding.

I've also been getting out of my comfort zone and doing stuff alone. I was once a sooky-la-la that would do nothing without a friend, but now I'm going to places that I've been invited to by someone who knows someone, and I'm having the bestest time! I had a whole heap of fun going to a show last Saturday night that I'd never even think of going to 'normally', and managed to find myself four new clients in the process! Hows that for 'networking'. LOL

For the first time all year, I'm finding out what my new 'normal' is. From coming out of a looong-term relationship to overseas then straight into the strictness of comp prep and not socialising then finding my own place then comp finishes then surgery happens, then I 'retire' as a PT... it's been so FULL-ON, I didn't really know what I wanted or who I was with all the other normality that was previously my life, having ended.

It's been the little things - taking all my supplements, getting lots of water in, and some form of training every single day that's gotten me back on track.

I have a friend who I'm staying accountable to with mini-goals, and today I'm happy to say I smashed my Saturday goal just by eating properly and training again. It's always a work in progress, as long as I keep my body active and healthy my mind is clear too. That's all I'm worried about for now.

I know I'll crash again, BUT I've learnt no matter how many times I fall, I will keep on getting up.

I've learnt when my training is on track and I'm feeling good about ME, my life feels on track and most importantly I'm happy and someone you'd WANT to hang out with! :) Those happy endorphins are good little things aren't they!

So girls - who wants to come up to QLD for a holiday :) I can supply all the essentials - accommodation, transport, gym, fridge. And the weather is awesome right now!! (Jeh??) ;)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Figure Girls in the Making...

My best friend brought her kidlets over to see me this afternoon.

They found my shoes...

Here's my goddaughter, Miss Five Year Old...

And Miss Two Year Old had to do what big sis did!

Lucky my shoes are only a size 4!!!!


I'm soooo excited, the butterflies are going crazy in my belly! For no reason other than I'm so pumped, nervous and excited for all the girls competing this weekend! I remember it all so fondly

Get up there, strut your stuff and have a great time doing it girls! You've worked so damn hard for it - now it's your turn to SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never wish 'Good Luck' as "Luck is for the Ill-Prepared" so just HAVE FUN doing your thang! :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Comp Pics

Hey, have any of you girls who competed at the All Females received your professional photos from the day yet??

I haven't - have I missed out, or have they still not been distributed??