Monday, July 23, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Nice butt Shar!!!

I love this pic... Shar and other girl congratulating each other, but check out the look on the first-place getters face. She was shellshocked and had that look on her face for a good 5 mins at winning!! Too funny :)

Back to Real Life :)

I had a great time in Melbourne! Went into the city on Friday - unfortunately the weather wasn't the nicest. Saturday was comp day. I went to the IBO coffee catch-up before heading to it. Got to finally meet Sue, Jodie, Hilde, Kelly, Kerry, Ali and Natalee. The comp was great - being my first one I was a bit awe-struck! I briefly caught up with Alicia again, had a chat to Lia, and finally met Shar!! She was awesome on stage. She's a little pocket-rocket! And congrats Shar on your Best Routine award!! All the girls on stage looked great - and that's an understatement.

Sunday I flew home, but not before going on a bit of a field trip into Kinglake National Park with Kerryn. Was cold, was veeeerrryy cold - the kind of weather I was expecting all weekend! Pic is here.

Very tired when got home, and although I fought off my cold/flu the whole time I was there, it's hit a bit harder now, but at least I was healthy enough down there.
Boofhead me left my camera down there, so can't post pics I took, however Kerryn sent me home with a heap on disc.

I had heaps of fun, Kek fed me well ;), saw lots of wonderful ppl, couldn't ask for more!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Finally... got in yesterday at 1.30pm after flying/sitting around all morning. (Decided against the DFO trip in Brisbane)!!!

Just about to go into the city for shopping shopping and more shopping!!!!

Trained this morning so feeling on top of that, and been eating delish meals :)

Gotta run, will post when home, with pics!!

Can't wait to meet so many girls tomorrow and last bt not least...
GO SHAR GO SHAR GO SHAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It's here, it's here, it's here!!! This time tomorrow I'm in MELBOURNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooo soooooooo excited. It's better than Christmas right now!!
After my drama-filled post yesterday, I did have an early nite and I did drug up, but I'm still feeling crap, but am fighting the battle of the bugs, and WINNING!!!! No cold gonna hold me down ;) My poor sick trainer is at work today, we look a perfect picture of health and fitness at the moment.... Of course our clients love throwing it back at us "You's are not supposed to get sick, you're fit and healthy"... extra ammo to cop a flogging ;)
ANYWAY, I got to smash my legs this morning - didn't take much when I'm feeling a bit crappy anyway. I intend to do some cardio this arvo, might sweat some germs out. Then I gotta pack. At the moment, everything is thrown on the bed in no particular order. Whatever's there I'll have to halve. And halve again. Too much crap.
I've got a 3hour wait in Brisbane tomorrow morning, so I'm thinking of jumping in a cab (I believe it's too far to walk in time...?) to DFO. Retail therapy...

SEE YOU WHEN I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


What doesn't kill you will only make you....

Sicker????? It's been a poo of a week. When everything you really DON'T need to happen, happens! I had a late nite on Sunday as I didn't have to start work till 8am on Monday instead of the usual 5.30-6am. So I got stuck into a book and really had trouble putting it down... I eventually closed it, LATE, right in the juicy part, but at least I had a lil 'sleep-in' on Monday. Not to be. Was called at 5am by my full-time trainer - sick as a dog with this horrible flu - obviously not able to make it in. I rushed and crammed to fly into work by 6am, looking a very sorry site!! Not to worry; I survived managing to do my shift, and hers and got home by 8pm Monday nite. Today was the same, did a double shift and oh look, it's 5.30pm - I've already been here 12 hours today. Dammit, another day without the sun :( Anyway, I hate to say it, I haven't done my own training for yet another day... tomorrow *fingers crossed* she'll be feeling better. The poor girl, it's not her fault and it's better she rests so she can get better, but unfortunately it's just bad timing, with me leaving on Thursday! If not, I've got a 6am - 8pm shift again tomorrow, plus making sure everything that has to be done before I leave, is done. Oh, and I guess I have to pack somewhere in there.........
You know when you just have to cry coz you're so stressed/worried, well that's how I felt.....................
Unfortunately all the bugs are attacking me when I'm down... I've been double-dosing the glutamine and vitamin C, but my head is now pounding, and my throat is hurting. All day I've been saying how I CANNOT get ill before I go away, but.... think positive girl, you are FEELING GOOD AND HEALTHY!!! Hopefully an early nite will do it tonite.... and lots of drugs... mmmm bring em onnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Playing Godmother

And then there were four............

More sleeps to go till Melbourne :) I've been just soooo busy at work - choosing the wrong time to go away with all the normal month end stuff to do nevermind financial year end, plus I'm super busy with training - in fact last week I was pretty booked up bar a few slots. I'm very happy with that :) Unfortunately I missed a lot of my planned cardio sessions though, sometimes work just has to be a priority. (Why so much to do...?? I'm the receptionist, administrator, accountant/payroll and data processor, marketing guru, head trainer, cleaner, and 'boss') ;)

I was notified on Wednesday that I had to answer a questionnaire - it was judging criteria for the "Best in Business Awards". Apparently my business has been 'heavily nominated' for the health and fitness award, and so the next step is to do the 'essay'. They said to allow a few hours... and it was to be in on Friday. So as shocked but proud that I was to be nominated, it was just another task on the to-do list! Trying to find those 'just a few hours' was impossible, hence missing cardio, and some hours sleep!!! Will keep you posted as I find out what's going on with this.

The weekend has consisted of: hair appointment, shopping with sis all day yesterday for bitz and pieces including fiddly bitz to take away, doing a little bit of work, sorting out suitcase, had somewhere to go last nite, then had to cram in special time with OH. Today was up early to play Godmother. I had to take Jade-Lyn to Little Athletics. Can you just imagine how cute it is to see a 3 year old do a 60m 'sprint', worm jump (long jump) and vortex throws (Javelin) and bean bag throws (discus). I was having a ball. She'd do a big throw and turn to me with a big proud smile to make sure I'd seen it. It was just the cutest thing I've ever seen!! We had so much fun :) I'm hoping she got some PBs today - will have to compare her score card with previous weeks... Not that I have competitive parent problems or anything... well I tried not to ;) Anyhow after dropping her back to mum, I had to go to lunch, right now I'm supposed to be at a Body Shop party, but hours ran out, instead checking email and this. I'm off to running soon (8km run) then netball training, then home to pack for tomorrow's early wake-up. Looks like I won't be breathing till I'm on the plane :)

I'll be baaaaaaaack! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

PS: Here's a pic from today. This is the vortex throw. You may be able to make out the vortex just leaving her hand.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Sore butt, sore butt, sore butt! Legs are very ouchy today. Did heavy leg press yesterday - surely am paying for it.

Had massage from hell, I jumped high a few times. She always manages to find the spot amongst the messed up back muscles! Coz naughty shoulder isn't getting better too quick, she has recommended a scan as I may have something a little more sinister.........

Enjoy Thursday!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I Can't Count!!!

It's even closer than I thought!!! EIGHT more sleeps till I fly out... one week tomorrow morning :))
Feel like I've got a tad more breathing room - completed the group certificates for all the staff, just gotta do the BAS and ensure all's organised for the two days off work :) And of course, do my best to squeeze in all workouts on time... :)

Later on...

Just got back from trashing my legs - they're gonna be so sore!! - and I kindly asked the owner there to do me up a new program. It'll be good to get some more variety, he's done lots in his career - competed and stuff - and was only happy and said "I'll throw in some different principles and stuff". Eeek how scaryily exciting!!!

Today is also my great nanas 6 year anniversay of her passing away. She died 2 short months off her 109th birthday - yes that is correct, 109. I'm going to be around for a veeeerrry long time :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Till Melbourne!!! I sooo can't wait to get there, but I'm scared of all the stuff I have to finish before I'm allowed on that plane. I'm getting really really scared of how cold it's gonna be though... more the point that I have no 'nice' or trendy warm clothes!!

Anyway, I can wait to meet so many people I've known for ages, and that I've always wanted to.
Starting with the Sensational Sue, my previous butt-kicker Shar, Jodie, Hilde, Kelly (I think!), and a few others from IBO. (Sorry if I've missed anyone!!). I also hopefully get to see Alicia again, and of course, spend some time with Kek - it's only the third time this year we've seen each other!!

I'm very excited, but stressed, but excited, but thinkingabouttoomuchatonetimethatican'tthinkclearly!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIGHTO, work to do, not to think about :P