Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I Can't Count!!!

It's even closer than I thought!!! EIGHT more sleeps till I fly out... one week tomorrow morning :))
Feel like I've got a tad more breathing room - completed the group certificates for all the staff, just gotta do the BAS and ensure all's organised for the two days off work :) And of course, do my best to squeeze in all workouts on time... :)

Later on...

Just got back from trashing my legs - they're gonna be so sore!! - and I kindly asked the owner there to do me up a new program. It'll be good to get some more variety, he's done lots in his career - competed and stuff - and was only happy and said "I'll throw in some different principles and stuff". Eeek how scaryily exciting!!!

Today is also my great nanas 6 year anniversay of her passing away. She died 2 short months off her 109th birthday - yes that is correct, 109. I'm going to be around for a veeeerrry long time :)


Kelly said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!
I will be there. Just told netty I'm finishing up this weekend. See you there!

Hilds said...

Its getting close now! So very exciting, see ya for a cuppa next Saturday! Hilds