Thursday, August 31, 2006

OK WE SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!

At netball that is. Was the sudden death semi-final, and we lost. Down by 7 at quarter time, 3 at half time, 7 again at 3/4 time and lost by 15. When the opposite team got on there roll, they really rolled! It didn't help as one of our strongest players went off in the third quarter with an injury :( But no excuses...full credit to them, they are a nice clean team. So that's it for me with netball this year! Frees up 2 evenings a week to............... RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEE!!!

I have to start doing speed sessions and more interval type training instead of always plodding along at my same slow pace. Hopefully I will improve on some of my current PBs :)
My next run is the "magic mile" this Saturday. I HATE this race with a passion!!! Although it's short.... it's a sprint and it really really kills me!! Id rather do a slow 20kms!!! My time from last year's event was 6mins30secs... It will be interesting to see what this year's is like as training has been hampered nearly all season with injuries! There will definitely be no four minute mile from me though!!!! ;)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well this is prolly the closest two posts have ever been, so I don't really have all that much to update!!
PAINTBALL - well I didn't actually get there. As fun as it sounded, my other half piked it, then I was feeling like not being pelted, and the whole bruises for the wedding drama made me think twice... so instead I spent 2 hours in the kitchen cooking up (which I'm now SOOOO grateful thinking required for meals!!), then I actually relaxed with a book for 30mins, then took off for a 6km club run. I did it in 31.11mins, which by 'normal' standards is slow for me, but for my current condition, I was quite happy! I pushed it, but it was bearable :) Then I headed off to netball training for an hour.
TRAINING - YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been putting it off, procrastinating "when will be a good time", as I have been very bad and done no weight training since my illness (not an excuse but I did take a long time to recover...serious!! finally I'm back to normal).... I did it yesterday, just back and biceps, but ouch, I feel like I've been bashed up. It was only 'weener' weights as well... how embarassing!! My back is the 'hardest' place to get sore, so if it's pulled through this time, I can only imagine what my chest and legs will be like *cringe*
NETBALL - Welllll tonite is the nite for us!! It's the knock-out semi final, so it's DO OR DIE!! I'm quite pumped, just had my little food/energy fix which should last me the distance! I had a few knots in my stomache all day, and have been quite excited, I feel like a kid again! :) I was always one of those kids at school who got so nervous before athletics carnivals that I made myself ill!! I'm feeling a little like that right now! LoL. The colours I've typed in are my teams
colours... GO TEAM GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
WEDDING - My sis' not mine :) 2 weeks this Saturday *gulp* I get to actually see my bridesmaid dress tomorrow, I was measured up in May, and that's all that's been done!! Hopefully tomorrow there will be something to put on. In the nice pretty pink I will be in... thank goodness for spray tans, or I would be looking like a pale pink blob :)

Kelly - to answer your question, my sis and I are VERY alike in looks. She is 2 years and 2 months younger than me, but for years we've been mistaken for twins. So much so that both her and I have been accused of cheating on boyfriends when others have seen us out... thinking that she was I and vice versa!!! LoL We have an agreement that is if anyone smiles or says hi to us around town, to always smile back and be polite... they're probably thinking of the wrong sister!! We've both been accused of being rude when giving blank looks, especially a lot of my clients... hehe, hence the agreement!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your weeks girlies, I'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!


Sunday, August 27, 2006

SUMMER'S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's SUCH a gorgeous warm day here today!!! It's perfect weather, I shouldn't be inside on the computer!!!!
I'm having problems getting out of bed in the mornings! Both Saturday and this morning I've set my alarm to get up for a run, but both times I just couldn't get out of bed. It's terrible, I get up between 4.30 and 5.30am on weekdays to go to work and train clients, but I can't do it for me!!! I know how much better I'll feel if I just do it, but I just couldn't!! What I'm finding is that on Monday - Wednesday I'm great, energetic and enthusiastic, but i crash big time on Thursdays and Fridays. I need my working weeks to be shorter!! LoL I need to pace myself a little more, I also had a bit of a restless sleep week, and there's no reason I can pin-point *puzzled expression*
I saw the second Pirates of the Caribbean last nite. Wasn't bad, but went a lot longer than I expected! I just washed my car before, and that always puts me in a good mood. How bizarre... must be coz I'm in the sun soaking up the vitamins!
Well, best be off, got some meal portioning to do, then I'm off to play Paintball this afternoon!!!! I'm hoping I don't get too bruised as I really don't want purple and yellow spots for my sis' wedding!!!
Enjoy your Sundays :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006



First pic is of MOI and one of my besties (she's preggers!!)

Second pic is of Haylea (bridesmaid) and Michelle (my sis and the bride).

I'm 'head' bridesmaid.

We are perfecting our Charlie's Angels try-hard poses here. LoL

See Michelle's gun... it's a water pistol, and was a bit of a hit up town ;) LoL

Twas a fantastic nite, we all had a blast in our combat gear. I can't believe it's only THREE weeks till her BIG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing my last efforts to be a BUFF Bridesmaid!! :)) It's gonna be SOOOO MUCCHHHHHH FUN!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Naughty Naughty!!!!!!!!

Look how long it's been since a blog!!!!!! One hen's nite and I'm out of whack for a week.
It was a great nite, my sis had heapsa fun which is all that matters :) Thanks for those who emailed the suggestions for games!! We were in combat theme, and everyone looked awesome and got involved with it :) We started with her bridal shower (the other bridesmaids live out of town so did it all in the one nite), she scored big time!! Then onto the "real" part. My legs were wobbly after one drink.... how sad!! I'm not a drinker but if I can't for her hen's nite, when can I be!! I gave her her "gifts" then we did the quiz/questionaire on Michelle and Greg - of which Greg's mum won! We played pass the parcel - the parcel being a clean shot glass to be dunked in our punch bowl of green sludge and "shot" (it was simply vodka/jelly shots that hadn't set!) Hilary - your game with the cork and water and candle was a cracker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(After a few drinkies tie a cork attached to a long piece of string around waist. Need a cup of water half way down the room, and a candle at the end. Must run and not using hands, dunk cork in water then run and put out candle). It was hilarious.... I came dead last, so much for my 'athletic' ability!! LoL We eventually got into town where my sis had her tasks to complete... she did good!! As for getting her first drinks at every bar free, she did better... got a jug for all of us as one stage!!! When we were out I realised how much I DON'T miss the partying life! Oh, plus the fact I felt soooo damn old!! LoL Anyway a great nite ended at 4am Sunday :) I will post some pics, they are great!
Soooo of course I was a write-off last Sunday. I wasn't sick or anything, just felt like crap, from drinking and lack of sleep! Then that dribbled over to Monday, to Tuesday.... So it was a self-inflicted crap week last week!
Alls good this week so far :) We have our netball final round game tonite. We have somehow gone from about 5th to third... if we win tonite and the 2nd placed team loses, we jump to equal second. Semi-finals are next week, and depending where we end up on the ladder, hopefully we can get to the final!!! First place is waaaaay in front, they flog everyone, but 2nd-5th place is so tight, we have beat them all, but have also been beaten by them all! The team we play to nite has in the past month recruited a former national league player for the Firebirds. Obviously in our comp she is a stand-out, but its exciting to be on court with someone of her standard! Small things......... :)
Gotta run, will do my blog cruise this week and see what everyone's been up to!!!!
Have a fantabulous week :)


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back at work...

Can you believe I'm still not better!! It's been 10 days since I first got this damn flu and it's still hanging on. Today is the first day I've been back at work, and it's been full-on of course. Turns out one of the other trainers is now ill, so I've taken the majority of her clients as well as my own. I'm absolutely exhausted and ready to fall in a heap! Only one more day...

It's my lil sister's hen's nite on the weekend. I'm supposed to have had it all organised by now, but not so. We've got a crazy busy day on Saturday with the other 2 bridesmaids in town, so we'll have to finish it off in there somewhere between dress-makers and hair appointments... Unfortunately at this stage I'm not in a partying kinda state, so I may just have to be the sensible big sister!! Speaking of parties................... has anyone got any suggestions for games that we can easily play/do?? We're having the party at home, before terrorizing the town.

Email me at pretty please with anything that's easy to whip together at last minute!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Kidnapped......... by the flu monster

I'm still alive however it feels like only just. It's been so long since I posted. I had another flat out week last week, then this week from Monday evening I felt "off". Had night sweats but was freezing... yep I've got the flu. Never in my professional career have I had a sick day (I feel like I'm letting all my clients down!), but OMG I've had this whole week off!! It's totally NOT been fun! I'm not eating well, would you believe that the thought of cottage cheese makes me want to throw up (and I usually have a tub a day!!!!!!) LoL As my mum commented "You MUST be sick". I just feel like poo. I guess everything has finally caught up with me, and whoa, what a great job it's done in knocking me out for a whole week!!

Oh I nearly forgot.... A DECISION IS MADE about the half marathon. I'm NOT going. In my current state of health it would be stoopid too, but I made the decision last weekend before I became ill. I did my normal saturday morning run, and struggled to get through 10kms comfortably. I was extremely frustrated as to why shorter runs are becoming harder so made the decision not to bust my arse in a half marathon till I was 100% ready. I'm guessing the reason I struggled so much was simply beacuse my body was trying to fight the beginnings of this flu. I can't wait to get better again now, being so damn sick makes me realise how much I take for granted.

I had an antioxidant test yesterday......... my levels are quite poor! Here's me thinking I eat lotsa fruit/veg/salad, take vitamin supplements etc and told the naturopath I think I'll come out well.... hmmm of 5 levels I was on the second worst!! I was shocked actually. It's quite an interesting test, it's a laser thing that measures your corotonoids (sp?) through your hand, can't remember what it's called, but quite a fan-dangled little machine.

I've made a few deals with myself... Now my ITB and tendon sprains in my legs/feet are all better, I'm going to get back into full training. I haven't trained my lower body for about 2 months when I first got injured as I didn't want to make anything worse. Because of those same injuries the frequency of cardio wasn't ideal, and those two things combined have really taken away my leg strength and power when i run, so I can't wait to get back to feeling like I'm running on air again. I'm excited!!!!!!!!!

I gotta go, my eyes are starting to weep from focusing so long. It's day 4 and my eyes are still sensitive to the light. I hope to catch up on everyone's blogs sometime soon. HOpe everyone is doing well :)