Friday, August 04, 2006

Kidnapped......... by the flu monster

I'm still alive however it feels like only just. It's been so long since I posted. I had another flat out week last week, then this week from Monday evening I felt "off". Had night sweats but was freezing... yep I've got the flu. Never in my professional career have I had a sick day (I feel like I'm letting all my clients down!), but OMG I've had this whole week off!! It's totally NOT been fun! I'm not eating well, would you believe that the thought of cottage cheese makes me want to throw up (and I usually have a tub a day!!!!!!) LoL As my mum commented "You MUST be sick". I just feel like poo. I guess everything has finally caught up with me, and whoa, what a great job it's done in knocking me out for a whole week!!

Oh I nearly forgot.... A DECISION IS MADE about the half marathon. I'm NOT going. In my current state of health it would be stoopid too, but I made the decision last weekend before I became ill. I did my normal saturday morning run, and struggled to get through 10kms comfortably. I was extremely frustrated as to why shorter runs are becoming harder so made the decision not to bust my arse in a half marathon till I was 100% ready. I'm guessing the reason I struggled so much was simply beacuse my body was trying to fight the beginnings of this flu. I can't wait to get better again now, being so damn sick makes me realise how much I take for granted.

I had an antioxidant test yesterday......... my levels are quite poor! Here's me thinking I eat lotsa fruit/veg/salad, take vitamin supplements etc and told the naturopath I think I'll come out well.... hmmm of 5 levels I was on the second worst!! I was shocked actually. It's quite an interesting test, it's a laser thing that measures your corotonoids (sp?) through your hand, can't remember what it's called, but quite a fan-dangled little machine.

I've made a few deals with myself... Now my ITB and tendon sprains in my legs/feet are all better, I'm going to get back into full training. I haven't trained my lower body for about 2 months when I first got injured as I didn't want to make anything worse. Because of those same injuries the frequency of cardio wasn't ideal, and those two things combined have really taken away my leg strength and power when i run, so I can't wait to get back to feeling like I'm running on air again. I'm excited!!!!!!!!!

I gotta go, my eyes are starting to weep from focusing so long. It's day 4 and my eyes are still sensitive to the light. I hope to catch up on everyone's blogs sometime soon. HOpe everyone is doing well :)



Hilds said...

Hi Selina,
Sounds like you need a good rest! Don't worry I feel the same at the moment, well not quite as bad but had to take a sicky today and that is only my 2nd so far, but when the body's had enough it seems to let us know. I know when I get run down I start to get a cold, its so frustrating especially as I haven't trained for a couple of days. Anyway hoping if I rest up properly I'll be back on track before I know it, hope your the same. Take it easy.
Luv Hilds

Carolyn said...

Hi Selena,

Ahh, I know that flu monster well!! I have just gotten over my second cold in just over 4 weeks - dunno how that happens that you get two in quick succession?

Hope you get better soon! (And don't have a repeat experience like me!)
Take care,

Amy said...

You poor thing- you sound so run down and sick. I think it was a good decision to wait till you are 100% ready for the half. Make sure you listen to your body and have a good rest.

Love Amy

Chontelle said...

Hi Selina... you poor thing! The flu is such a bugger! It really takes it out of you hey! I have been a bit sick as well lately, but not the full blown flu thank goodness.
Sad news about the half marathon! But there will definitely be more opportunities just around the corner. You can always come down to Hobart in January and do the HM down here with me!!!

Chontelle xx

Hilary said...

Selina I hope you feel better soon lovey, the flu can really knock you about, make sure you rest until you are completely better, dont want to make yourself even more sick!

Take care

Hilary xx

RaeC said...

Aaaaaaaaaargh!! Not the flu monster!!

I know that machine you are talking about... my Coach has one in his gym... I was wondering what it was going to do to my hand when I put it in the little space... wasn't very confident about what to expect at all... it's an amazing little machine isn't it???

Get some well earned rest hon and get better soon... start sucking down the chicken and veg soup... best thing for a flu!!

Love Rae xxx

Rebecca said...

Hi there, I hope that you feel better soon. It is just no fun having the flu. Hand in there and you will be back training for the half marathon before you know it.

Rebecca :)

Alicia said...

Heya. Hope you are feeling better :D Will send you an email soon! xo

jaime-lee said...

hey chick! good decision health first! theres plenty more marathons im sure of that bella!

Rest up and overdose on the Vit C

maybe while your off the road concentrate on some YOGA and rehab that niggling little injury!

Have a great week x x

Jodi said...

Hope you get better soon Selina!!! Make sure you give your body time to recover from the flu before you get into the full swing of training!!! Don't want to keep over-stressing the body.

Selina said...

Hilds - I hope you're feeling heaps better. Rest is the best I agree, I had enough of it, I went a bit crazy!

Carolyn - *fingers crossed* i don't get a repeat performance. It's really knocked me around. I'm scared to try any running, it'll kill me!!

Amy - thanks babe. There was no way in this world I could have run the half on the weekend. I couldn't even move my butt from bed. LoL Next one within the region is June next year... with lotsa time to train I can aim for a cracking time!!

Chontelle - now that's an idea!! A half in Hobart! Wow, that's a damn long way to travel to run 21.1kms though ;) Hope you're feeling better as well

Thanks Hilary :) I would never have thought I would ever be bored just having a break from work, but I can say it! Too much rest turns the brain to mush :)

Rae - yay, someone knows what I meant! lol So how was your reading?? I'm still in denial about

Rebecca - thanks :) Another reason why I hate winter, bugs everywhere!!!

Alicia - sooo happy to hear your doing absolutely great with your comp prep!! Thanks for stopping by even though you're a busy lil beaver!!

Jaime-Lee - Yoga is one thing i just can't do!! I know how good it is for me, but i just can't sit still!! I"m sure I have a slight case of ADHD at times!! lol

Jodi - thanks chickadee :) the thought of lifting a weight makes me tired at the moment lol! I'll give it a few more days yet i think!