Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well this is prolly the closest two posts have ever been, so I don't really have all that much to update!!
PAINTBALL - well I didn't actually get there. As fun as it sounded, my other half piked it, then I was feeling like not being pelted, and the whole bruises for the wedding drama made me think twice... so instead I spent 2 hours in the kitchen cooking up (which I'm now SOOOO grateful for...no thinking required for meals!!), then I actually relaxed with a book for 30mins, then took off for a 6km club run. I did it in 31.11mins, which by 'normal' standards is slow for me, but for my current condition, I was quite happy! I pushed it, but it was bearable :) Then I headed off to netball training for an hour.
TRAINING - YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been putting it off, procrastinating "when will be a good time", as I have been very bad and done no weight training since my illness (not an excuse but I did take a long time to recover...serious!! finally I'm back to normal).... I did it yesterday, just back and biceps, but ouch, I feel like I've been bashed up. It was only 'weener' weights as well... how embarassing!! My back is the 'hardest' place to get sore, so if it's pulled through this time, I can only imagine what my chest and legs will be like *cringe*
NETBALL - Welllll tonite is the nite for us!! It's the knock-out semi final, so it's DO OR DIE!! I'm quite pumped, just had my little food/energy fix which should last me the distance! I had a few knots in my stomache all day, and have been quite excited, I feel like a kid again! :) I was always one of those kids at school who got so nervous before athletics carnivals that I made myself ill!! I'm feeling a little like that right now! LoL. The colours I've typed in are my teams
colours... GO TEAM GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
WEDDING - My sis' not mine :) 2 weeks this Saturday *gulp* I get to actually see my bridesmaid dress tomorrow, I was measured up in May, and that's all that's been done!! Hopefully tomorrow there will be something to put on. In the nice pretty pink I will be in... thank goodness for spray tans, or I would be looking like a pale pink blob :)

Kelly - to answer your question, my sis and I are VERY alike in looks. She is 2 years and 2 months younger than me, but for years we've been mistaken for twins. So much so that both her and I have been accused of cheating on boyfriends when others have seen us out... thinking that she was I and vice versa!!! LoL We have an agreement that is if anyone smiles or says hi to us around town, to always smile back and be polite... they're probably thinking of the wrong sister!! We've both been accused of being rude when giving blank looks, especially a lot of my clients... hehe, hence the agreement!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your weeks girlies, I'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!



Hilary said...

Oh its a shame you didn't get to paintball - probably a good move though - a spray tan probably wouldn't cover those bruises too well!

Hope your netball went well!!

Hilary xx

Rebecca said...

Hi there :) I bet that you are starting to get excited about your sister's wedding now. Wow!! Not long to go. Yep, spray tans sound like the go.

Thanks for visiting my post. You can probably see I have beena bit slack these last few weeks. I have GOT to focus for the rest of the challenge, seeing I am at the half way mark now.

To answer your question, my friend is a photographer and was going to take some photos of me. I am not sure how they will go though. I am starting to notice a few extra changes now, so just need to stay focussed and positive. Any hints?


Selina said...

Hils - yea always time to play with paintballs another week!!

Rebecca - I say go for the professional pics :) If you put your head down and bum up and work hard, KNOWING that you have that shoot at the end makes it all real. Can u imagine stripping down to almost nothing and knowing that you HAVEN'T given your all?!?! How embarassing :) I found it the best way to keep plodding on, but everyone has their own little things :)
As you said... just keep focused and positive!! Aim for the stars!!