Monday, October 30, 2006

Time Away :)

Hey guys,
I'm finding it hard to make time to update my blog, and then when I do, write anything of interest! So it doesn't appear that I've been 'napped or so no one 'worries' about my lack of posts, I'm simply going to go MIA for abit :)
A LOT of stuff is happening in my life at the moment, and some decisions have to be made very soon, so never a dull day :)
I'll still email and check on everyone's blogs....coz I'm addicted to that!! LoL
To leave on a fitness note - I've taken a leaf out of Hilary's book and I've started doing gym classes again. I'm still getting over my chest infection, so I was POOPED from body step yesterday. My lordy, I've forgotten how much fun those classes are. I just might get hooked again, it's been about 4 years!!! ;)
Anywho, I'll be back here and there, and still 'spying' on you all :)
Ta Taaaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm Back :)

Wow, what a whirly-wind of a week :)
Starting with the plane trip - all of 1hr 20mins, I then had to jump on the train to the Gold Coast, which was 1hr 30mins, so longer than flying from here to Brisbane! My aunty picked me up and straight to the shops we went. I ended up with 2 new dresses, 3 pairs running shorts, 2 of those fandangle "U" bras... ohh lala, 1 pair awesome togs with all the cut-outs and stuff (which will look lovely when a few kgs fall off!), and ummm that's prolly it. My bestie picked me up then we went to her house to get ready for her farewell party. Went out in Broadbeach, and I had a ball!! I don't go out much here as usually I am the oldest person in the club, so I certainly made up for lost time down there :) Pic is attached of the nite (me is second along... the only one with drink in hand *blush*).

The next day was a write-off. I stayed with my cousins for the next two nites on the Coast still.
I met up with the gorgeous Hilary on Sunday for lunch! She is beautiful!!! In looks and personality. We chatted away a few hours, it was great to spend time with her as it was like we'd already met.
I travelled back up to Brisbane on Monday and bummed for the day. Tuesday I went into the city and met Alicia for lunch. Another gorgeous gal I was very happy to meet. She was on her lunch break so we crammed in as much chatting as we could before she had to return to work, and me to the shops!!
On Wednesday we did a day trip to Moreton Island (as my friend is a travel agent, she got it for free, I got it for kid's prices!!!! lol). Got lovely uneven sunburn on my legs, but the rest of my body stayed un-cooked luckily. It was beautiful there, and such a nice hot day.
Thursday we made our way all the way back down to Byron Bay for another crazy nite out. It was great!!! We got home at 4.45am..... as it was getting lighter... I was like OMG, this is when I'm usually waking up!! In fact, the hubby of the friend we stayed with, WAS getting up for work. Back to Brisbane on Friday, then onto the plane to come home.
I did have a great week. Although I went down to 'clear my head', that didn't quite happen; all it meant was that I ran away from stuff, it's all still here now that I'm back!! LoL Damn that ;)
Now for the next trip.... although I've booked nothing I'm thinking about checking out the Fitness expo in a few weeks, and well, it's all a business deduction that one! Oh and then, I've been offered BACK my Robbie Williams ticket... decisions decisions!!!!
Anywho, got some real work to do :)
PS: My Road Runners club presentation dinner was on Saturday nite. I scored a nice lil plaque for coming first in female 18-29years category. I'm stoked!!! Wait till next year when I'm fully fit and NOT injured!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Very quick one

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo busy.
I'm flying out tomorrow to Brisbane for a whole long week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a last minute thing, but I can't wait for the break. I'll be spending most of the time with my best friend who's leaving the country to live overseas :) But of course, any holiday creates a heap of work before I go, but deep breaths Selina, when I'm on the plane tomorrow I can relaxxxxxx. I plan on doing lots of running (hope I'm not hungover too often) ;), and have packed a gym outfit... just in case! I've already been in trouble for that "You're on a holiday, you don't work out", my reply is "Your health and fitness doesn't need a holiday" :)
tataaaaaaaaaaaaaa for another week!!!!!
PS: Some more pics from the wedding coming through.
Here's one of my whole family
And bridesmaids on a mission

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Magpie Story Part 2

The week is flying by again!! First on all, on the training front, I'd give myself a 5/10. Ive done all my weight training, but cardio... well what's that? I've managed one session this week so far................... how can one expect the fat to fall off if the hard yards aren't done?!?!?! I had quite a fright when I saw me in the mirror at the gym, after being that disgusted I worked hard and fast to get out of there in case the other THREE people in the gym were thinking how gross I looked too.... (silly silly girl head, like they CARED!!). Soooo, my mission intensifies :)

On to part 2 of the magpie story... Of course there was a write-up of our run in the newspaper (with an absolutely gorgeous(?!?!?!) pic with me in it attached), which stated "(the first 3 runners names) were saved from the magpies by Selina" which of course brings to mind a picture of me with huge umbrella or other large long obstacle, guarding the tree waiting for it to swoop! errr... not quite! The amount of people who've asked me how I saved them from the magpie.... All I did was look mean enough to want to steal its baby birds so it picked on me as opposed to them. Aren't I a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Enjoy the rest of the week

Monday, October 02, 2006

BLOODY MAGPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess my title tells the story for today!! I was out running yesterday bright and early, there were three runners about 10metres in front of me, then another two about 20metres behind... but guess who the magpie decided to pick on.... MWA!!!!! I was cautious of the area... concentrating on any movements from trees, but as soon as I let my guard down (my short-attention span leaves much to be desired).... SWOOOOP. Luckily for IT, we didn't connect, but my scream would have been enough to wake the neighbourhood at that hour. And would have provided some early morning entertainment, if anyone saw it.
My heart rate never quite recovered after that, the surprise and the adrenalin kick, PLUS the mighty sprint to safety saw my heart rate up to 230bpm. That, or my HRM was in shock as well! I had to walk about 100m to settle, as it was quite uncomfortable. After all that, the run ended up 4kms along the beach and was really really relaxing, although it was getting HOT quite quickly. All in all a 50min run in total, 448 cals melted off :)

I then came into work for four hours to play catch-up, before heading back home to get some decent music onto my i-River. Now I'm all set for another few months :) I had to take a client out for a session yesterday, and I thought she deserved a hard one ;) so off to Killer Hill we went.... hmmm well, let's just say I hope I haven't lost a client! ;) LoL. She had fun (and no doubt will be taking her hubby on a 'surprise' walk), I burnt another 260 cals, so all was good!

My sis and her hubby got home from Tahiti last nite, but we haven't really had a chance to catch-up as they were exhausted! She's already hinted that she bought us pressies... ahhh don't ya just love family going on holidays ;) It's like your birthday allll over again!!! LOL

Have a great week guys!!