Thursday, October 05, 2006

Magpie Story Part 2

The week is flying by again!! First on all, on the training front, I'd give myself a 5/10. Ive done all my weight training, but cardio... well what's that? I've managed one session this week so far................... how can one expect the fat to fall off if the hard yards aren't done?!?!?! I had quite a fright when I saw me in the mirror at the gym, after being that disgusted I worked hard and fast to get out of there in case the other THREE people in the gym were thinking how gross I looked too.... (silly silly girl head, like they CARED!!). Soooo, my mission intensifies :)

On to part 2 of the magpie story... Of course there was a write-up of our run in the newspaper (with an absolutely gorgeous(?!?!?!) pic with me in it attached), which stated "(the first 3 runners names) were saved from the magpies by Selina" which of course brings to mind a picture of me with huge umbrella or other large long obstacle, guarding the tree waiting for it to swoop! errr... not quite! The amount of people who've asked me how I saved them from the magpie.... All I did was look mean enough to want to steal its baby birds so it picked on me as opposed to them. Aren't I a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Enjoy the rest of the week


Kaddy said...


toooooo funny@!!!!!! you're my hero... what a gal! :)

btw - reply on comment you posted on my blog... my boobies disapear when i get little.. :( bwaaaaaa life is just so unfair!!!!!

unfortunately forme the chest goes with the ass... daniel and i debate it all the time... he says, i dont want them to go... my reply is always... huh well... do u like the fat ass it takes to keep them ? Me thinks not... enough said! :)

Hilary said...

hehehe you've had some fun with those magpies havent you?! I've never encountered a magpie swoop before, think I want to keep it that way actually!

Know what you mean re the cardio... unfortunately seems to have to be part of life. I've stepped up the cardio in the last 3 weeks and have really noticed a difference.

Hope you had a great weekend

Hilary xx