Sunday, December 27, 2009

All Gone :(

Can't believe my fave day of the year is all over - and it went so fast!

This year was the first one ever for me that I woke up to an empty house with absolutely no one else. It felt a bit... weird?! I started at 5.15am with my traditional Christmas Day run - I know I say it every single year, but I always love to start Chrissy Day with a run - or, for a few years there, dad and I cycled. It sets me up well for the day, and what's to not love about being out in the sunshine at that time!

After fluffing around at home, I got to my mummy and daddys at 8am for breakfast and the present opening! I scored just what I asked for:
A George Foreman Steamer!! YAY!!
Some other house-y stuff
$$$$ from my parents;

$$ & Twilight DVD from my bro;

A framed picture of my little girl and $$ from my sis!
(do you reckon my family thinks I'm a bit broke!) ;)
And other bits and pieces - as you do.

By 9am, we were all done, and my bro and I were like "so what do we do?" Soooo down to the air-conditioned media room we went and watched Love Actually (love watching that movie at Christmas time as it's based around Christmas!!). How romantic - my bro and I... HA! At 9.30am we celebrated the day with our first drink...

Once my sis and bro-in-law came with the princess, the day revolved Miss Isabella's feed and sleep cycle, so we were in the pool before lunch, had a scrumptious seafood lunch, back in the pool with our drinkies for the arvo - just how I love spending Christmas Day!
My gift to her was the most gorgeous Little Miss Lorna Jane jumpsuit saying "Born 2 Win" on the front. I'm getting in early! ;)
I had a great day - hope you all had a special one with your families!

This is what I was doing all day!

My bro-in-law, my sis, my bro and me just chilling :)

On Boxing day having a rest with my lil girl - it's so hard being a bubby!

How cute is her Christmas Outfit!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's HERE!!!

I have to admit with so much going on, I haven't been the usual little Christmas Spirit I am every other year. No big count-down... it's kind of snuck up on me without even realising. I've almost felt like a bit of a grinch compared to my normal self, but it's just been busy!.

This week I'm wearing my antlers, reindeer badge and jingle bell earrings so I'm feeling a little more festive. Yesterday I popped into the business upstairs from mine to drop a card off... one hour and a little bit of bubbly later I returned to work quite 'cheery'! HAHA!! That's what I do love about this time of year - all the festivities!

On that note - I thank each and every one of you for joining me in my 2009 journey, which has been one hell of a ride! And I thank you for letting me share in yours.

All the best to you and your loved ones for a very happy, safe and healthy Christmas. I cannot wait to chill in the pool all day with my drinkies... ;) Cherish every single moment - I will be!!! xxxxx

Monday, December 21, 2009

What's Doing?

I haven't fallen off the planet, just been keeping my mouth shut for once :P
So in the past almost five (really? that long??) weeks here's a snap-shot:

1. Thanks to a very influential and smart person in my life, I got all motivated and inspired to try different stuff with work, which led me to biting off waaaaay more than I could chew! After having three months off training clients, I missed it sooooo now I'm taking group training sessions in the park, as well as corporate training sessions on their premises and taking clients for one-on-one running sessions (this one I decided as I was running one morning - I thought 'how cool would it be to be paid for this?'... voila!) AND last but not least, doing a Kid's Fitness session twice a week in the park for the duration of the school holidays. Phew! Yes I was exhausted for a bit there, but balancing everything better now :)

2. Went through some very stressful personal 'crap' which led to lots of tears, lack of sleep, lack of eating (I don't eat when stressed/upset, naughty I know) therefore little loss of weight ;P. Thanks to a very, special friend Miss Lyndsay, I have come out the other side a way better, stronger person.

3. For at least three of the last five weeks I've been on anti-biotics for a recurring staph infection... I thought it was stress related (as per above). I finished my third course yesterday... if it comes back, it tests for me. Yuk.

4. Went to Brisbane/Gold Coast for a weekend. Yes, away again, know - my 13th or 14th? I've lost track! - and final trip for the year. I spent a night with Lyndsay and her gorgeous family, (what would I do without her!!) then had a friend's beach wedding on the Gold Coast and spent that night with my bestie down there. She'd just broken up with her boyf of a year, so it was good timing for me to be down there.

5. Although I've been training hard myself, I resumed PT sessions with my trainer at the gym up here. Ouch is all I can say. I'm focusing on getting on stage again next year...

6. Been SMASHING the running training - cannot believe the times I'm pulling out! Found out I really am a sprinter... thanks leggies!!! When the fast boys say "Sh!t, you can sprint" - I know I must be OK. :) Good for the ego, if nothing else! LOL. Soooo, no more half marathons in my immediate future :P

7. I'm in love with my neice. I just want to eat her up she's so gorgeous. Six weeks old already - how that's flown!

8. Looking forward to spending Christmas with my family. If nothing this year I've learnt family is the most important thing :) Here's to 2010 - although I don't think anything will top this year for me! Ever!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!

What a day!!!!!!!! Had a topsy-turvy one, but isn't that expected on Freaky Friday?????

So excited - I'm going to a Christmas Party (yes already!) tonight. A business I do Corporate Training for has invited us - I sooooo can't wait!! (has nothing to do with all the alcohol and food they're putting on. Hey, I'm not in uniform tonight!).

Theme is - Friday 13th. Duh! The staff will all be doing (made to do may I add)Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance - I sooo can't wait to see it!

My two staff and I are dressing nice and easy as devils. More halloween than Friday 13th, but... meh. I've done the devil dress-up many times! Shall I be a naughty or nice-ish one?

Leather pants, here I come! *evil giggle*

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Runner in me is BAAACK!!

I really did miss competitive running this year - it just didn't fit in with all I had going on :) I missed all the other road runners, and my training partners.

I've gotten back into it the last few months, slowly. No plan, just took myself for a run. I've done two un-planned and winged-at-the-time speed sessions, but nothing to rave about. It's so disheartening being SO unfit (having so much time off with 2x surgeries); when a simple 5km hurts. But, gotta start somewhere again!

Been loving it the last few weeks, feeling the improvements and loving running in Brisbane and Noosa - I need the variety to keep chugging along.

Yesterday I braved it and did a speed session with some of the road runners. Was good to catch up - they were very intrigued as to what 'body-building' I did. Four were really fast boys, and 2 around my pace or slower. From having done hardly nothing to attempting this was silly really. BUT - sucker for punishment I am.

We did 4 x 500m efforts with a jog back to the start as recovery.

I recorded:
2:03 (yeees, second one shows I took off a little tooo excited for the first one!)

I was chuffed (and stuffed) with those times - how exciting! :)))

Finished off with a 1km smash and I somehow managed to pull out of nowhere a:

Oh.My.God. My fastest ever 1km was 4:13, which was within a 3km time trial 18months ago and after months of sprint training.

Where on earth did I pull that from. Maybe being a sloth for so long is a good thing?!

Loved the feeling of the burning in the gutz (will I see that banana again?), loved the feeling of the deadness in the legs like wearing concrete boots, loved the pain. LOVED IT! And don't my legs feel it today.

Pain oh how I have missed you! I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

My Little Girl...

Well, maybe not mine, but let's not get too technical. ;)

Today at the hospital - all of four days old :)

I've got the magic touch... ;)

Thumbs up for the coollest aunty in the whole wide world!

Enough Already - I'm sick of photos!!!!!!!! Love this pic!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009


I had an amazing trip!!!!

Spent Saturday afternoon with Lyndsay and her kiddies after I flew in, before we got ready for din-dins. My friend from home (my new bestest friend whom I did everything with) came out with us - she's deserted me and left me alone here to live in Brisbane about a month ago :( BUT it was great to see her and for her to meet....................
Shannon &

These girls alll look SOOO good, healthy and happy - made me realise how hard we are all on ourselves; I've found my happy place, I hope everyone else struggling does too. It's so much better to be at peace with yourself than continually fighting. xx

Had a great meal and ever better vinos at Meccah Bah before continuing on to other nice lil places. Was home by 1pm-ish, so behaved myself ;)

MovieWorld was canned on Sunday due to the weather, but I took the trip down to the GC anyway to spend a few hours with my bestest friend down there. It was sooooo good - we had SO much to catch up on ;) Finished the day with a walk/run with my cousin thru Brisvegas - noice!

Monday - up early for a run, then I took the Shuttle up to Noosa to spend time with someone very special :))) I LOVE NOOSA!! I'm soooo moving to the Sunny Coast! We got up on Tuesday morning for a glorious run through the National Park - I loved it soooo much! Then jumped in the ocean for a swim - my new girls had their first ever day out in bikinis!!!!!!!!! YAY!! Was awesome! Mark my words - I made a pact on the beach this day that I would do the Noosa Tri next year........................ let's see how that one goes!!!!!!!!

We made our way back to Brisvegas over a few hours, checking out the coast, stopping at Mooloolaba for a looksy. Just LOVED the coast. I think I've found my new home. We were party poopers and missed some big horse race, as we were driving ;)

Got to Brisbane and went for a walkie, din-dins and early night as someone (not me) had to get up at 4.30am Wednesday to run up Mt Cootha! We parted ways a few hours later and I hooked up with Miss Jeh, Lyndsday and Shannon for lunch/coffee - was great to see them again :)

Not long after Jeh left us, I had a call from my bro-in-law - my sis was in early labour!!!!! I told her to wait till I was home - I was flying home that night. ;)

5.58am on Thursday morning my little niece - Isabella Chloe was born! I'm in love with her!!

There has been just soooo much excitement this week. I'm all over the place. Highs and lows (a good friend had bad news), stresses and excitements!


LIFE IS GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))

Friday, October 30, 2009


Again!!!!!!!!! WOOP!!

Cannot WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm flying off tomorrow and Miss Lyndsay will be picking me up and we'll have a huge catch-up before getting ready for dinner and drinkies with the girls! Can't wait to have a proper chat to everyone, not backstage at a comp! I will behave (to the best of my ability) as we're hitting Movie World on Sunday, I'd rather not be seedy for that! ;)

On Monday I'm heading up to Noosa to spend Monday and Tuesday with a friend - so cannot wait for that as I've never been to the Sunny Coast! Bit slack for a QLD'er - it's closer than the Goldie, but I'm always down there!

Wednesday I have a full day in Brisbane before I take the last flight home. I have no plans so far, so I'm happy to wing it, or catch up with anyone if you're free!! Apart from a shopping list with 2 items, my credit card must stay away from the shops!! Did way to much of that in Melbourne.

I'm SO SO SO SO excited about this trip - I seriously LOVE MY LIFE right now! I haven't been doing a lot of blogging or inter-netting, because, finally, I'm LIVING again! I used to sit at home and just waste time on the puter - we all know how much time flies doing that - now I'm having!! I'm never home. :)))

Take me back a year and I thought I was happy - HELL NO! Unfortunately I was happy to settle with where I was... thinking that was the best I could have. NEVER EVER EVER settle!! Ok, and so as to not get preachy, I might sign off now. :P

See some of you tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!! With your party shoes on!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BOO again!

I'm doing a lot of MIA-ing lately!!!! Life is so hectic, I can't keep up with myself!

I just got home on Monday from a whirly-wind 5 days in Melbourne - total last minute trip planned quite quickly - flew out last Wednesday lunch and had the most fun, crazy, insane time! Oh how I love life!

Lots of food, lots of drink, lots of shopping and lots of laughs. Couldn't have had a better trip!

How effing cold was it though?!?! Jumped on the plane from 30degrees to having to go straight out and buy boots (strappys won't do it in that weather), two jackets (which I wore BOTH of, every day), and an extra pair of jeans. I was wearing five layers each day, along with my scarf. I'm such a cold-frog, but it's OCTOBER Melbourne.... catch up huh! ;) Looked a great sight flying back home to 30degrees wearing all of the above.............

My suitcase was lucky to only come home 2kgs heavier - I did SO much shopping. If I ever complain again of having nothing to wear, I'm allowed to be smacked. Damn shame there's not alot of a life here for me to dress up for.................

(So next Saturday I'm off to Brisbane for 5 days, but that's another blog. I'm SO naughty!)

Unfortunately I also came home 2kgs heavier... yup! That's just how much fun I had!!

So not alot of work (or training) has been happening in my world - between having my teeth stolen then jetsetting off, I'm living the life baby.

Now I just need to earn some dosh to keep up with my extravagant lifestlye.......... I can't afford myself! :P LoL.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Yup, It's ME!

I was flicking back through some old comments and a month ago Linda asked the question:

Hey Selina- is that your pic in the latest Ultra magazine?? I've checked out your earlier pics and it does look like you!

So I'm not the quickest at responding, but yes, it is me! A few shots from the photoshoot I did with Dallas Olsen in May are used for an article on pages 62 and 64.

My mum and sister were so excited and told EVERYONE - they are so cute :) And to think it's not even an article on me, it's just my pics to supplement an article!!!


And a huge congratulations and well done to the gorgeous Miss Jadey for your starring role in the latest Oxygen mag! You look HOT HOT HOT- and well deserved girl!

And also to the other hot chickies who're inside, how cool is it hey!!! I'll be demanding some autographs when I see you all next!! ;)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

How Good do Babies Have it?!!?!?

This baby food stuff is gooooood. I quickly got over the sweeter stuff - yoghurt, jelly, custard, even ice-cream etc, but after trying one lot of baby vegetable stuff, I sent mummy to buy me more!!

That's what I've tried so far... they are GOOD!!!
Could be something I keep in the old handbag as emergency food on the go!!! tee hee hee ;)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Party Wrap-Up!

The Big She-Bang on Friday night was SO MUCH FUN! My hair appointment ran late so I was stressing big time (as you do), but I managed to get there 30 mins before 'official' start time. I was soooo nervous I needed a vino straight up. Just one. I've never hosted such a huge event before, and it was all on me. I was worried about all the silly little stuff - "does this person have anyone to talk to", "is this person having fun", "what if blah-blah doesn't know anyone else" etc etc etc.

I was busy doing intros and making sure everyone was comfortable. Then I had to get the 'formalities' out the way - if you can call it that. Had to say a few words as it's expected plus then people that are keen to leave can go without feeling rude. Waffled a bit, drew the prize winners then carried on chatting.

Food was great (apparently), I was too busy doing the mingle thingle to see a platter. The most fun part was seeing clients out of sweaty gym gear and they were more impressed with us glamming it up!! Was great fun. So many clients knew each other anyway - they just didn't know that the other trained at our studio.

After the party for people who wanted to keep going, I arranged free entry at our swanky new club/lounge bar (if you do bother to click on link, its the second paragraph under the stars). We all saved $20 each, so not a bad effort! Then we decided that we'll see what else we can get from them - spoke to the manager and asked oh-so-nicely for the VIP room. Thank-ya very much! All complete with our own security guard to let us in and out. How cool did we feel. A friend (and successful businessman) and I just said to each other "all right, we just gave them heaps of business, let's see what they can do for us". I roll with the right people ;) (and ensure I'm taking notes!! hehe)

100 people came and went throughout the night, so it was a HUGE success! So much so that I've had lovely emails thanking me for a great night and the big question - When's the next one?!

Me and my business kinda coaches who helped organise the night.

Me and my bestest friend underneath the cool balloon display!

Me and my very pregnant sister. Although you wouldn't know it, from the back she's tiny! 8 months down.

Me and my brother and dad.
WHOO HOO!! I love entertaining!!!!!!!!!!

Four Times Less Wise

I'm alive and I survived.

The day surgery was running FOUR hours late - booked in at 3.30pm, didn't get knocked out till just before 7.30pm. You can imagine how freaking STARVING I was. Oh and thirsty as I had to follow the rules for fasting for the earlier surgery.

Four teeth gone - not happy Jan. I've never had a problem with my wisdom teeth, like, ever. No issues, no growth pains, NOTHING.

The top 2 have been there, and through perfectly, for 10 years - I had teeth extracted when I was 12 for braces, so there was heaps of room.

The bottom 2 were just hanging round under the surface, one of them decided to grow a bit crooked. Silly bugger. So my local dentist said to just get the bottom 2 out. Great.

Paperwork comes back and oral surgeon wants them all gone. WHY!?! They are perfectly FINE. Of course, them being the experts 'win'. So they stole all 4.

Now was that an interesting story? Does make you wonder if they're feathering each other's and their own pockets sometimes though.

The anaesthetist's assistant nurse came to collect me and it just happened to be a previous client. A really great, friendly guy. Haven't seen him all year as he's been serving in Afghanistan, but as I learnt he's back on a casual basis.

Straight away I said "NOOOOOOO. No revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So he threatened tattoos, piercings, and missing eyebrows.

Have to admit, he was just great and asked me many questions to make me waffle crap, coz by then I was pooping my pants.

Went all light and fuzzy (like after a few glasses of vino ;) hee hee hee), then I woke up with an ice-pack, and zero feeling in my face!

When I come out of it, I feel like I'm pissed. I waffle absolute crap (which I'm quite talented at straight) and looking back now I can't really remember what we spoke about. Must be good entertainment for them.

My major concern was "am I drooling".

Got home after 10pm - I stayed at my mummy's house as I'm supposed to have a carer for 24hours. 12 was enough.

So after enjoying a breakfast of heinz baby chocolate custard I'm just fluffing around. Feeling absolutely fine! No pain AT ALL so far, however it does get worse before it gets better.

So there's my gory story - can't talk all that well, but certainly doesn't stop me typing crap!!


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

Great time for a quick blog, what else do you do whilst waiting to go to the hospital to get your Wisdom Teeth taken out?!

I'm not scared of freaking out (yet). Thank goodness I've been under once before which was only 2 months ago - so I know what I'm in for.

'Cept this one certainly ain't going to be as fun after.

It's SUCH an inconvenience more than anything, and it hurts the bank balance. I think they should be paying ME to take my teeth out - I'm happy to keep them.

Haven't eaten since 10am, and I'm no longer allowed to drink. It's going to be a looong afternoon... just knock me out and get it done with already!! :P

That's what scares me most - not being able to eat properly for about a week. ;)

I'll be back when I'm a little less wise :)

Friday, October 02, 2009


I'm SOOO pumped! I've been organising a massive event for this evening! My studio is having a PARTY at a funky function place on the river and it's going to be AWESOME!

All five of us trainers are doing the Little Black Dress thang - our clients won't recognise us as we're always wearing long pants, no/minimal make-up and pony-tailed hair. We can't wait to glam it up!

I've got the coolest balloon display coming, the nibbly food will be divine - no deep-fried crap - some of the stuff I can't even pronounce!!

I've just come back from the final meeting with the owners which is why I'm so excited - I can't concentrate! *bounce bounce bounce*

We're expecting 150 people so I can't wait to be Miss Social Butterfly.

I've had some GREAT prizes given to me- LJ Voucher, a Massage Voucher, $150 Hair & Beauty Package, and I was given an awesome discount for a weekend accommodation package at a 4.5star resort at Airlie Beach. I'm getting good at sweet talking!! hee hee

And so then of course as I have pimp these places, they've looked after me by doing my spray tan and I'll be getting my hair funkied up this arvo all for FREE :)))

SOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo hope everyone else has a great weekend! If you're up this way feel free to pop on in! I'll post some pics up :))

I'm thinking that Functions & Events Co-Ordinator should be my next job - I love it!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Who Wants to Go to the Circus in Brisbane?!

After puchasing these tix earlier this year, my bestie and I can't go now :(

Concert Date: Tuesday 24th November in Brisbane
3rd Row Seats - Lower Circle, Diamond Reserved

Concert is sold out

We're selling the tickets for the purchase price of $200 each

Anyone interested?? Could everyone please put the word out to anyone who may be interested?!?

Any takers, any takers, any takers!?!?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!!!!!!!!!

I'm all pumped up for a SMASHING week this one! I've got a new weight training program all ready to go, and I'm looking forward to feeling getting my running back upto 'top speed' ;).

Heaps on at work - so so soooo busy, but I find I'm way more productive when I'm flat out as opposed to just floating along.

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Here's to a SENSATIONAL week!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are SOOOO freaking cool!

I've got a really cool friend, previously from primary school, in my life at the moment, we caught up earlier this year after so many years with no contact and I'm so so so glad we 'found' each other again.

Our friendship has been rekindled and we spend a lot of time together because unfortunately she came out of a long term relationship about five weeks ago. I took her under my wing, as I said to her "Babe, you can tell me anything. Trust me, I know how you're feeling. I'll look after you" She's in the same 'category' as me - young-ish, single and wondering what happened to those childhood dreams of the Knight in Shining Armour!!!

I must have done an OK job as she said to me "You should be a counsellor". Real life experience is all it was though. I know how helpless and lost and lonely and sucky she felt, all I wanted to do was give an ear, and I hope in some small way I made things just a little bit better for her, and will keep doing.

So now I finally have a new best friend so similar to me, we've been inseparable! hee hee. She's my partner in crime, and it's great to have someone to do stuff with again :)

Dinner, movies, lunch, just hanging, it's really really fun! :) So today we decided to do a late lunch at the marina and hang around after it at the sports bar where everyone apparently goes on Sundays. No drinkies for us, on the hard water!

When we left in my little red rocket, some guys in a hotted up car drove beside us. I slowed so they'd get ahead... so they slowed. I went up to the speed limit, you guessed it, so did they, all the while giving us the thumbs up and signalling they wanted our numbers. They looked sooo young. We were pissing ourselves laughing wishing they'd get the hell away and do the freaking speed limit at least.

As they finally did we see the personalised number plate:


Which, judging by their egos, we think is meant to read ' so large'. Oh my god - to make matters worse there was a P Plate hanging off the back of the car! BAHAHAHA!! It was hilarious!!!

Least we know we can still pull a teenager if desperate!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sheeeee's BACK!

I'm finally feeling like ME again!!!!!!! I've pretty much had two months of hell. I've never felt so so so crap in my life. I seriously wanted to jump off a bridge. (Be careful what you wish for though - I was invited last week to take part in a charity fundraiser - dressing up crazy and... jumping off our CBD bridge...!)

From being shit-hot (in my head at least!) at comp with all the focus and hardcore training and dieting, to having surgery and not being able to train, and of course eating whatever the hell I felt like because I can, I went off the rails. I looked in the mirror a few weeks post comp and op and I was FAT. I cried and cried and cried, it seemed to happen overnight. I gained 6kgs - I weighed in at 45kgs at the All Fems. For crying out loud, 51kgs IS NOT FAT but it was so hard to accept and I loathed how I felt. I hated the flabby, wobbly, soft body I was living in, having been lean, hard and muscular all year. I'm still 'dealing' with it, but it will take time. I also knew it was my own fault, but I felt so helpless to fix it.

I couldn't do, or chose not to do any impact cardio or weight training until I had the all clear from my surgeon. I'm looking after these babies, I'm not going to do anything to affect the healing. I attempted power walks, which bored the everythings outta me. Couple of spin classes, but there was no structure. Food was my focus and now that I wasn't on a strict comp diet, I could have a few drinkies again. I LOVE to socialise, I love to meet people and have FUN.

My bestie from the Gold Coast came up for a weekend, I was in my element - I had a friend!! Had the bestest weekend........... then she left. I went through a major depressive patch. I was so so so sooooooooooooooo lonely again. It made me realise just how much I need my friends in my life.

I did hit rock-bottom, I really really found a dark place that I never knew existed. I hated the unmotivated, depressed, sad, unpassionate person I'd become, but I had no idea how to get out. I knew I was in trouble when my family and friends started to worry. And my staff members - I thought I carried myself well but they can see straight through me. I simply had to claw myself back out, there was no other option.

So it was good timing that I had a quick overnighter in Brisbane last week with my mummy, we have SO much fun together -she is my bestest friend!! I shouted her as she's done absolutely everything for me this year :) I was there to have my post-op consult with my surgeon, but really it was a great excuse to do some shopping.

After getting the all clear, I snuck back to the gym, trying to avoid everyone. Yea right. Everyone had noticed I'd been away.

After 7 weeks of no heavy training I've been in a world of pain. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it though, I've missed that feeling. I had my first PT smashing on Thursday and I was so smashed I walked out in a daze and forgot to pay. How embarassing!!

And who would have thought doing chest presses with FIVE kg dumbbells could hurt so much. Oh.My.God - I've never been so sore! My ego copped a hiding.

I've also been getting out of my comfort zone and doing stuff alone. I was once a sooky-la-la that would do nothing without a friend, but now I'm going to places that I've been invited to by someone who knows someone, and I'm having the bestest time! I had a whole heap of fun going to a show last Saturday night that I'd never even think of going to 'normally', and managed to find myself four new clients in the process! Hows that for 'networking'. LOL

For the first time all year, I'm finding out what my new 'normal' is. From coming out of a looong-term relationship to overseas then straight into the strictness of comp prep and not socialising then finding my own place then comp finishes then surgery happens, then I 'retire' as a PT... it's been so FULL-ON, I didn't really know what I wanted or who I was with all the other normality that was previously my life, having ended.

It's been the little things - taking all my supplements, getting lots of water in, and some form of training every single day that's gotten me back on track.

I have a friend who I'm staying accountable to with mini-goals, and today I'm happy to say I smashed my Saturday goal just by eating properly and training again. It's always a work in progress, as long as I keep my body active and healthy my mind is clear too. That's all I'm worried about for now.

I know I'll crash again, BUT I've learnt no matter how many times I fall, I will keep on getting up.

I've learnt when my training is on track and I'm feeling good about ME, my life feels on track and most importantly I'm happy and someone you'd WANT to hang out with! :) Those happy endorphins are good little things aren't they!

So girls - who wants to come up to QLD for a holiday :) I can supply all the essentials - accommodation, transport, gym, fridge. And the weather is awesome right now!! (Jeh??) ;)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Figure Girls in the Making...

My best friend brought her kidlets over to see me this afternoon.

They found my shoes...

Here's my goddaughter, Miss Five Year Old...

And Miss Two Year Old had to do what big sis did!

Lucky my shoes are only a size 4!!!!


I'm soooo excited, the butterflies are going crazy in my belly! For no reason other than I'm so pumped, nervous and excited for all the girls competing this weekend! I remember it all so fondly

Get up there, strut your stuff and have a great time doing it girls! You've worked so damn hard for it - now it's your turn to SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never wish 'Good Luck' as "Luck is for the Ill-Prepared" so just HAVE FUN doing your thang! :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Comp Pics

Hey, have any of you girls who competed at the All Females received your professional photos from the day yet??

I haven't - have I missed out, or have they still not been distributed??

Sunday, August 30, 2009

She's Gone Home :(

Back to being by myself. It was a short, but fun weekend. We had people over on Friday night, it was a great nite, we had to kick them out at 2am so we could go to bed!! I guess that's better than everyone leaving early coz it was boring!!!!!!

It was the most glorious day yesterday - we went for a drive to the beach before the restaurant we chose to go to opened for lunch. We never got there... sat at the Marina, had a few wines and four hours later went home! I can't believe it's still officially winter, the weather is amazing :) Love it love it love it!

We had a BBQ to go to last night at another friend's house, then did breakfast this morning before taking them to the airport. I've been moping with a case of the sads all day :(

Early nite tonite then the new week begins................. hope you all had a nice weekend.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Sorting through the boxes of utter crap that followed me when I left home, I came across some old birthday cards. Lucky I bothered to read them, as I found some money in one!! Score!! How I mangaged to leave it in the card and not spend it straight up in the first place is beyond me! 6 months on, I'm $20 richer ;)

My bestie from the GC is here this weekend with her boyf. They get to be my first visitors, aren't they special. Although they were quite horrified to open my fridge - other than spices and a few veges, it's totally empty! Ha!

Have a nice weekend :) I've been looking forward to this one for a loooong time! It's always good to spend time with her and have someoe I can do stuff with, or just do nothing at all and still have fun!! :)))

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Anniversary...

I had my big one two weeks ago. Today's anniversay is even better.

Four weeks ago today when I was in Brisbane with my mummy, these girls came into my life.

Born at 12.30pm on 22/7/09, weighing 250g each.

Happy birthday to my girls - can't imagine life without you!!!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yep, it was Him!

In case my previous post wasn't obvious, after all my lusting over the TV during last week, I had heart palpitations when I read in the newspaper that my new boyfriend was going to be the special guest at the opening of the new nightclub.
I could meet him!!!!!!!!!!

And meet him I did :))))) He's quite small in 'real life' - just perfect for me ;) He was TOTALLY HOT, he had great dress sense, and............ I just wanted to jump on him. But I behaved like a lady :P

I felt like a total groupie getting a photo with him - but I wasn't the only one! So first I sat on the couch kinda below him and got a pic, then the other people moved (why thankyou very much!) and I got to sit up beside him and he introduced himself and we started the small talk stuff. (Which was what he was being paid to do, but I felt sooooo cool all the same). Our arms were touching we had to sit so close... my face was THAT close to his - you know how it is in a club with music! WOW! No one else was really hanging round by this point so I should have stayed and chatted................. but I was so scared I'd make a royal dick of myself by saying something dumb that I made a stupid excuse that I had to go! DANG! L-O-S-E-R. There really weren't that many people hanging around - either they weren't aware he was there, or they just didn't know much about him, or care! Anyway, I had the chance to speak to him so I felt special for just a little bit.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be getting the pictures. It was a random guy that offered to take them for me, and he did take a few. Get to the part where I give him my email address (which is my name and the last 2 digits of my birthyear) and he looks at me like I'm some pre-historic creature and says "is that when you were born???". Just kick me where it hurts. I thought he was about my age.... obviously not. At least I wouldn't have been too old for my Benji ;) Google says he's 38 ;) (And the best part............SINGLE!)

So to this day, I still haven't got the pics emailed through. :( I should have just said it was my favourite number.
So back down from my cloud and to reality...
Work is...............weird. I no longer have to get out of bed at stoopid o'clock, but without having a set appointment to get in there for, I'm a bit lost and don't yet have much structure. I'm so so busy still, I don't know how I fit it all in before. Why is it no matter how much we cut back to un-busy ourselves the days are still soooo damn full!
I've got 2 business mentors that are keeping me on track with all the things I've been wanting to do for a loooong time, along with growing the business. It's good to have them - not just to be accountable to, but to give fresh and new ideas from an outsiders perspective. It's very exciting!
My lil bro went to NZ for a ski trip and got home a few days ago. Five days before he was due to return, he was glassed in a bar in Christchurch. He was very very lucky, had the d!ckhead that did it hit just a few centimetres in towards his nozzle, he could have lost his eye. He came home bruised and with stitches - so so so lucky. An off-duty ambulance officer witnessed it, so he was well looked after. My bro was taken to the police station and had to make a statement. There was a write-up in the NZ paper and all and the d!ckhead who did it is going to court soon.
My brother was an innocent by-stander, this has been backed up by all witnesses. IF this guy doesn't plead guilty (but as the police said - he'd be stupid not too, there were too many people that saw it), my bro will have to go back to NZ for the court case.
He's downplayed it all - he didn't even call to tell my parents as he knew they'd just panic. Which they would.
It's so scary though, you just don't know what losers are going to do with a few drinks in them. I'm all for the banning of glasses in pub and clubs - bring on the styrofoam!
Well I might go and re-watch some of the Underbelly episodes. Back to my dream-land. It's more fun there :)
(and for some STOOPID reason, blogger will not let me put spaces between my paragraphs although I've edited it FIVE times to do so. This control freak doesn't like it looking so damn cluttered. Time to turn puter off before it ends up broken...)


To those who know Lyndsay, she had a little girl yesterday at 10.53am weighing 3540g.
Both of them are healthy and very happy :)
If she's anything like her mother, she'll be a stunner!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


(no, not with a SpeedDate applicant... and thanks to Kelly for your comment - there we go, it was never something I signed up for after all!!! :P )

Although I finally have internet access at my house (YEEHA!) I've been MIA from the internet world - not because I wanted my sexy(?) 70s pic to stay at the top of my blog - but because I had a hot date every night last week.

I developed a huge crush, and I think it's now love.

My hot dates involved a lot of time on the couch with the television and the first Underbelly series.

Meet my new boyfriend:

What on earth will my mother say!

I had no idea who he was - sorry never watched Blue Heelers - so I let google do the background work for me and last week all I wanted was my TV. Coz that's how I could see him daily. Of course!

There's something I love about a tattooed bad boy on TV - that hot bad ass on The OC, and now my 'Benji' -but I reckon if I saw them in the streets I'd run and hide!!!

And to put your mind at ease, I'm in love with the actor, not the character he played... Just in case you thought it was my life goal to be a gansta's gal! ;)


Last Thursday I read in our newspaper that a new club was opening on Friday. It looked GREAT and I really wanted to check it out but I knew I had no one that would go out with me. (Remember I have no friends that don't have a tribe of young kids!!!!!).

Friday morning I HAD to go... then I got over it by lunchtime and resigned myself to a Friday night alone with more television. But my boy Benji had been killed off Underbelly by this stage so it wasn't as appealing. I really really wanted to go out again. I went through all my phone contacts and tried whoever I thought may be keen. I was rejected. I nearly cried. "EFF THIS, I'm selling my business and moving to a city where I can have FRIENDS!".

I had one last person to contact who I knew is a social butterfly and BINGO, she was going to the opening. Just happens to be one of my newly aquired business mentors. ;)

This place was AWESOME! Oh and as the Thursday paper mentioned, which was part of my NEEDING to go, there just happened to be a special guest star for the Opening....

JUST GUESS WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C'mon, c'mon... and guess who I got to see, meet, and touch as we sat side-by-side on the couch for a photo and a chat....


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reason #467 Why You Shouldn't Drink...

Because you just might hop on the computer when you get home in the wee hours of the morning, and sign up for a Facebook application like, say... Speed Date.

Obviously a good idea at the time...

I had no recollection until checking my inbox just now and there's eighteen new speed date messages.

Oh crap. What have I done, and how do I 'unsign' up....

(In my defence it was my first night out in six months, waaaay before comp and the banning of alcohol. I'm going to have to ban it again).

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Shagadelic Baby, Yeah!

Party was fun, everyone made an effort to dress up and there were some fantastic costumes. Apparently I was the only one with a genuine 70s outfit though. What was my mother thinking back then... :)

Friday, August 07, 2009


Three posts in a week, that's getting a bit much isn't it! ;)

Thanks guys for all your comments on my last entry - it certainly has been one hell of a year and I don't want the ride to stop! I hope if anyone else has gone through stuff like that, that you realise there is a happily ever after, after all. :)

After whinging that I get lonely at home, I have only been home once in the past eight nights! But I wan't alone - my sister came over for tea - her hubby is in New Zealand so she's a bit lost as well. On Wednesday night we were given premiere tickets to "The Ugly Truth" - it's a good movie! If you want a laugh, do it - my ribs were hurting and she nearly had her baby. It's a bit rude, but if you don't get offended by that, you'll like it.

I met the gorgeous Miss Hilde for tea this morning. I can't say coffee as we both had tea! For so long we've said we'll do it, but life just gets busy :) It was nice to catch up with her and chat about all our similar stuff - although she can run that marathon alone! She's running for a great cause, so I was more than happy to sponsor her. Rather you than me Hilde! Go girl. ;)

Condolences to Kerryn, Bike Boy and their three boys - thinking of you Kekky. {{HUGS}}

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend - I've got a crazy 70s party to go to - it's going to be hilarious - I'm wearing my mum's Engagement Dinner outfit from 1978. Why she still has it I have no idea - but in this case I'm happy she's a hoarder - I get a genuine outfit ;) Depending on how silly I look, I will post pics :)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!!

Today marks the 7th month anniversary of my freedom from a LOSER!!! To my blog readers from way back - can you believe my infamous break-up was seven months ago today!! YAY!!! Although it didn't seem like it at the time (it never does, god bless hindsight), it was the best thing that could EVER have happened to me, and I've NEVER been happier!!!

I was reading back through my old posts on the weekend - man, wasn't I a mess! But some of the things I said have all happened:

6th January: "I know I'll come out the other side, in 6 months or so this will seem silly. I can't wait to get there."

So 7 months later here we are and let me say I got there way quicker than 6 months, try 6 weeks!! Never has a girl's trip to Bali been timed better :) New 'happy memories' were created with people who will be in my life FOREVER!

15th January: My goal is to make myself SO HOT. He is going to regret ever letting a HOT, AWESOME chick like me go. I'm going to pretend I'm the happiest girl in the world. Revenge is sweet, and I think that will be the best revenge.

Hows that for a goal!! tee hee. And to pretend I'm the happiest girl - hell no!! I AM the happiest girl!!!

22nd January: "I have plans this year, I have BIG plans this year. Something to keep me focused, to keep me busy and occupied, and to make me LIVE, not just go through the motions like I have been. And although ultimately it's for ME, to rub it in his deceiptful, slimy, pathetic face."

My mum always said I was stubborn - my whole life if I've said I'm going to do something, I've done it. After all the crap, I did set some BIG goals and planned some BIG stuff, and I've done them all!!! Although even I didn't realise at the time, just HOW big!

To compete - twice!!! Even more exciting was bringing home some bling in the second comp! Does that count as making myself HOT? ;) Can't get much hotter than comp condition, right?!

For many years I've said I'm going to take a step back from the training side of my business and focus on the managerial side and marketing - to take it to the next level really. This is official now but still taking shape! Done! My job is to look after my four fantastic trainers :)

I've got my own place!!

Although I wanted these things so bad as 'revenge', I have absolutely ZERO care-factor for him, he doesn't even enter my realm of thinking and I don't give two hoots if he knows any of the above or not!

I've done every single bit of this for me :) No one else :) He was holding me back and I just didn't realise!

(Although I will admit it felt quite good when I saw his mum and sister in the shopping centre - both who I on really good terms with - and all of those things came up in the conversation! And that mum and I had just came back from a few nights in Brisbane, having a break. Just because we can. tee hee)

GO ME!!!!!!!!!!

What's next, what's next, what's next?

Oh and NO, I don't have any men on the scene. That seems to be my most commonly asked question at the moment!

Don't have one, don't want one, don't have any time for one ;)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Boring Old Chook

That's what I am :) Got a bit of blogger's block happening...

Not alot going on in my world at all. Just work. And a bit of play. I had a networking event on Friday night. A few wines go a lot further than they used to.... oops. I'll say no more.

I've also become a groupie for our local team in the Queensland Basketball League - I love love love going down to watch. I never understood the girlies that would follow footy teams around and support every game, I hated footy. Hate the fights. Hate the culture. But the atmosphere at the basketball is amazing. Plus the fact my bro-in-law and sis are corporate sponsors (as he used to play for them) so we get box seats plus drinkies and food. ;) Our team have made the finals for the first time in ten years, so that's very exciting! haha - how sad do I sound!

I love living by myself, but find I've been getting so lonely! I need a pet rock or something :) I go home to mum and dad's all the time - like now- just for company! (Plus they have the internet teee hee hee - I still can't get it at home dammit). I watch heaps more TV now, I was never a TV person. Although I must have ADHD with sticking to one thing- I'm currently in the middle of the Harry Potter DVDs (although that's a weekend thing, they're long movies) ;), Sex & The City series, Gossip Girl series and Underbelly Series.

And I'm in the middle of no less than four books at the moment. Is that strange?!

Well... eat time, so over and out. Here's a few more pics from my first comp, just coz they're on this computer... ;)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Thanks Steph, that prod hurt ;)

Bout time for an update I guess :) My life is a constant cyclone!!

The week before comp, I officially 'retired' from my position as a personal trainer - for a few months at least then to re-evaluate. My role is manager and everything else of the studio, that's a full time job in itself. It was all going smooth... which we all know is a sign that it ain't gonna last for long.

One of my trainers (who's only been on since April) quit. With one hour notice. The day before I flew to Melbourne for the All Females. Leaving behind five full shifts of clients who needed to be trained. I could have cried, but what was I to do? I was leaving the state, and didn't want to get in a tizz before comp. So I forgot about it for a few days, and the wines helped with that ;)

Home from Melbourne Monday, 4.30am start on Tuesday - I covered as many shifts as I could in the past two weeks, to help out my other guys. 'Retirement' wasn't going as planned ;)

Last Tuesday I went away with my mummy. This was something we'd planned all year, and I'd planned work around it of course. But I'd booked this trip as a little break for us both - mum is my angel, and no staff dramas were going to stop it. She works in my business 3 days per week, and expects no payment, although of course I do reimburse her anyway. She deserved the break.

We had three nights in Brisbane city, and she went shopping crazy!! I seriously need to get her out more ;) I met up with my bestie and Miss Shannon on Thursday for coffee and a catch-up. It was great to de-brief after comp, and my bestie loves to hear about it. Although it's something she will never do, being my tanner and cheerleader at my first comp, she knows the ins and outs of it all.

Today is my first day back at work after this mini vacation. I've got heaps and heaps to do, so of course I procrastinate by blogging :) My day started well with an interview - this girl was a sweetie! Got a few more to do before our decision is made.

Things are going well!!!! I'm a happy little girlie and can't wait to see what else is in store for me... challenges, dramas, and happy things - Bring It On!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Back...

in the Sunshine State where it's 10 degrees warmer :)

What a whirly-wind weekend :) Kerryn has done a great post on the behind the scenes stuff from the weekend. Check it out - it's a good read!!! And yes, I was the bubble brain who dropped my last ration of chook on the floor, and then later on my honey covered rice-cake...

I was well looked after all weekend :) I could have had anything I wanted for breakfast, and I was served the most divine Paleo Pancake... so good it can't be 'diet' food! We dirtied it up with yoghurt and real maple syrup.

We went into the city yesterday to catch up with Shannon and her hubby and sister, and Liz for a late lunch before they flew home. It was great to de-brief (again!) and we were fully satisfied after our shared Sticky Date cake and few vinos :)

Back to reality now, work tomorrow and back on track with the food. Next goal - not sure yet! For the first time all year, I don't have a strict goal date, and it feels... weird?

Backstage pic of me, Shannon and Linda taken with Kerryn's camera phone. (edit: errrm, I mean phone camera. Can't blame lack of carbs for that one...!)

The Intermediate top 3.

Shannon and I enjoying our wine after the comp.

Looking less orange the morning after with my trophy and flowers before heading off for lunch!

All pics thanks to Kerryn :) The best host, chauffeur, personal cook, tanner, slapper, eyelash-applier, rice-cake and jelly snake feeder, tissue-supplier and photographer.... EVER!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a Day!!!!

I'll jump straight to the stuff I know everyone will be waiting for - the pics :)

The All Females was a blast!!!!!!!!!!! It was GREAT meeting so many girls and catching up with others :)

My final week was a struggle and I just wanted it to be O.V.E.R. Meeting Shannon at the hairdresser's got the adrenalin and excitement happening! We got all prettied up, the straight to registration where we met Rae, Jeh and Jadey - all looking very glamorous!

The day went SO quick - the divisions seemed to run ahead of time and we were called out well before we were ready - so Shannon and I were down doing push-ups under boss's order being almost-yelled at "don't stop, but eat this" as a lolly was shoved in our mouth!

There were 7 girls in our Intermediate divison. Shannon was AMAZING - although she doesn't quite believe it ;) A few people asked us if we were sisters - must have been the same skin colour... haha :P We were onstage beside each other which was heaps of fun, but also a disadvantage as she is just PHENOMENAL (girl you are, and you have the proof of that now sista!) We were both there for ourselves and to have fun, and we sure did!

Pre-judging was over before we knew it, and we got to go have a normal lunch. And we told the boss that we were having a glass of wine... we didn't ask, we just told. hee hee. Casey and Linda (mightee mouse) and their helpers came along with us for lunch and it was nice to chill before heading back.

More lollies, pumping up and ROUTINE time! Yay, I got through mine with no fumbles and I hope I gave Jo's routine justice. The DVD will tell... :) Bit more of a pose-down and places were announced...
Miss Shannon WON! Again I say - that girl is just AMAZING, and did an awesome routine - put together late Friday night! She was simply incredible and has great stage presence. She owned it baby!

I GOT THIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEHA!!! I was SO SO SOOOOO excited after coming 4th in May in Novice, I was STOKED to come in third in intermediate!!!
The INBA QLD promotors who were back-stage were so proud of us, and I was jumping round like a kiddie at Christmas with my trophy!

Shannon was in the Overalls of course and made it to the final three - a process of elimination was done. It had to have been close - but all three were sensational, definitely something to aspire to.

Then we went to eat, another vino, a coffee and some Koko Black. Kerryn and I were home by 2am, and not sure about her, but I got no sleep being so high on sugar ;)

Huge thanks to Lizzie and Kerryn for being awesome slappers, and to all the girls - it was an amazing day!!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

2 Sleeps to Go...

Although I'm not doing a lot of that. Excitement? Nerves? Not sure but I had lots on my mind last night that I had to get up and write it on a list so I could get some peace and sleep!

The lists have started... I am a control freak. Or anal cow as I like to call myself. Lists everywhere. So I had to laugh when I read Kerryn's post this morning. Perfect. Just the way I like my hosts. ;)

I was up late last night cooking and portioning for the next few days. My meals are set out in my fridge in chronological order. The clip-seal bags marked with m1, m2, m3 etc. Lucky no one else needs to share my fridge. No thought required. Grab and eat.

I like to make everything as easy and thoughtless as possible in the last few days. Tonight's job will be to chop up my potassium supplements into the correct portions, chuck in a clip-seal bag and mark with the time to take them.

Then pack. Check lists, and no doubt, re-pack. Control freak. Hell yes.

The hard yards are done now. No more training. Just organisation. First coat on contest colour starts tonight. Ahhh the sweet kahlua-smelling smell. ;)

Can't wait to meet some people I haven't yet, and catch up with others. It's going to be great fun! And I'm fortunate to have the hostess with the mostest. She's getting more than she bargained for though - my personal shopper, chauffeur, tanner, and slapper. I will never be invited to stay again. ;)

Can wait for the Melbourne weather... I saw the news last night. 3 degrees? What the?

So this is it until next week!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Four sleeps to go!

I'm on the countdown - just like last time. :)

I'm starting to get excited now!!

My nose is running like crazy, but nothing like a bit of cardio to get the juices flowing and clean out the old nozzle system!

Should start packing today, and organising what comp specific stuff I need to take. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute! Luckily Kerryn has told me I don't need any dark towels or sheets as she has them all, then from the plane we're going to the supermarket for all my food supplies to cook up, SO thank goodness I don't need to take all that either - the stuff that takes up heaps of room. It's SUCH a relief staying with someone else who competes!!! Makes things heaps easier :)

I have only half a tub of Tan Master left - what do others prefer - the Tan Master or Dream Tan as I'll have to arrange for more of one or the other. Dream Tan was banned at the Brisbane comp, so I've only ever used Tan Master... should I stick with what I know? Or go the Dream Tan that most people seem to use?

Monday, July 06, 2009


It’s never too late to be what you might have been.
- George Elliot
The time is always right to do what is right.
- Martin Luther King Jr.

How did it get there so quick?

There's only 5 sleeps to go! four in my bed and one at Kekky babys!!! :)) It's so freaking cold here, I'm scared to think what Melbourne will be like. Lucky I have the expert who's advised me on what to pack. :)

So I've been ill. :( Went home last Thursday after I'd taken all my clients and had a sloth day. Worked Friday but then it came on real bad. Razor blade throat, watery eyes and runny nozzle. I know exactly whose fault it is too - my early Thursday client was ill, and I was a bit cranky he came in saying "I'll be OK to train" (yea buddy, but will I be OK?). I said to him "if you make me ill, I'll be really peed off, I don't get sick and I can't so close to comp". Famous last words...

Anyway a bit of forced quality time with the couch was in order all weekend. And lots of drugs.

This week I'm taking off - as in not seeing clients. Still have to do admin and payroll etc. I needed a decent sleep so turned my phone off last night to get one.... after a lovely sleep-in this morning I had no less than 4 text messages - my staff are sick too. ARGH!

So guess who's in at work sorting it all out - rescheduling clients etc :( Nevermind, I'll survive!

Few more training to go.... haven't had the ideal prep, but I'll still get up there and have some FUN!!! Bring it on :)

Friday, July 03, 2009

I'm Going to the Circus!

I got tix for myself and one of my best friends - the other 2 weren't interested for some reason?! Back in the day we said if Britney ever toured Australia we were going - 10 years on, I have tickets :) She just has to find a way to trust her hubby to look after their three kids under 5 for a few days... So excited!!! :) (But please don't tell anyone!!!).

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well hello there!

LOOoooong time, no post. Have you missed me :P

Life keeps whooshing by, each day one closer to the All Females :)

I'm had some utterly crap days, where I've ended in tears - but it's always from external sources not from me... if that makes any sense at all. That in turn had me so negative and pessimistic about every aspect of my life and I was miserable.

Of course it had to change - and I'm a happy chappy again, and really really working on not letting others influence my moods and behaviours. WE are in control of our emotions, getting upset at something someone else has done is them having total power over you. Nuh-uh, not anymore :)

My comp prep has been alot more enjoyable since the shift in mood. Not that the bad one lasted long, but when I'm in that place I feel I'll never get back out.

Been smashing the training, absolutely copping a hiding. I've been training with an EVIL trainer who pushes me to limits I never thought I was capable of. I cannot perform anything after our sessions. He has 30 years experience in the industry and was a very successful competitor so I'm learning lots from him as I go :) I know I train bloody hard by myself, but having that someone to push push push and help squeeze that last little bit out, and do negatives with just to really trash the old muscles has taken my poor bod to places I've never thought possible! I LOVE IT!

Posing practice is so much better second time around, my routine is finally coming together, it's just practice practice practice - as that makes perfect! I'm SOOO excited about the All Females - I'm a little more relaxed then last time, now that I know what happens, so I can't wait to get on stage, hopefully in better shape, and HAVE FUN!! Can't wait to be on stage with Shannon (and who else out there is gonna be with us?) and let my inner show-pony SHINE!!! HA!!!

Still got work to do before then.... I wanna BRING IT HOME STRONG!!!!!!!!!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE living alone. I can cook in my hooker heels, I can break out in routine when my song comes on, and no one thinks I'm a fruit loop.

Having huge problems with internet which is why there's been no posting... Seems I'm in a black spot! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Spent HOURS signing up last week for mobile broadband only to get home and find I have no coverage. It's crazy, I'm in the centre of town, and I can't get coverage? What the hell?

I'm so lost at home with no internet :( I feel so isolated...

So it's either trips into work (yuk) or home to mum's like I am now.

Till next time!! GO HARD!!! :)))

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Time's flying!! Today is a public holiday for our show day which is why I can finally blog something. Bet you've all been dying for it :P Felt great to have cardio & weights done by 9.30am, whoo hoo. So the day is mine... and I'm at work :(

My weekend away was great :) Did some Lorna Jane retail therapy, had lunch and a catch-up with Miss Lizzie, loved the Pink concert as expected. I wasn't as over-awed as my other friends as I'd seen her in 2007 and knew what an awesome show it would be. I was a tad disappointed my two fave songs from her Funhouse album weren't played and heaps of covers were, but, well, you can't win them all hey. It was still a fantastic production!

Got home at 2am after driving back to the Gold Coast. Checked out Robina Town Centre - the refurbs are AMAZING!!!! Spotted a Max Brenners... OMG! Had to walk as far away as possible, coz if I even sniff the stuff I'll put on fat ;) I sat and ate my (boring) meal while my friend enjoyed a nice tasty healthy Grill'd burger. Can't wait to check that out after comp!

We went to Gold Class cinemas to see Angels & Demons. I liked it :) I pulled out my smelly tuna - I hope everyone got a whiff. It's their own fault for having popcorn when I can't :P

Good weekend, but always glad to be home.

This week had flown - been smashing the training. I can't believe there's only three weeks and 2 days till the All Females, it's snuck up so quick!!! So much happening... had some really upsetting moments yesterday which ended with me in tears again, so I took it out on my body. Used up all that negative energy in a positive way! YAY! Three weeks - head down, bums up!

Well that's my week of nothing-ness updated. Hope you didn't hold your breath :P I'm heading home to have a day off... Couch & DVD, here I come!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Off I go again...

I'm so over it!! I'm flying out tomorrow to Brisvegas for the weekend. This was booked way way long ago last year before I made a kazillion other little trips in the meantime :) I just want to stay at home in my new house, to do nothing with me, myself, and I. And of course unpack boxes...

But -

I'm off with my sis tomorrow night to see PINK on Friday night!!! Although I really don't have a care factor for it yet, I know it will be a great weekend. I'm seeing Miss Lizzie on Friday to train together - I hope my body's recovered in time. I had a hardcore PT session yesterday with a trainer who has no mercy, at all. He's pretty muchly almost reduced me to tears on every occassion he's trained me... But that's another story. It'll be a case of Toughen Up Princess so Liz and I can make all the sore bits that little bit sorer on Friday :) And I can't wait!!

After the concert Friday night, I'm parting ways with my sis to head to the Gold Coast to stay with my bestie (and tanner extraordinaire!) for the rest of the weekend. Her boyfriend works nights, so I get her all to myself on Saturday night :) We've planned to go to the Gold Class cinemas as I've never been before. It should be a fun girlie weekend!

Best be off, I came to visit mum tonite to send off a few emails. Haven't read blogs properly but will catch up one day!

Be back next week!


Monday, June 08, 2009

Just call me...

.... a Ford Falcon.

I love public holidays, because I can go to the gym and take my time, knowing I don't have to get back to work to call this person, or do that errand. I slept in till 8.30am today... how shameful! First night alone in my house, and doesn't it make a difference when there's no noise. I thought for sure I'd be up early and planned to go for a run - the gorgeous pink curtains I've inherited in the unit let the bright morning light through. But no, I must have needed the sleep, I had an early morning yesterday where I officiated at the half marathon - I got to be a 'pole' - dressed as a lolly pop lady I had to stand still and direct the runners around a cone. It was more fun than running it. :P

So I walked to the gym and smashed my legs... so much so my back is really sore :( Toughen up Princess! I love the atmosphere at the gym - there's a lot of older members - "Mature and Motivateds" as I like to call them :) I always have time for a chat with them, and I know I'm a 'favourite' for that reason. They are so sweet!

One always asks "hows my little body-builder going today?"... he's been a 'mate' for a long time, offers to do stuff for me like help me move house, and so on and so forth. In fact, he's coming over for coffee once I get something he can sit on! LoL.

A few weeks back an older gentleman had been quite fascinated with my ipod shuffle. He asked what it was and what it did - I explained it played music. He asked how many LPs could fit on there - I explained it fits hundreds of songs. He was amazed. Then someone else came to chat to us he said to them - "Did you know that that little thing can fit 240 songs?? Amazing isn't it." It was so cute :) He's such a sweetie.

Today he had a classic line - "You're like the latest model Ford Falcon", he said to me. "Do you know what that means?"

I said no.

"Trim, taut and terrific".

AWWWW isn't he a sweetie!!

See I have some special men in my life after all :)

And so Kerryn, you are no longer looking for a blingy stick-insect, look for a Ford Falcon hopping off that plane!! HA!


I went for a look at the furniture store for more 'stuff' this afternoon. I plonked myself down on the massage chair as my back was aching.

A salesman started to walk over - ahhhh dammit, I have to pretend to be interested.

"Hi there, can I help you... Hey, didn't I see you at the gym this morning".

"Ahhh yes I was, I do remember seeing you. That's why I'm testing this, I'm a bit sore..."

20 mins I stalled him for and waffled on, whilst enjoying every single second of my massage ;)

Teee hee heee.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's was time...

I had to buy some new jeans. My old trusty faves which were a bargain purchase in Melbourne, have been a little errr.. big. Crotch hanging low, g-banger occassionally popping out (NOICE) from falling down my now-flatter butt. But I didn't want to part with them.

I really really liked a pair I saw in a shop window. Upon scouting them out they were Skinny leg jeans. Crap, I've never ever fit into a pair of skinny legs... I can't get them up my non-skinny legs. Then I found another pair that were even nicer. These were called "Super Skinny". Ahhhh double crap. But the stubborn cow in me wanted to try them on anyway. So I took in a size 10 - a bigger size should mean I can get them up my legs, right, and they're usually quite small makes :). I also took in a size 8, just in case I was having a "skinny" day. I walked out of the shop with not just a pair of the elusive Skinny jeans, but a pair of Super Skinny jeans...

.... in a size 6. (If I could insert the boogly eyed smiley face here I would).

I stood there 'arguing' with the shop attendant - "I can't get these, I'm not a size 6, maybe I should try the 7s." She rolled her eyes - "Darl, you've got them on and they fit you perfect, the 7s will be baggy". My brain couldn't accept that I'm a smaller me now. She must have thought I was a fruit loop taking in a size 10. I think the manufacturers have finally gotten the point that only stick insects could fit into skinny jeans previously, and altered the sizing for the general population. Or maybe I am classified as a stick insect now.

Either way, I got sh!t-hot new jeans!! WHOO HOO!! I wore them to the basketball last night, they are COMFY!!


For Christmas, I got a pair of (what used to be) gorgeous earrings from the f*ckface (as he is affectionately known) ex. As you know 10 days later it was all over red rover. I couldn't wear the earrings for a bit, then I got over that... Recently the diamonte stones had started to fall out and the earrings went a funny colour. I found the receipt thank goodness - of course I had it, he had the responsibility level of a dead fly - and thought I'd try my luck returning them.


Not only could I return them, I didn't even have to get them replaced for the same pair. I can pick whatever the hell to the equal value.

So now I have a gift card to spend on any sort of jewellery thanks to him, and best of all, there will be no reminder of him!

What a productive shopping day yesterday! :)

Saturday, June 06, 2009


I've just been thinking about a few things and made a few realisations....

It's been a whole year since I've been coached by Miss Lizzie - and it's been the best thing I've ever done. I've changed SO SO SO much, physically and in the head :)

Thinking back, last winter was the first one I didn't become a bit of a sloth and hibernate - I have previously become unenthused and have motivation for ZIP during winter and have a few extra kgs to show for at the end of it. Not last year - I had someone to be accountable to. Therefore I didn't get my yearly case of the SADS; (thanks Kekky baby for 'diagnosing' that one for me). I didn't go comfort eating at all :)

I was a cardio FREAK, I always did weights, but I never had the same passion. Now it's TOTALLY opposite, me, the runner, procrastinates when it comes to cardio. I love weights, LOVE them... I do four days now, and I told the boss with my last program update that I wanted to keep the four days (prior to comp prep it had been three). My throat would be cut if I had to do only three! :P I'm a creature of habit and I like my routine.

I finally have arms!! I've always wanted arms!!! I have lines, I love them!!! WHOO HOO!!

It was Lizzie who planted the seed of competing last year - I laughed at her at first... PUH!! Me? A figure chick?! HA!! I'm a RUNNER :P But, who had the last laugh ;)

Most importantly, I've killed my Gollum, my Mad Monkey and my Binge Monster. All one and the same, but I was 'blessed' with all three of them. HA! I used to troll and troll and pick and pick as a regular thing. But I just weaned myself off it. It just clicked. By having a well-rounded, 'diet' I didn't need to go for that crap.

He still appears at times, but never like before. After my comp, I struggled a little bit... it was more a case of "because I can", not really because I wanted to... I was eating crap that I would never even look at prior, not even think about even when I was craving something/anything during prep. I was just being STUPID. Liz put me back on the straight and narrow, and ultimately it was up to me to get my head back in the right place and not be so dumb about it. That's the only way to describe it - DUMB.

What's prompted me to realise the turn-around I've had in the past year, is the fact that tomorrow is the local Half Marathon. A huge event - over 200 runners are expected this year. My race report from last year is here. For those who knew me a year ago, I was all about running. I was one of the few runner bloggers amongst the figure girls :)) This year I'm not going in the half, gosh I haven't run over an hour all year! I could go in it, but I'm not excited about it, which made me realise how much my passions have changed. That's not to say they won't change again, but for now, the thought of running for 4 hours in marathon training - which WAS my original goal this year before Lizzie got me thinking about getting up on stage 95% naked in hooker heels in front of an auditorium full of strangers - doesn't turn me on in the slightest.

My training buddy misses me. We still run occassionally, but not like we used to. About tomorrow's race she said "hey I'll miss my little partner egg'n me on........... you had to leave me be a "Bodybuilder". LOL :)

So on the 5th July this year when my 2 buddies do their debut marathon which we planned together on the Gold Coast, I will be a week out from my 2nd body-building competiton.

My, oh my, haven't things changed :) And I wouldn't change them for the world!!!

I Got Another Present :)

Yesterday the DVD in the INBA comp was in the mail! Whoo hoo!!! Of course I watched it straight up, it's a bit weird watching yourself doing all that stuff. I really really really need to practice wearing those hooker heels, I thought I looked awkward, but we're always over-critical of ourselves aren't we?

I also finally got to see the my "new best friend" (HA! Jokes - although he did give me feed-back on my posing!) our local boy who won the Open men and the Overalls. Whoa - he looks very different with no clothes on!!!!!!!! In his back and bis pose he shoved his costume up his bum, and OMG you should see the glutes him!! Holy crap!! I will never look at him the same way again :)


It's official now - I have my own place!!!! :)) Last night I slept there for the first time. My lil sis stayed over as planned and she thought ahead - she BYO'd her own chocolate... uh-ohhhh...

I got to sleep in this morning as we fluffed around till late last night, and walked all of 6 mins to the gym, smashed out some (chocolate-fuelled) cardio and walked back. I live in the bestest spot, the guys down there at the gym are going to get so sick of me!!! My spin bike's at my house now too, so I have zero excuses for not getting in any extra 'secret' training :)


Tonight I'm going to the local basketball game with my sis and her friends. Her hubby used to play for the local team, now they sponsor the team so get a corporate box and free drinks for the home games. Not sure where the visiting team is from, don't really care much for basketball at all, I won't be drinking or eating the supplied food.... but I'm going anyway! LOL!!

Hope everyone has a great long weekend!!! I don't get to blog or read much at the moment, I don't have an internet connection at my new home - I'm at mum's right now, but if I don't stop by here or go to work (which I try to avoid when I can on weekends) I'm isolated from the outside world!!! Let's see how long I will last before caving ;)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.
Vince Lombardi
Busy busy as usual, but getting on with it all the same :) I'm half living in my unit, half not... my fridge has food, some furtniture is there, but it's been raining all week so I haven't been able to transport my bed there without it getting wet! GRRR!! I LOVE it though, being so close to the gym, I can now fly home for a shower and food before heading back to work :) Sure beats showering and eating and work and the gym all the time!!
My sis' hubby is away for the weekend so she's going to stay with me all weekend - should be fun! I'll get to experience how emotional a pregnant woman can be. Hee hee... Hope she has no cravings, coz when she gets there, the cupboard is bare!
Steph & Kerry - my next goal is the All Females in 5 weeks and 2 days, and so not counting :) That's what we're training towards and, yes Kerryn, I don't know why I got all excited about the program when I saw what I actually had to DO!! ;)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Christmas in June #1

I got a new program from the boss!! Whoo Hooo!!

Snail mail, email, anything with a present attached is Christmas for me!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh dear...

Today's shopping expedition ended with my credit card being swiped for -

* a sofa
* a TV cabinet
* a coffee table
* a lamp table
* a dining table and chairs

And being an anal control-freak, they're all matching items.

Then I bought a big mat/rug thingy for the floor as it's all tiled. Colour coordinated with the furniture of course.

That should be enough shopping for now.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's ON!

I got the keys to my unit during the week! WHOO HOO!!!

I started moving my stuff in there yesterday - how fun is packing up stuff to move? NOT!

The poor little place is so bare and empty. Until today...

The only necessity I needed before being able to actually live there was a fridge - I can get away without a washing machine (frequent visits to mum's!!! hee hee) and a bed (a matress will do for now!).

So I went shopping, with the intent of just buying a fridge.

I came out with
* a fridge
* a washing machine
* a microwave
* a vaccuum cleaner (there goes that excuse)
* a wok
* a kettle
* a toaster (why, I don't even eat bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
* a slender blender
* electric salt & pepper mills

It was the sales-lady's 4th day at work. I'm sure she can retire now!!

That was that shop.

Then my mum and sis and I went for a 'look' at homeware stuff.

I got a whole trolley-load of more stuff.

Tomorrow we are looking at a sofa, coffee table, dining table, all that sort of stuff, so I've at least got something to sit on!

Oh how I love shopping for things for to make my house, mine.

I'm sure I'll change my mind when the credit card bill comes through.............. :)