Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well hello there!

LOOoooong time, no post. Have you missed me :P

Life keeps whooshing by, each day one closer to the All Females :)

I'm had some utterly crap days, where I've ended in tears - but it's always from external sources not from me... if that makes any sense at all. That in turn had me so negative and pessimistic about every aspect of my life and I was miserable.

Of course it had to change - and I'm a happy chappy again, and really really working on not letting others influence my moods and behaviours. WE are in control of our emotions, getting upset at something someone else has done is them having total power over you. Nuh-uh, not anymore :)

My comp prep has been alot more enjoyable since the shift in mood. Not that the bad one lasted long, but when I'm in that place I feel I'll never get back out.

Been smashing the training, absolutely copping a hiding. I've been training with an EVIL trainer who pushes me to limits I never thought I was capable of. I cannot perform anything after our sessions. He has 30 years experience in the industry and was a very successful competitor so I'm learning lots from him as I go :) I know I train bloody hard by myself, but having that someone to push push push and help squeeze that last little bit out, and do negatives with just to really trash the old muscles has taken my poor bod to places I've never thought possible! I LOVE IT!

Posing practice is so much better second time around, my routine is finally coming together, it's just practice practice practice - as that makes perfect! I'm SOOO excited about the All Females - I'm a little more relaxed then last time, now that I know what happens, so I can't wait to get on stage, hopefully in better shape, and HAVE FUN!! Can't wait to be on stage with Shannon (and who else out there is gonna be with us?) and let my inner show-pony SHINE!!! HA!!!

Still got work to do before then.... I wanna BRING IT HOME STRONG!!!!!!!!!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE living alone. I can cook in my hooker heels, I can break out in routine when my song comes on, and no one thinks I'm a fruit loop.

Having huge problems with internet which is why there's been no posting... Seems I'm in a black spot! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Spent HOURS signing up last week for mobile broadband only to get home and find I have no coverage. It's crazy, I'm in the centre of town, and I can't get coverage? What the hell?

I'm so lost at home with no internet :( I feel so isolated...

So it's either trips into work (yuk) or home to mum's like I am now.

Till next time!! GO HARD!!! :)))


Jehanne said...

hey - was wondering how your training and your little home has been going! I love living by myself too - we are in very similar situations - its funny. I was a little worried about being alone as I had been staying with my folks till my house went through - but I love having the sapce to myself. Also - i seem to be in a black spot with my internet too - what the - gotta try and sort it out this break! I been a little emotional too - miss home!
Cant wait till July 11 - bring it on - gonna be great to catch up wiv you!

Kristy said...

Great to hear from you Selina, I know isn't it fantastic living on your own and having your own space. I love it too...

Stephanie Davis said...

hey selina :)
you sound like such a sweet person (and im sure you are!), im glad you're enjoying your new place and that your prep is going well. your post about training was really inspiring, thanks

Amy said...

Hey Selina- I was starting to wonder how everything is going for you. All the best for the last few weeks before comp. Thinking of you

Kek said...

I want PHOTOS of you cooking in your hooker heels!

Counting down.... hmm, better ring you soon, need to sort out flight times and so on.

Hilary said...

Not long to go now!! Love the sound of you cooking in your hooker heels!! :) Its nice to have time on your own isn't it.

Hilary xx

Mightee Mouse said...

Vacuuming is also another great one with hooker heels LOL! BTW, what tan products did you use at the Bris titles? Your colour was spot on!!

Shan said...

Hello Selina!!!

Glad you are smashing your training. What a great idea - cooking in your h heels! Think maybe I should start to do that - so I don't fall over on the day. he he Can't wait to catch up in Melbourne. Hang in there -not long xx