Saturday, June 06, 2009

I Got Another Present :)

Yesterday the DVD in the INBA comp was in the mail! Whoo hoo!!! Of course I watched it straight up, it's a bit weird watching yourself doing all that stuff. I really really really need to practice wearing those hooker heels, I thought I looked awkward, but we're always over-critical of ourselves aren't we?

I also finally got to see the my "new best friend" (HA! Jokes - although he did give me feed-back on my posing!) our local boy who won the Open men and the Overalls. Whoa - he looks very different with no clothes on!!!!!!!! In his back and bis pose he shoved his costume up his bum, and OMG you should see the glutes him!! Holy crap!! I will never look at him the same way again :)


It's official now - I have my own place!!!! :)) Last night I slept there for the first time. My lil sis stayed over as planned and she thought ahead - she BYO'd her own chocolate... uh-ohhhh...

I got to sleep in this morning as we fluffed around till late last night, and walked all of 6 mins to the gym, smashed out some (chocolate-fuelled) cardio and walked back. I live in the bestest spot, the guys down there at the gym are going to get so sick of me!!! My spin bike's at my house now too, so I have zero excuses for not getting in any extra 'secret' training :)


Tonight I'm going to the local basketball game with my sis and her friends. Her hubby used to play for the local team, now they sponsor the team so get a corporate box and free drinks for the home games. Not sure where the visiting team is from, don't really care much for basketball at all, I won't be drinking or eating the supplied food.... but I'm going anyway! LOL!!

Hope everyone has a great long weekend!!! I don't get to blog or read much at the moment, I don't have an internet connection at my new home - I'm at mum's right now, but if I don't stop by here or go to work (which I try to avoid when I can on weekends) I'm isolated from the outside world!!! Let's see how long I will last before caving ;)

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