Monday, June 08, 2009

Just call me...

.... a Ford Falcon.

I love public holidays, because I can go to the gym and take my time, knowing I don't have to get back to work to call this person, or do that errand. I slept in till 8.30am today... how shameful! First night alone in my house, and doesn't it make a difference when there's no noise. I thought for sure I'd be up early and planned to go for a run - the gorgeous pink curtains I've inherited in the unit let the bright morning light through. But no, I must have needed the sleep, I had an early morning yesterday where I officiated at the half marathon - I got to be a 'pole' - dressed as a lolly pop lady I had to stand still and direct the runners around a cone. It was more fun than running it. :P

So I walked to the gym and smashed my legs... so much so my back is really sore :( Toughen up Princess! I love the atmosphere at the gym - there's a lot of older members - "Mature and Motivateds" as I like to call them :) I always have time for a chat with them, and I know I'm a 'favourite' for that reason. They are so sweet!

One always asks "hows my little body-builder going today?"... he's been a 'mate' for a long time, offers to do stuff for me like help me move house, and so on and so forth. In fact, he's coming over for coffee once I get something he can sit on! LoL.

A few weeks back an older gentleman had been quite fascinated with my ipod shuffle. He asked what it was and what it did - I explained it played music. He asked how many LPs could fit on there - I explained it fits hundreds of songs. He was amazed. Then someone else came to chat to us he said to them - "Did you know that that little thing can fit 240 songs?? Amazing isn't it." It was so cute :) He's such a sweetie.

Today he had a classic line - "You're like the latest model Ford Falcon", he said to me. "Do you know what that means?"

I said no.

"Trim, taut and terrific".

AWWWW isn't he a sweetie!!

See I have some special men in my life after all :)

And so Kerryn, you are no longer looking for a blingy stick-insect, look for a Ford Falcon hopping off that plane!! HA!


I went for a look at the furniture store for more 'stuff' this afternoon. I plonked myself down on the massage chair as my back was aching.

A salesman started to walk over - ahhhh dammit, I have to pretend to be interested.

"Hi there, can I help you... Hey, didn't I see you at the gym this morning".

"Ahhh yes I was, I do remember seeing you. That's why I'm testing this, I'm a bit sore..."

20 mins I stalled him for and waffled on, whilst enjoying every single second of my massage ;)

Teee hee heee.


linda said...

I can really relate to your comments about the 'mature & motivated'. I take a few classes with them ( ahem....I'm classified as an 'oldie' too!) and they are the greatest bunch of people! So friendly and interactive and enthusiastic. I can well imagine they would love to chat with a spunky young thing! also- well done on SIZE 6 jeans!!!!! Holey Moley- I thought they were just for kids!!!! lol

Kek said...

As long as you don't bring an entourage of senior citizens with you....


ss2306 said...

Sneaky bitch!! Getting a free massage although maybe one of your elderly gentlemen friends would be more than happy to give you a rub down (hehehe).

Mightee Mouse said...

I'll have to remember that little trick with the massage chair LOL!
Your gym sounds cool - better than mine, filled with 16yr olds who are so rude!!

Shan said...

Yes I do the muscle chair trick quite a bit too! lol That's so cute you have a gorgeous fan club at the gym. You ford falcon you!

Stephanie Davis said...

hehe, I wonder if the furniture store would mind daily visits from you... you could get paid as a model to demonstrate the chair!