Monday, June 01, 2009

Christmas in June #1

I got a new program from the boss!! Whoo Hooo!!

Snail mail, email, anything with a present attached is Christmas for me!


Stephanie Davis said...

cool! what's the plan/next goal?
ps we never get sick of pics :)

Kerry W said...

Yeah tell...are you allowed? Is your program based around another upcoming comp?

Kek said...

Ha! I'm always the same - get all excited "Ooh, new program, yay!".

Then I actually DO it and wonder what I was so pleased about...?


ss2306 said...

Sleep in - I wish!

Up at 3.30 am, just trained a client before I did my own today.

How's the new pad?

Cherub said...

Hi Selina,how you going?

The gum, I am trying to give it up, just because I am trying to eliminate as many processed "foods" as possible. I really didn't expect to have any problems with this one.
Day 6 now and it is getting easier. As you said, it is just the habit now. I like having the fresh taste after a meal or a cup of tea - perhaps I should give those up too!

How are you going with the PM?

Rebecca said...

We love pics Selina, keep them coming!!!

Hope you are having a great week :)