Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh dear...

Today's shopping expedition ended with my credit card being swiped for -

* a sofa
* a TV cabinet
* a coffee table
* a lamp table
* a dining table and chairs

And being an anal control-freak, they're all matching items.

Then I bought a big mat/rug thingy for the floor as it's all tiled. Colour coordinated with the furniture of course.

That should be enough shopping for now.


Jehanne said...

You sound just like Its so much fun hey!?!

Jadey said...

Photos photos photos!! Ooooh I wish that was me buying new furniture... I am being patient, only another few weeks and I can order my new couches! It's heaps of fun hey!

Jadey x

Kristy said...

Yes show us photos Selina, it sounds fab!!!

Kek said...

Didya buy anything extra you don't really need? My big house is a little empty....

SeLiNa said...

heheh Jeh - we're totally at the same place in our lives right now. Cept I just need Simon's twin ;)

Jadey & Kristy - I've got some furniture but some is on order, for FOUR weeks - looks like I'm a-sitting on the floor till then!

Kek - Haha - you shouldn't have such a mansion then ;)