Monday, May 25, 2009

Christmas in May #1

I arrived home from work today to a disc of the pics from the comp taken by the INBA photographer! YAY! Don't fret, I won't bore you with more pics...

....I'll wait till I get the disc with my professional pics from Dallas!! tee hee ;)


My work computer was taken away to the hospital today and was supposed to be returned by lunchtime. At 4pm, I left - it still wasn't back :( It's very sick.

There's only so much of nothing I can do at work when I don't have clients. Not all of my work stuff is saved to my lappy, so I really couldn't do much at all.

I refused to clean... I have a school student on work experience this week - that's his job when we're not busy ;) Aren't I nasty!

Mum & dad's home computer also just passed out again (it keeps freezing on us, and the only thing we can do is turn it off, no buttons will work for us to shut it down properly).

I think it's sick of seeing all the pictures of me. The CD is stuck in there right now...

I flogged their modem and hooked it up to my lappy, I didn't realise how much I need a computer, and internet access, till I didn't have it handy.

What on earth did we do without it!??!!?


Kek said...

Send 'em to meeeeee! I'm not bored with your photos. :o)

Have you run a virus and spyware scan on the home PC? Funky behaviour like that is often thanks to a nasty hiding in the system somewhere.

Jehanne said...

no no no - we NOT BORED - gimme gimme pics!

Stephanie Davis said...

Hey Selina,
I need to read these blogs more often, always too much to catch up on!
I LOVE your pro shots! The first black and white one is beautiful!
We're having a shoot with Dallas a couple of weeks prior to comp as well, cant wait! To answer your qu- Im aiming to do the WFF Sept 13th then ANB state titles Sept 26th. nothing to do but to countdown.. hehe.
See you at ANB this weekend? I will say hello this time!