Saturday, May 23, 2009


I get to move into my unit next weekend!!!

Timing couldn't be better - had I been away it would be another week, and I'd still be paying rent for it.

I'm SOO SOO SOOOO excited - I can't wait to decorate it up and make it all 'mine'. I have so many ideas, I'm going to be a busy girl FOREVER!

I'm going to live alone as I'm such an anal cow and want things MY way! LOL! I'm really not keen on having a random live with me, and use my stuff. And eat my food. HA! Plus with my work hours, I'd need someone who was considerate of that... So me and me only is how it will be! For now at least. If my brother was keen to move out of home, I'd love to have him in -I think family would be the only housemates I could cope with, or more to the point, that could cope with me!!!

I think I'll be a bit lonely to begin with... after being in a house full of family! But I don't mind my own company, I think I'm pretty cool to hang out with :) HA!

Oh and I don't I believe I mentioned before- my house is literally a 200 metre walk from the GYM!! Guess where I'll be hanging at night and on weekends if I'm bored... ;) Bonus training!! WHOOO HOO!!!

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