Thursday, May 14, 2009


My gosh I'm getting excited!!!!

Yesterday's chiro visit got me all straightened up again, then my hair is looking whizz-bang again too! I did a make-up trial last night - my god I looked like a drunk clown with the dark over-the-top face and snow white body!!! Then I got a second wind, I think it was excitement so I had to use up all the energy so I took off to the gym for some bonus cardio :)

Today was leg wax - thank god IPL has taken care of underarms and nether regions - I'll Nair the arms and any strays tomorrow. Nails got redone earlier, and I'm heading for a pedicure soon.

I got a gift voucher from the f*ckface ex last year and what better time to use it up. I will enjoy every last second of this pedi :))

Then to pack - I'm hoping to glam it up on Sunday night at dinner as this reformed socialite (ah hemm) hasn't been out since her birthday in May - Besides the fact that my only good jeans make me look like a homegirl try-hard with the crotch now falling down to my knees...I wanna wear one of my funky dresses. So are all you other chicky-babes glamming it up and showing off some hot legs? Or will someone kindly remind me that it's WINTER in Brisbane and that a dress would be inappropriate?!?! ;)


Lyndsay said...

I'll be wearing a dress (and funky heels!)... but I do have a
built-in heater on board ;)

Enjoy that pedi!

Kek said...

The makeup thing is a bit horrifying, isn't it? LOL - don't worry, it'll look awesome with all the coats of tan up on stage.

Hope you got the most out of your pedicure.


Shar said...

who gives a shit if its winter, get the hot legs out girl!!!
skirt or dress it is :)

Shar x

ss2306 said...

Too fucken cold for this skinny chick in a dress.

I'm wearin' jeans so that when I fall over drunk no-one sees my bald badger (lol).

Hilary said...

Eeek not long to go!!!

I'll be wearing jeans, there'll be no showing off my SUPER white legs at this point!!

Laughed at myself when I read that you had a voucher from f*ckface - for a second I thought that was the name of the salon! (are things THAT progressive in Mackay??!! LOL!)

See you on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!

Hilary xx